Original airdate: December 31, 1984
Warren continues his history: at the time when he entered the office of C.C., Channing Jr was on the ground dying. Warren could hear only his last words: "Ferinmar". Lionel seems disturbed by hearing this name. As the guards returned posted in front of the entrance of the office of Lionel to the museum, Eden and Cruz find themselves trapped inside. Cruz begins to take photographs of the log book. Joe shows C.C. to be at the origin of the problems which he encountered with his work, which C.C. denies. Ted invites Laken to join him in a Capwell Hotel room for New Year's Eve dinner. But caught cold and feverish, he lies down and falls asleep, leaving Laken only in front of the television. Danny invites Jade to leave at once to Mammoth to ski. But their car breaks down in middle of the night in the medium from the fir trees. For the midnight dinner, whereas Gina invite C.C. with a romantic dance at the Capwell residence, Augusta and Lionel prefer a delirious sparkling of a champagne bath! Kelly leads Joe in a church and makes him the surprise of having organized their marriage. But Joe refuses to marry Kelly hastily. At the museum, Eden profits that Cruz fell asleep on an armchair to recover the films of his camera, to jump by the window and, while slipping by, to push a cry to alert the guards before launching a "Happy New Year!" to Cruz..

Original airdate: January 2, 1985
Lionel and Augusta understand that the note found in the pocket of the jacket of Warren was in fact intended to trap not Warren but Lionel. He then suspects Dominic of being the instigator of this trap. Wishing to meet Kelly who will be able to lead him to Dominic, Lionel goes to the Eden's office and obliges her to call Kelly to fix an appointment to him. Feeling sick, Kelly must first however go to the hospital. The doctor diagnoses her with a simple case of stress. Elizabeth goes to Cruz and shows him, following the description of the guards, to have penetrated the office of Lionel to the museum. Eden goes to Sandra, her photographer, to seek the pictures of the films which it has taken from Cruz. But she learns that Cruz already came to recover them. She unloads then at his place. In the confrontation, Eden and Cruz embrace themselves, but Cruz ends up putting Eden out the door when Elizabeth emerges again. Lionel finds the trace of Dominic. He waits until he comes out of his home with his bags which he prepared and jumps on him...

Original airdate: January 3, 1985
Mason reveals to Ted the affair that Sophia and Lionel maintained, then tells Eden and C.C. He asks Eden if she thinks that this affair could be possible. Mason claims C.C. is responsible for the death of Channing Jr owing to the fact that the affair of Sophia with Lionel was mainly due to his behavior: Sophia would have indeed complained about the lack of attention from C.C. and his too frequent absences caused by his work. He takes it as proof a unsuccessful request for divorce that Sophia had started one year before his death. Upon hearing this, C.C. is getting angry and Ted leaves C.C.'s office. Brick tries to convince Amy whom it holds with it and with the baby. Little after his departure, Amy receives the surprise visit of Jackie Parks, an old friend from school. Jackie is now married to an officer of Navy and desires to wait with Amy until the baby is born. At Dominic's, Lionel discovers a note comprising several figures. It understands that it is a ticket of a train, the Victoria express train bound for Chicago. He ends up finding Dominic in the restaurant car and surprises him once the conductor has left. Dominic runs away in direction of the gate and, in the brawl, seems to fall from the train. Lionel, taken of panic, draws the alarm bell.

Original airdate: January 4, 1985
The conductor decides to continue with the train in spite of the allegations of Lionel who believes Dominic fallen from the train. Lionel finds in the coach part of the beard that Dominic lost in the brawl. He also sees traces of blood that he decides to follow. Hiding in her cabin, Sophia was indeed wounded while being made tear off the false beard. She is reminded the night of the accident on board Lionel's boat and remains persuaded that he wanted to kill her intentionally. C.C. worries about the reaction of Ted after the revelations about Mason and requests of Eden to find him and try to discuss it with him. Gina asks Rosa to speak about Sophia. In spite of the disapproval of Ruben, she defends Sophia whom she loved deeply. In Mesa, Amy and Jackie are joined with their table by two single men, Frank and Scott. But they give up on them upon learning that Amy is pregnant and Jackie is married! Jackie then telephones her husband at the base and learns that he finally will not return as hoped. Disappointed, she sets out again with Amy by forgetting her wallet near the telephone. After a brief conversation with Eden, Ted finds the wallet and goes to Amy where he becomes acquainted with Jackie thus. On board Victoria express train, Sophia seizes a knife and joined Lionel in a deserted restaurant car. Whereas she is on the point of stabbing Lionel, this one sees its reflection in the pane vis-a-vis with him and succeeds in immobilizing his attacker on the bar. It discovers the face of Sophia then.

Lionel leads Sophia into a cabin. He reproaches her for having kept silent during these fifteen years and defends himself to have pushed her that fateful evening. To prevent her from calling for help because she fears for her life, Lionel muzzles her and binds her. At the station in Sacramento, a man, in possession of a signed note of Sophia, gets into the train. He seems in search of a woman. Augusta tells Laken about the incrimination of her father. She tells her of his connection with Sophia. Ted, who goes to Laken, has an accident with his jeep. It arrives scratched at the Lockridges. Augusta receives the visit of a police officer who informs it that if Lionel does not turn himself in to the station the next morning, it will be regarded as a fugitive. However Augusta is unaware of where he is. In spite of the advice of his doctor, Peter decides to leave the hospital. He telephones Kelly who refuses to see him because she must go to work, then goes to Joe who asks him to leave. Peter goes then to Mesa. Upon seeing him entering, Veronica leaves her table and flees. Barbara Anderson, one of the waitresses, tells Kelly to leave and she will make the last of the coffee. By looking at Barbara, Peter has visions of Kelly. The man on the train, whose name is Marcello, ends up finding Sophia in the cabin with Lionel. The two men brawl in the corridor until Lionel loses balance and fall off the coach.

Marcello reassures Sophia by saying to her that Lionel had only what he deserved while falling from the moving train. But Sophia doubts, realizing that he did not seek to kill her after having found her. Charlie, a tramp, finds the body of lying Lionel along the rail. He exchanges his jacket with him and runs away himself. In order to forget their disagreements about the culpability of Lionel, Ted proposes to Laken to flee the city with him. Whereas she had initially accepted, Laken retracts, preferring to remain present for her father. Cruz gives to Eden the slides made starting from the photos of the log book of the Amanda Lockridge. He agrees to help Eden in exchange for 50% of what will be found on board. Peter returns to Mesa before the departure of Barbara, brings for her perfume and a white carnation. He proposes to her to have a drink with him at the bar. But by looking at her, he continues to have visions of Kelly. When he sets out again, the dead body of Barbara lies on the ground...

Upon awaking the next morning, Peter has forgotten about the evening before. He learns of Barbara's death on the television news which reminds him of the murder. He goes to La Mesa and and is questioned by Sergeant Clifford T. Monroe, who is intrigued by Peter's nervous behavior. At the Capwell residence, C.C. discovers a note from Ted who writes that he has left town with Laken. Eden tells him that Ted being only seventeen years old, is especially acting by impulsiveness and that he should not worry. C.C. receives then a visit from Kelly who announces to him that she has decided to marry Joe with or without his consent. Amy introduces Jackie to Brick and all the three drink in Mesa where they are joined by Elizabeth. She returns a little later visit to Brick in the Lockridge garage and tries to seduce Brick, but he resists her advances. Lionel wakes up aboard the caravan of the Luigi circus by three people: the Loretta old woman, a dwarf and a strongman. They sympathize with him and, after playing cards, leave Lionel at the station where he succeeds in boarding Victoria Express train where Sophia and Marcello still are. Lionel waits until Sophia left her compartment and, wearing the jacket of an employee of the train, penetrates in the cabin and knocks down Marcello. Whereas she dives again with Cruz to approach the Amanda Lockridge, Eden nearly drowns and is brought up unconscious onto the boat by Cruz...

Eden quickly regains consciousness. Cruz commits himself to locate against the office of the Amanda Lockridge 50% of what it contains. After searching the library, he ends up finding its trace in an old antique dealer. Eden joined him, but they do not find anything in the drawers. Cruz then seizes an axe to open the office into two and to find what it hides. Kelly is questioned by Sergeant Monroe sergeant about Barbara. He makes her breathe a perfume found on her. Kelly says it is not the usual perfume of Barbara, but still recognizes the smell. Summer is back from Los Angeles. Gina tells her that they are convening at the office of Mason in the afternoon. During the interrogation, Summer denies to know anything concerning Warren and the gold coins. She falls suddenly on a photograph of Barbara laying on the ground, panics and leaves the office precipitately. C.C. invites Kelly and Joe to the Capwell residence and proposes to Joe to work for him. But Joe takes this offer like a tactic to buy Kelly. In front of the incomprehension of Kelly, he rises and leaves the room. On board Victoria Express train, Sophia finds an unconscious Marcello in his compartment when Lionel emerges behind it. He follows her to the restroom and accuses her of being the origin of the flow of evidence showing him guilty of the murder of Channing Jr. He in addition continues to protest his innocence to her. Sophia finally seems to doubt his certainty in front of such an amount of eagerness. During this time, a sheriff joined the train and traverses the coaches in the search of Lionel, wanted in all California. When Lionel leaves the restroom, it is taken in hunting by the sheriff who starts to draw on him through the coach. Lionel then can't do anything else other than jump from the running train...