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Ethan realises that Laura has told the truth about Leo Mitchell. Heather and Celeste try to find Michael before Mitchell does. Lisa tells a unknown man she will have more information for him soon. Leo, Heather, Celeste, Michael, Ethan and Laura are wandering in the fog. Then a gun shot is heard.

Leo Mitchell has been killed. Greg decides to leave the city and gives Emily a goodbye kiss. Ethan offers his excuses and offers to go away together. Heather gets pains in her stomach. Boswell and Julia are thinking that Mitchell is still alive as Mitchell's body is gone.

Kelly tells Sophia about the troubles of Capwell Enterprises. Eden and Ric are keeping an eye on Mephisto, but get caught in his place. Megan is relieved about C.C.'s positive reaction about the news he is Greg's father.

Greg is upset because Sophia, Ted, and Kelly are negative about the news of C.C. being his father. Mephisto makes sure Ric gets deported. Eden succeeds to bribe a corrupt police officer who wants to get Ric deported. Mason realises someone has been looking through his desk. Kelly goes to Mexico.