Lionel is hiding himself in Veronica's flat. Mason is thrown out of the hotel at six o'clock in the morning as the suite is booked. Mason goes to C.C. and tells him that he will move in again. C.C. rejects him back at home. Mason goes to Veronica with whom he is having a relationship and wants to move in to her. Veronica desperately searches an excuse not to take him. She tells him that her younger brother is sleeping in her sleeping room. Mason accepts. Meanwhile Sophia as a Countess is arriving and C.C. personally receives her into the presidential suite she has booked. She has the intention to go back to her family but wants to find out first what her children are thinking of her. Gina is asking Cliff and Mason to come. She tells them about her ex-friend Hank Judeon who might be the killer. Ted and Laken's relationship is getting into danger. Laken is afraid to tell Ted what she has heard from Warren about Sophia. Ted runs to Mason and Mason tells him the truth.

Ted is upset that Laken still does not want to tell her secret. He runs to the beach. Sophia finds out through a phone call that Ted is on the beach. She disguises herself as a beggar and approaches him in his distress. Slowly she gets out his problem and changes his mood by her own stories. Warren heard from Gina that Mason and Cliff are in LA. With a trick he finds out where they have gone. Mason and Cliff go to LA in search for Hank. They separate. Mason remains in the pub and should phone to Cliff as soon as Hank comes. Mason feels very uncomfortable. He had secured himself with a pistol. Hank comes but gets a hint that Mason is searching for him. Before Mason can phone or use his pistol Hank has put him to the ground.

Warren comes at the right time to help Mason out of his bad situation. Cliff and a policeman comes. Hank has an alibi. He was in prison on the day of the murder. The policeman confirmed this and they went back to Santa Barbara. Eden is having no joy anymore in the search of the treasure. She is afraid of the killer and asks Cruz to search for him. She asks him to accompany her to the celebration for Summer. Peter is hiding himself in the chapel behind a curtain watching Kelly. Warren, Cliff and Mason arrive at the end. Mason is asking Gina a delicate question in an old Hank case where a blond lady was involved and afterwards no more found. She makes an appointment with him. Cliff takes Cruz aside and begs him to help him in this carnation case. Eden is eager to know what Cliff wants from him and surprised to hear that he was once a policeman. Cruz is not sure if he should promise his help as it would take up all his time. Sophia is very happy with her talk with Ted. Marcello wants her to play with open cards but she prepares herself for her second talk.

Peter comes into the Lamaza (?) and sees that Kelly is not there. He hides himself behind the pillow and phones to the Lamaza while watching how the other waitress is taking the phone. He tells her that he is Joe the friend of Kelly and if she kindly could tell her when she comes that he has forgotten his toolbox in the warehouse where he was working before and if she could fetch it for him. Kelly comes with Eden. Eden tells her that she does not like Gina's approach to C.C. Gina also comes all of a sudden introducing all her plans for the wedding arrangements. The waitress all of a sudden remembers the phone call and she informs Kelly. Kelly says that she is having an interview in her break time and she will be not able to fetch it. Eden tells her that she will do the job for her and takes the notice with the address of the warehouse. Sophia dressed as a journalist made an appointment with Kelly for an interview about the relationship of prominent daughters to their father. Now she comes and talks to Kelly. When they are nearly finished with their interview Joe wants to talk to Kelly on the phone. By then they find out that he phoned for the first time and the toolbox was a trap. Kelly gets excited and runs to the warehouse. Meanwhile Peter was hiding himself in the warehouse. When Eden came and opened the toolbox finding a white carnation he knocked her down.

Peter binds a towel over Eden's eyes and one over her mouth. He binds her hands with a rope and places her on the front seat next to him. He is absolutely sure that he has Kelly. Kelly comes to the warehouse and finds with the police and Cliff only Eden's shawl and the white carnation. Cruz had previously decided not to join Cliff in the search of the carnation killer. When Cliff calls him to the warehouse and shows him the shawl of Eden he changes his mind and wants to help. Mason does not want to take Cruz. Cruz is giving him a phone number of his secret bosses. When Mason hears that Cruz is working in the spying department he takes him at once and they start to send out troopers in search for Eden. Mason phones to Veronica who is just cleaning his wounds. He wants to make an appointment with her, but she asks him to meet her another time. Mason hears a male voice in the background.

Lionel phones to Augusta to place some things for him outside at the house at the mailbox. He reads the newspapers and finds out by this that Sophia is in the hotel. Sophia is very desperate because of Eden. She gets in some dispute with Marcello. Lionel hides behind the mirror and is listening to them. He wonders who this Marcello is. Marcello gets upset and told Sophia that he will leave her alone and went away. Sophia is sitting before the mirror preparing unmasking herself. Lionel gets visions from their old days together. Marcello comes back. He has been at the police between the journalists and found out that Eden disappeared with the carnation killer. He goes out again. Lionel takes his chance and knocks at the door and offers a newspaper with a changed voice. Sophia uses the door chain before opening and is shocked to see Lionel.

Peter brings Eden to a place in the woods and takes her out. The moment he touches her she starts to beat him with her bound hands. He starts to strangle her but she falls down a steep slope and lies there without moving.

Peter can't believe that his Kelly is lying dead there. When he goes to his car he hears from the radio that it is Eden and not Kelly who is missing. Peter drives to the Lameza. He talks there to the waitress who tells him the whole horror story of this killer and finds out that it is really Eden. On a table nearby Cruz is sitting with Joe discussing the case. All of a sudden Joe notices Peter and asks Cruz if he could imagine that Peter is the killer. He tells Cruz about the strange phone call and behavior of Peter after he came out of the hospital eager to see Kelly. They found out that it was the same day when the waitress got murdered. Meanwhile Peter has left the restaurant. Joe suggests to go and see Peter and put questions to him. Cruz tells him that he has to keep up some rules as he is working officially and they had to bring Peter to the police station. Veronica meets Mason in his office. She asks him to give back to her the key she gave once to him for a while as her little brother is in need of. Mason pretends not to have it on hand.

Lionel wants put his foot in the door so that Sophia cannot close it. He puts much pressure on her to let him in. Sophia asks him to take back the foot in order to be able to let him in. Lionel takes the foot out and Sophia quickly locks the door. She phone to the security office of the hotel and tells them that Lionel Lockridge, the wanted murder, is at her door. She goes to the door and tells Lionel that he should wait just a moment until she is ready. Lionel all of a sudden notices that the elevator is active and quickly hides himself in the room behind the mirror. The security men could not find him. After they have gone he phones to Augusta asking her to take care of Laken because of the killer. Augusta watches the mailbox to see who is going to fetch the things. When she sees Veronica she gets very jealous. Mason is sitting in Veronica's living room finding a part of Lionel's trousers. Veronica comes with the suitcase. She carries it in her sleeping room. Mason follows her. She tries to get him out of her flat with all kind of tricks when all of a sudden Lionel stands before them. Mason wants to phone to the police but Lionel knocks him down and escapes. He runs just into the arms of Augusta who drives him away. Mason gets up and informs the police. He fires Veronica and feels totally cheated by her.

Peter has some clear minutes at home and finds out that he himself is the murder. He decides to commit suicide. He takes out the pistol but then somebody was knocking at the door. It was Joe. Joe tells him straight into his face that he thinks that he is the killer. He opens one drawer and finds a picture of Kelly pierced into two pieces. Peter tries to knock him down but Joe was quicker and while Peter tries to get up on his feet again Joe finds a bloody shirt in one drawer. He takes it and leaves Peter behind. Peter forgets his suicide and is again in thoughts of Kelly.

Lionel got caught by the police. Eden wakes up and can free herself from the rope and the towels over her eyes and her mouth. She hears a helicopter and writes with big letter HELP into the soft ground and tries to find a way out of the valley. Joe and Kelly are together with Cruz. Cruz is displeased with Joe because of his way in bringing proofs against Peter. He says that he is destroying everything as such proofs cannot be used at the court. Joe is giving in but just to go with Kelly to interview a shopkeeper who has mentioned that a man is coming to buy every week white carnations. Cruz guesses something like that and picks them up with the police. Cruz put some pressure on Joe to give up such investigations by himself.

Liz goes after Brick once again. He tries to tell her she's only going after him because he isn't interested and he's already involved with Amy. Liz gets angry and starts mentioning all the good reasons why Brick should choose her instead; mainly because she's not pregnant. Brick is finally fed up with her and tells her she must be very lonely to behave this desperate. Realizing he's right, Liz cracks and confesses to him that she has tried to build up an image of herself but inside she's empty and sad. The reason is mainly that her father never cared about her. Cruz questions Peter's doctor but all the doctor is allowed to tell him is that Peter is suffering from an illness that needs treatment but he is not picking up his medicine. Peter returns to the valley and finds the big letters HELP. Nervously, he removes the letters before going to look for Eden. Eden, however, has been going in circles and when she finds the letters all erased she loses her all her strength and passes out. Peter finds her and prepares to strangle her with a stocking.

Peter goes back to Eden. The big letters of HELP makes him very nervous. He runs down and makes them invisible. Then he searches for Eden in order to kill her. Eden has run in a circle and when she found her letters covered again her strength is going away and she falls down exhausted. Peter stands already over her with a lady sock in his hand ready to kill her when he hears a helicopter. He leaves her behind and drives to the Lameza. Cruz gets informed that they have seen someone which might be Eden. Cruz takes a helicopter and finds Eden. He takes her to the hospital.

Joe is sitting with Kelly when he got called from his job work for some urgency. Kelly asks him to go alone. Laken comes and sits with her at the table. They start to have a chat when Peter comes and sits with them. Kelly gets shocked. Peter starts to talk very friendly with Laken. Kelly gets nervous and gets up. On the way to the phone she runs into Ted and asks him to take Laken quickly away without questioning her why. Ted does as she says. Peter is very pleased to sit with her alone and asks her to come with him into his flat. Kelly just wants to get up and inform Joe per phone when the waitress comes and informs her that they found Eden. Kelly jumps up and wants to run to see Eden. She meets Joe on the way out and takes him along.

Ted and Laken meet Lionel. Ted wants to know directly from him if he has killed Sophia. Lionel tells him his story, that Sophia fell overboard and he was unconscious in the boat. Laken is happy that her father did not kill Sophia.

Cruz sees Eden in the hospital and puts some questions to her. He is very soft and she is happy to see him.

Mason is upset about the way proofs were brought forward by Joe and what he thinks also Cruz being behind. At the end he tells Cruz that Eden has not been raped which gives some relief to Cruz.

Veronica visits Peter. She brings him some paper he might be happy for from her office where she is not working anymore. She talks with Peter about the carnation killer. She talks about the victims who were all known to her and also to him. She tells him that the waitress who was the first victim is also known to him as she has seen him in restaurant on the same day. She leaves some of the newspapers about the killer at his place. Peter gets afraid that she might tell something to the police. He just wants to kill her when the house owner is knocking at the door and Veronica goes away. Peter sees in the papers an announcement of a movie and gets an idea.

Meanwhile Sophia disguised as the journalist steps into the room of Eden to see if she is well. Eden wakes up and she starts to talk to her. They get interrupted by Joe and Kelly who tell Eden that she can go home already and Cruz will come to fetch her. All of a sudden somebody brings flowers for Eden. When Eden opens the note it turns out that the flowers were sent by Peter which makes Joe upset. While dressing, Eden gives her interview to Sophia about her relationship to her father. Joe and Kelly meet Veronica in the hospital hall. Veronica tells that she is just coming from Peter. Kelly takes her aside and advises her not to have to do anything to do with Peter as he might be the killer. Veronica first can't believe the words but when she is at home she phones to Mason to tell him that she has seen Peter in Lameza. Mason gives her no chance to tell him anything.

Peter meanwhile has got a ticket for the movie and finding Amy and Brick sitting there he starts to talk very friendly to Amy. The movie starts and Peter silently escapes through the toilet. Veronica tries to phone to Mason a second time when the door bell is ringing and Peter is standing there. She wants Peter to go away but he makes his way into her flat locking the door behind him. He pushes her into the bathroom where she had just prepared a bath. She presses unnoticed by Peter the tape recorder for recording their talk. Veronica notices that Peter is very confused in his mind when all of a sudden he shows her a white carnation. Cruz ends the interview through his presence. He starts to ask her some questions. She thinks from the touch that it must be a younger man. Cruz gives her a perfume to smell which she recognizes as the same the man wanted to spray on her.

Veronica tries to escape while talking to Peter but he kills her and arranges her dead body nicely with the carnation holding in her hands in the bathtub. Then he cleans everything while talking to her as if she is Kelly. He finds the recording and takes the whole tape recorder with him. In the car he joyously listens to the whole talk and Veronica's screams. He slips again through the window into the toilet of the cinema and locks the door from inside. Then he phones to Mason and lets the tape with Veronica's screaming run. Mason immediately takes action and informs the police while he himself drives to Veronica's. He feels guilty that he did not listen to Veronica. He reaches her flat and breaks into it finding her dead. Cruz comes and mentions that to Mason that she was his secretary and also once Peter's. Now Mason agrees at once to bring Peter to the police station for putting questions to him.

Peter throws popcorn over Amy as if accidentally for creating his alibi. When the movie is over he talks very friendly to Amy and her mother who meanwhile also has joined them. They all find his sudden friendliness very strange.

Warren is just on the way to leave Santa Barbara as his father had advised him when Elisabeth Peal appears. Finding themselves in a same strange mood they drink something together by which both get changed their mind. Elisabeth Peal decided to go to see Lionel personally in his prison and Warren no more wants to run away. Elisabeth tells Lionel that she no more wants to sell the fake pictures and he has nothing more to expect from her. She is fed up with herself always imitating other artists.

Peter picks up his bag with the recorder behind the cinema and drives home. When he opens the door to his flat and puts his bag in Cruz appears with a policeman and takes him along without the bag. When Peter sees the blond hair from Elisabeth Peal at the police station he comes into his strange conditions. Elisabeth notices it and feels very uncomfortable while making a remark about her feelings to Cruz.

Warren visits his father and tells him that he wants to help him before Mason finds out that the smoking belonged to him. Lionel tells him the secret of Sophia hiding herself as the Contessa. He asks him to watch her carefully through the mirror until she makes a mistake. He is not telling him the secret why he cannot tell to the police that she is Sophia.

Ted enjoys being alone with Laken when they have to answer the doorbell. The tailor brings the smoking for Lionel. He mistakes Ted for Warren and while Laken goes to fetch the money he tells Ted how wonderful his smoking fits his father at the party in the museum and asks him if he can still remember how he has repaired his smoking secretly about five years ago when it was torn up. Ted is now convinced that Warren has killed Channing. When Warren comes he tells him that he knows that the smoking belonged to him. Warren knocks him down and runs away.