Mason and Julia are spending happy moments together. Julia tells Mason that he's no longer prosecuted for Mark McCormick's murder and explains him what's happened while he was gone. Mason says that he doesn't remember anything of the time he was away. Jeffrey comes to meet Kelly at the Capwell Mansion. Kelly says she wants to discuss about the divorce with him but Jeffrey gets angry, says mean things to Kelly and then leaves. Ming Li tells Cain the truth, that she's not his daughter and that Major has been blackmailing her so she'd destroy Cain's life. Critter comes to Eden's house to meet her. Eden asks for Critter to talk to Cruz as he doesn't want to go to police and he finally agrees. Ming Li tells Cain that she's going away so that the Major wont find her, but Cain doesn't want her to do that. He promises to take care of the Major, even if he has to kill him. Lt. Boswell and Cruz talk about the gang problem at the police station. Boswell is angry with Cruz because he wants to solve the problem himself. Cruz leaves and as soon as he's gone, the phone rings. It's Eden. Boswell asks her to give him the message and promises to deliver it to Cruz. So Eden tells him where and at what time the meeting is. Julia, Mason and Samantha go to see the Capwell family at the mansion. Everyone's happy about Mason's return. Major is watching the slides from the Vietnam times when Cain rushes in. He sees pictures where Major and Soo Li are together and demands to know what it means. Cruz finds the note Boswell left for him and leaves to the meeting. As Eden meets Julia at the Capwell Mansion, she tells her that she thinks she's pregnant. They talk about it for a while and Eden leaves to meet Critter. At the meeting place she sees Cruz and tells him the great news about Mason's return. Critter arrives. He's just about to talk to Cruz about Stick's killing when the police come and take him away. He swears he'll revenge on Eden. Major and Cain begin to fight. Cain beats Major up and then leaves to his house where he meets Ming Li. Cain asks for her not to go but she does. Kelly comes to Lair to look for Ted but instead she bumps into T.J. who tries to insult her, as usual. Boswell comes to Eden's house to see Cruz but he isn't at home. Boswell tells Eden that Critter is released from the jail. T.J. and Jeffrey are planning something concerning Kelly (apparently they're going to steal some money from her or something like that). Cruz goes to see Cain to his house, but he gets angry and tells Cruz to leave. Mason asks Julia to marry him.

Cruz is about to take Eden to the studio when Boswell comes to see him. Cruz tells him he'll take Eden to work and then come back; Boswell says he'll wait. Arthur comes to the clinic to meet Scott and they argue about Ben's treatment once again. Brandon shows Gina the daily magazine which says that Mason is found. Kelly and Jeffrey meet at Johnny's. Jeffrey tells Kelly she should put some distance between him, T.J. and her family. Kelly is confused of his sudden change in behaviour. Cruz comes home where Boswell's waiting for him. Boswell asks Cruz if he knows where Cain is, but he doesn't. Eden is about to have her first direct broadcast, but she's surprised as Lydia arrives to the studio. She tells Eden that she's starting there as a main news anchor that day and that she's now Eden's foreman. Gina comes to see Mason at Julia's. She thinks that Mason is still Sonny and talks to him with the 'cowboy accent'. Mason is amazed and as Gina realizes that he's Mason now she tries to get Sonny back by singing a country song. Julia comes to door and tells Gina to leave. Gina calls Keith and they wonder what they should do about Mason. Gina decides to stun Mason with the chloroform. She tricks Julia to leave the town for some case. Kelly and Jeffrey are talking when T.J. arrives and comes to harass them. Kelly leaves and T.J. and Jeffrey talk about their plan. Gina goes to Julia's and stuns Mason. Critter comes to the news studio and threatens to kill Eden. Cruz sees that from TV and leaves to the studio right away. Critter holds her as a hostage but Cruz rescues her and Critter is being caught. Heather and Scott argue about Ben and Arthur. Kelly comes to see Heather and tells her about Jeffrey's conflicting behaviour. T.J. comes to listen to their conversation behind the door. Apparently Critter has told the truth (it wasn't shown) to the cops about who shot Stick and he's taken away. T.J. goes to Johnny's again to threaten Jeffrey. Kelly arrives and wants to know what's going on. Julia comes home but she doesn't find Mason. Gina wakes Mason up hoping he'd be Sonny again. But as he is still Mason, Gina stuns him again... she does that until Mason wakes up as Sonny. And the first thing he does is that he kisses Gina.

Cain returns to the mountains. Michael comes to see Julia but she's not at home so he waits in the living room. When Julia comes back and sees Michael she first thinks that he's Mason and is very disappointed as he's not. Julia tells Michael about Mason's return. Gina is training Sonny to be Mason. Scott and Heather go to Scott's place to pack his things as he's about to move to Heather's and Zack stays to take care of Ben. Julia tells Michael that Mason's disappeared again and that she had been looking for him all night. The doorbell rings and Julia goes to open believing that it is Mason, but it isn't; it's C.C. and he wants to talk to Mason. Gina tells Sonny about Mason's family and shows him some family photos. Julia tells C.C. that Mason went to work and that she'll tell him that C.C. wants to see him when she 'meets him at lunch'. Gina explains Sonny the relations between Mason and the rest of the Capwell family and wants him to watch some tapes where Mason speaks and learn to speak like him. Andrea comes to mountains to look for Cain. Zack calls Arthur and tells him that Ben's condition is getting worse. Arthur promises to come right away. At the same time Scott and Heather are spending happy moments together and their phone is off the hook. Gina goes to Capwell Mansion to 'pick up Brandon's baseball glove'. While the maid is looking for it, Gina steals the Capwell photo album and takes some pictures of the house. C.C. comes home and wants to know what's going on. Julia and Michael go to Timmons' to look for Mason. Sonny hears their coming and hides outside behind the living room window. The maid brings Brandon's glove and in spite of C.C.'s demands on seeing what's inside Gina's bag she leaves. Sonny hears Julia and Michael talking about Mason. Gina comes home and gets angry as Julia and Michael are there. She tells them to leave. After they've done that Sonny comes in and wants to know who Julia was. Gina tells him that she is Mason's fiancee. Cain is angry with Andrea because she came to look for him and drives her away. Julia goes to clinic with Michael to ask people there if they have seen Mason. Michael sees his father with Ben and goes to ask him what's going on. Arthur tells Michael that Ben has to be taken to the hospital. Scott calls the clinic to ask about his father's condition and Zack tells him that Ben is to be taken to the hospital for surgery. Scott tells that to Heather and they leave to the hospital right away. Sonny tries to get Gina in bed with him. As Scott and Heather arrive at the hospital they see Arthur there. Scott and Arthur argue about whether Ben should be operated on or not. Scott finally agrees but wants to assist in the operation. Arthur doesn't let him do that. Cain is thinking of suicide but can't commit to it. Julia and Michael arrive at Julia's. Julia's convinced that Mason will come home soon. Sonny shows Gina that he can act Mason by talking like Mason.

Gina tells Sonny about Julia, Samantha and Victoria. Sonny says her that he doesn't like the women like Julia. Eden and Cruz are watching the news. There is a story about the hostage drama in which Eden was. Phone rings and Cruz goes to answer. On the phone is someone who'd like to talk with Eden about the story in TV. Cruz tells the person that Eden won't accept calls and hangs up. Soon the phone rings again. This time it's Brent who wants Eden to come to the studio. She agrees. Scott and Heather get to know that Scott's father died in the surgery. Scott gets furious and leaves to find Arthur. After he's left, Arthur comes to Heather. He's very sad about Ben's death and says he did his best. Gina brings Sonny some Mason-like clothes and while he's trying them on she calls Keith, who's out of town. Gina tells him that she's worried about Sonny; she's afraid that Mason might take over again. Cruz doesn't like the idea that Eden's going to the studio. He asks her why she doesn't talk about her feelings but she just says that there's nothing to talk about. Cruz asks her what Critter said to upset her so, but Eden doesn't want to tell him. Eden is going to leave but Cruz wants to take her to the studio by himself. When they're about to leave, Andrea comes to see them. She tells them that she thought she could help Cain by going to the mountains to him, but Cain was drunk and just said some strange things to her. Eden asks her what had happened to her face (Andrea has a bruise on her temple) and Andrea tells her that Cain pushed her and that she fell and hit her head to the table. Cruz says that Cain's had problems since he was in Vietnam and that it's best to let Cain take care of them himself. Andrea says she's going to leave to San Diego to her friends, because she can't stay in Santa Barbara after everything that's happened. Cruz promises to go to Cain's house with her so she can get her things from there. Sonny shows Gina how the clothes fit and Gina is very pleased. They start to kiss and Sonny would like to go further but Gina doesn't so they end up running in the house, Sonny trying to catch Gina...till he hits his toe on the table. Arthur and Heather are talking about Ben when Scott rushes there and starts accusing Arthur and then hits him. Michael comes to them too and starts to defend his father. Scott says that Arthur is going to pay for Ben's death and Arthur tells Scott he's fired. Scott says he doesn't care about that, and swears that he's going to prove that Arthur murdered his father. Then he leaves. Sonny is sure that his toe is broken and wants to see a doctor. Gina tells him that it's very difficult to find anyone who wouldn't recognize him. Eden gets flowers from her workmates and one of them tells her that she's got to the news. Also Lydia congratulates Eden. But Eden's not sure that she's celebrated for the right reason. Lydia tells her to not mind about it. She says that Brent wants Eden's interview to the 6 o'clock news but Eden doesn't want to do it. She says she doesn't think she's the hero, after all it was Critter who took advantage of her. Eden gets a phone call but when she answers, she only hears a man's heavy breathing. Gina goes to hospital and tells a nurse that she needs a doctor for his rich friend. She gives the nurse a list of the names that she says her friend doesn't want to and the nurse promises to try to find someone. Michael asks his father if he could reconsider Scott's firing but Arthur says he won't ask Scott back. He says he's going to suggest the hospital's board of directors that the clinic where Scott was working should be closed. Michael says that Arthur doesn't really care about people. Arthur leaves. Sonny comes to the hospital and as Michael sees him there, Sonny runs away. Cruz is watching Eden's interview on TV at Cain's house. When Eden is about to tell the truth of the hostage situation, Lydia guesses what she's going to do and interrupts her by saying that their time is up. When Andrea comes to the room she leaves a letter for Cain in there. Then they leave to the airport. Lydia and Eden argue about telling the truth to the public. Lydia leaves and Eden is all alone. Suddenly the lights go off. Eden takes quickly her things and leaves. The camera shows how a dark figure comes out of the shadows. Scott and Heather are at Scott's apartment. Scott tells Heather that he's taken care of Ben's funeral arrangements. He cries and still blames Arthur for his father's death. Heather tries to comfort him, but he tells her to go home. Gina takes Sonny back to her home. She tells him that as Michael saw him, they have to begin to carry out the plan right away. Sonny agrees only because of the money. Gina tells him that he can't call her unless it's an emergency and that they can't see each other so often anymore. Eden is home alone when the phone rings. Again the caller doesn't say anything, just breathes heavily. Eden hangs up. Next thing that is shown is Critter on the phone, smiling and not saying anything. Heather doesn't leave Scott but he says he wants to be alone so she finally leaves. Sonny comes to Julia's. [from now on I'll call him that, which one he is in that moment] Julia is happy to see him but wants to know why he limps. Sonny tells her that his toe was broken when he was walking on the rocks on the beach and fell down. Julia suggests that he'd go to see a doctor but Sonny says that he's been there all day. He even shows Julia some pills that he had got from there. Julia asks him why he didn't call and Sonny says that he didn't come to his senses until morning and when he did, he went straight to the emergency room, where he was kept in observation. Michael comes in (Sonny left the door open when he came in). Eden hears some voices from outside and indeed there is someone who is looking at her. Cruz comes home and tells Eden that he was taking Andrea to the airport when the tire went flat, so that's why it took him so long to get back. Cruz and Eden go upstairs and a person behind the window is still watching them...

Kelly comes to the Capwell Mansion. C.C. is very glad to see her daughter and she tells him that she's made an important decision. Jeffrey goes to The Lair to look for T.J. He comes there and Jeffrey tells him that Kelly's coming home that day. He also says that he won't hurt Kelly and is going to tell her the truth but T.J. won't let him do that. Julia comes to the living room to look for Mason. He's just coming from outside and tells her that he was buying them some breakfast. Julia tells him that he had fallen asleep while she was kissing him last night. Sonny says that it must be the pills he got from the doctor. Samantha starts to cry and Julia goes to change her diaper. Meanwhile Sonny calls Gina and tells her that Julia's all over her and that he wants out of there. Julia comes to the room and Sonny hangs up. He tells her he's going to make some breakfast for them. Cruz is on the phone talking with Boswell when Eden comes to the room. When Cruz hangs up, they talk a moment about Critter and then Cruz leaves to the court house and Eden to the studio. Julia wonders at Sonny's eating habits; he's having grits and sauce. Julia says that she hopes that Mason's feelings for her and Samantha haven't changed too. They talk about the wedding and Sonny asks Julia if she has enough time for the preparation of them. Julia says that they have to hurry but that Mason himself wanted that day. Sonny says that he just wanted to make sure. He's about to go to the shower but Julia says she'll put the bath ready for him. While she's doing that Sonny calls Gina again and tells her that he must get out of there. Gina promises to meet him at Mason's office. Julia comes and asks who Sonny was calling. He says that he just wanted to check the time. Then they go to bath together. Cruz and Boswell are interrogating Critter. He tells them that he trusted Eden and went crazy when he thought that she betrayed him. Boswell thinks they should drop the charges. Lydia and Brent want Eden to do some follow-ups of the hostage story; to interview some friends of him and a therapist. Eden doesn't want to do it, she wants to tell the truth instead. Lydia tells her that she doesn't have a choice: she either does the interviews or then she won't ever work in television business again. T.J. plays Jeffrey a tape where they plan Kelly's murder together. He blackmails Jeffrey with the tapes (he's made more of them) so that he'd keep his mouth shut. Cain comes home and finds Andrea's letter and engagement ring on the table. Cain reads the letter and then rips it. Critter's being released. He tells Cruz that he'll never forget Eden. Major Hamilton comes to the police station to bring an action against Cain. Cruz says him that if he does so, he'll tell the press all about Major's military career. Eden and Lydia are getting ready for the broadcast. When it's Eden's turn, she doesn't read what she's supposed to but she apologizes the viewers, because everything Critter said was a lie. Kelly and C.C. are talking about Kelly's feelings for Jeffrey and T.J. Kelly says that it all had to do with suspense. Sonny leaves to the office, although Julia asks him not to. Cruz and Boswell are watching Eden's speech on TV and when they hear that it was all a lie, Cruz guesses that Critter's now going to go after Eden, and he leaves in hurry. Sonny and Gina are in his office talking about their plans, as he eats some grilled ribs. Cruz comes to the studio to look for Eden but she's already left. He tries to call home but Eden's not there either so he leaves a message to the answering machine. Eden comes home and listens the message, where Cruz tells her to lock all the doors and windows because Critter was released. Suddenly someone knocks the front door and rushes in. C.C. comes to see Mason and Gina has to hide behind the desk. C.C. asks him if he's seen Eden on TV but Sonny doesn't understand anything. Gina gets up from behind the desk and C.C. wants to know what's going on. Gina tells him that Mason was about to throw her out which he then does. Kelly meets Jeffrey and T.J. She tells them that they are not part of her future and won't let them tell her what to do anymore. Jeffrey tells her that he won't give her the divorce. The person who comes to Eden's house is Cain. He wants to talk to Eden about his feelings but ends up blaming Eden for everything. Cruz hears him yell and rushes in with the gun. C.C. asks Kelly if she's interested in taking care of the Country Club and Kelly promises to think about it. Mason comes home and he and Julia talk about what had happened that day. Finally they start kissing. Cruz tells Cain that he thought Cain was Critter and Cain says that Cruz should have pulled the trigger because it would have solved his problems. Cruz tries to talk to Cain but he leaves. Cruz and Eden talk about Eden's speech and Cruz says he's proud of Eden to tell the truth. Someone is watching them again outside, behind the window.

Gina comes to clinic to talk to Heather. Gina claims to her that Brandon has a split personality. Someone is watching Cruz and Eden outside their living room window. Inside the house Cruz tells Eden that according to an eyewitness Critter was the one who murdered Stick. Eden is afraid that Critter may come after her and try to kill her. Julia and Sonny are at Julia's. They are talking about their feelings for each other. Heather tells Gina about split personality. Finally says that she must have been wrong, that there's nothing wrong with Brandon, she just thought so. Then she leaves. Scott comes to the clinic. He tells Heather about the memories from his childhood and is very sad about his father's death. Heather gives him an autopsy report, which says that Ben died from cancer. Scott doesn't want to believe that it wasn't Arthur's fault. Arthur is having a dinner at the Country Club with some man. When the man leaves Arthur notices Tori and starts to talk with her. After a while he asks her to join him for a while. Eden and Cruz are sitting in their living room, talking about the situation when they suddenly hear some noise from outside. Cruz goes to see what's wrong but he doesn't see anyone. He and Eden are in the living room again when the phone rings. Cruz gets to know that Critter has shot a police. Cruz turns the TV on and they watch Lydia reporting about the shooting and telling that Critter is surrounded by the police in a warehouse. Eden tells Cruz to go there and after a while he agrees and leaves. Sonny calls Gina and tells her that he's coming soon. Cruz comes to the place where Critter is supposed to be. Eden is watching Lydia's reporting on TV when suddenly the picture disappears. She tries to phone to the TV-station but then someone cuts the phone line. Sonny and Gina meet in the Country Club bar and Gina drags Sonny outside. Cruz and a policeman go in the warehouse. At the same time someone turns off the electricity in Eden's house and she gets worried. As she realizes that her house is the only one on the street without the electricity she panics and is about to leave the house. Suddenly she sees someone's feet on the stairs. She tries to run to the door but is too slow and the man grips her. He hits her and she falls to the floor. They begin to fight. Julia comes behind the door and knocks it but doesn't hear anything from inside as the man keeps his hand on Eden's mouth. So Julia leaves and Eden and the man start fighting again. Gina and Sonny are kissing outside the Johnny's when Tori comes out and sees them. While Cruz is trying to catch Critter, Eden wakes up on the floor. Suddenly the man is there again with the knife. Finally the man drags Eden to the beach, throws her to the water and forces her to swallow a pill. At the same time Cruz thinks he's got Critter but it turns out that the man in the warehouse is Critter's friend, and not Critter himself.

Scott is packing his things at the clinic. He and Heather are arguing about his future plans. Cruz tells the police to send a car to this house because he's afraid that Eden's in danger. At the same time Eden wakes up on the beach. Major rushes in to his house where Ted's waiting for him. He reminds Major that they were supposed to go for a dinner and talk about the finances that evening. Major apologizes and they agree to go in some other night. When Ted leaves, two men come in (apparently from the other room). Major tells them he'll be needing their help. Cain wakes up at his house and as he's very oppressed, he tries to call Cruz (I assume) so he could talk to him, but the line's not working. Eden goes in to her house and takes a towel from the table so she can dry her bloody hands and forehead. When she realizes what's happened to her she starts to cry and goes to the door. Suddenly someone bangs it and calls her name. It's the police Cruz sent. They take Eden out and tell her that they'll take some clothes along so she can change in the hospital. But Eden doesn't want to go there because there are to many people there. So they suggest the clinic and she agrees. Cruz comes to house and is very upset when he sees Eden. As she mentions Critter's name, Cruz gets mad and is about to rush in but Eden tells him not to go there, because she was raped there. Sophia and Ted are having a dinner at the Country Club when C.C. comes to talk to them. He and Sophia start to argue and Sophia leaves. After she's left C.C. gets a phone call which really upsets him. When Ted asks what's wrong, C.C. tells him that Eden's been raped. Cain comes to Cruz and Eden's house but doesn't find anyone there. Finally he understand that something's wrong as there are broken and fallen things everywhere. He tries to use the phone but it's not working. At the clinic Eden is examined by Zack and she's also asked lots of questions. Cain goes back to his house and tries to call the emergency police line and report the break in but he's told to call some other number. When Cain hangs up and turns around there's the Major and then the two men, who immediately start beating Cain. Zack wants to write Eden a prescription of abortion pills but she doesn't want them. Zack tries to persuade her to take them but finally realizes that Eden thinks she's already pregnant. Major hears about Eden's rape from the radio. After all the questions and changing clothes Eden's ready to leave. Cruz wants to take her home but Eden refuses to go there and asks her father instead if she could sleep in his house.

C.C., Eden and Cruz are at the Capwell mansion. Eden is crying. Boswell comes in and wants to talk to Eden, but Cruz doesn't let him do that. Later Eden and C.C. are talking while Cruz goes home and sees all the mess there. He's very upset, he just walks around and thinks about what happened to Eden. He cries. Cruz is sure that Critter is the rapist and is just about to go after him with a gun in his hand when Julia comes in. She tries to calm him and tells him not to do anything stupid because if he was put away then there would be no one to protect Eden. She also tells him that Critter's being arrested. Cruz is, once again, ready to go and kill him. C.C., Ted and Kelly are at the Mansion. Kelly goes to see Eden while C.C. and Ted talk about what happened. Sonny comes to the Mansion too and a minute after her comes Gina. She wants to see Eden but C.C. doesn't let her. Gina tries to get Sonny to defend her but he won't. Eden and Kelly are talking. Kelly seems more upset than Eden. Sonny comes in and Kelly leaves. Eden starts to cry again as she and Sonny talk. After Mason has left, Julia comes in. She and Eden talk about the baby Eden says she's going to have. Sonny comes to Gina's. Gina is angry to him because he 'betrayed' her. Sonny wants to know why C.C. wasn't such a monster to him as Gina had claimed him to be. He also wants to know why he had some feelings to these people, caring for example. Gina says that all those videos she has made have probably brainwashed Sonny. At the police station Cruz attacks Critter and Lydia's cameraman gets it all on tape. Heather comes home and finds Scott there, packing up his things. He says he's going to move out but Heather talks him out of it. Jeffrey comes to see Kelly, he's got something important to tell her. Kelly says it's going to have to wait till the next day. Jeffrey agrees and leaves. Cruz tells Eden that Critter's being arrested.

Jeffrey is in T.J.'s office, he's looking for the tapes on which he and T.J. discuss killing Kelly. T.J. comes in and the men talk about their plans. Soon Buffy comes in too, she and T.J. are going to go sailing. Cruz and Eden are at the Mansion. Eden wants to go home. Cruz agrees but wants to go there first so he can clean things up. Eden goes to see Julia. They talk about the rape and Eden wonders how to tell Cruz that she is pregnant. Cruz is still cleaning the house when Cain comes there. When Cruz sees Cain's face he asks what had happened. Cain says that he ran into a couple of guys who didn't like him. He also says that he had come to Cruz and Eden's house last night, after the rape, because he wanted to apologize them the way he had acted lately. Sonny is at Mason's office when C.C. comes there. They talk about some company; C.C. had sold its stocks when it wasn't doing well and now that it was, he wanted those stocks back and Mason had to help him with that. Sonny promises to find out what he can do about it. When C.C. leaves, Sonny phones Gina. Kelly comes to Johnny's to look for Jeffrey but he isn't there. Eden comes home. She and Cruz talk about the situation for a moment, then she goes upstairs to rest. Gina is talking with Sonny on the phone and advising him how to handle the case C.C. told him about. C.C. himself is waiting impatiently next to him. As things start to get confusing to Sonny, Julia suddenly comes in and tells him that he must come with her because there is an emergency at home. They leave the room and Sonny asks her what's wrong. Julia says she just wanted to spend some time alone with him. They start kissing. Jeffrey is in T.J.'s office again when T.J. comes in. They argue and T.J. hits Jeffrey. He falls down and loses his consciousness. T.J. sets up a robbery. Kelly comes to the Lair, looking for Jeffrey but he isn't there either. Julia gets a phone call which is about the case C.C. talked to Sonny about. After hanging up Julia tells Sonny that she's got the case now. They talk about it for a while, then Julia leaves. Sonny immediately phones Gina. He wants to know why he knew some details about the case although he had never even heard about it before this. Gina tells him that there must be an explanation for it. Heather comes to the Lair and sees Kelly there. She goes to talk to her. Suddenly Ted runs to phone the ambulance. Kelly, Heather and Scott who has just arrived ask him what's wrong. Kelly realizes something and runs to T.J.'s office where she finds Jeffrey, lying on the floor. Sonny comes to Gina's house to talk to her about those things he shouldn't know but he does. Eden tells Cruz that she is pregnant.

Gina and Sonny talk. She claims she had brainwashed Sonny, that's why he knows certain things. Keith comes home. Cruz is amazed and happy about Eden's news. Gina records some tapes to prove Sonny that she had really brainwashed him. Sonny and Julia are having breakfast. They talk about the night when they took Samantha to the restaurant for the first time. Julia mentions the birthmark which Mason and Samantha both have in the same place. Ted, Kelly and Michael are at the hospital waiting for news from Jeffrey. Scott comes to tell them that it's too soon to say anything yet. Sonny checks if he's got the birthmark Julia mentioned. Scott tells Kelly and the others that Jeffrey is stabilized but that he may be suffering from a brain damage. Kelly wants to take responsibility for Jeffrey. Zack tells Eden that she really is pregnant but that the rapist could be the father of the baby. A detective asks T.J. questions about Jeffrey and that morning. T.J. lies to him about what happened. The detective tells him that Jeffrey didn't die. C.C. arrives to the hospital and Kelly tells him that Jeffrey will be operated on. Arthur comes to talk to them and tells them that he'll begin the surgery in few minutes. Scott wants to assist him and after a short argument Arthur agrees. Sonny goes to see Gina and asks her why he's got the same kind of birthmark as Mason does. Keith tells him that it is a tattoo, made when Sonny had passed out. After all, Julia would be suspicious if he hadn't the mark. T.J. comes to the hospital where he runs into C.C.. They argue and C.C. tells him to leave. As T.J. isn't willing to do that, C.C. calls the guard. Sonny goes to the Country Club where he meets Victoria. She doesn't understand why he behaves so strangely. T.J. destroys the tapes of his and Jeffrey's conversations. Kelly tells unconscious Jeffrey that she will never leave him.