Lionel escaped the policeman who shot behind him in the Orient Express. Mason is now quite sure that Lionel is guilty for the murder of Channing Jr. Mason asks Gina if she could ask Summer Blake, her sister, to come to see him. He hopes to get some information in Lionel's case. C.C. offers Gina his helicopter to bring Summer from LA where she is undergoing treatment for the damage she got when being beaten and raped by Hank. Summer shows herself not very cooperative. She does not want to bring Warren in difficulties and told nothing to Mason. When she sees the picture of the murdered waitress between the papers of Mason she jumps up and runs away. Gina finds her and they have a talk until Warren appears. Warren is very happy to see her and he tells her that he missed her so much and he will wait for her till her therapy is over. He also tells her that she can freely tell Mason whatever she knows. He accompanies her back to Mason who is staying in the presidential suite in C.C.'s hotel. Kelly is also there. Peter Flint is watching all of them in the room behind the mirror coming in strange conditions when seeing Kelly. All of a sudden the phone rings and Mason is informed that they caught Lionel. Warren rushes with Mason to the police station just to find out that it was only the tramp who has changed his clothes and passport with Lionel when Lionel was lying unconsciousness after falling out of the train. Meanwhile Kelly and Summer go for a drink. Summer asks Kelly to tell Mason nothing what Warren could bring in difficulties as she knows that Warren is free of guilt. Kelly refuses this kind of service and goes away leaving her alone in the restaurant. Meanwhile Peter who was following them and hiding himself behind a newspaper while sitting at another table gets again his strange conditions taking Summer for Kelly. He goes out of the restaurant and comes quickly in again when Summer wants to go. He tells her that he is a friend of Warren who was just having an accident and she should quickly come with him, he will drive her in his car to Warren. While driving Peter gets a strange expression. Summer asks him where they are going. Peter gives her a white carnation.

Peter wakes up confused seeing his neck full of scratches. Warren in search for Summer finds her dead in a warehouse. Cliff the police inspector finds him holding Summer in his arms. Mason joins them and he goes with Warren to Gina. Warren wants to tell it first to Gina. Gina meanwhile is preparing herself for a nice dinner with C.C. She is just thinking how to get rid of Kelly and Joe who insist on staying for dinner when Mason and Warren come in to tell her the bad news. Kelly thinks that the murder could have something to do with her and gets afraid. Laken who was running away with Ted and living in a shed decides to go back to her family. Warren is sitting alone at home feeling guilty that he did not stay with Summer. The phone rings and Lionel shortly informed him that he is well and in safety.

Laken arrives at home at the same time with Mason coming to ask Warren some questions. Laken stops Mason at the door and tells him that she will inform Warren. Warren is just on the phone talking to Augusta. He tells her that Mason does not know that Lionel was with Sophia when she died. When hearing this Laken gets very excited and wants to know from Warren if this is true. Mason who meanwhile comes in is happy to hear this secret.