I have been mailing out these help pages to new FIBS players for about 3 months, but I wouldn't have thought about turning them into HTML if it hadn't been for Stephen Turner's WWW page. Thanks Stephen (especially for the obvious hijacking of your pages :-)!

All the following people have either contributed to these pages in one way or another: either directly, or by writing things which I describe or provide links to. Many thanks to them.

Name                FIBS Name    e-mail address
----                ---------    --------------
Andreas Schneider   marvin
                                 Creator and Maintainer of FIBS.
                                 Maintainer of Tinyfugue board routines.

Mark Damish            
                                 Keeper of the FAQ.

Stephen Turner      Turner
				 WWW Backgammon Page.

Torstein Hansen     torstein
                                 Author of xfibs up to 0.7

Mike Quinn	    mikeq
                                 Author of xfibs 0.8.
                                 Compiler of the FIBS WWW Help pages.

David Eggert        Snoopy
                                 Chief organiser of the 'free' tournament.
                                 Maintainer of Tinyfugue window routines.

Keith Vetter           
				 Author of TkFibs.

Robin Davies        Q  
                                 Author of FIBS/W.

Jesper Blommaskog      
				 Author of xibc.

John J. Lehett      jlehett      JLEHETT@GATE.NET
                                 Author of OS/2 Tinyfugue.

Paul Ferguson          
				 Author of MacFIBS.

I'd also like to thank the following people who have made my FIBS times into happy times :-) Especially Ivan, gammo, tiefkop, Hugh, marina, zombie and all the other nutters on FIBS.

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Mike Quinn
NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd.
(FIBS name: mikeq)