Santa Barbara Character List

by Jim Armstrong, Suzanne Traub-Metlay and Jean Reese

The characters are listed in approximate order of appearance in the series. The description for each character indicates the character's role on the show and/or how the character was introduced into the plot.

Additions, corrections, suggestions, comments welcome!

x indicates this was one of the original characters
* means the actor was not on contract, typically a brief or recurring guest role.

CharacterActor(s)/Actress(es) Description
xC.C. CapwellLloyd Bochner
Peter Mark Richman
Paul Burke
Charles Bateman
Jed Allan
Santa Barbara's wealthy and famous oil tycoon
xMason CapwellLane Davies
Terry Lester
Gordon Thomson
son of C.C. and Pamela
xEden Capwell CastilloMarcy Walkerdaughter of C.C. and Sophia
xKelly CapwellRobin Wright
Kimberly McArthur
Carrington Garland
Eileen Davidson
daughter of C.C. and Sophia
xTed CapwellTodd McKee
Michael Brainard
son of C.C. and Sophia
xBrandon CapwellScott Curtis
Brian Autenrieth
David Zebulon
Brandon Call
Justin Gocke
adopted son of Gina; biological son of Channing Jr. and Santana
xRuben AndradeIsmael CarloCapwell gardener
xRosa AndradeMargarita CordovaCapwell cook
xSantana AndradeAva Lazar
Margaret Michaels
Gina Gallego
Wanda DeJesus
daughter of Ruben and Rosa
xDanny AndradeRupert Ravensson of Ruben and Rosa
xMinx LockridgeDame Judith Anderson
Janis Paige
Lockridge family matriarch
xLionel LockridgeNicolas Costerson of Minx
xAugusta LockridgeLouise Sorelwife of Lionel
xWarren LockrigeJohn Allen Nelson
Scott Jenkins
Jack Wagner
son of Augusta
xLaken LockridgeJulie Ronnie
Susan Marie Snyder
Shell Danielson
daughter of Lionel and Augusta
xJoe PerkinsDane Witherspoon
Mark Arnold
jailed for Channing's murder; married Kelly
xJade PerkinsMelissa Brennan ReevesJoe's sister
xJohn PerkinsRobert Allen Brownefather of Joe, Jade, and Amy
xMarisa PerkinsValorie Armstrongmother of Joe, Jade, and Amy
xCruz CastilloA Martinezpolice inspector
xPeter FlintSteven MeadowsThe Carnation Killer; ex-boyfriend of Kelly
*Channing Capwell, Jr.Robert Wilsonin flashbacks of his murder; he was raised as son of C.C. and Sophia
*PhillipIan AbercrombieCapwell butler; handed Channing the note in 1979
*Lindsay SmithJoel BaileyChanning's gay lover
Sally TaylorMaylo McCaslinKelly's roommate; waitress at La Mesa; high-school friend of Joe's
*Ginger JonesPaula Kellypimp that Peter worked for
*Peaches DelightVirginia MayoTed, Danny, Laken, Jade met her in Hollywood
*Mr. BottomsHenry Gibsonuptight teacher at Lyman Prep
Sophia CapwellRosemary Forsyth
Judith McConnell
on-again, off-again wife of C.C.
Marcello ArmontiWolf Muserstepson of Sophia
Gina TimmonsLinda Gibboney
Robin Mattson
wife of C.C., Keith, Mason, and Lionel
*Summer BlakeJonna Leigh Stacksister of Gina
Veronica GayleyAndrea HowardPeter's secretary; Carnation Killer victim
*Hank JudsonVictor Bevinesold drugs to Gina
*MarciaMarcie Barkingave drug to Gina in the clinic
Maggie GillisSuzanne Marshallpolice officer who worked for Cruz
*Ben GillisMaggie's husband who became disabled while working for Capwell Enterprises
Brick WallaceRichard Edenwas switched at birth with Channing
Amy Perkins WallaceKerry Shermanhusband of Brick
*Johnny WallaceBrian Woodingson of Amy
*Glenn WallaceJack CarterBrick's father
*Katie WallaceDena DietrichBrick's mother
*Dr. RamirezAlejandro Reydelivered Santanta's baby (Brandon) in Acapulco in 1979
*Jeffrey Osbornhimselfcameo: sang at Kelly & Joe's wedding
*Mary Hartherselfcameo: interviewed Jeffrey Osborn
*ministerRichard Kussat Kelly & Joe's wedding
*Jeff BarberBob McLeanAmy thought he was the father of her son
*Parker SimonsonAlan McRaestory of Amy's child
*Dr. RenfroJordan CharneyAmy's doctor who helped kidnap Johnny
*Jackie ParksMartina Deignanfriend of Amy
*Larry ParksTed Le PlatJackie's husband
Julia WainwrightNancy Lee Grahnsister of Augusta
J. Stanfield "Jack" LeeJoel Crotherslawyer
*Jerry CooperJoel Crotherslookalike cousin of Jack Lee
*IngridMarcy HansonJack Lee's secretary
*courierMartine BeswickJack Lee storyline
*King of New StailandDuncan Rosswas supposed to turn over the throne to Amy's baby
*Princess CelesteSusan FeldonPrincess of New Stailand
Elizabeth PealeLauren Chasepainter who helped Lionel forge paintings
*David Hasselhoffhimselfcameo: at pay phone
Frank ArmstedRonnie SchellAugusta's milkman; helped Lionel when she was blind
*Mort ZimmermanLee MurrayLionel went to work to his shop, selling beds
Sgt. Clifford T. MonroeJoe Lambieattended police academy with Cruz and investigated the Carnation Killer murders
*Nell CarterNell Carterher diamond necklace was stolen at the Capwell Hotel
*Angel RamirezBernard Whitedrug dealer, friend of Cruz and Gina
*Ramon Fonseca/RamirezGerardo Mejia
Randy Vasquez
Angel Ramirez's brother who changed his name to get into the police department
*FrankFrank Avilacop who worked for Cruz
*maitre'dMark Flynnmaitre'd of the Orient Express
*bartenderDavid Correiabartender at the Capwell Hotel
*Dr. BiddlesMartin Cassidy
Nick HartleyDavid Haskellphotographer, boyfriend of Kelly
Christy DuVallTricia Castfriend of Jade and Ted
Mrs. Theda BassettGrace Zabriskiemother of Christy
Steve BassettAshby Adamsstep-brother of Christy; assistant district attorney
Mary DuVall McCormickHarley Kozaksister of Christy
*Felicia DaltonPhylicia Ayers-Allenassistant DA in Steve Bassett death
Pearl BradfordRobert Thalerwaiter at Buzz's Place; friend and business partner of Cruz
Hayley Benson CapwellStacey Edwardsniece of Gina
Kirk CranstonJoseph Bottoms
Robert Newman
son of Jack Lee; ex-husband of Eden
*BuzzPhillip Kakoowner of Buzz' Place, later Johnny's
*district attorneyMichael CavanaughD.A. before Keith
Dylan HartleyPage Moselybrother of Nick
Sam WilliamsTy HendersonDylan's business partner
*Hiram ClagettWill Hare
Janice HarrisonKathy ShowerDylan's girlfriend; ex-wife of Mark
*Carlo AlvarezJoseph Mascolomobster who pursues Dylan for the map of a gold mine in Africa
Mark McCormickJon Lindstromdoctor and husband of Mary
Lily Light/BlakeLynn Clark
Paula Irvine
daughter of Gina
Courtney CapwellJulia CampbellC.C.'s niece
Madeline Capwell LaurentTerry DavisC.C.'s niece
David LaurentBrian Matthewshusband of Madeline
*Sheila CarlyleTerri TreasDavid Laurent's friend
*judgeJack Hellerjudge for David Laurent's trial
*JosephAndrew MassetAugusta's lover
*Grant CapwellJohn ConsidineC.C.'s brother
*"God"Brian FronsMason's near death experience
*Mrs. CobbOlive DunbarSamantha's nanny
*CarlosCorey RandMexican policeman
*Kris KringleChuck McCannreunited Mason and Julia on Christmas
*MalcolmMichael Lee Goginone of Santa's elves
*Dr. MillsTerrence McNally
*1st nurseNancy Friday
*doctorScott Stevensondoctor when Kirk had his heart transplant
*moving manTony Miller
*detectiveE. Brian Dean
*Investigator ReynoldsJoe Restivo
*ClydeFord Rainey
*1st thugDick Durock
*2nd thugPaul Linke
*truckerJim Boeke
*secretaryJoan Roberts
*JoeBruce Glover
*ministerRon Ulstad
Keith TimmonsJustin Deas
Robin Strand
John Novak
district attorney; married Gina
Justin MooreLarry PoindexterKelly's saxophone-playing neighbor
Mother IsabelPriscilla Morrillnun at Mary's convent
Jane WilsonJane Sibbetta.k.a. "Roxanne", harrassed Ted at the radio station
*GarthDavid Oliverat the radio station
Dr. RawlingsBen Piazzaran the mental hospital where Kelly stayed
Alice JacksonMarie-Alise RecasnerKelly's roommate in the mental hospital
*Owenwas in mental hospital with Kelly and Alice
Gus JacksonDavid FontenoAlice's father
Caroline WilsonLenore Kasdorfmother of Alice and Jane; married Lionel
Brian BradfordKyle SecorPearl's brother
*Cybill JordanMichelle NiCastroBrian's friend
Paul WhitneyStoney Jacksonpolice officer; boyfriend of Alice
Jeffrey ConradRoss Kettleson of Pamela; married Kelly
Carmen(cita) CastilloMarisol Rodriguezsister of Cruz
Jake MortonRick Edwardsworked at the Capwell stables; fell in love with Hayley
*Will MortonJake's father
Dr. Alex NikolasMichael DurrellPamela's lover; step-father of Elena
Adam "Cain" GarverScott Jaeckmountain man who kidnapped Eden
*Caleb GarverBo StarrCain's brother
Victoria LaneKristin Meadowsmother of Chip; married Mason
*Walter PittlaneVince McKewinprisoner who was forced by Kirk to switch identities so Kirk could escape from prison
*Martin EllisJohn Wesley ShippVictoria's boyfriend
*lifeguardClayton Norcrossin flashbacks, called when Katie Timmons was drowning
*Dr. NoahRobert King
Elena NikolasSherilyn Woltera.k.a. Eleanor Norris;daughter of C.C. and Pamela
Pamela Capwell ConradShirley Anne Field
Marj Dusay
ex-wife of C.C.; mother of Mason, Jeffrey, and Elena
T.J. DanielsChip Mayerpart-owner of The Lair; dated Sophia and Kelly
*OliviaMelinda O. FeeTJ's lover
*Buffy McIntireRenee Propswell-to-do friend of TJ
*Ed ThompsonBurr DeBenninghired by Sophia; blew up Pamela's oil rig
*CarloJoey Arescohelped TJ bet on horses so TJ could win back the money he stole from Sophia
*Mr. FowlerGino Confortijeweler who got fake jewels for Keith so Keith could borrow some real ones for his and Gina's wedding
*WillyTony AciertoAmerican Indian working for Elena who kidnapped Mason and held him hostage in the desert
*Carlos LopezE.J. Castillo
*WilburThomas Albert Clay
*Brooke SimpsonJennifer Karrsold Cruz and Eden their second beach house
*Irenesecretary in DA's office
*Dr. Merrickdoctor who delivered Julia's baby
*GageMickey Jones
*1st bikerDan Bradley
*2nd bikerKerry Rossall
*Captain BarlowMark Silvertsen
*FlynnBob Telford
*Madeline PorterLauren Sterlingnurse hired by TJ to watch Jeffrey
*CarlaRachel Longaker
Dr. Scott ClarkVincent Irizarryattended to and dated Gina when she was blind; later dated Heather
Paul MarshallMark Schneiderkidnapper for illegal adoption agency
*Jason JacobsonTom O'RourkeTori's lawyer in the divorce from Mason
*Lily MurakamiTamlyn Tomitawoman Cruz and Eden contacted after they found a piece of paper in Elena's room after her death
*waitressBetty Whitecameo: waitress at Orient Express
Mel StockMark HutterTori's agent who got her hooked on drugs
*Celia RobbinsNina ArvesenBrick's partner in police academy
*Chip CastilloDanielle Kolod
Bryce Wooley
Evan Wooley
Brandon Farmer
son of Cruz and Victoria
*Samantha WainwrightDanielle Marie Dierkes
Erin Moore
Caitlin Moore
daughter of Julia and Mason
*Samantha WainwrightLisa Gressettas 18-year-old in Julia's dream
*guardPatricio Contreras, a.k.a. Alejandroguard at San Sebastian prison
*SlyM.K. Harrisprisoner at San Sebastian
*Dr. ChenFrance NuyenDoctor at San Sebastian prison, helps Cruz escape
*wardenMarco Lopezwarden of San Sebastian
*TonyFrank Romanprisoner at San Sebastian
*Marilyn McCooherselfcameo: Cruz and Eden's engagement party
*Billy Davis, Jr.himselfcameo: Cruz and Eden's engagement party
Ben ClarkJames LuisiScott's father
Ben ClarkJohn Lavachielliin Scott's dream
*Hal Clarkbrother of Ben, killed by Pamela
Mother ClarkMelanie Jonesin Scott's dream
Margot CollinsEva LaRuewaitress at The Lair
*DarleneMary WatsonCapwell maid and friend of Margot
*BlisterMichaelangelo Kowalskidrunk driver who killed Hayley
*managerFred Hollidaymanager at Capwell Hotel
Rita GrantLoanne Bishopsurrogate mother that Julia defended
*judgeJohn Carterjudge in Rita's custody case
Andrea BedfordAlly WalkerCain's girlfriend
*Nurse Kathleen McDougallDeanna Robbins"The Fox"; killed Andrea's father
*HarryTony Cummingsworked with Cruz as agent
*Richard MatthewsJ.A. PrestonCruz's old boss as agent
*Daniel EspinozaGeorge ChakirisThe Fox tried to kill
Major Philip HamiltonWarren BurtonCain's superior in the Vietnam war
Ming LiTamlyn Tomitapretended to be Cain's daughter
*KaiBrian Tochiservant of the Major
*RaymondHector Mercadohired by Major Hamilton to beat up Cain
*JasmineJulie Owgirl who looked like Soo Li brought to Cain by Major Hamilton
*lawyerRalph Meyering of Major Hamilton
*IllianaMichelle NiCastrotorch singer who dated Jeffrey
Michael DonnellyFrank Runyeonpriest and police officer
Dr. Heather DonnellyJane Rogerspsychiatrist and Michael's sister
Dr. Arthur DonnellyJon Cypherfather of Heather and Michael
*DorisHope Alexander-WillisHeather's teacher at Lamaze
*Judge WinthropDiana Halejudge in baby custody case of Heather's baby
*JedNathan Purdeecarpenter at Scott's and Heather's house
*Frazier PriceMark TymchyshynHeather's lawyer in the baby custody case
*Jeff NugentJeff Allinpoliceman from Boston who warns Michael about Leo Mitchell
*Leo MitchellAnthony DeLongiscriminal from Boston whose brother was shot by Michael Donnelly
*Miguel MarzuezSantos Moraleswitness of Leo Mitchell murder
*Rauol MendezJosh Cruzecalled as witness in Leo Mitchell case
*Officer Bill JohnsonCharles NelsonCruz's right hand man on the police force
Sister SarahPhyllis Frelichdeaf nun at Father Michael's church
*Sister AgathaDeborah Pollacknun who shot Mark McCormick
*bishopRonan O'CaseyFather Michael's bishop
*Dr. WilloughbyJack Bannonman who kidnapped and hunted Cruz on his private island
*Sylvia WilloughbyJudith HawkingDr. Willoughby's daughter
*Roger "Dodger" EllroiStephen Leeat Scott's reunion
*Michael Feinsteinhimselfcameo: piano player who sang for CC and Sophia
*MonroeChristopher Baberskid at community center that Michael Donnelly helps
*Harry YamadaJames Hongkid at community center that Michael Donnelly helps
*Sam HastingsF.J. O'Neillman from the state attorney general's office who investigated Keith
*Brent LivingstonRobert SchenkkanEden's boss at KSB
Dr. Zack KeltonLeigh McCloskeyEden's doctor; "the video rapist"
*WendyPatrie Allennurse who was raped by Zack
*Dr. Diane BentleyMaria Mayenzetdoctor who was raped by Zack
*AmadoDante Bascogang member interviewed by Eden
*CritterRay Orielanother gang member, friend of Amado
*JackWarren Burtonbum questioned in rape cases
*Claire KeltonAnne E. CurryZack's sister
*Adriana CastilloJaclyn Kostakes
Katherine Kostakes
Paulina Rothe
Sophie Rothe
Chase Sanders
daughter of Cruz and Eden
*Catherine ThoreauBarbara SohmersAdriana's nanny after the baby was stolen by Zack
*Claude BenoitPaul Verdierpoliceman in Paris who helps Cruz with the search for Adriana
*Dr. Gustave SantalPierre Paul Jalbertplastic surgeon who removed Adriana's birthmark
*CarrieRobin SkyeSonny Sprockett's lover in Las Vegas
*AlexSteven GreensteinCarrie's boyfriend
*MickeyBart Bravermanrobbed Sonny in poker
*Elliot LarsenClint Allenboy who had AIDS
*Frank LarsenDon MathesonElliot's father
*PopsHarvey Vernonowned Pop's cafe, where C.C. and Sophia tried to catch the rapist
*sheriffDennis Fimplearrested Julia and Cruz while they were looking for Mason
*womanTuesday Knightrobbed Julia and Michael in the desert
Bunny TagliattiJoe MarinelliGina's cross-dressing friend
*Uncle Mario TagliattiOliver ClarkBunny's uncle
*Lyle de FrancoAbe Vigodahitman who tried to kill Sonny
*Vanessa DeFrancoDenise GentileBunny was to marry her; a.k.a. Vance
*Guido DeFrancoPeter Licassicousin of Vanessa
*Pino DeFrancoMichael Siegelcousin of Vanessa
*Father Luigi DeFrancocousin of Vanessa, tries to marry Bunny and Vanessa, but Bunny refuses
*priestBruce Vilanchhippie priest who marries Gina and Sonny
*Vincent "Vinnie" DeMaggioGene LeBrockdate for Vanessa, helps expose Gina as a fake singer
*Cassie PhillipsMendy Leesinger for Gina
*agentRip Tornwas interested in Gina's singing
*Judge HardyDean Goodmanjudge in Julia's extradition hearing about the Bunny murder
*GarnetteJill Larsonwoman in cell with Julia
*AnisaKala SavageBrandon's girlfriend
*Dr. Joyce Brothersherselfcameo: in one of Gina's dreams
*Pat Sajakhimselfcameo: Gina on "Wheel of Fortune"
*Vanna Whiteherselfcameo: Gina on "Wheel of Fortune"
*FBI manHugh Karrakerinvestigated Keith
*police chiefHank Garrett
*police interpreterBob Steinberg
Lydia SaundersJeanna Michaelsjournalist who dated C.C.
Lt. Vic BoswellTom Wright
Wendell J. Grayson
Russell Curry
worked with Cruz on the police force
Saundra MillsMiranda Wilsonpsychic hired by Cruz to find Adriana
*Dr. Sean MorrisseyRichard Gates
Steve Carlson
doctor who worked with Saundra on her psychic abilities
*Wanda BarkowskiKelly Ann ConnTed's film buff girlfriend
*Jack DanteJoseph Calieverybody's favorite private investigator
*policemanWilliam Raulersonarrests Gina after she broke into Julia's house to steal the memos about CC's oil rig case
Celeste DiNapoliSigny Colemanex-hooker; Scott's high school sweetheart
Lisa DiNapoliTawny Kitaen
Tea Leoni
Celeste's sister; took Mason to Alcholics Anonymous
Emily DiNapoli HughesJulie CondraCeleste's sister; married Greg
*Frank DiNapoliT.J. Castronovofather of Celeste, Lisa, and Emily
*policemanEdward Beimfohrarrests Celeste at Johnny's
*RachelWendy MacDonaldhooker in cell with Celeste
*Bobby LittlejohnJoe RestivoCeleste's pimp
*ChelseaJessica Puscasorphan girl who lives in Father Michael's orphanage and gets to be adopted by ex-classmates of Scott and Celeste
*womanMichelle Phillipsrich robbery victim
Megan RichardsonMeg BennettC.C. biographer; mother of Greg
Greg HughesPaul Johannsonson of C.C. and Megan; married Emily
*ToddBrad LoughlinGreg's roommate in New Hampshire
*JimMartin Greyhelicopter pilot who flew Eden and Cruz to the hospital for Adrianna's birth
Ethan AsherLeigh McCloskeydistrict attorney
Laura AsherChristopher NorrisEthan's wife; high school principal
*Missy FortinoChristi Allengirl at Laura Asher's school
*Miss BurrellVirginia Paristeacher at Laura's school
*Bone PetersonBrittain Fryesurfer, student at Laura's school
*ThrusterCharles Wahlheimsurfer, kid at Laura's school
*TomasRawley Valverdekid at Laura's school
*Jamie OrtegaGregg Thomsenkid at Laura's school who beats her up
*Judge Caldwell/Superintendent WadeEarl Boensuperintendent at Laura's school
Ric CastilloPeter Lovebrother of Cruz
*Hollis CastilloElizabeth Stormwife of Ric; died in Paris
Rafael CastilloHenry Darrow
Castulo Guerra
father of Cruz
Carmen CastilloCarmen Zapata
Karmin Murcelo
mother of Cruz
*Isabella CastilloDevon Pierceniece of Ric and Cruz, works in hotel in Acapulco and is babysitter for Chip and Adriana while Cruz and Eden search for Rafael Castillo
*Dr. MephistoHarry Blackstoneaka Adam Green; kidnapped Rafael Castillo
*Sarita FigueroaMarlise Richardsarchitect of Dr. Mephisto's magic castle
*hotel managerHarold Canon-Lopezin Acapulco
*Inspector AlvarezTony Perezpoliceman in Acapulco who tries to make Ric and Eden leave the country when they want to search for Cruz and Rafael
*Johnny NavarroBarney McFaddensells stolen goods, buys diamonds from Ric
Robert BarrRoscoe Bornled a hostile takeover of Capwell Enterprises
*RenfieldSue BudgenRobert's secretary
*R.J. BentsonAl Ruscioowner of Capwell stock who hides in the mountains; Barr tries to get stocks from him to take over Capwell enterprises, but Bentson sells the stock to Eden
*reporterLaura Campbellat Barr takeover press conference
*reporterStan Wojno, Barr takeover press conference
*Dr. AndersonElinor DonahueEden's psychiatrist when Eden is having flashbacks concerning drowning and Robert Barr
*first mateGunnar Petersonfirst mate on Robert Barr's yacht
*fishermanErnie Fuentesfisherman at Las Sirenas
*LuisaLliana Odalyswoman at Las Sirenas, she remembers Eden as La Rubia
*womanColleen DionRobert's one night stand
Craig HuntJohn Callahanworked for Robert and later C.C.
Anthony TonellMitchell Ryanmobster who directed Robert; married Augusta
*Arthur NewtonJohn DeMitaLas Vegas policeman bribed by Anthony Tonell to arrest Julia for murdering Bunny
*Brian JeffriesKorey Malllawyer working for Julia while Mason is investigating Tonell
Sasha SchmidtMichelle NiCastroMason's mistress
*Sidney SchmidtEileen Barnettsister of Sasha
*Gladys BiddleworthZelda Rubinsteinghost psychic
*commissionerJohn Inglemember of law association that suspended Mason and Julia from practicing
*Sydney LaskinRip Taylor
*Tony MolinaJohn Russell
*Briana a.k.a. Woman in BlackMitzi HoagEden's guardian angel when she was in a coma
*BrianJohn CardoneSydney and Gladys's stage assistant
*ShamarNed Romeroindian who gave Cruz the talisman
*Pasha Omar Mustafa KamalRaymond Genadrykidnapped Cruz for talisman
*ShailaAlisha DasPasha's babe
*Sheik Idi Ben AdirIvan SaricPasha's rival
*CassimGreg AlbanesePasha's servant
*Omar manAlbert Pugliese
*Guardian Angel PaddyIggy Wolfingtonangel who showed Cruz how the world would be without Cruz
*Greta MacAdamsElizabeth Maclellanex-nun was girlfriend of Michael
Mack BlakeSteve BondGina's brother
Phyllis BlakeStella StevensGina's mother
*Yvonne BarteloBobbie Breseegave Mack Blake a Porsche and then accused him of stealing it
*Candace DurrellKimberlin Brownwoman involved with Mack
*Howie RaynorJohn David Conteowner of Howie's diner where Gina and Phyllis worked
*IlsaFaith Mintontried to frame Mack for stealing jewels from people at the fitness center
Nikki AlvarezConstance Mariepolice officer and girlfriend of Michael
*Marcos LlameraJohn Vargas
Leo Garcia
ex-boyfriend of Nikki and ice dealer
*Travis BucknellTony Fieldshis suicide attempt was prevented by Cruz and Nikki; worked for Tonell at the stables
Amado GonzalesRawley Valverdebrother of Nikki Alvarez
*Jane KingsleyCrystal Chappellclassmate of Eden died of ice overdose
*Carter SindonNicholas Walker
Jerry CalhounJohn Sanderfordfriend of Mason's; killer of Raoul Mondragon
*Raoul MondragonRichard Romeroused to work on Capwell yacht and was murdered by Jerry Calhoun
*captainGeorge Ballcaptain of the Capwell yacht the night Raoul's murder is solved
Derek GriffinJames Healyone of the "brotherhood" orphans; blamed Mason for Cassie's "death"
Steven SladeRichard Hatch
John O'Hurley
movie producer; one of the "brotherhood" orphans
*Shannon PressmanLori HallierEthan's nurse/lover
*Annie DeGeralamoSharonlee McLeanLaura's zany roommate
*Dr. KranzlerHank BrandtLaura's psychiatrist
*lounge managerPhil Rubensteinhires demented Bunny as lounge singer
*Alfred WrightWilliam GloverDerek's manservant
*Sister AllegraBarbara Tarbuckdirector of the SB orphanage
*Buck WiltsieKevin Michaelsorphan Cruz and Eden considered adopting; got trapped in burning Lockridge mansion
*Hallie WiltsieAshley Blair Sterlingorphan, sister of Buck
*Hank FiskAllen Williamsfireman who saved orphans Buck and Hallie in the Lockridge mansion fire
*young MasonLeonardo DiCaprioflashbacks in cave with Cassie
*young DerekJeremy Jacksonflashbacks as 11-year old orphan
*Richie KenzohCameron Barnumfriend of Laken's; framed Amado for burglary
*Danielle SteeleKimberlin Brown
*LaniAngela Harrylibrarian who led Cruz to Kirk Cranston
*SaritaMarcia Christie
Lorelle Mayne
Capwell maid
*Blackie SimpsonGary HudsonGina stole something from him
*Delwyn StritchEd Coupee
*Mr. BarkoviatRobert Sicular
*C. ParisWanda Wescott
*Harve JenneretDavid Knagen
*Dr. Jamie LawrenceBonnie Burroughspolice's shrink, helped Cruz
*NovackRichard Green
*Cy AgnewJoe Santos
Tawny RichardsJulie St. ClaireRic's girlfriend who turned out to be his half-sister
Harland RichardsAllan Millerblew up the Blue Skies office; Ric's father
Gretchen RichardsJenny Lester-McKeon
Rosalind Allen
Harland's wife, had an affair with Mack
Quinn ArmitageRoscoe BornRobert's twin brother
Flame BeaufortRoberta Bizeau
Marguerite Hickey
a.k.a. Debra London, Quinn's partner in crime
*Roy BeaufortDean HowellFlame's cousin, crooked sheriff
*Rima BeaufortMarie Christine DoucetRoy's mute sister
*Mabel "Ma Mere" BeaufortRutanya Alda
Patricia Wilson
Roy and Rima's mother
*Officer HigginsGarth WilliamsRoy's lieutenant
*ConradEdward Edwardsat the El Diablo mine
*AristidesDaniel Faraldoat the El Diablo mine
*HelenaAlexa Hamiltonat the El Diablo mine
*EliJimmie F. Skaggsat the El Diablo mine
*ArturoBart Bravermanat the El Diablo mine
*BootsNick Benedictchased Keith & Gina through Disney World
Cassandra Benedict LockridgeKaren MoncrieffMinx's long lost daughter she had given up to the orphanage
*Roger WainwrightWilliam Schallert
Russell Johnson
Jeff Corey
Augusta & Julia's father
*Father MerlinChristopher Thomasnasty priest Michael argues with
*Sister LillianMariclare Costellohelped Michael find Minx's daughter
Dash NicholsTimothy Gibbsdoctor and environmentalist whom Julia worked with in the Blue Skies Brigade
*Maureen TroutmanKim Valentineworked with Dash at the Blue Skies Brigade
*Edward NicholsLinden Chilesfather of Dash
*Belinda BradleyJanis LeeDash's lawyer
*Judge Paul Avery
*Denise FoxworthyVictoria MalloryJulia's psychiatrist
*Lila SantosQuincy Davisrape victim who went on TV with Eden and Julia to tell her story
*Maxwell HammerRobert Mandenfriend of Minx
*RonaLuana AndersMinx's fortune teller
*A. Bartlett CongdonBrian Backerassistant to Keith
*TonjaPaula Trickeyat the Windsurfer Beach Bar
*waitressKimber Sissonsat the Windsurfer Beach Bar
*TonyScott RobertsWindsurfer Beach Bar Manager
*Richard SedgewickChard Haywardthe singer who died kissing Kelly
*Renata SedgewickDeborah Adairwife of Richard
*Helmut DieterMark MargolisGerman arms dealer whom Flame fried
*Officer O'HaraRichard Lavin
*MelanieJennifer Hale
*Drew PetersonSandy Simpsonworked with Cruz on the German arms case
*Lars StedwellKevin Sorbochauffeur hired by Sophia to distract Gina from CC
*Sal the SquidMartin Veseli
*young EdenVicki Wauchopeflashbacks of when she overheard Sophia and Lionel talking about their affair
*young SophiaDebbie Bakerin Eden's flashbacks
*young LionelRobert Coburnin Eden's flashbacks
*Andre WolfeKai Wulffjewel thief with Eden/Lisa
*lifeguardJames A. Fitzpatricksaves Eden when she tries to drown herself in the ocean
*Officer JerryJerry Penacolipoliceman
*sperm donorsRich Littlecameo: ideal sperm donors in Gina's fantasies
*Mr. MarxOliver Muirheadhired Gina at the Santa Barbara Sperm Bank
*Dr. Grant JamesonJohn S. Raginlongtime Capwell doctor who tried to kill Santana
*LouiseSiobhan E. McCaffertypatient in psych ward with Santana
*nurseJoyce Meadowsnurse in psych ward with Santana
Katrina RukyerMaria Ellingsencame over from Germany to live with the Capwells
*chauffeurStephen J. Cannellcameo: Eden's chauffeur when she left Santa Barbara after shooting Sophia
Suzanne CollierTerri GarberEden's friend whose identity she took
*Lindsay CunninghamDennis Parlatofamous painter who briefly fell in love with Suzanne
David RaymondJohn Beckjudge and lawyer
Angela RaymondNina ArvesenDavid's wife
*Marilyn CassidyKathleen KinmontAngela's sister who was killed in a car crash
*SkaggsPhil Shipkocrooked lawyer from the mob that is sent to defend Craig
*LanceClark JarrettWarren's reunion band
*HurleyRobert ParuchaWarren's reunion band
*Mr. HahnGeorge Lee CheongChinese man who tries to murder Cruz
*cab driverJohn C. Russell
*George DriscollJ. Michael Flynnfrom the State Attorney's Office
*kid on beachJames Lunsfordoffers Mason alcohol
*Dr. RestonJohn Mansfield
*Lt. EvansErnest Harden, Jr.policeman with SB police department
*Channing Capwell IIIPaige/Lindsay GankemaGina's son from stealing C.C.'s sperm
*Jim SanfordAlan FeinsteinWarren's lawyer
*Nathaniel MarleyJack BannonWarren's prosecutor
*Ray MinottaKenny JohnsonLas Vegas friend of Lilly
*DreyfussPeter DennisMason & Julia's unperturbable butler at Ballymoor
*BittyStacy SullivanMason & Julia's cook who couldn't
*Mrs. SturmMarianne MuellerleileMason & Julia's housekeeper
*Antonio RonovichDaniel GreeneMason & Julia's house guardian
*waitressJennifer Aquino
*delivery boyPeter R.J. Deyell
Jodie DeWitt WalkerKim Zimmerpolice officer and former lover of Cruz
Reese WalkerForry SmithJodie's husband
Sawyer WalkerEric Closeson of Jodie and Reese
*Elaine BarnowskyRia PaviaLilly's friend at college
Rafe CastilloRobert Fontaine Jr.Rafael's son from an affair
Lisa Fenimore CastilloBridgette WilsonRafe's girlfriend
*Emilio VargasAlbert GarciaRafe murdered him
*Tawnywife of Vargas; had affair with Rafe
B.J. Walker LockridgeSydney PennyJodie's daughter from her affair with Cruz
Frank GoodmanNicholas Walkermolested B.J. as a child
*Rich LandersLonnie Quinnfriend of Lisa's
Ken MathisMark McCoymarried Sophia for her money
Andi KleinKrista TesreauKen's mistress
Dr. Micah DeAngelisThaao Penghlisa.k.a. Marcus Disgraziai; father of Aurora
Aurora DeAngelisChristina BrasciaMicah's daughter; Sawyer's girlfriend
*Abigail BeckwitheNan MartinAurora's grandmother who hated Micah
Dr. Skyler GatesStephen NicholsB.J.'s psychiatrist
Connor McCabeCharles Grantpolice officer who fell in love with Kelly
*Ramon De La VegaHector Mercadoabused his wife and threatened Jodie
*ConnieRamon's wife
*manJim PirriItalian man Aurora and Sawyer met in Boston
*Terry HollowayFlorence Griffith Joynerphotographer
*Ben ArnoldMitchell Laurance
Matthew Laurance
B.J.'s prosecutor
*Countess Carla RinaldiManuela Metrix Campanero
*Henry HayworthTom Henschelfashion designer at Armonti, argues with Gina
*Chuck JefferiesChuck Walling
*bartenderCharles Barkleycameo: as bartender at the Oasis
*Darren Daultonhimselfcameo when Sawyer & Aurora were in Philadelphia
*Giovanni DeAngelisEnrico MuttiMicah's son; priest
*Gracie Lee LivelySuzanne Ventulettpregnant teen that Mason and Julia took in