Original airdate: July 30, 1984
"Santa Barbara" premiered with Kelly Capwell and Joe Perkins' engagement party on July 30, 1979. It was at this party Joe and Channing had a fight. Later Channing was called into the Capwell library, where he was shot. The show then jumped forward to present day, July 30, 1984, at Kelly and Peter's engagement party. The Capwell mansion was filled with festive guests and elegant music playing. Meanwhile at the prison, Joe Perkins was informed he was being released, he shouted with joy at the revelation, and SB's opening theme played for the first time.

At the party, C.C. was informed that Joe has been released. C.C. becomes angered and blames Mason for not stopping this from happening. A mysterious woman receives a phone call, she becomes shocked when she learns Joe Perkins has been released from prison (the woman is Augusta, however for some reason Augusta's face was not shown throughout SB's premiere episode).

Ted and Danny have a drink at the beach bar, where they see Laken. Ted invites Laken to come back to the Capwell mansion to join the party. Laken refuses because she isn't dressed for the occasion (Laken had been riding a bike). Ted insists and they both hop on the bike for a romantic bike ride.

Minx gets mad at her chauffeur for stopping in the middle of the road, she demands to know why he has stopped the car. He informs her that there is too many people at the Capwell Estate and he can't get through the road to the Lockridge mansion. Minx curses C.C. and demands that her driver takes her home.

Augusta phones someone and orders them to stop Joe Perkins from returning to Santa Barbara. Jade screams in delight when she hears a special report on television announcing that Joe has been released, she runs to tell her mother, Marisa the good news.

Santana becomes angered when learning Joe has been released, she later steals a gun from the Capwell mansion. Minx calls the cops on C.C. for being too noisy, she orders them to arrest C.C. It was when the police asked for her name when Minx growled "T as in Tiger", referring to T as her middle initial. When Joe refuses to accept bus fare to San Francisco from two strangers, they attack him at at bus station (the two strangers were the two goons Augusta sent out to stop Joe from returning to Santa Barbara).

The police arrive at the Capwell estate and inform C.C. of Minx's complaint. C.C. dismisses the cops, and orders the band to play a little louder because Minx can't hear the music with all of her windows closed. C.C. arranges for a helicopter to take Kelly and Peter away for a romantic trip.

While on the bus to Santa Barbara, Joe dreams about what it was like with Kelly before he was sent to prison. The men Augusta sent are driving along the bus. One of the men takes out a gun and aims at Joe, and he takes a shot at him. Luckily, he missed. Augusta became angered when she is informed what the men had done, she yells at them that she didn't want to kill Joe, just keep him away from Santa Barbara. Rosa follows Santana to the bus station, where Marisa and Jade were also waiting for Joe's arrival. Santana aims a gun at the door where Joe is suppose to come through when he arrives. When Joe's bus pulls into the SB bus station, he is greeted by many protesters who are demonstrating his return to Santa Barbara. At the same time Kelly and Peter's helicopter is flying overhead. As Joe looks up into the sky he sees Kelly in the helicopter, she is stunned when she realizes it is Joe.

SB's theme music played and ended Episode #1.