Cruz and Mason start to put questions to Peter. Peter tells them that he has been in the cinema. Marisa Perkins can give exact timings as she has looked on the watch when Peter was throwing popcorn over them. Mason knows the exact time when Veronica "phoned" him. Joe sees in the television that Veronica got killed. He comes to the police station and is a witness of the inquiry. Mason says that Peter can't drive so fast from Veronica to this cinema. Joe still believes that Peter must have done it and can't believe that they let Peter go again.

Peter overhears a phone conversation of Joe with Kelly and finds out that Kelly will be alone for the next hour. Joe goes to Veronica's flat and starts to test the time but finds out that Mason is right. Kelly sleeps beside the running TV. Peter tries to get in through the window but could find his way through the not properly secured door. He stands over Kelly and wanted to start his business when somebody is knocking at the door. Peter hides himself quickly in the wardrobe. Kelly opens the door to Cruz. Cruz is very displeased with her that she has not locked the door properly. Joe also comes and informs about his driving tests. Kelly asks Cruz if he thinks that Peter is the killer. Cruz says he does, but in Veronica's case he has a good alibi. They all go out together. Peter meanwhile puts a carnation in their bedroom on a desk. He drives home and starts to burn the tape with a newspaper when he sees something interesting in the paper. It is the announcement of Kelly's engagement to Joe.

Joe carries Kelly into the bedroom. Kelly is shocked to see the carnation.

Warren is watching Sophia in the hotel behind the mirror. Sophia tells Marcello how she has safely placed the notice into the smoking of Lionel. She also tells him that Lionel loves his family too much to tell the secret that she is still alive. She tells him and later to herself again that she finds nothing wrong in doing so as Lionel has tried to kill her and also killed her son. She wants to partake on the marriage of Kelly.

Ted phones to Mason to wait for him at the police station as he has something important to tell him. Laken wants to hinder this meeting.

Laken breaks off her relationship with Ted. Mason lets Warren go after he puts some questions to him. Ted is very upset about this. Mason tells him that Warren might be right by telling that a person has placed all these things into their house because an anonymous person has given to him all the hints and everything went on too perfect.

Cruz comes to Joe and Kelly and investigates the carnation placed on the desk. His first thought is that it must be Peter. He investigated the whole flat and the timings and he found out that Peter must be there when she was sleeping and got disturbed when he came. Kelly and Joe got very shocked. Cruz is investigating with Mason the cinema. He remembered the window he has used as a boy by which one can get in and out to the cinema unseen through the bathroom. He finds also the piece which was put between the window for keeping it open. Cruz also asks Mason to check up with him again Veronica's apartment. He might see something which is missing. Mason misses the recorder. He can remember that the when Veronica phoned to him for the first time he could hear music in the background as she usually is having while taking a bath, but that there was no music when he heard her shouting. Cruz asks him if it would not be possible that when he heard Veronica the second time that he was listening actually to a tape. Mason fights this idea vehemently.

Cruz visits Peter. While pretending to talk with him about his health he searches out for some proofs. All of a sudden he sees the red recorder of Veronica's in Peter's bathroom. He asks Peter if he can use his bathroom for a short time. He carefully notes down all the numbers of the recorder. Mason gets a phone from a woman crying for help. He got very terrified just to hear Cruz voice all of a sudden who asked him if he could recognize the difference between the tape and a real phone. Mason is now convinced that Peter has tricked them by using the tape.

Kelly wakes up with a nightmare in which Peter was going to kill her during the marriage ceremony. While Joe is talking with Cruz somebody is bringing a parcel for Kelly. When Kelly opens she gets shocked to see white carnation in it. She tells Joe that she is having a bad feeling about their marriage and if she could she would stop it. Joe insists on going on. Peter places some white carnations in the room in the church where Kelly is going to change her dress.

Sophia makes as a journalist an appointment with Eden for an interview in Marcello's room in the Capwell hotel. Eden finds out from Cruz that there is no journalist working under this name for the magazine. Eden wants to find out the person behind the disguise. Sophia is on the way to buy a present for Kelly which she intends to give Eden at the time of the interview. She opens the door and is shocked to find a smoking with a notice from Lionel in it telling her that she has placed her notice into Warren's smoking and Mason knows about it. Lionel phones and asks her to come and see him. Sophia meets him. Lionel is no more willing to keep quiet seeing now Warren involved. Sophia asks for ten days to bring this in order. Eden stands at the door from Marcello just when Marcello wanted to go and he nearly bumps into her. He asks her in. He changes some words with her when Sophia comes in. Marcello leaves them alone but leans outside against his door. An episode with Eden is floating before his eyes and he smiles while remembering her in a Casino playing a tricky game with him. Eden is very direct in her dismantling the truth of who the person behind the journalist is. At the end she clutches her hat which goes off with Sophia's black hair. Sophia starts crying but finally shows her face to a speechless Eden who can only can bring out "Mama".

Joe and Kelly bring the dress into the dressing room in the church. Peter is hiding in the cloakroom. Joe tells Kelly that he shortly goes down but will be back at once. Kelly sits down before the mirror when all of a sudden she feels something strange in the room. She stands silently up and looks around. Her eyes falls on the white carnation. She runs to the door and shouts: "Joe!"

At the first moment Eden is full of joy in seeing her mother again and that she is still alive. She remembers all the beautiful moments she had together with her as a child. All of a sudden her mood changes and she gets very upset when thinking that she was the lover of Lionel and might not have loved her father. Also that she left her alone as a child. She told Sophia to leave Santa Barbara and never come again. She can't come back and break into all of their lives all of a sudden.

Joe and Cruz comes to see why Kelly was shouting. They find a note under the white carnations wishing her all the best. Totally shocked they go out. Peter takes the chance to leave the wardrobe and to hide himself outside the room.

Cruz gets nervous as Eden is not coming. He goes and wants to fetch her. He listens at the door of Marcello's room. Marcello comes and asks him if he can help. Cruz shows his police badge and asks him to open the door. They find Sophia and Eden standing close together in a strange mood. Cruz takes Eden along who starts crying on Cruz's shoulder while reflecting on the situation.

When Kelly comes back alone Peter enters her dressing room. Kelly is shocked. Peter tells her that he only wants to give her a present for her marriage. Kelly tries to pass him and shouts for Joe but Peter steps between her and the door. Again Joe comes in the right time. Peter asks her if he can join the celebration but both refuse. Eden comes and Kelly notices that she is somehow confused. Meanwhile Peter finds his way back into the church. Eden while talking to Cruz notices that Sophia has entered the church and makes her way to Kelly's room.

Sophia as Miss Suzan Carlein, the journalist, congratulates Kelly. Eden comes in and tries to get rid of her. Kelly introduces Miss Carlein to C.C. who also comes in. Eden asks her if she can talk with her alone. She wants to find out why she has left the family. They get interrupted and Danny leads Miss Carlein to her place in the church.

Ted is still at home and feels very bad about his separation with Laken. A drunken Mason is piercing his wounded soul with his remarks.

Peter watches everything from a hidden place. Ted comes and the wedding begins. An already very drunken Mason comes and takes his place next to Miss Carlein. All runs wonderful till Kelly should open a book and read some psalms. A white carnation is in the book and Kelly breaks down for a moment but she wants to go on. Everything goes on undisturbed and the wedding takes place. Joe and Kelly walk out and embrace each other outside while Peter takes his pistol and wants to fire but he gets hindered by the others who are coming and surrounding them.

Cruz makes sure that everything for the couple in the wedding suite is properly arranged while Peter is also arranging his wedding suite next to their suite per phone pretending to be the same person who has asked for the wedding suite.

Mason is talking to Miss Carlein and wants to tell her his story of the lost son.

Mason invites Miss Carlein to join him in a private audience. He tells her that his invitation is for two people. Eden cuts between and wants to talk to Mason alone.

The festivities are going on in great scale in CC's house. Mason offers to dance with Miss Carlein. She is not accepting but he simply takes her along. While dancing Mason tries to find out why Eden was objecting her so vehemently. Cruz offers to Eden a dance which ended in a solo of the two one. Mason tries to get out more from Suzan Carlein. She sends him for a glass of wine. CC wonders from where he knows her. He addresses her and tells her how much he loved his wife Sophia and he never married as he could not find a woman like her up to now. At the same time he shows her Gina.

Eden finds Sophia and draws her into a room trying to find out why she has left the family. She asks her why she did not go to the police after Lionel tried to kill her. She tells her that she has lost her memory for five years thereafter. She found herself in a madhouse and she could not even remember her own name. Eden is not sure if she can believe her incredible story. Ted rushes into the room calling Eden telling her that Mason is going to disturb the audience as he is totally drunk. Mason already has drawn the whole attention of the people by asking them to listen to him for a few minutes to what he has to tell. He makes a toast to the new wedded couple and then changing his mind goes away without telling what else he intended to say.

Cruz drives the couple to the hotel. Peter is waiting already in the lobby watching the couple arriving.

Nearly all have left the villa. Sophia is still there sitting in Kelly's room and pondering joyfully in the past. Eden is very upset that CC wants to marry Gina. She tells him that Gina only wants his money and his fame and she will not attend his wedding. CC wants her to understand him but is in vain. Mason is addressing Gina concerning her past as a bride of the boss of a gang making her feeling very uncomfortable. Miss Carlein is surprising CC in still being here. Mason offers her to bring her home. He asks her to stay for a moment as she will hear something which will be very interesting for her story. Miss Carlein asks him not to disturb the beauty of the day. She congratulates Gina and CC for their engagement and goes away.

Joe and Kelly have to wait till they can get into their suite. Warren comes in and wishes them the best while taking his room key and hiding himself in the room with the mirror. Joe is getting a little impatient and Kelly goes meanwhile to the toilet. A prostitute is coming in and addressing Joe who finds this very funny. Kelly comes back and Joe introduces this lady to her. They pack their things and go to their room making some fun about the situation with this woman.

Peter all the time is watching them. When he sees Joe with this prostitute he mistakes her as Kelly. When she is alone he takes her to his room. She is very cooperative and playing Kelly for him as long as he is paying well. She dresses herself in the silken bride dress which Peter has kept ready. He kisses her as if she is Kelly. When he is placing a white carnation into her hair she is a little bit hesitating and feeling uncomfortable but Peter is going on playing the romantic lover. He tells her that she can put in any music she likes into the recorder. Curious, she tries the tape with Veronica's shoutings. While wondering how real the voice sounds Peter kills her from the backside. Joe and Kelly lying already in the bed are hearing the shouts of this lady and inform immediately Cruz, the hotel security, etc. Joe runs to the room from where the shouts have come while Peter is leaving the place through the window with the recorder.

Eden meets Marcello and asks for the room of her mother. Marcello takes her to the presidential suite. Warren is watching and listening what they are saying. Eden has recognized him and wants to know why he was traveling once in the Orient Express with her. He tells her that Sophia was always watching their children and knew where they have been. She wanted him to take care of her. Eden does not believe him. She finds it too much that Sophia is playing now also the role of a contessa. Marcello corrects her by telling her that Sophia really is the contessa. That she was married to his father and he is her stepson. Eden gets totally shocked by this. Sophia enters the room and a strong dispute starts between the two by which Sophia asks Marcello to leave the room. Marcello opens the little room where Warren is listening. Warren tries to escape but Marcello is more quick and knocks him down and locks him up. Eden does not want to listen to Sophia any longer and runs away. Marcello enters Sophia's room again and asks her to follow him. He shows her the young Lockridge lying on the ground. He asks her what he should do with him. She tells him that he should let him go. She does not wonder about the mirror and the secret listener. This all fits so much together to Lionel. Warren tells them that he only was listening for a short while. They don't believe him but Sophia tells Warren that it is not in the sense of his father to call the police or make something public as Lionel otherwise will be a ruined man.

Mason can't keep back his secret any longer and tells CC that Lionel was with Sophia on the day of her death and that Lionel killed Sophia. He then leaves and CC is completely disturbed by this news. Gina has to go alone to bed.

Joe and Kelly are at the police. The police caught Peter in a pub and bring him to the station. Cruz tells Joe and Kelly not to go for their honeymoon to the place which already everybody knows. He gives them an address of a friend where they can be undisturbed and safe. They both leave happily to this new destination.

Mason sees Warren at the station and asks him to see him after the talk with his father. He should also take his lawyer along as he will need him. Warren talks to his father. Lionel tells him that they cannot say anything against Sophia because she has something in her hand against him. Warren wants to know what this secret is, but Lionel does not want to tell him. Warren tells Lionel that Eden also knows that Sophia is still living. Warren wants to leave Santa Barbara.

Peter can't believe that Kelly still lives. He has the urgent feeling to prepare for the honeymoon with her. Mason, Cruz and a police officer are coming in and questioning him where he has been during the night. He mentions some pubs and that he was sleeping in his car as he was drunk. Cruz asks him to note down everything on a paper. While Cruz is for a moment outside, a phone call comes for him which the police officer takes. Innocently he repeats partly what the Cruz's friend is telling, noting down the phone number, while repeating loudly. Peter at once understands the situation and notes down the phone number on his arm hiding the arm when Cruz comes in. Cruz suggests to test him with a lie detector. Peter agrees. Cliff is making the test and he manages to come through. Cliff reports the result to Cruz and Mason with the addition that any psychopath will also get through the test. Cruz makes another attempt to test Peter in his way. He relieves him from the machine very friendly, says sorry to him and asks him if he could not help them in finding the killer. He shows Peter the pictures of the victims and watches Peter's reactions. He also mentions that Kelly might be the next. His reactions in these talks are quite different and Cruz still believes that he is the killer but they have nothing in their hands to keep him.

Peter goes into a pub and quickly phones to the number he noted down. He pretends to be Joe Perkins who has lost the address and gets it. Shortly after Joe and Kelly arrives he also is already around the house.

Warren phones to his mother who is just in the museum to bring money and some clothes for him as he has to leave the city. They will meet in the museum.

Mason questions Lionel where Warren has gone when Cliff comes in and tells that they have seen Augusta leaving with a suitcase the house. They followed her and she is now in the museum. Mason hurries to the museum.

Augusta meets Liz (Elisabeth Peal) who also has a suitcase in her hand. She asks her if she has seen Warren but she has not. Two strange persons enter the museum making Augusta feel very uncomfortable and changing her place when Warren enters from the back door. They quickly exchange some words when Mason with some police officer is asking them not to move. Augusta asks Warren to run while she blocks the way. Warren hides himself in the room where Liz is working. He asks her not to tell that he is here. Mason comes in with the others asking Liz if she has seen Warren.

Joe and Kelly are very happy and behave very freely believing they are alone. Peter prepares his pistol getting mad in seeing Joe together with Kelly. Joe is going shopping for some food. Peter takes the chance and enters the house unseen while Kelly is joking outside with Joe saying goodbye to him. Kelly comes into the house and Peter locks the door from inside. Kelly is shocked and asks Peter to put away the pistol. Peter puts the pistol on the table. Kelly asks him how he has found their place. Peter tells her upset how she can ask such a question when they have planned together their honeymoon. He takes out the white carnation and gives it to her. Kelly is now sure that Peter is very disturbed in his head. She pretends to love him.

Mason gives order to surround the whole museum. He keeps Augusta with him as she lied on him concerning the content of the suitcase she is carrying along with her. Liz (Miss Peal) talks to Warren and decides to help him. Warren is getting out through a little opening which leads to the cellar while Liz is walking out of the museum waiting for him in her car. Liz drives Warren to a land which his family owns. She enjoys somehow this adventure.

Mason gets mad when finding out that Liz obviously has helped Warren. He starts to hurt Augusta's feeling by mentioning all the many relations Lionel was having to women. Augusta blindly walks out of the museum asking him to fire if he likes.

Amy is on hanging up a picture with Ted's help who is just there. The father of Amy's not yet born child enters the door and asks her if she has got the check for the abortion. Amy is hiding her big belly with the picture but he soon finds out her secret. He asks her what she has made with the money and she shows him the room with all the things ready waiting for the baby. He gets very upset. Amy can not bear it any longer and throws him out with heavy words. The excitement was too much for her and she is getting terrible pains in her belly.

Amy is brought to the hospital. Jeff is coming in quite happy that she might lose her child. He is making her again very upset and she asks the nurse to throw him out.

The nurse is telling her that she might have get operated by which she most probably will lose her child. Jackie is coming in trying to give her some help. Amy asks her to phone to Brick and tell him that she can't keep up their appointment. She should not tell him the real reason. Jackie is phoning from Amy's hospital room. Brick puts a lot of questions to her feeling that something must be wrong when Amy gets heavy cramps and shouts in the background. Jackie tells him the truth and asks him to come. Brick runs like mad bumping into Jeff. Jeff wants to hinder him to see Amy but he just goes into her room. Amy is very happy to see him but the nurse sends him out again. Jeff is talking to Brick telling him that she is anyway too young to have a child. Brick feeling that Jeff is only thinking of himself and wishes that she loses the child, and so knocks him down and beats him up. Jeff leaves the hospital. Brick gives Amy the peace she is in need of and she starts sleeping.

Eden tells Cruz that Sophia still lives and that it would be better when she would be dead. The phone rings. A desperate Joe tells Cruz that Kelly is not at home and a kind of fight must have happened. The local police is not ready to help.

Kelly wakes up in Peter's car finding herself bound hand and foot. Peter talks kindly to her promising her that they will be soon at their goal. He stops at an empty house. Kelly is with bare feet and her night gown. She pretends to lose consciousness and Peter puts her on the bed telling her that he will bring a blanket from the car. Kelly uses his absence to phone to Joe and inform him that Peter has driven her away for hours but she does not know where he has brought her. Joe informs Cruz and Cruz is questioning Peter's doctor again about his health condition by which he finds out the truth. Eden wants to join Cruz and they go together to see Joe. Cruz gets to know that Peter's car was at the airport and he has taken a flight under another name to the city near to Joe's place. He can't figure out how Peter has found out about this place. A policeman comes and reports that they have found out that Peter has rented a car and now at least they know the car they can search for.

Peter is tired and lies down next to Kelly. He starts sleeping and Kelly slowly makes her way to the door. All of a sudden Peter jumps up and steps before the door. Kelly tells him that she only is having a headache and she wanted to fetch some tablets. She tells him softly that he looks so tired an should take rest. Peter doesn't give in and takes out a white carnation adorning Kelly's hair with it. Then he put on her the perfume he loves.