Mason is suggesting a deal to Peter. He will arrange a press conference for him in which he should clear him from his charge that he is the murderer of Channing and he will give him a quarter of his heritage. Peter agrees. Lionel takes secretly the safe of the Amanda Lockridge up to his boat by paid diver before it will get officially rescued and opened.

Lionel and Liz find an old Chinese box and the log book in the safe. Liz is adding some more lines to the log book which show that the Capwells are guilty on the sinking of the Amanda Lockridge. They add then some of her faked pictures and bring all down again. Late in the evening Lionel is coming home with Liz in the dark showing her with the flashlight in a book the age of a cross they have also found. Dominic standing behind a pillar is finding out by overhearing their talk that all the pictures of Minx in the house are replaced by faked ones.

Eden wants to dive down and steal the log book. She waits till Lionel is not around but Lionel gets a hint and takes her in custody with the help of the coast guard. While romancing her under deck Augusta gets a phone call informing her that Lionel is on the boat with Eden. Peter gives a press conference freeing Mason with his charges. Mason informs him after the conference that CC has disinherited him because of his former charges he made on him and therefore the quarter of his heritage is zero.

Lionel is throwing a party in the museum. One highlight will be the opening of the well secured safe. Dominic is phoning to Mason informing him that he knows as an old gardener that stolen coins are in the Lockridge mansion. Mason is making a raid and finds the coins in Lionel' s suitcase. While Augusta, Lionel, Warren and Laken discussing what to do Dominic is filming them unnoticed. Mason arrests Lionel just at the moment he wants to read out the faked lines. Lionel recognizes Dominic and asks Warren to follow him.

Dominic is happy telling to Joe and Kelly the news of Lionel's arrest. As it is Christmas Lionel cannot go out on bail and has to wait till the holidays are over. Dominic is putting the video tape for the door of the presidential suite where Mason is staying. When Dominic notices that Mason is still having too less proofs for keeping Lionel he phones again to Mason asking to have a closer look in the Lockridge mansion as it is not only a robbery but a murder case. Mason finds on his second raid the ring which Channing was wearing on the day of his death with the initials of Sophia in it.

Lionel has to celebrate Christmas in jail. Minx is coming and visiting him and bringing him a nice meal. (Was not able to see this episode, sorry)

Mason finds in Lionel's dinner jacket a notice with the blood of Channing which asks him to come to the office. With such new and strong proofs he comes to the court and manages to put Lionel on a bail of $500.000. Dominic thinks now the work is done and he can come back as Sophia without having to fear Lionel.

Augusta runs to Liz and asks her to sell one of the pictures. Liz is working quickly. Within one day Lionel is free on bail. Augusta senses a connection between Liz and Lionel.

CC asks Cruz to get the log-book from the museum. Cruz refuses to do such illegal action. Eden in overhearing the talk is upset that he is not ready to do so. Lionel celebrates his freedom on bail and New Year by taking a bath with Augusta in champagne.

Eden in disguise of a watchman manages to get into the well guarded room with the log-book. While Eden is on reading Cruz in disguise of a cleaner appears also in the room. He starts to make photos page by page from the book and places it again properly on the place. As the watchmen have come back they both are locked up. While Cruz starts sleeping on two sofas Eden steals the film of his pocket and jumps out of the window with a loud shout drawing the attention of the watchmen on Cruz who can only escape with difficulties.

Eden who has overtaken the office of Peter gets visited by Cruz who searches for the film. Eden tells him that she has destroyed the film. Cruz does not believe her and finds out the photo shop where she gets the film developed and gets it back with a trick. Dominic is saying good bye to Joe and Kelly in the hospital where Kelly was getting a medical test. Joe tells Dominic that in case he has placed the coins and other things into Lionel's things they no more want to have something to do with him as he knows how it is to be wrongly accused. Lionel sees Dominic and follows him to his flat.

Lionel breaks into Dominic's flat who knocks him down with his suitcase and escapes. Lionel finds out that Dominic has a ticket for the Oriental Express to Chicago. In the last minute he reaches the Oriental Express and gets on it. Mason informs CC about the affair Sophia was having with Lionel. He makes CC responsible for this affair in not being a good husband for Sophia as he often heard her crying and she even has set up divorce papers which he shows to CC. CC is very much hurt and throws Sophia's picture to the ground. Eden visits Cruz and wants to get back the slides. Liz Peal also comes. Cruz pretending having an important meeting puts Eden out of the door. Eden upset and jealous sees CC and asks him to fire Cruz from his job. CC is amused and not ready to do so.

Lionel is searching for Dominic but the conductor is keeping an eye on him in not bothering the people in the train. He warns him to throw him out if he goes on in looking into each compartment. Finally he finds Dominic in the restaurant. Waiting for a good moment to be alone he starts talking to Dominic which ends in a heavy fight. Lionel knocks Dominic down but Dominic escapes to the door and Lionel gets the impression that he jumped or was falling out of the train. The police tells Augusta that Lionel has to come to the police station the next day otherwise he will loose his bail. Eden meets Cruz who is just on reading amused the log-book which he projects page by page but he manages to hide all with a trick.

Dominic on bleeding much from a wound in the face takes away the beard and changes himself into Sophia. Sophia takes a big knife and finds Lionel alone in the restaurant showing her his backside. She raises her hand with the knife but is not able to stab him. Lionel notices her in the mirror and disarms her. Sophia is hiding quickly her face but Lionel forces her to show it and is shocked to see Sophia. Cruz gives the slides to Eden who is eagerly seeing them at home.

Lionel pushes Sophia into her sleeping compartment. At the beginning he approaches her kind and softly happy to know that he has not killed her but as she is full of hate against him and trying to escape while starting to shout for help he binds her on the pillar of the bed and fastens her with a toggle. Marcello finds Sophia and it comes to a fight between him and Lionel who is falling out of the train. Marcello and Sophia decide not to stop the train. Sophia is not sure if she should wish that Lionel is dead or not. A tramp finds Lionel and thinking him dead he changes their suit and their wallets. Peter leaves the hospital but gets informed that he is having a tumour in his brain and he might not live for long. Peter tries to meet Kelly in the restaurant she is working. When seeing the other waitress he is taking her as Kelly and kills her placing a white carnation next to her.

Lionel wakes up in a circus wagon. He plays cards with the circus people to earn the money he needs for a ticket and asks the driver to catch the Orient Express. As Lionel did not come to the station he lost the bail and the police starts searching for him. Peter can't remember what happened. The police starts to investigate the murder case. Joe does not want Kelly to go on working. Eden makes a contract with Cruz to give up fighting against each others and go together in search for the read ruby the log-book is talking about.

Eden asks Cruz to dive with her to the Amanda Lockridge. Cruz agrees but as she did not follow his advises she get nearly drown. Cruz saves her and notices that he still loves her. He also takes along an old sword which Eden found. Lionel gets again on the train and puts Marcello out of action by knocking him down. He tries to force Sophia to tell the police that she has put the pieces of evidence into his things otherwise he will tell her family that she is still alive. Sophia tells him that she is not going to do so and if he tells to anybody that she is alive then she will tell Minx that he has faked all her originals. Lionel gives up and leaves her sleeping compartment. A police officer recognizes him and as he runs away shoots and wounds Lionel who can save himself by jumping out of the train.

Summer comes to Santa Barbara on invitation of Mason in the Lionel case. She does not want to bring Warren into troubles and keeps quite. Warren goes with Summer to meet Mason in the presidential suite. Kelly is also there and Peter is watching them behind a secret mirror. Mason gets called to the police station. They have caught Lionel. Warren quickly runs with Mason just to find out that it is the tramp and not Lionel. Kelly goes with Summer for a drink. Peter watches them. Kelly leaves Summer alone. Peter not alright in his head takes Summer as Kelly asks her to come with him as Warren had an accident. Peter gives Summer a white carnation and kills her in a warehouse.

Peter wakes up wondering why "Kelly" has scratched him. Warren finds Summer and he goes with Mason to inform Gina. Mason and Laken overhears a talk from Warren on the phone with Augusta and they both come to know by this that Lionel has been on the boat with Sophia on the day she did not come back.

Lionel is hiding himself at Veronica who is nursing him. Mason has to get out of the presidential suite for the Countess Armonti which turns out to be Sophia. and tries to move to Veronica who objects him by telling that her little brother is just with her. Gina tells Mason and the police that her former friend Hank Judeon who once raped Summer might be the murderer. Ted finds out from Mason the secret that Lionel was on the boat with Sophia on her last day.

Ted is somehow depressed about Laken who did not tell him the truth about Sophia and Lionel. He goes to the beach where he meets Sophia in disguise of a beggar and is having a talk with her. Mason is with Cliff in LA to investigate Hank. Mason is having a revolver but gets disarmed in no time by Hank not able to contact Cliff who is waiting at Hank's flat.

Warren who has travelled behind Mason by his own helps Mason out of his bad situation. Hank is having an alibi so he can't be the killer. Eden wants Cruz to search for the killer as she is afraid but Cruz does not interfere. Peter is watching Kelly behind a curtain in the chapel. Mason is questioning Gina about a blond lady who was missing in a case where Hank was involved. Eden gets to know that Cruz was once working at the police. Cliff asks Cruz to help them in their investigation of the carnation killer. Marcello wants Sophia to stop running around in disguise and play with open cards.

Peter pretends on the phone to be Joe asking the other waitress of the restaurant to get Kelly informed to fetch for him the toolbox he has forgotten in the warehouse. As Kelly is busy with Sophia in disguise as a journalist Eden goes to fetch the toolbox and gets knocked down by Peter. When Joe phones they are aware that the warehouse was a trap.

Peter takes Eden along with hidden eyes and toggled to a place apart in the nature. When Cruz gets to know that Eden is in the hands of the carnation killer he changes his mind and starts working for the police. Mason finds out by this what Eden already found out that Cruz is working beside his official work for CC in the spying department.. Lionel finds out that the countess is Sophia and hides behind the mirror wondering who Marcello is. He tries to get to Sophia but she used the door chain and is shocked to see Lionel. Eden beats Peter who starts to strangle her. She falls down a steep slope and lies motionless.

Peter is desperate seeing Kelly dead. In the car he hears that it is Eden. He goes to the restaurant and finds Kelly well. In a clear minute he knows that he himself is the killer and wants to commit suicide with his pistol at home but Joe interrupts him by coming to investigate him. Sophia manages with a trick to get rid of Lionel. Mason visits Veronica and finds out that Lionel is staying with her. He fires her and is very disappointed. Augusta helps Lionel to flee by taking him along with he car.

Lionel got caught by the police. Eden wakes up and can free herself. She is writing with her shoe in big letters HELP on the soft ground. Cruz is displeased with Joe who has taken along a bloody shirt of Peter. He hinders any further attempts of him and Kelly to go on in their private investigation by sending the police keeping an eye on them.

Peter is standing over Eden who is lying unconscious on the ground ready to kill her when a helicopter makes him run away. Cruz finds Eden and brings her to the hospital while Peter drives to the restaurant taking place at the table where Kelly and Laken are on talking. Kelly asks Ted to take Laken along and on hearing that Eden is in the hospital she runs to see her. Ted visits with Laken Lionel in the prison and Ted asks him directly if he has killed Sophia. He tells them his version of what happened on the boat and they believe him that it was an accident.

Cruz is happy to hear that Eden has not been raped. Peter decides to kill Veronica as she has seen him at the restaurant on the day the first waitress got killed. Veronica gets warned by Kelly that Peter might be the killer. Veronica tries to inform Mason that she has seen Peter in the restaurant but Mason still upset about her put the receiver down. Peter is going to see a movie and escapes for Veronica through the window in the toilet. He forces his way into her bathroom and Veronica records their talk. Sophia interviews Eden as Miss Carlein in the hospital.

Peter kills Veronica placing a white carnation in her hand. He takes the recorder to the cinema. He phones to Mason and plays the recordings of Veronica's shouts to him. Cruz and Mason find Veronica killed and ask Peter to the police office. Liz tells Lionel that she no more wants to fake pictures. Lionel introduces Warren into the secret that the countess is Sophia and asks him to observe her behind the mirror. Ted gets to know by accident from the tailor of the Lockridges that the dinner-jacket belongs actually to Warren. Ted is now sure that Warren is the murderer of Channing.

Peter's alibi is getting confirmed by Marisa who has also been in the cinema because he was pouring popcorn over Amy's new dress. Joe still does not believe him. Joe is checking the time between the cinema and Veronica's place. Meanwhile Peter visits Kelly who is sleeping on the sofa. He gets disturbed by Cruz and hides in the wardrobe. When alone he places a white carnation into their bedroom which frightens Kelly when she sees it. Warren overhears a talk between Sophia and Marcello in which she is telling him about the bloody notice she has put into Lionel's dinner-jacket. Laken tries to hinder that Ted is telling Mason about the real owner of the dinner-jacket.

Laken breaks her relationship with Ted because he told Mason the secret of the dinner-jacket. Mason lets Warren go. Cruz investigates and finds out that Peter must have been in the flat and in the wardrobe while Kelly was sleeping. He also finds out the way Peter arranged his alibi with the tape but he has to proof it. He sees the recorder in Peter's bathroom and gets Mason convinced that it is Peter.

Kelly takes a night mare and a present full of white carnations as a bad omen for her marriage with Joe. Peter is hiding in the wardrobe in the marriage chapel and shocks Kelly by placing some white carnations in the vase. Lionel sends a dinner-jacket with a notice to Sophia informing her that she has placed the notice into Warrens and not his dinner-jacket. He ask her to make everything alright within the next ten days. Eden finds out that Miss Carlein is Sophia by dragging away her wig.

After a short flash of joy Eden feels hate against Sophia in letting her alone as a child and asks her to leave for Europe. Peter manages to get outside the room and when Kelly is alone he comes to her into the room giving her a necklace to wear at her marriage. Kelly shouts and Joe rushes in. They send Peter away and think themselves save but Peter soon is back in the chapel. Cruz fetches Eden thinking something happened to her finding her very confused.

Miss Carlein congratulates Kelly and Kelly introduces her to CC. Eden takes her out and wants to know what she has done all these years. Danny interrupts them and guides Miss Carlein into the chapel. A drunken Mason is taking place next to her. A unhappy Ted finally comes and joins the marriage which only starts by then. Peter watches them from upside keeping ready his revolver to kill Joe without getting the chance to do so. Peter arranges a marriage suite next to Joe and Kelly's.

Mason invites Miss Carlein to the festivities in the mansion against Eden's will. Mason wants to find out while dancing with Miss Carlein why Eden was opposing her so much. Eden drags her into a room finding out that she was not sane after the accident and staying for five years in an institution. CC who thinks to know Miss Carlein from somewhere introduces to her Gina. He tells then the whole audience even to the surprise of Gina his engagement with Gina.

Eden does not want to accept CC's engagement with a person who is longing only for his money. Mason informs CC that Sophia has been with Lionel on her last day and he probably killed her. Peter mistaking a prostitute as Kelly is taking her along into his marriage suite. When she by accident lets run the tape with Veronica's shoutings Peter kills her. The shouts interrupt Kelly's and Joe's marriage night in the other room. Eden finds out that Sophia is really the countess Armonti and Marcello her stepson. Marcello finds Warren in the room behind the mirror and knocks him down but Sophia asks him to let him go.

Peter is having no proper alibi but gets through the lie detector. Cruz shows him pictures of the victims and is again sure that it is Peter. Peter overhears a phone talk and gets out the new destination of Joe and Kelly's honeymoon. When they come he is already waiting in the garden. Warren informs Lionel that Eden also knows that Sophia is alive and he wants to leave the town. Augusta is bringing to him a suitcase meeting him in the museum but they get disturbed by Mason and the police. Warren can hide himself in Liz's room who covers him by misguiding Mason.

Joe is going to fetch some food in the town. Meanwhile Peter takes Kelly into custody giving her a white carnation. Kelly pretends to love him to avoid getting killed. Mason is upset when finding out that Warren could escape with the help of Liz. Jeff visits Amy and makes her so much upset that she breaks down with terrible pain in her belly.

Amy has to be brought to the hospital and she gets to hear that she might loose the child. Jeff is not unhappy about. Brick comes and knocks Jeff down by getting rid of him. Peter brings Kelly to a lonely house in the desert. Kelly takes one chance to phone to Joe and inform him on what has happened. Cruz comes with Eden to help Joe in his search.

Peter raps Kelly who in order to save her life is not resisting. He binds her on the bed and goes for shopping. Kelly manages to hide a big knife inside the bed. The helicopter finds the car Peter has rented and a shoe of Kelly. Joe and Eden find out by questioning the shopkeepers that Kelly must be still alive. Mason is getting suspicious about Miss Carlein because of her strange strong interest in Kelly. Liz offers Warren her help and he asks her to bring a note to the countess.

Brick confesses his love to Amy. Kelly hurts with the knife one of Peter's legs and after throwing a chair against his feet she runs into the desert. She finds an old camping wagon locking herself up but Peter gets into it and while she is locked up in a little room he gets the mechanical saw lying there to run. Warren meets Sophia in the hotel she was using with Lionel for their secret meetings. He finds out all about their relationship from her side. That Lionel did not tell her that he is married till she found out by herself after one year and that she is quite sure that Lionel has killed her son.

Amy decides to get her child and is happy about Bricks approach. Mason finds out that Miss Carlein is living in the presidential suite and is not a journalist. Peter breaks into the room with the power saw but Kelly blocks it with a pillow and hurts him again with an axe. She runs into the desert and manages to bring an old car standing there to explode the moment Peter gets close to this car. Cruz, Joe, and Eden examine the house after the stolen car was found there. They get informed of blood in an camping wagon and footprints are leading into the desert. Miss Carlein visits Lionel in the prison and he wants to know why she thinks that he has killed Channing. They get disturbed by Mason.

Lionel knocks Mason down and tells Sophia that he was locked up by CC in Channing's sleeping room where he was in search for proofs of their love. So she could not have seen him. Kelly checks Peter if he is still alive but he again gets hold of her. She frees herself and starts running till Joe finds her. Cruz on investigating the camping wagon gets visited by Eden who starts kissing him for the first time since they were all the time in fight. Peter gets a lift of a woman.

Eden and Cruz get intimate. The lady who has taken Peter along is telling her story at the police. Lionel gives Sophia only one more day to correct the situation. Augusta tries to find out who Miss Carlein is. Peter gets into his apartment and having some clear minutes he writes down a farewell letter confessing that he has killed the four women and that he is killing himself now. He changes his mind and he escapes over the fire ladder. A person enters after him the room and adds some lines to his letter. Cruz and Eden examine the flat of Peter. Eden finds the letter where Peter also confesses that he has killed Channing. The love between Amy and Brick ends when Amy sees how Liz is giving a kiss to Brick.

Cruz, Eden, Kelly, Joe and Ted discuss Peter's murder on Channing in CC's residence. Ted runs to inform Laken at Jackie's place who is happy but still does not forgive him. Ted and Jackie get friends by sharing their sorrows as Jackie got informed that Larry will not come. Augusta visits Eden to find out about the countess. She takes along a broken picture of Sophia and suspects that she could be the countess. Lionel is set free.

Augusta follows Lionel who goes to Sophia showing her the news paper with Peter's confession. Augusta sends Sophia a note saying that she knows all what happened on the boat and she should come to a meeting place. Sophia's coming is enough confirmation for a shocked Augusta that Sophia is still alive. Warren finds out from Peter's confession and leaves his hiding place. Mason goes to see a corpse which could be Peter.

CC tells Joe and Kelly that the danger is over and they go to the beach. Peter has broken into an armoury and stolen a highly dangerous weapon and waits for them inside their apartment. Mason is upset about CC that he let Joe and Kelly go not knowing of sure that the corps is Peter. He gives order to search for them. Amy invites the young couple for a party when Joe comes shortly to fetch something. Mason finds them at their house door and on hearing from inside that they are going to Amy Peter visits Amy and takes her as hostage. Augusta tries to show the countess to CC who finds nothing special and Sophia offers Marcello as a psychiatrist for Kelly to CC.

Mason finds out that CC has never declared Sophia as dead. Amy manages to ask some people not to come to the party. Jackie rushes into the flat and becomes the second hostage. Next Mason. Amy signals Cruz that something is not alright by talking to him as if he is Gina. Peter finds out that she has cheated him and knocks down Mason who rushes to protect her. Cruz phones back to Amy but gets to hear only a shoot. Larry who gets shoot and Joe become also hostages while Kelly can save herself behind the cars.

Warren finds out that Brick is handling their shares and wants to have the same chance from Minx. Larry signals Jackie that he is ok. They bring him into the back room. Mason talks to Peter about Amy and Peter lets Amy go. Peter gives Cruz an ultimatum for Kelly. A female officer disguised as Kelly approaches Peter but is not able to shoot and gets shoot by herself on her arm. Mason, Larry, Jackie and Joe storm Peter. While Joe is holding Peter the other can escape. Peter thinks that he has shoot Kelly. The wanted psychologist turns out as Marcello.

Maggie Gillis the wounded police officer is placed in the same room where Liz is brought and gets by this in contact with Warren who helps her. Mason wants to get into the house via the roof and Cruz accepts Marcello's advice to tell Peter that Kelly is on dying and she wants to see him. Kelly thinks the police is acting wrong and approaches the situation in her way with a pistol in her hand. Peter looks up to the roof on hearing Kelly's voice from there while Joe asks Kelly to shoot but the pistol is not loaded.

Peter turns around and fires twice while Joe protects Kelly with his body and with his last strength starts fighting with Peter who throws him out of the window. Joe is brought to the hospital but the doctors see no chance for him. Cruz gets the light turned off. Peter takes Kelly to the room in the back. Cruz enters the house just when Peter is in fight with Kelly. He calls on Peter and shoots him off. Peter is dead. Kelly waits next to Joe till he wakes up. Eden, CC and Ted don't tell her the truth that Joe is going to die. Ted excuses himself by Warren for suspecting him in the Channing matter. Warren forgives him. Cruz is suspending Maggie and Warren takes her along with the car.

Marcello gets bad memories about happenings in the second world war when seeing CC. Mason is upset when finding out that Kelly was not informed as the wife about the real condition of Joe. Joe wakes up and asks her to go on with her life and that he loves her. Then he closes the eyes for ever. Kelly on finding out that her family has cheated her by not informing her about Joe's real condition turns away from them and gets comforted by Marcello. Marcello makes her sleep in the mansion and when she wakes up with a nightmare he starts to hypnotise her. As Sophia is not allowed to see Kelly she meets Mason and shows him who she really is.

Marcello seems to help Kelly even Eden asks her father to find a better one as she does not trust him. CC invites Marcello. On seeing CC's medals on the wall Marcello is falling in strange conditions. Mason is not happy to see Sophia he finds a life without her would be much easier for him.

Eden does not trust Marcello and wants Cruz to find out about him. Cruz gets close to Kelly at Joe's funeral and they comfort each other in their pain. Amy finds out from Liz that Brick is really full in love to her. Amy invites Brick but gets visited by Jeff first who asks the 600$ back as the doctors told him that he is sterile. Brick gets rid of him in no time. Jackie cannot enjoy Larry as he is called by the navy all of a sudden. Marcello is thinking on revenge for CC's guilt in his parents death.

Lionel finds out that Brick is dealing with their shares. He calls Brick and Augusta gives notice to him. Brick finds that it is on Minx to decide. Mason arranges a meeting with Lionel and Eden at Sophia's place. They all decide for her to go back to Europe and Mason arranges already a flight. Augusta snoops behind Lionel and pays two men for getting Sophia kidnapped. A mysterious Dr. Renfro is introduced to Amy as a specialist who is overtaking her case without charging anything from her.

CC frustrates Eden by taking away her land matter and informing her that he is going to marry Gina the next day. CC gives Gina an expensive engagement ring and informs her that Brandon will get the heritage of Mason. Lionel is overhearing this talk. Warren approaches Maggie with little success. Augusta faces Sophia at their shed. Sophia knocks her down and brings Lionel back an unconscious Augusta letting him know that now she will stay definitely.

Augusta tells Laken that Sophia is still alive and Laken is telling it Ted thinking he knows already. Lionel is asking Mason for his help in getting CC's marriage hindered. Mason agrees and Lionel has to promise the Chinese box in exchange for it. Lionel is telling Minx that Sophia is alive. CC tells Gina that he is going to adopt Brandon. Mason appears in the sleeping room asking Gina to get him invited for their marriage. Gina tries her best to convince CC.

Ted is getting from Eden and Mason confirmation that Sophia is still alive and living in the presidential suite. He is upset that they did not inform him. Brandon invites Mason to the marriage and CC finally agrees with the warning in taking away his whole existence if he is going to disturb the marriage. Cruz notices that Kelly is in a bad condition carrying all the time her doll around. Mason stops the marriage in telling that he is having an objection when the priest asks this formal question. Ted runs to see Sophia and is having a fight with Laken who wants to talk to Sophia first.

Happy reunion between Ted and Sophia. Mason tells the priest that CC has not yet declared his wife as dead and the marriage stops. Gina slaps Mason and Mason asks her to go before CC finds out about Hank. Eden gets in fight with Gina by trying to find out about Hank. CC's revenge is terrible taking away Mason's whole existence including his credit card and the possibility to work in another office of Santa Barbara. Mason gets totally drunken and storms into their sleeping room asking CC to tell Gina the real reason why he is going to marry her and Gina to tell CC all about Hank.

Gina asks CC what Mason meant with Brandon but CC is not telling her the truth. Mason gets robbed all his money by a prostitute. He later is beaten up in the bar by Hank who wants to know the whereabouts of Gina. Gina is getting ready for their marriage while getting a phone from Hank. Kelly is in a very bad condition. Marcello tries to help her but on touching her childhood she is running away. Brick is arranging a fake marriage for Amy putting on her fingers the rings his grandfather has given to his grandmother.

Brick's salary is risen by Minx and Lionel accepts him. A injured Mason is brought to Sophia who attends to his wounds. He informs her that she still can hinder the marriage within one hour and also tells her the secret of Brandon's origin but Marcello takes Sophia along to Kelly. Sophia approaches the Pavilion where Kelly has seen her the last time and where she is sitting through the tunnel from the Lockridge side. Happy reunion between Kelly and Sophia. Mason gets the marriage delayed. Hank visits Gina and puts her under pressure to pay back what she has taken once from him and for which he has served jail. Lionel gets the Chinese box faked for $10.000.

Kelly recovers in the presence of Sophia but gets in fight with Eden when telling her that she wants her mother back. Ted, Eden and Kelly invite Sophia for a talk and Mason brings Sophia to the mansion. Gina finds out that Sophia is alive.

Again one signature is missing for getting Sophia declared as dead. Mason is ready to give it for $1.000 but CC sends for the police to take him along. Mason comes back with Hank in custody of the police and tells CC that Gina will tell him who he is. Gina is creating a story. Augusta gets to know from Warren about the secret of the mirror in the presidential suite. She fakes a note asking Lionel to come at once to the presidential suite while she invites CC to the hotel and hides with him behind the mirror.

Eden tries to find out all about Hank. CC finally recognises Sophia when she turns around. When overhearing only a part of Sophia's conversation with Lionel Augusta and CC misinterpret this and think they are still in love. CC breaks into the presidential suite when Lionel has gone already. CC confronts Sophia but is not listening to her and runs to punish Lionel. Eden, Cruz and Warren are getting witnesses for a part of this show.

Lionel finds out that Augusta has written the note. CC comes with a whip and starts beating him while Augusta is not hindering his punishment. In her hysterical imagination she is now sure that Lionel has been together with Sophia over all the fifteen years and the boat accident has been faked. At a chance Lionel escapes into the tunnel. Sophia wants to tell the truth to Ted and Kelly but Ted no more believes her.

CC finds the secret door to the tunnel and goes inside in search for Lionel. Augusta, Warren and Laken are very surprised to see the entrance of the tunnel. Laken informs Ted about the fight of their fathers in the tunnel and Sophia meets CC inside the tunnel form their side trying to avoid this fight but Lionel wants to fight. Cruz and Eden find the entrance behind the cupboard but Sophia on coming back asks them not to go.

Mason tries to get back in the bar from the prostitute his money but gets stolen the rest of his money by her strong friends. Sophia asks Marcello to come and he tells Eden and Ted the tragic story of her time in the mental hospital confirming Sophia's story on not being together with Lionel. CC is fighting with Lionel more with words than with their fist hurting each other deeply in this way. CC comes out of the tunnel and wants to be alone. Sophia comes back and asks him for a second chance but he wants to divorce her. Lionel gets thrown out by Augusta.

Brick is moving to Amy. Mason gets thrown out at the presidential suite by Marcello who finds that Mason is misusing Sophia for his revenge on CC. Mason fetches his Chinese box from Lionel, breaks it and feels that he got cheated with a duplicate. The mother of Cruz is visiting Cruz and finds that he is more than in the age to marry but does not agree with Eden because of social and cultural differences. Cruz finds all of a sudden that Eden should marry him. CC gives green light to Eden for her restaurant on the top of the Capwell hotel.

Cruz shouts his marriage proposal to Eden over the whole hotel hall. She is irritated. In a talk at the beach Cruz asks her to think over and give him a definite reply. When alone Eden kicks a stone and breaks her toe. Marcello who followed her the whole time is hypnotising her and asks her to bring him the silver star from her father gained in the second world war. Amy is getting a good paid job at Mr. Lee and Brick is winning a bet by putting their whole money meant for a Pizza on a horse with the name Big Amy. Cruz's mother and CC are meeting each other to hinder the marriage plans of their children.

Jackie gets a telegram saying that Larry will leave the Navy for ever. Ted accompanies her to the State Street Bar for celebrating this happy event. Eden tries to find out everything about hypnosis. On hypnosis she gives Marcello the Silver star. Eden pretends to be co-operative with Marcello but is pretending to be in hypnosis when he asks her to bring him all the war documents of CC. Amy gets a letter with a certificate that he is sterile from Jeff asking her for the $600 back. Brick asks her to send the money they have just won and get rid of this fellow for ever.

Mason overtakes the heritage case of Peter Flint after living already in his car. Amy is writing a letter to the editor while Warren is buying a press. Cruz finds a key to a safe deposit box between Peters things. The safe deposit box contains only a love letter from Lindsay Smith to Channing. Mason takes residence in Peter's flat for the time being.

Mason makes an auction with Peter's things. Ginger Jones addresses him for getting him as her lawyer. Mason refuses. Mason steals the real Chinese box while Lionel is not on his boat. It contains a diamond in value of $130.000 when sharpened in facets but this will cost $15.000. Mason gets a loan of $15.000 from Ginger Jones and invites an expert for getting the work done. Maggie disarms a robber in the State Street Bar and Warren gets by this his first article and Maggie a second chance. Cruz visits Lindsay Smith and is surprised to see a man and not a woman.

Lindsay admits his relationship with Channing. Lionel offers Mason $35.000 for the raw diamond but Mason takes the risk on himself. He gets in big dept's to Ginger Jones when the diamond bursts in thousand pieces. He tries to get the $18.000 from CC who would give it to him for information on Hank. Eden brings Marcello his wanted papers and Marcello finds out that she pretends to be in hypnosis. Ted makes Sophia happy in believing her story and Kelly travels to the Bermudas as she can't stand CC's and Eden's objection against Sophia.

Mason opens his office in the State Street Bar. Cruz asks Maggie to snoop behind Lindsay Smith by moving into a flat next to him. Maggie is getting soon in contact with Lindsay who is eager to study her case. Cruz finds out from Mason that Peter has got a regular payment of $2.500 per week from Channing which looks like some blackmailing. Sophia tries to find out why Marcello is so interested in CC's past and why he dislikes him so much. Eden asks Cruz to find out all about Marcello. Marcello brings back to Eden the documents and confronts her on the top of the Capwell hotel.

Marcello's strong confrontation with Eden ends in the State Street Bar where Marcello tells her that the reason for his interest in CC is a fusion with Armonti Industries and Capwell Enterprises. Eden shows interest in this project. Mason is under strong pressure of Ginger Jones and starts to blackmail Gina with his knowledge on Hank. Hank also puts much pressure on Gina. Gina on being not able to arrange money for Hank and Mason puts pressure on CC by telling him that she goes but is unfortunately pregnant from him. Mason in having not the money for Ginger is agreeing to work for her as a lawyer.

Maggie's plan with Lindsay fails as he gets to see her picture in the news paper and gets to know by this that she is from the police. Cruz snoops behind Maggie after fixing a bug on her dress. Maggie on not having success goes into the open flat of Lindsay. Hank tries to blackmail CC and invites him to the State Street Bar he also visits Gina telling her that now he will pay her back everything by telling all about her to CC.

Maggie snooping in Lindsay's paper gets surprised by him with a pistol. She disarms him and puts him into handcuffs. Cruz on investigating Lindsay finds that he also blackmailed Channing for a weekly sum of $2.500. Cruz gets suspicious if the lines confessing the murder on Channing were written by Peter. Maggie lifts her secret that she is married and her husband without any movement after an accident to Warren. CC meets Hank but they get interrupted when the lights in the whole city went off. Hank taking it as a trap rushes out and gets nearly crashed by Gina with her car in order to kill him. Cruz gets to know from his expert that the line with Peter's confession of his murder on Channing was written by another person.

Gina gets hurt on her head when her car crashes against the fence and is brought to the hospital. Mason takes care for Brandon. Hank tries again to blackmail CC when meeting him in the hospital by threatening him to publish his story. Hank approaches Warren but he tells him that he is not interested in his story. Mason finds out that Cruz has started again to investigate the murder on Channing.

Cruz is getting some information on Marcello by which he gets to know that Marcello has been in Santa Barbara 16 years ago when the accident with Sophia happened. Mason informs Eden that Cruz has taken up again Channing's murder case. Warren decides to help Maggie to find a good lawyer for Ben. Cruz is upset on finding out that Mason has become the lawyer of Ginger. Warren informs Lionel that Augusta is on going to throw a dinner party with another man.

Mason works to Ginger's satisfaction by using his old connections. Warren invites Sophia to the yacht and wants her to believe that Lionel did not try to kill her but it was an accident. Augusta is having the party with Stanfield Lee while Lionel is serving as a cook in disguise. CC commands divorce from Sophia. Ted tells CC that he can't bear it any longer how he treats his mother and he therefore will move out of the mansion.

A person with black gloves is overhearing a talk. The laboratory assistant tells his friend that the Channing case is taken up again. Later the same hand seen in the bar is entering the mansion from the tunnel and taking along the pistol from the desk. Sophia gets told by her lawyer that she is now divorced by CC. The doctor informs Gina that she is not pregnant and Gina is taking more tablets for her pain than it is allowed. When the doctor informs her that these tablets are building quickly up an addiction it is already too late.

Gina has arranged in a hurry their marriage. Cruz finds out that the revolver is no more there. Brick and Amy find out that there is a connection between Dr. Renfro and Stanfield Lee her boss she never has seen. CC sends Jackie to Ted. CC dislikes that Ted is living with Mason. He orders a raid in Kelly's flat and to take Mason along with the prostitutes. Eden is upset when CC tells her that Brandon will be his successor and wants to go back to Europe. The police is making the raid and takes along Ted and Jackie.

Gina notices that she is addicted to her pills. Cruz tells Eden that Brandon is the son of Santana and Channing. Eden decides to stay. Gina breaks down at the end of their marriage and tells CC that it happened only because of her pregnancy. Brick meets Mr. Stanfield Lee who wanted to visit Amy. Ted and Jackie have problems with their identification at the police. A news paper is taking a photo from them. Mason comes and helps them out of their situation.

Warren publishes an article about Maggie's husband. The other papers are bringing Ted and Jackie's photo. Cruz asks Eden to marry him. Eden dislikes this idea. Augusta meets Jack Lee for taking lunch together. Warren attacks him for not having overtaken Maggie's case. Gina asks Eden to move out of the mansion. Eden hurts Gina by telling that Channing and Santana are the parents of Brandon and CC only married her because of Brandon. Cruz tells CC that he has taken up again the Channing case. Somebody is overhearing their talk from the tunnel. Cruz follows the person in the tunnel.

Cruz finds fresh foot prints, a secret locked door and some bullets in the tunnel. Mason earns much money by taking advantage of Augusta's and Lionel's fight. Eden tells Mason and later Cruz that she has informed Gina about the parents of Brandon. Both are very upset about her. Mason steps into the open door of Cruz's boat and finds Lindsay's letter to Channing which he takes along with himself. Somebody has turned Cruz's things up to down in search for something. Jack Lee meets CC and gives him the hint that the Maggie Gillis case might become a delicate matter for Capwell Enterprises.

Minx makes an agreement with Lionel to take up a regular work and live for a while exclusively on this money. Marcello meets Kelly on the Bermudas. Eden who comes to take back Kelly to Santa Barbara finds CC's identification disks in Marcello's suitcase. Mason finds out that Channing was guy. Gina meets Hank with Mason's help who organises for her the pills. Maggie asks Mason to overtake her case against Capwell Enterprises. Mason agrees. He finds in Maggie's cupboard the phone number of Lindsay Smith and asks him to come and meet him in the bar.

Mason meets Lindsay and gets his key for the room in the tunnel where he was always meeting Channing. Mason finds in this room an album with delicate photos from Lindsay and Channing. Gina gets addicted not only to the pills but also to Hank who is demanding more and more for the pills. Eden informs Cruz about the identification disks. Cruz finds out that CC crashes with his plane in the same suburb Marcello was living with his parents when he was a child. Marcello gets back his identification disk which Eden has stolen by putting much pressure on her.

Mason is appointing Lindsay as his assistant in the Gillis case and is having a talk with CC and his lawyer in the mansion where he demands 20 Mio. $ for Gillis. Cruz finds out that Mason knows that Channing was guy and his lover Lindsay. Cruz shows Sophia his file about Marcello. Brick gets informed by Jeff that he knows now the father of Amy's baby. The phone is interrupted by force and Brick takes the next plane to San Francisco to see what happened to Jeff. He finds a bloody receiver.

Cruz tells Eden that Peter was not the murderer because the confession was written by another person. Somebody puts wrongly a cover into Kelly's suitcase. CC offers to Maggie a compromise of $40.000. Sophia makes Lionel happy by telling him that she no longer believes that he wanted to kill her and it has been an accident. Brick finds Jeff dead in a garbage can. Mason records on video for CC himself and the photos he found. Eden arranges a dinner with Marcello and Sophia and confronts CC with Marcello by telling him that his original name is Hans.

It is revealed that CC knows Marcello as he has been together with him in a small cellar while watching how his parents got killed from the Nazis who have been in search for CC. CC has promised to him to fetch him at that time and he tells Marcello about his attempts to find him. CC asks for forgiveness and embraces Marcello welcoming him as a part of his family. Marcello coming at home regrets his forgiveness and plans to make CC pay for the death of his parents on the day of their death. The courier who should have taken along the cover which was put in Kelly's suitcase is searching for Kelly and the cover. Mason agrees to go on with Maggie's case. Warren kisses the first time Maggie.

Mason installs his tape in CC's video recorder to make it see him when he looks his stock market news. Ted finds out about Gina's drug addiction and Hank as a source for her pills. He wants to help her and runs behind her into the tunnel where she meets Hank. Cruz who told to everybody that he has found new proofs for the murder of Channing tries to catch the murderer in the tunnel. When he hears a shoot he runs into the tunnel. Santana who just arrived follows him. Jack Lee appears at Parker Simonson where Kelly is bringing back the cover while he officially should be in Europe. Parker gives order to the courier to kill Kelly. In the tunnel a black hand has prepared some explosives which explodes when Ted, Gina, Hank, Cruz and Santana are in the tunnel.

Total chaos after the explosion. The Lockridges are missing Augusta and suspecting her also in the tunnel. Hank got killed. Gina confesses to Ted that she really tried to kill Hank with her car and it has been not an accident. Gina is not able to help Ted to make their way out and is searching for the big plastic bag full of pills from Hank and finds it. Santana and Cruz are also all right but oxygen is getting short. The Capwells and the Lockridges are working together with the fire brigade to get the tunnel free.

Cruz and Santana find Augusta who is still alive but exhausted. Sophia notices that Marcello has not really forgiven CC even he confirms it to her again and again. While Kelly is entertaining Brandon in the park the courier tries to find a good time to kill her and a photographer is making photos from them. Brandon runs behind a dog and gets missed. Stanfield Lee turns out to be another person when learning all about his meeting with the president. Parker informs him about bad news from New Stailand and that Dr. Renfro has to take action. The search troupe finds Gina, a motionless Ted and a the dead Hank.

Nick, the photographer helps Kelly in her search for Brandon and finds him. The courier gets no chance to kill Kelly. Gina spins a story for CC about the happenings in the tunnel hiding the real reason why she met Hank. Cruz, Santana and Augusta get saved. Cruz goes on with his search for the murderer and finds the third entrance next to the pavilion. Augusta tells Cruz that she only wanted to make sure that nothing is in the tunnel which could burden her son. Lionel finds out that Augusta really hates him. Eden decides to marry Cruz.

Eden leads Cruz playfully with letters and hints to a romantically place in the nature and makes him happy by asking him to marry her. Gina tells in the presence of Ted that she knows that Brandon is the son of Channing and Santana. Gina tells Santana that she does not want her to see her son Brandon who belongs now to her. Ted gets to see by accident the video of Mason instead of CC which gives him a new picture of Channing which is not fitting to the one CC always was giving to them. Mason takes the video tape along with him without showing it to CC. Jackie gets informed that her husband is missed after a plane crash. After developing the photos Nick is surprised to see a pistol fixing Kelly's head on one of the pictures.

Eden tells CC about her engagement. He is not happy about but gives in. Marcello visits with Kelly their yacht and plans there the death of CC on the 20th May. Eden and Cruz also plan to marry on the 20th May. Nick addresses Cruz an old friend of his concerning the revolver in one of his photos. When he comes to his dark room to show the picture all was taken away. He tries to inform Kelly but she also does not believe him. Jackie gets comforted by Ted who is taking her along to Kelly's flat. The courier is getting the order to finish off her job till Friday.

Gina is getting ready her pregnancy test in the old bathroom of Mason. Augusta finds out that she can't see and phones to her sister Julia. Julia comes and shows herself very supportive. Ted wants to destroy the video of Mason. They start fighting over the tape. Mason wins and Ted runs away. Mason visits his old bathroom in the mansion and hiding himself behind the curtain in the bathtub he is getting the witness of Gina's attempts.

Sophia tells Cruz her version what happened on the day of Channing's dead. It ends that she was again for three years unconscious lying in a hospital in Alaska. Cruz finds out that Marcello has entered the States with his other name on 15th July 1979. Marcello is working on his bomb. Mason finds out that Gina is not pregnant. After the pregnancy test is positive he changes it into negative with the help of Brandon's laboratory box. Mason puts hard facts in the Gillis case to CC's lawyer. Augusta can go home but will be blind for the next eight weeks.

Cruz tells Sophia that Marcello has visited the States on 15.7.79. She can't believe that he has been at the party as she has not seen him. Marcello prepares on the boat the bomb for the 20th but is shocked to hear that just on this day Eden and Cruz wants to marry. Cruz visits Marcello at home and gets from him with a trick confirmed that he was at the party of Channing and that he has brought Sophia to Alaska. CC offers Maggie 1 Mio. $ but she decides herself for the court. Mason informs Gina that he knows that she is not pregnant but he will help her out as he is having the same blood group of CC. Stanfield is putting pressure on Renfro to deliver Amy's baby on Friday while Brick prepares for bringing Amy to a hidden place.

Sophia dreams that the person in the mirror was Marcello and not Lionel. Cruz tells Sophia that Marcello has been at Channing's party and brought her to Alaska. Sophia avoids Marcello but he forces a confrontation by following and telling her what Cruz already told her. Lionel moves into the Lockridge mansion. Mason starts an affair with Gina for getting her pregnant. Stanfield is upset on hearing that Amy cannot be found.