Michael wants Julia as his lawyer; he has been arrested by Ethan. Julia suspects Mason is spending the weekend with Lisa. Lisa tells Celeste that she has a drinking problem. Scott and Celeste talk about their former lovers, what makes Celeste feeling very uncomfortable. Gina has her eye on Bunny, but so does Vanessa. Ethan hears Laura calling for Jamie in her sleep.

Julia discovers that Mason and Lisa have lied about their plans for the weekend. She fears the worst, but is beginning to understand everything when she finds Mason and Lisa at an meeting of the AA. Eden lies to Cruz and goes to Paris. She knows he doesn't believe her dreams about Adriana's whereabouts. Scott worries about Heather when she faints at the clinic.

Saundra has a vision of Cruz in trouble. Cruz has followed a lead about Adriana. Eventually, both are being held hostage by criminals. Julia tells Lisa she had a father who had drinking problems. She tells her experiences with this to Dr. Blake. Sophia isn't exactly thrilled when C.C. tells her he loves Megan.

Cruz almost dies, but sees the ghost of Eden. She helps him overcome his position. Cruz then takes the criminal Mr. Hahn hostage, but has to face the fact Hahn doesn't know where Adriana is. Ethan and Laura have a big fight about her work at school. Ethan thinks she's living dangerously. When Heather drives her car, she doesn't feel well. She falls asleep and gets involved in a car accident with Ethan. Meanwhile, Eden and Kelly have arrived in Paris. Eden wants to go to the house of Cruz's younger brother Ric Castillo and his wife. She wants to become the babysitter of their daughter, so she can discover it's Adriana.

Heather gets very upset when she wakes up in the hospital and notices Scott is preparing a blood test for her. She fears her pregnancy will be discovered and convinces Ethan to help her escape. Vanessa and Gina both want to be the new singer in Bunny's nightclub. Celeste discovers accidentally that Heather is pregnant. Cruz finds out Eden is in Paris and goes after her.

Celeste agrees to not to tell Scott about Heather's pregnancy. Heather gives Celeste a manipulated result of the test so she can give this to Scott. Emily is in love with Greg, but he's interested in another teenager called Missy Fortino more. Lisa and Michael go out dancing. C.C. invites Greg to spend the summer at his place. Julia tries to write her late father so she can work out her feelings.

Emily tries to win Greg for her. Michael thinks Missy never learned to read. Julia tells Augusta that she's worried about Mason's drinking problems. Lisa feels she's alone when she sees Mason and Julia dancing. She thinks about having a drink. Cruz sees Eden in Paris.

Greg recognizes Sophia at the engagement party for Mason and Julia. Julia begins to have nerves about the wedding. Ric seems to be interested in Kelly, who is posing as a maid in his house. Cruz decides to visit his younger brother and is shocked to find Eden there. C.C. kisses Megan. When she rejects him, C.C. gets a heart attack.

Greg saves C.C.'s life. He is brought to the hospital. Sophia blames Megan for the heart attack. Eden and Cruz have a romantic reunion. Heather hides the test result from Scott. Celeste, however, thinks Scott has found out the truth and makes a remark about the secret.

Scott is furious that Celeste has kept this secret for him. He visits Heather, but Heather tells him she wants to raise the child alone. Scott then wants to find out what his rights as a father are. C.C. wants to stay with Megan. Cruz finds out that Ric is only using his wife Hollis Castillo for her money.