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Papers and Articles

      The Quality Assurance at Every Stage in a Process
QA perspective belongs in all stages of a project from beginning thinking through post-delivery.
White Paper
      Segue Multi-Machine Testing
A brief overview of the key concepts of Seque QA Partner (now Silk) multi-machine testing to help
experienced standalone machine Segue developers to expand into this areas.
White Paper

      Too Much Project, Too Little Time
SQA Outsource Newletter (SQAOutsource.com no longer online).
What can a new manager do to get on top of an emergency situation?
      How to Hire a QA Person
Software Testing and Quality Engineering: StickyMinds.com ("STQE" minds), Co-authored with Mitch Allen.
The interviewer's skill set may be quite different from the skills a QA person should have.