Original airdate: December 18, 1984
Aboard his yacht, Lionel looks on excited as the divers bring up the safe from wreck of the Amanda Lockridge. Elizabeth arrives by motorboat to join him, though Lionel fears someone may see them together. Mason suggests a deal to Peter; he will give him a quarter of his heritage if Peter holds a press conference where he will say that Mason didn't murder Channing Jr. Peter agrees. Under deck Lionel and Elizabeth carefully open the safe and find an old Chinese puzzle box, a cross, some stones and the logbook inside. The logbook shows that the Capwells were probably guilty of sinking the Amanda Lockridge but Elizabeth adds some more lines to make it clearer. She assures Lionel she's such a good forger that even an expert won't be able to see the difference in the writings.

Original airdate: December 19, 1984
Lionel and Elizabeth carefully put the fake log back in the safe, and get the divers to bring some of her faked pictures to the Amanda Lockridge too in order to fake great findings aboard the ship. Warren is looking all over for Summer. Dominic tells Kelly that Mason is innocent and Peter is a liar; he never saw anything the night Channing Jr was killed. C.C. threatens to pull his financial support from the museum if they allow Lionel to open the safe there in front of several reporters. Eden tries to convince Lionel to let her dive with him but he refuses. At the press conference, Peter frees Mason of all the charges. C.C. and Kelly don't believe him and think he's made a bargain with Mason. Mason later tells Peter that he won't get the quarter of his heritage because C.C. disinherited him after Peter pointed the finger at Mason earlier. Warren and Lionel dive and bring up the safe and crates.

Original airdate: December 20, 1984
Neither Laken nor Minx want to attend the opening of the safe. Warren forces Gina to tell him that Summer has gone back to L.A. but she won't reveal why she has left. Kelly suffers from headaches. Dominic is present at the museum; posing as a cameraman. She calls Mason anonymously; pretending to be the wife of a fired Lockridge gardener, and informs him that the stolen gold coins are in the Lockridge mansion. Mason has the police search the entire mansion and they find the coins in Lionel's briefcase.

Original airdate: December 21, 1984
Mason and the police find newspaper articles on Channing Jr's murder in Lionel's desk. At the museum, the crates are opened and the paintings uncovered. Elizabeth verifies them as real and extremely valuable. Laken and Ted show up to warn Lionel about Mason. Mason himself arrives with the police. Augusta, Lionel, Warren and Laken are discussing what to do while Dominic films them unnoticed. A furious C.C. goes over to the museum after seeing most of his children there on TV. The safe is finally opened and Lionel takes out the priceless artifacts, the Chinese puzzle box and the log book. Warren tells Gina how much he loves Summer and she finally tells him the whole tragic truth about how Summer was raped. Warren still wants to wait until she is well enough to see him again because he loves her so much he's willing to wait for her. Laken thinks Ted tipped Mason about the coins when she finds out he already knew Warren took them. Lionel reads the final entry in the log book; blaming Nathaniel Capwell for sinking the Amanda Lockridge. Just then Mason strikes; having Lionel arrested.

Original airdate: December 24, 1984
Lionel is brought to jail. He and Augusta agree to not say anything about Warren having taken the coins. C.C. is pleased with the situation but he still hasn't changed his mind about Mason. Joe and Kelly celebrate their first Christmas together and Mason shows up to inform them of Lionel's arrest. Kelly and Joe tell him that Lionel gave Sophia the coins; they were having an affair and Channing Jr found out about it. Mason thinks Lionel killed Channing Jr to hide the affair but Kelly still thinks Mason did it. C.C. puts weight on the museum to get to see the log book but Augusta sets up a 24 hour guard to stop him from getting his hands on it. Dominic calls Mason again and says she saw Lionel leave the Capwell mansion the day Channing Jr was killed and that he was wearing the same tuxedo then as he is this day. Lionel's tux is searched and well hidden inside it is the bloodstained note Dominic planted there. The blood turns out to be the same blood type as Channing Jr's and Mason learns the woman that's been tipping him about Lionel isn't the Lockridge gardener's wife. Ted and Laken make up. Augusta comes to the prison and has a romantic dinner with Lionel.

Original airdate: December 25, 1984
It's Christmas morning and C.C. spoils Brandon with gifts. Minx shows up at the prison and brings Lionel a box of Christmas cookies and a gun inside. It's discovered and despite claiming it's for protection so no one will steal her cookies, the gun is confiscated and Minx is escorted out. This has, however, caused the police to forget the cookies and while eating them, a cheerful Lionel finds out there's a key inside one of them and a file in the other. Jade and Marisa have arranged a gorgeous nursery room for Amy's baby. Ruben is still very bitter with C.C. and doesn't accept his Christmas bonus. The entire Lockridge family celebrate Christmas with Lionel and the other cons in the prison. Mason receives an anonymous letter telling him to look for more evidence at the Lockridge estate. He has the mansion searched again and finally comes up with the ring Channing Jr was wearing on the day of his death. It's engraved with S.C. and L.L. for Sophia Capwell and Lionel Lockridge. Lionel's print is found in the study from where the gun that killed Channing Jr was fired.

Original airdate: December 26, 1984
Eden worries at C.C. about the increasingly significant place that Gina takes in his life. She makes him understand that she is unaware of still many things about it. Thanks to Dominic, Mason is in possession of a ring found at Lionel's and whom Channing Jr carried the day of his death. Veronica, who has just spent the night with Mason, hastens to inform Lionel in prison. They both surprised by Mason, but Lionel succeeds in lying to draw it from business. Warren comes thereafter to visit his father who acknowledges to him being responsible for the death of Sophia without having voluntarily killed her. He also explains to him why the ring was in fact a gift of Sophia that Channing Jr, threatening to reveal in the world the affair of Lionel with his mother, had begun again to him of force. Then comes the moment from the lawsuit of Lionel for the flight of the gold coins pertaining to Capwell. In the courtroom, Ted chooses, by solidarity with Laken, to sit down side of the Lockridges. When Mason enters the room, he announces being in possession of new evidence and states to want to change the charge of flight into charge of murder...

Original airdate: December 27, 1984
Mason, based on the fact that the ring of Channing Jr was found with Lionel, shows Lionel to be his assassin. But Lionel clamps to his innocence. Like C.C. pains to forgive his guilty son to have believed it of the murder of Channing Jr, Mason hastens to reveal the affair to him which Lionel and Sophia secretly maintained during their marriage. But C.C. refuses to believe it. Ted is torn between his love for Laken and that which it always carries to his brother, although Laken is persuaded of the innocence of her father. Lionel, who saw Dominic in the courtroom, asks Warren to follow him. Warren follows him until at Kelly and Joe who learn of the charge for murder against Lionel. To pay the bail of 5,000,000 dollars which Mason requires, Augusta asks Elizabeth Peale to help her to resell tables belonging to the Lockridges. While discussing with Eden supposed the inaccuracy Sophia, C. C. understands that she knows some more than she reveals...

Original airdate: December 28, 1984
C.C. requests of Cruz to re-enter for his account in the office of Lionel to the museum, but Cruz refuses this task. Finally, he accepts when Eden requests it of him. Disguised as a sweeper, he accompanies Eden who succeeds in getting rid of the guards and to penetrate into the office. He opens there the log book of the Amanda Lockridge. After having tested with Cruz, Elizabeth launches out in a number of seduction at Brick. At the museum, witnesses of the scene, Amy and Jade prefer to return to them. Later, Amy announces to Brick her intention to live as an independent woman and that she does not have need for him. Augusta recovers the jacket which Warren carried the day of the death of Channing Jr in the dyer and Lionel undertakes to burn it in the chimney of the show. Lionel then requests from Warren precise details on his interview with Channing Jr that day. Warren tells him that Channing Jr exerted on him a blackmail about the gold coins which it had flights. Blackmail which that day resulted in seizing the revolver hidden in a drawer of the show.