Eden has an argument with Kelly and calls her Robert's new girl- friend. They fight over the letter Eden had asked Kelly to give to Robert (when Kelly was reading the letter in the hospital Cruz took it away from her and read it as well - in the previous part). Cruz leaves home and gets into a fight in Ric's bar. When Eden hears that Robert has left the hospital she goes to the police in order to ask them to look for him. She then sees there Cruz who was brought in for hitting a young policeman who hadn't known who he was.

Ric has an argument with Eden over Robert Barr. Cruz prefers to spend the night in the cell instead of calling his lawyer. Mason and Julia have a fight. Julia realizes that Sasha is in love with Mason. Sasha leaves their home and checks into the Capwell hotel. Cruz starts to investigate the disappearance of Robert Barr. Greta goes to see Robert Barr at Kelly's request and gives him some medicine. Mason thinks the mysterious Mrs. Tonell could be his mother.

Mason tells CC that Tonell's widow may be Pamela and his father agrees with him when he learns that Pamela had been released from the hospital eight months before. Mack calls on Julia and Julia asks him to spy on Sasha as the latter frequented the health club. Kelly and Robert kiss and then talk about things. Kelly says she doesn't want to be the substitute for her sister. She makes arrangements to take Robert away but CC cancels the car and tells Kelly to keep out of it. Cruz goes home only to wait for Robert to call Eden. Eden tells Cruz that they are a family and should be together, she also keeps telling him how much she loves him. Eden doesn't think Robert would call. Cruz is convinced that he will. And he does, eventually. Eden speaks with him but doesn't find out where he is. When Cruz plays the tape again he hears the sound of the clock they had brought with them from Paris when they had found Adriana. He calls on CC who tells him that the clock is in the guest house. But Eden had also heard the bells of the clock and she reaches the guest house before Cruz and takes Robert away. Mason shows Sasha the picture of his mother and she says that, although it was taken 30 years ago, the woman on it may be Mrs. Tonell. Mason and Julia go to Las Vegas and break into Tonell's house. They meet the dobermans of Mrs. Tonell. The dogs obey Julia when she tells them to sit and it gives Mason the chance to go to Mrs. Tonell's bedroom. A woman appears behind him and when he calls him mother the woman answers that even though Mason had called her many names, mother had never been one of them. The woman was Augusta.