Scott informs Celeste that his mother was a hooker and he dislikes every woman who lives the same way. Celeste then realises she can't tell Scott the truth. Gina hopes that Brandon takes her to Mason and Julia's wedding, but he rather goes with Anisa.

Greg wants to take Missy to the wedding of Mason and Julia while Megan invites Emily. Saundra tells Sophia about her visions about coming danger. Cruz and Eden are shocked to see Ric in Santa Barbara. Kelly doesn't like Megan and doesn't like the fact that Mason gave C.C. permission to take her with him to the wedding.

Ric contacts the criminal Johnny Navarro. Julia and Mason are preparing their wedding day. Cruz promises his mother to help her with reuniting the Castillo family. Ric and Saundra meet each other and end up in bed. Laura promises Michael she'll support him. Cruz is shocked to see Ric and Saundra together.

Cruz is very angry at Ric. Michael tries to protect Laura against Leo Mitchell. Kelly doesn't want Gina to spoil the wedding. Gina tries to give Mason a last kiss, but Sophia locks her up in the closet. Mason and Julia finally get married.

Saundra and Ric are attending the reception of the happy couple. Cruz almost knocks down Ric when he is holding Adriana. Megan catches the bouquet of Julia. Eden finds out Ric's father is working in Puerto Vallarta and wants to go there.

Johnny Navarro gets arrested. Ric is also being questioned. Ethan warns Scott to stay away from Heather when he's gone. Laura admits to Michael that she and Leo Mitchell were lovers once. Saundra and Ric are making love when she accidentally calls him Cruz. Julia gets sick on her honeymoon.

A mysterious woman makes Julia better. When she's gone, Mason realises it was Mary who is watching over him. Ric offers Kelly to teach her how to be a good business woman. When Kelly wants to keep him to it, she finds him with Saundra. Michael discovers that Leo is on his way to Santa Barbara. Greg is rude to C.C.

An agent is interested in Gina's singing talents. Ethan wants Laura to tell him the truth. Mitchell is looking for Michael and Laura tries to warn him on time. Ethan is furious. Eden sees Cruz and Ric's father Rafael Castillo.

Gina decides to do the right thing by telling Laskin that Cassie is the real singer. Kelly informs Mason about the fear that somebody wants to take over Capwell Enterprises. Michael and Laura succeed to get Mitchell to a prison in Mexico, so Ethan won't find out the truth. Eden convinces Rafael to meet Cruz, but he is kidnapped by a unknown person.

Eden is disappointed when Rafael doesn't show up. Ethan tells Heather that he thinks Michael and Laura are having an affair. Ric discovers that Cruz and Eden are looking for Rafael. Celeste finds a letter of Michael and wonders who Leo Mitchell is. Lisa turns out to be spying for the person who want to have a hostile takeover of Capwell Enterprises. Leo escapes from prison.