Kelly follows Ric and discovers he sells diamonds on the black market. Missy wants to introduce Emily to a wild life. Lisa tells Mason and Emily how lonely she feels. Michael is planning to teach Missy how to read. Cruz, Eden and Kelly almost get caught when they are searching Ric's room.

Hollis wants Ric to inform her about his investments. Ric and Hollis invite Cruz to dinner. Cruz tells Ric he will be leaving Paris tomorrow, but he later tells Eden he stays and wants to check Ric's papers. Vanessa informs Bunny that Gina is playing back on the voice of the singer Cassie Phillips.

Bunny is furious at Gina and tells her he will replace her with Cassie. Gina then tells Bunny that Cassie is afraid of appearing for people and eventually he agrees to keep Gina. Megan is eavesdropping on a conversation between C.C. and Sophia. Hollis sees Ric kissing Kelly and slaps him. Cruz finds the proof that Charisse (the so-called daughter of Ric and Hollis) is in fact Adriana.

Ric tells Kelly he knows she is spying on him. He thinks she's here for the diamonds. Megan travels to New Hampshire and tells Greg C.C. is his father. Cruz, Eden and Kelly confront Ric with the proof about Adriana. When they all enter the building, it's obvious there's something wrong.

It seems that Hollis and Adriana are kidnapped. Greg decides to return to Santa Barbara now that he knows C.C. is his father. Ethan supports Heather in her custody case against Scott, while Julia defends Scott. Heather tells Scott and Celeste to keep their lawyers away from her.

Cruz discovers Hollis made up the kidnapping. Cruz, Eden, Kelly and Ric find Hollis when she's just planning to escape to London. Laura and Ethan are making plans for their holidays. They want to go on a cruise ship. Emily offers Heather her condolences.

Ted and Wanda invite Mason and Julia for a picnic. Greg returns to C.C.'s house. Sophia finds out that C.C. is the father of Greg. Hollis gives Cruz and Eden their baby back after admitting she bought Adriana on the black market after her real baby died. She then falls in the river and drowns. Cruz tries to comfort Ric. Michael sees how popular Bone is.

The Capwells are very glad about the return of Cruz, Eden and Adriana. Eden decides to christen Adriana. Ric is bitter about everything that has happened and blames Cruz for his pain. Emily wonders why Greg is in such a bad shape since he returned to town. C.C. invites Megan to the christening of Adriana.

The Capwells come together to see Adriana. Ric is forced to leave the country and decides to go to Santa Barbara. Benoit tells Ric that Hollis left him nothing. Megan tells Greg that Sophia knows C.C. is his father.

Jeff Nugent warns Michael about Leo Mitchell. He has learned that Leo wants to have his revenge. Ethan gives Cruz a promotion, but he wants to spend more time with his family. Saundra is upset because Cruz doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. Celeste decides to tell Scott about her past as a hooker.