Boswell and Keith are questioning Critter. He won't confess to raping Eden. Cruz and Eden go to the court house; Eden is due to identify Critters voice on tape. After hearing the tape Eden says she doesn't recognize Critters voice. That means Eden will be asked more questions about the rape. Eden doesn't want Cruz to be in the room when she talks about it, so Boswell will do the questioning and Cruz and Keith will wait outside. After the questioning Eden tells Cruz and the others that she can't press charges against Critter because she's not sure if he's the man who raped her. Eden and Cruz go home. Heather comes to see them and Cruz asks her to talk to Eden. Then he leaves. Cruz goes to see Cain who is just throwing some of his things away; he wants to forget his past. Cain says he knows what kind of person raped Eden and gives Cruz some details of that type of person. When Cruz comes home, Eden tells her that she wants to press charges against Critter (obviously the talk with Heather helped her make her mind).

Eden goes to a talk show to talk about the rape. Wendy (the nurse from the hospital) comes home. When she goes to shower her house door slowly opens. The other guests of the show where Eden is going to speak about the rape are two soap opera actors: a woman (called April) who 'was raped' and a man (called Tom) who 'had raped' her. On the show they had later fell in love with each other. Boswell tells Cruz that the hair found at Cruz and Eden's house didn't match Critters hair. When Wendy comes from the shower she sees that her house door is open. She thinks she had forgot to close it and does it now. She then leaves the room. On the talk show Eden speaks her mind of what she thinks of the rape and the actors' beliefs of it. Wendy goes to her kitchen where the TV is on. Suddenly someone attacks her from behind. Cruz and Eden are talking after the show when Eden gets a phone call from a woman who had seen the program and needs Eden's help. On the phone the woman tells Eden that she was raped. Julia and Sonny talk about their wedding. The woman who phoned Eden is Wendy. Cruz and Eden take her to their house after visiting the hospital and police station first. There they talk about the rape. Cruz is going to go to Wendy's house to look for evidence and Wendy wants to come with him. Michael comes to talk to Sonny about the wedding. They start to argue about Julia and Sonny leaves. Julia comes to room and asks Michael where Mason had left. Keith and Boswell are talking about Wendy's rape when Gina calls Keith. He tells her what had happened and says she must lock the doors and windows. When Gina is doing that, Sonny comes to talk to her. Eden, Cruz and Wendy go to Wendy's house where Boswell already is. As Wendy tells him the details of the rape Eden realizes that it was the same man who raped her. After Boswell has left Eden wants to stay with Wendy for a while. Cruz promises to come back as soon as he's taken care of some things. Julia and Michael talk about Mason. Wendy finds a video tape on the table by her bed. Despite Eden's warnings she wants to watch it. Cruz too finds a video tape at his house. He puts the tape in the VCR, so does Wendy at her house. As the tapes start to roll, Cruz, Eden and Wendy all see that they are filmings of Eden's and Wendy's rapes.

Julia comes to Eden and Cruz's house. She rings the doorbell but no one opens the door. Eden comes to the house and lets Julia in. As Eden goes in and sees Cruz by the TV she realizes that he's just watched her rape on tape. Cruz says he'll kill the rapist when he'll find him. Eden tells Cruz that there was a video in Wendy's house too. Jeffrey regains his consciousness. Sonny tells Julia that they are having dinner with C.C. and Sophia that night. Eden and Cruz take the tapes to the police station. When the tapes have been examined Keith tells them that they think it's the same man on both tapes. Arthur and Tori go to dinner at the Country club, so do Julia, Sonny, C.C. and Sophia. A nurse tells Kelly that even though Jeffrey in on consciousness he still cannot speak or move. Kelly goes to see Jeffrey. Eden makes a report from the courthouse for the news. She says that she had been raped and that now there has also been another rape. Suddenly she sees the rapist's eyes in her mind and faints. At the dinner Julia, C.C. and Sophia talk about Mason's childhood. C.C. says Mason once played a cowboy when he was a kid. As the story goes on, Sonny gets upset and excuses himself. He goes to drink at the bar although he had promised Julia not to drink that night. Tori comes to bar too. She and Sonny talk for a while until Julia joins them. She asks Sonny not to drink but he just leaves. After he's gone Tori tells Julia that Mason had been at Johnny's a few nights ago, drinking although he was supposed to have given it up. She also tells her that she had seen Mason and Gina kissing. Gina is alone at home when she hears some noise. She turns off the lights and hides under the table. Eden and Cruz watch Eden's report on TV; so does the rapist. Kelly comes out from Jeffrey's room and runs into T.J. He says he came because he was worried about Jeffrey. Kelly says she'll call the guards if he doesn't leave. T.J. agrees to go but after Kelly has left he comes back and goes to threaten Jeffrey who can only yell back at him in his own mind. Gina sees someone moving in her living room. Suddenly Keith comes home and hits the guy. When he turns of the lights he and Gina see Sonny lying on the floor. The rapist phones Eden.

Eden tells Cruz that the person who phoned her was the rapist. The next thing the camera shows is Phillip putting down the receiver (he's obviously just made a phone call) and smiling. Gina phones Julia and tells her that Mason's drunk at the Lair. Ted and Phillip are talking about some business things at Phillip's house. Phillip asks Ted how Eden is doing and they talk about the rape until all of a sudden Cain rushes in. Cruz phones the station to get all calls to his house traced. Cain tells Phillip to stop interfering his life or else Cain will kill him. Julia comes to the Lair and finds Gina there. She says she doesn't know where Mason has left. Keith takes passed out Sonny to Julia's house. Ted tells Cruz about Cain's visit at Phillip's house. He says that Cain seemed to be ready to do anything. Eden tells Cruz that she will carry a gun from now on. Julia comes home and finds Sonny there. They talk and Julia asks him if there's anything he'd like to tell her. Sonny admits that he had kissed Gina. Cain is sharpening his knife when Cruz comes to see him. They talk about the rape. The things Cain says make it look like he had had something to do with the rape. The rapist is watching Eden on TV. Cruz tells Cain that Eden's pregnant. After the news broadcast Eden tells her guard that he can leave as she is expecting Cruz to come there soon. The man insists to wait until that but needs to make a phone call first. Eden tells him to call from her office and says she's going to wait for him in the lobby. In the elevator Eden meets Phillip. They are going down when suddenly the elevator stops and the lights go out. A man from FBI comes to get some things (like keys to safety boxes, stocks etc.) from Keith. Julia and Sonny are having a conversation about their feelings for each other. It ends to that they both get upset and Sonny leaves. Cruz comes to pick up Eden but Brent tells him that she's probably already in the elevator. Inside it, Eden starts to panic. Suddenly Phillip says something that the rapist had said on the phone. Eden realizes who he must be, pulls the gun out of her bag and points it at Phillip telling him not to move.

Kelly comes to Julia's house to look for Mason but Julia tells her he's not there. Sonny's drinking at the Lair. T.J. comes to ask him how Jeffrey's doing. Cruz is at the KSB's lobby waiting for the elevator when Zack comes into the building. He tells Cruz that he's there to meet a friend. Eden's guard comes in too and tells Cruz that Eden went to the elevator and that there was a guy who she knew in it. Cruz tells him to get a serviceman there as he understands that the elevator is not moving. Inside it Eden is threatening Phillip with the gun. Kelly is about to leave Julia's house when Michael comes to see how Julia is doing. Kelly says she'll go to walk on the beach and as Michael sees that Julia's OK, he asks if Kelly wants him to come with her. She does and so they leave. Sonny tells T.J. that it may take a long time before Jeffrey will be OK again. Phillip gets the gun from Eden and she becomes hysterical. The elevator starts to move again. When the doors open Cruz takes Eden out and the guard grabs Phillip. Eden tells Cruz that Phillip is the rapist (because he used those exact words which the rapist did). Cruz asks him what he was doing there and why he had Eden's gun. After Phillip has explained, Eden tells Cruz that he's not the rapist, she just thought so because she was so scared. Cruz lets Phillip go but tells the guard to follow him. Michael comes to the Lair and meets Sonny there. They start to argue and Sonny hits Michael on the face. Michael hits him back at the stomach and he falls down. Eden, Cruz and Zack are sitting at Johnny's and talking about the rape. Kelly is with Jeffrey when T.J. comes into the room. He says he came to say goodbye to Jeffrey. Julia comes to the Lair and sees Michael and Sonny there. She realizes that Sonny has hit Michael and wants immediately to check if he's OK. While she's cleaning Michael's wound Sonny passes out. When Kelly has left the hospital, T.J. comes back into Jeffrey's room to tell him that he'll kill Kelly himself. Julia and Michael take Sonny to Julia's house. Michael tells Julia to discuss with Mason about his behaviour and its consequences. Eden and Cruz are relaxing by the fire when the doorbell rings. While Cruz goes to open the door the phone rings. Eden answers. The caller is the rapist. When Cruz comes back the rapist hangs up. Cruz calls the station but the call couldn't be traced.

Scott gets his father's hospital bill. He tells Heather that he can't afford to pay it. Heather says she can lend him the money for it. Gina wants to know what is going on with Keith and the FBI. Sonny wakes up having a terrible hangover. Cruz meets Zack on the beach. They talk about the paternity test which would tell who the father of Eden's baby is. Suddenly they hear Eden screaming in her house. Cruz and Zack run there just in time to see two policemen holding a man they said was on the roof. The man says he has come to install the alarm system but refuses to do it after how he had been treated. Zack suggests that Eden and Cruz go somewhere for the day. Scott tells Heather he won't take her money. Julia tells Sonny that if he won't give up drinking then he'd better leave. Scott meets Tori at Johnny's. He tells her that Arthur had fired him. Sonny goes to see Gina. He tells her what Julia had said about his drinking. At the hospital Tori asks Arthur to reconsider firing Scott. Arthur says he will. When Tori has left Heather comes to see her father. She asks him to give Scott his job back. Arthur promises to do that if Heather will spend more time with Zack. While Cruz and Eden are on the picnic the rapist is in their house. Heather agrees to his father's proposition. Keith goes to his office where Sam Hastings, the man from the state attorney general's office is collecting Keith's papers and files. Heather promises Zack to help him arranging a party. Arthur tells Tori he had decided to give Scott his job back and asks her if she wants to come with him when he'll go to tell Scott the news later that night. She does. Cruz and Eden come home. Cruz goes to shower and Eden starts to watch a video she had taped earlier. But when she puts the VCR on it isn't her video that shows up on the screen. It's the rapist's voice at the same time when there are flashes of some women's pictures. Sonny admits to Julia that he's an alcoholic and says that he doesn't want to lose her. Arthur and Tori go to tell Scott the good news. He's happy and asks Heather if she knew about it. She says she didn't. Cruz tells Eden that when they'll get the alarm system, the rapist isn't going to get in their house anymore. At the same time the rapist is looking at them on his monitor (he has put a video camera in Eden and Cruz's living room ceiling).

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Cain meets in Johnny's Elie Windom, a young woman whom he invites to his place. But when she is shown hastened and started to embrace him, Cain pushes back and asks him to leave. Kelly learns from her father that it is not him who hired Mrs. Porter, the nurse in residence of Jeffrey. She questions her and she tells her she is being paid by Pamela. Gina locks up CC and Sonny in the wine cellar of Capwell to force them to be close. Michael shows to Julia the chapel - which has meanwhile become a restaurant - that he intends to renovate with his parishioners. A little later, Julia finds him beseeching God to give him enough willpower not to succumb to the desire and temptation...

Sonny and CC are drunk in the cellar. Keith proposes to Gina to leave with him to Rio, but she refuses. Michael implies to Heather that he could give up very well the priesthood for his love for Julia. Eden fears that Cruz won't like her now that she has lost her combativeness. Elie feels sorry for the rape victims and believes Cain to be its attacker. Cain requests Cruz to believe in his innocence. He discovers quickly that Elie is in fact a pathological liar. At his office, Keith is visited by the ghosts of his mother and then of his father. Both reproach him for his intention to leave Santa Barbara and the woman whom he likes to flee his troubles with justice. Once returning home, he writes a good-bye letter to Gina...