Scott and Ben talk about their feelings for each other. Heather argues with Zack about the treatment Scott is using on Ben. Sophia goes to Arthur's for a nightcap and they agree to go together for the Country Club opening next day. Jeffrey gets a "get well soon" card from Iliana. Sophia and C.C. meet at the bar in Orient Express later and C.C. asks Sophia to come to the opening with him. Sophia tells him that she's going with Arthur and they both say they're sorry. After C.C. leaves T.J. and Buffy McIntire come to the bar and T.J. -once again- harasses Sophia. Heather goes to visit her father and finds Zack there. He leaves and Heather and Arthur argue about Ben. Sophia goes to see Kelly and tell her that T.J. was at the bar with another woman. Kelly gets upset and they argue. T.J. can't get a table reservation from the Country Club as C.C. had promised to Kelly that T.J. wouldn't get in. But then Buffy calls and takes care of it...

Gina wakes up next to Sonny. Arthur and Scott argue about Ben's treatment. Ted promises his father to bring Kelly to the Country Club opening. Tori asks C.C. to give her a job in the Club. Sonny tells Gina that she had been dancing on the tables in a bar last night but that nothing had happened between them. He just had taken her clothes off so she would feel more comfortable to sleep. City Councilor Weiss offers Cruz a job in the area where there's a gang problem. Cruz doesn't know if he should take the job or not. Eden is going to do a story about the homeless people in Santa Barbara. She goes with Amado to meet the friend of his, Critter, in the park. Critter is suspicious but agrees to be interviewed. When Eden's leaving from the park after the interview, a man comes to her and asks for some money for food. Zack arrives and tells the man to leave Eden alone. When Eden comes to the opening, C.C. introduces her to Roland Montgomery, who owns the KSB TV station. After seeing the tape Eden made, Mr. Montgomery tells her he wants her to come work for him. Zack comes to party and as he talks with Cruz and Eden, Cruz gets to know that the man at the park was harassing Eden. Of course he gets upset about that. Gina sees Sonny's birthmark as she tries to take off his jeans.

Eden, Cruz and C.C. are celebrating Eden's new job. Julia searches comfort from the booze; she wants to understand Mason better. Keith surprises Gina in bed with Mason kissing him. Gina tells Sonny that Keith's her big brother and is very protecting for her. Michael goes to see Julia and finds her drunk. He tries to comfort her. Sonny runs away to the bar and sings there a Whiskey Song. After the song Gina and Keith come and take him away. Mr. Weiss tells Cruz that a guy named Stick has been shot in the problem area and the situation has become acute because of that. Kelly and Eden argue about Kelly not deciding what to do and who to be with. Cruz tells Cain about the job he may be taking and wants Cain to come with him to meet Weiss. Jeffrey meets Iliana at the beach and spends the night with her. At the same time Kelly's at home, worrying and waiting for him.

Kelly and Buffy fight at Johnny's and they both are arrested. Gina and Keith keep Mason locked up in the basement. Ming Li and Kai meet at the beach and talk about the Major and wonder what they should do. Sonny hurts his tooth when eating pop-corn and wants to see the dentist. T.J. gets Buffy out of the jail. Gina comes to pick Brandon up from the Country Club but is humiliated when the man at the reception doesn't let her in; C.C.'s order. Brandon finds Sonny in the basement but Sonny frightens him away. Major finds Ming Li and Kai kissing on the beach. He gets upset and says he'll send Ming Li back to Vietnam. Gina tries to persuade Sonny to trick some money from C.C. C.C. promises to get T.J. out of Kelly's life for good. Michael tells Julia he's going for a retreat for a week.

Zack comes to work in the clinic part-time. Eden begins her job as a news reporter. Sonny demands to get to see the dentist or he won't play Mason to get C.C.'s money. Gina doesn't want Sonny to go to the dentist because she's afraid that someone might recognize him. C.C. offers Ted a job in the Country Club but he doesn't accept it. Scott doesn't like the idea of Zack working at the clinic. Eden's boss Brent Livingstone takes a suspicious attitude toward Eden. He tells her to do a story about the hot dog eating competition. Julia and Cruz begin to work together on the gang thing. Sonny says that he won't help Gina to get C.C.'s money if Keith won't apologize all the mean things he's said to Sonny. So Gina tells Keith to apologize, which he does. C.C. offers T.J. some money so he'd leave the town but T.J. won't do it. Eden can't get her story finished in time and gets depressed when Brent takes it from her. Cruz is asking Scott about the boys who took Stick to the clinic before his death. Scott remembers Critter and describes him to Cruz. Gina explains to Brandon that Mason has a split personality. Heather, Scott and Zack go to lunch together, but Scott gets bored when Zack only speaks about things that had happened to him and Heather a long time ago. Julia comes to look for Keith and Gina at their house but Brandon won't tell her where they are. Julia sees a note with the phone number on it Gina had left on the table and leaves to find her. Eden is very depressed when she comes home. She's surprised to see the story she made showing on TV. Cruz sees Critter on the show and wants to know where Eden had interviewed him. Eden won't tell him, because she wants to protect her sources.

Cruz and Eden argue about that should Eden tell Cruz the location of the park where she met Critter. Kelly and C.C. are remembering Mason as they watch the old family photos. Mason remembers who he really is while sitting on dentist's chair and he leaves. Gina and Julia come both to look for him to the room but he's already gone. Ming Li is talking with Cain in the beach bar. They're both depressed; Cain because Andrea is out of town and Ming Li because of the threats of the Major. Cain asks Ming Li if something's wrong but she says that it's nothing. They go for a walk together. Mason goes to Capwell Mansion and meets the maid, Pat, there. As Pat is so amazed that she can't get a word out of her mouth, Mason leaves. After that she faints. Kelly comes to her and as Pat wakes up she tells her that Mason is alive. Keith tells Cruz that Eden could be sued if she doesn't tell where she met Critter. Eden goes to meet Critter but instead meets his friend. Eden asks him to tell Critter that she wants to see him. Kelly and C.C. are happy about Mason coming back but they wonder where he left to. Mason goes to Julia's but there's no one there. While he's in the bedroom looking for Julia, Gina comes to door, looking for Mason, but as she doesn't see him she leaves. Ming Li and Kai meet. He wants her to leave with him, but she wants to tell Cain the truth first. Gina tells Keith she lost Mason and they argue about it. Eden tells Cruz that if Critter agrees to talk to Cruz, she'll arrange a meeting between them. Julia comes home and starts to cry. Mason comes in. Julia sees him and can't believe her eyes. They hug each other and start kissing.