Rafael tells Cruz that he saw Eden pack her things and drive away with Robert. Cruz's family goes to Mexico. Cruz tells Boswell to find Eden and Robert. Then he turns the Capwell guest house topsy-turvy without finding any lead. Laura tells Ethan that she doesn't like Phyllis' being his secretary for it gives Gina the reason for coming to the office more often. Ethan takes Phyllis and Gina out for breakfast. Phyllis makes an excuse and leaves. Gina spills some coffee on Ethan's tie and therefore buys him a new one. Laura doesn't like it. Laura and Gina have a serious fight in course of which Laura tells her to stay away from her husband and finally slaps Gina on the cheek. Phyllis reads the Leo Mitchell file and is surprised that the case has been closed. Augusta, Julia and Mason have an argument. Julia wants Augusta to give back the Capwell Enterprises if she should inherit everything. Augusta wants the hitman to find Robert very quickly for if he should show up to the reading of Tonell's will, she will lose everything. Kelly and Sophia have a talk and Kelly says she's not sure how she feels about Robert.

Laura and Gina fight about Ethan. They both wind up with a black eye. Phyllis reads the Mitchell file. Ethan mentions divorce when Laura shows up with a black eye. Nugent comes to Ethan's office because his wife had received a telegram about the Leo case. Laura sees him and is frightened. Laura tells Ethan to sleep with Gina and get her out of his system. Gina overhears the conversation between Laura and Ethan in the course of which she finds out that Laura had killed Leo. Eden calls Cruz while Robert's waiting in the car. Cruz goes to see Ethan and meets Phyllis who then finds his name in the file. Cruz tells Ethan he wants to investigate Barr's missing on his own terms. Cruz is called out because a man, Travis, wants to commit a suicide by jumping down from the eighth floor of the Capwell Hotel. Travis mentions a girl named Nikki. Cruz goes to look for her and finds her in a bar. He persuades her to come with him for a man's life was at stake and in the end she reluctantly agrees. Nikki tries to change Travis' mind but he pulls her out of the window onto the ledge. Cruz goes onto the ledge as well. Robert takes Eden to the only safe place he can think of - an abandoned theatre. He tells Eden that he loves her. They kiss.

Orient Express. Augusta offers her friendship to Sasha. Julia and Mason watch them from their table. Augusta plays grieving widow to CC and the latter admits to Mason and Julia that Augusta is quite a good actress. Mason tells Sasha to stay away from CC. Sasha threatens to tell Julia about their love affair but Mason is not afraid and says he is going to tell his wife himself. Augusta leaves Kelly in Tonell's office to look at Robert's things. The hitman, who is hiding, sees Kelly find a theatre programme "Phantom of the Opera". Eden finds with a start that she has left her wallet at home. Robert tells Eden how he had seen her and Cruz there five years ago and how Eden hadn't recognized him. The hitman comes to the theatre Eden and Robert are hiding in and finds Eden. Cruz with the help of Nikki changes Travis' mind about killing himself. Kelly tells Cruz what she found and that she is determined to find Robert and fight for him. Sophia calls Cruz and asks him to go with Kelly.

Robert tells the hitman he owns the theatre and when the man still holds the gun, Eden hits him with a vase. Barr steals the wallet from the man he meets in a beach bar. Kelly goes after Eden and Robert. Robert borrows a saxophone for a moment but after playing a few notes he sees Kelly and hurries Eden away from the beach bar. He doesn't tell Eden he had seen her sister. They go to one of the watching towers to spend a night there. Eden tells Robert that she's there in order to find out why she is there. Gina asks Phyllis why she had the Leo Mitchell file. Phyllis says she wants Laura out of the way but Gina tells her that then Ethan would suffer the most. Ethan has an argument with Laura and calls on Gina. He offers to help Gina with putting Brandon's bicycle together so that she could give it to him for Christmas. Finally they kiss. Laura is drunk and disturbs Michael and Greta again. Nikki tells Cruz (at the police) how two guys had been fighting over her. Cruz tells her that her behaviour was most likely provoking. Nikki calls Cruz because one of her "dates" insisted on getting into her apartment and Cruz promises to come to her rescue. Ric is asked to stay with Grace. Inez shows up to see her baby. She tells Michael that she thinks she is ready to take her baby away.

Sasha asks Mason if he told Julia. Julia overhears Mason telling Sasha he wasn't going to lose Julia over her. Mason admits he used Sasha to get close to Tonell, but he doesn't mention sleeping with her. Julia says Mason mustn't use her sister. Mason offers Augusta a deal, Julia advises her not to take it. Sasha asks Mason if he might be "working on" the wrong heiress. Cruz breaks into Nikki's apartment and she hits him on the head with something, mistaking him for another. At home Cruz talks to his mother and Chip over the phone, lying about the situation at home. Nikki surprises him by showing up at his place. She is worried Cruz might try to do something as foolish as Travis. Cruz assures her that he is fine. Kelly calls Cruz and he tells her he has changed his mind. Laura is drunk. She sees Mack in the Orient Express and when Phyllis shows up, makes some insulting remark in answer to which Phyllis tells her she had just left Gina and Ethan alone at Gina's place. Ethan and Gina kiss. Ethan tells Gina he feels the need to see her more often. Laura makes a scene at home. She asks Ethan to fire Phyllis and when he refuses she accuses him for not caring for her. Laura tries to fire Phyllis on the behalf of her husband but Phyllis sees through her lie.

Cruz goes after Eden. Kelly tells Cruz he shouldn't give up on Eden. Kelly finds Eden's car and wonders why the clothes are there. The hitman manages to get the police go after Eden and Barr. While running away with Barr, Eden meets a fortune teller who tells her she could lose everything. Cruz catches the hitman and the latter falls down. Kelly sees Robert and Eden kiss.

The day of the reading of Tonell's will. The hitman turns out to be dead. Eden sees Kelly watching and goes after her. Kelly bids Cruz to take her back to SB. Cruz meets Barr in the bar and tells him the hitman was dead. Phyllis slips a note saying "Mitchell killer found - Laura Asher" under Laura's door. Laura calls Phyllis and asks her to come to the Lair. Gina tells her mother to stay away from Ethan's marriage, explaining she doesn't want Ethan that way. Laura tells Phyllis that she has a strong marriage. Augusta calls on Gina, makes some spicy remarks about her taste and tells her she intends to get the house back and throw Gina out. Ethan chooses jewels. He gives Gina an early Christmas present (most likely the earrings he bought). Sasha calls on CC. Mason tries to buy her out. Augusta is told that Robert may be dead. She and Sasha have a fight, each trying to diminish the importance of the other. Barr shows up at the reading of Tonell's will.

Sophia tells Kelly not to throw herself on Robert. When Robert shows up at the reading of the will CC yells at him wanting to know where Eden was. Tonell had left a video-tape as a will. He left the house, the car and $50,000 a year to his wife; a house in Palm Springs and $100,000 to Sasha; 1 share of the Capwell Enterprises to CC and everything else to Barr. If anything was to happen to Barr before the reading of the will, Augusta would inherit his bit. Sasha turns down Mason's offer for the second time and tells him she was planning to stay in SB and become a respectful citizen. Julia and Sasha have a spicy argument. Eden and Cruz argue. He says that everything was over between them. Eden tries to change his mind. Cruz leaves, sits on the beach, recalling how he had told Eden he wouldn't walk away as his father had done. Sophia tries to comfort Eden but is not much help. Barr sees Cruz unexpectedly on the beach, but they don't exchange a word. Robert enters Eden's house without her opening the door. Kelly walks in on their kissing again. Kelly blames Eden for being spoilt and not caring two straws about anybody else. They have a serious argument. CC and Mason call on Eden. Eden snaps at her father to get out if he didn't like the way she was leading her life. CC yells at Eden, she gets upset and when Robert re-enters she departs with him. Cruz meets Nikki and they play pool. Nikki asks Cruz to go to a party with her but he turns her down.

Brandon complains about the Christmas cards from which the letters L-A-U-R-A had been cut out. Brandon realises that it had been Phyllis. Gina confronts her mother about it. Ethan tells Cruz that he can't endanger his life for it doesn't solve any problems. They talk about Cruz's marriage. Laura barges in despite Phyllis' attempts to stop her and tells Ethan about the letter. She is convinced that Gina and her mother are behind it. Ethan doesn't believe it. In the Centre Ethan gives Brandon something with Magic Johnson's signature. Brandon is very happy. Ethan tells Gina he has a crisis at home. Gina blames her mother for ruining her chances. Michael asks Cruz to be Santa Claus. Cruz agrees and plays Santa in the Youth Centre. Later in Ric's bar Nikki asks Cruz to dance with her, he accepts. Cruz leaves and goes upstairs where Nikki follows him later bringing a Christmas tree for him. Eden and Barr are in a house on the beach, a restaurant which Robert used to own. Robert tells Eden he wants to make up for the damage he and Tonell had done. They have dinner in front of the fire. Barr gives Eden a brooch. They dance and kiss.

Julia has suspicions and she calls to Palm Springs trying to find out whether Mason and Sasha had met there. Julia asks Augusta about Sasha. She doesn't understand why Tonell wanted to kill Sasha and Mason together. She asks Kelly who doesn't tell her anything significant, however. Mason overhears them. He has a spicy talk with Kelly over his lying to Julia. Augusta gives Julia the file her detective had on Sasha but there were only the photos of Sasha and her chauffeur. CC loses his present to Sophia after talking to Augusta. CC and Sophia have an argument about Eden and her marriage problems. Augusta comes to the Capwell house wearing the necklace CC had bought for Sophia but CC gets it back. Greg had found Lisa and Emily speaks to her over the phone telling her she has married Greg. Robert tells Eden he wants to fool himself as long as possible and as long as she lets him. Eden tells Robert that the fact that Kelly is in love with him makes her feel extremely jealous. She tells Robert about their (Eden & Kelly) childhood. Eden calls Carmen to ask her to bring the kids home for Christmas.