Livin the Dream with Adam Slater


Anthem ~ No Guarantees ~ Deep Recessed ~ Emile ~ Each Star
Livin the Dream


I hear my anthem played,
Breaking out through the decay,
I liberate the scared for I am brave,
This tool of change my rage.

I hear my anthem cried,
For all the helpless souls who have died,
Victims of the prayers that always had lied,
Do not abide.

My anthem blears on through the storm,
Its acid rains turn black the light of the morn,
If I'd felt it any stronger
I'd have cried so hard I bled
My anthem call's out for the cause that is dead.

Foundations fallen from what failed to be fixed,
Sun-fire scarred by the apocalypse,
The sky grew dark from the fallout's eclipse,
Stopped was life's ellipse.

I feel my anthem rise,
Ascending past all the prophets of pain,
The clouds condense over this planets remains,
Here comes the rain


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Make me strong in my weakness, make me smile when I cry,
Make me love you forever even after you die.
Give me strength to endure reassurance beyond doubt,
Tell me once again darling what life's all about.

In the depths of the dark rose a smiling sun,
I stopped in my tracks and I ceased my life's run,
The importance of love and of life and of time,
You've given sweet meter to this jumble of rhyme

I awake to your gaze from behind sandstone eyes,
Your soft lips, your waves, and your long stare good-byes
I await your return and my hearts fluttered rise,
It was empty in absence and as hard as it tries,
It knows no guarantees against our loves demise.

Make me look for the good when the world bleeds of bad,
Make me savor each flavor this sweet world has had,
But when you leave me do not dare return,
For the hot coals of heartache shall endlessly burn,
A man who has not loved has not lived at all,
The burning distress as you wait for her call,
And the cold shock of daybreak when it comes not at all...


Make the knife in my back sting a little bit less,
Lend me compassion my spirits depressed,
I yearn for your comfort and silken caress,
But as time draws on by I'll think of you less,
Remember the talks that fell through the night,
Remember the wrongs done that now seem all right.
In memory of you I ignite a rose,
It's petals fall burning your injustice exposed.
You had my heart but you lost my respect,
For you do not love no, you only infect!


So a new day dawns on the faces of the old
What was once wasted lies heartless and cold,
Breathes in a sigh of springtime disease,
The love for the first time dies in the breeze.
And you remember what I've said,
Before you cast the mask and you wind up dead
The music's always there for you and blazing in your head
When nothing else is there for you it's blazing in your head
Blazing in your head,
Still blazing in your head!

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Deep Recessed

I can’t see straight anymore
I think my key’s are on the floor
I stand up so I can fall
Were are my dreams were are they all
Maybe lost in a dollar bill
Maybe eaten by the world we kill
Or maybe they’re still hiding here
Buried deep within my hollow halls of fear
With some inspiration my dreams will pear through
I’ll find this inspiration in you

Deep recessed past cosmic strings
A planet lies were gods still sing
Were creatures haunt from beneath our beds
And Midas weaves with golden threads
Were Thors distress rumbles through wet nights
And Zeus’s descends on knives of light
Were determination let dreams ignite
Our only shackles are chains of fright

Deep recessed in all our hearts
Are caverns damp and deep and dark
There are windows were new worlds apear
And a deep crevasse which we call fear
There’s a longing for what’s not felt
And an icy wall which begs to melt
But there’s a hot spell coming through
Whose eyes are dark and hair is too

Still deep recessed but coming out
Fighting back a flood of doubt
Inside we live our lies alone
Sitting naked by the phone
Looking, peering for something bright
Then you fall through into my sight
And Oh, god how you glowed
With eyes of raven moonshadow

Deep within and now above
A smile escapes and grows to love
It transcends flesh and into flight
Our conversation last the night
Breaths they mingle with each others souls
Our flame assured with our bed of coals
These webs were weaved and spells were cast
And now 9 months are in our past

Deep recessed past cosmic strings
A planet lies were gods still sing
Were love is found or finds you blind
It nurtures you, it’s bliss sublime
Do not worry and fall apart
Follow the light that’s in your heart
So when you think you’ll rip your seams
To sleep my friend per chance to dream

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Hello my Angel
You speak to me while you sleep

In my arms you tell me
It’s all right to be scared
Of the feelings I want so much to be share
But when you awake I…
I say nothing at all…

Your eyes are strangers to me
And I’m weary as we speak

For we’ve just met and I trust not yet
But hinges start to creak

Your touch gave me shivers but it made my heart sting
I won’t be the angel on the end of your string

Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment
Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment

Hello my daemons
You speak to me while you sleep
In my heart you tell me
I’m not enough and be scared
Of the feelings I want so much to be shared

But when I awake I…
Say nothing at all…

I’m as deep as the oceans and can’t be defined
My past is so dark I can’t leave it behind

Your love has just left and you still taste her breath
And I’m the plug for the hole in your chest

And what will be left after I’m gone
If I’m lucky some lyrics and our sadness in song

Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment
Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment

You don’t fill my emptiness you compliment my wholeness

I’ve made my peace with my past so don’t think of me as soulless

I don’t want this to end with uncomfortable glances

Good friends are so few and I think we both know our chances

So hopefully with time and talk you’ll trust enough in me

To look through what you feared at first and pull strength from what you see.

Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment
Every Moment Intensifies Longings Enchantment

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Each Star

Each star the he caught as a glint in her eye
Sat atop a teardrop and crumbled as she cried

“I’m so sorry but I still must go”
Were the words that wounded him and shattered through his glow

He can’t make you love him
Enough to stay but in her eyes hope was growing dim

As the sun rose
He questioned the path he chose
And with a kiss away she drove
He stood there helpless unable to oppose.

He’d make the walls his picture frames
And paint her their all wet with rain
And as he’d stare his eyes would drain
Her body gone but his memories remain

What dreams will come and come what may
He closed his eyes
and visualized
a Robyn flew away

What will last and what was lost
Was it worth
his time on earth
and how much did this cost

And when she walked away at night he wondered how she’d taste
And all the secrets of her skin and expressions that she’d make

As she flew away that day he knew just what to miss
And would awake to dream of every part he didn’t kiss

He’d make the walls his picture frames
And paint her their all wet with rain
And as he’d stare his eyes would drain
Her body gone but his memories remain

Now its time he let her rest
The hurt it grows
but he knows
that this is for the best

Each start that she caught as a glint in his eye
Sat atop
a teardrop
and now he’s says goodbye.

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Livin the Dream

100 Miles North
of Effingham

We hurdled cross the asphalt like meat stuff in a can

With the Morning screaming towards us
As Orange barrel trails turned red

Sleep seduced me to the backseat like a lover to a bed

My dreams intoxicated
Spilled out to those awake

As hours rippled past us we could almost see their wake

And all the while excitement
Surged around me with no name

Until I saw those mountains and the god in me explained

Livin the dream ain’t easy but its what you got to do
When you wake up in the morning let that thought take hold of you
And when you think you doubt, look around you know its true
Cause livin the dream is easy you just got to follow through

Boulder embraced us
Like a child she holds dear

While we squirmed around the backseats, our bladders full of beer

Relief greeted us with smiles
And heartfelt how ya beens

We unpacked but for a moment then we settled in to sin

The next mornings mountains called me
And soon I’d be on top

I scurried up the summit and my mouth just up and dropped

I awed at all around me
And all doubt inside me drained

For the beauty of that moment isn’t easily explained


After disappointment slapped us
We drove into the hills

I wish we’d watched the weather cause its ignorance that kills

The snow was fallin heavy
As we crept over the pass

And the road became a blanket and our tires turned to glass

And through clenched teeth and knuckles
Whiter then the snow

I kept my focus steady on each reflectors glow

Though the blizzard tried to
I would not let it win

So we powered through to paradise cause will comes from within


We were trapped in Steamboat
With all directions blocked

So we soaked up every moment as the avalanches dropped

Then we tunneled back to boulder
To tear through one last night

We ate like coastal Mainers and drank until daylight

Then we turned into the sunrise
Our goodbyes left in the past

That’s when I reconsidered that this dream just may not last

And those who slept around me
Had advice they could not lend

But as long as I keep believing this dream won’t ever end.


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