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Helicopter Mechanical Construction

This section discusses the function of various helicopter components such as main rotors, tail rotors, cockpit items such as instrument panels and flight controls. The flight controls include cyclics, collectives, and anti-torque pedals.

We also have some instrument panels to look at. You can look at instrument panels by aircraft type, such as the Robinson R22, the Enstrom F28A, or the Bell 206B JetRanger. These are very detailed, with closeups of each instrument. Otherwise you can just compare the main panels of these aircraft.

If you are a new R22 pilot, you may want to look at this section on how to preflight an R22. The description follows the regular checklist from the POH and has pictures and text which illustrates what to check for.

You can view an R44 undergoing a 100 hour inspection in this section which gives you a better look at some of the components that you normally get with all the cowlings in place.

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