Kelly and Cruz call on Julia and Mason. Mason takes Julia to the church and asks her to marry him all over again. Mason makes an oath to love Julia forever. Paddy (an angel who is waiting to get his wings) is sent to help Cruz. Cruz tells Ric he can't visit his kids because of the fog. He meets Paddy. The lights on his Christmas tree don't work and Cruz trashes the tree which causes a fire in his living room. He goes to the church and asks God for help. Ethan gets a phone call ordering him to go to the DA's office. Gina and Ethan meet. Ethan explains that he can't stay because of the situation at home but when he tries to leave they find the door locked. Gina assures him she had nothing to do with that. They have supper and later kiss.

CC and Sophia, Julia and Mason as well as Carmen, Rafael and Chip light a candle for Cruz. Paddy tells Cruz he's an angel. The latter laughs at him and goes to see Julia who doesn't recognize him and points a gun at him telling him somebody had taken Samantha away and Mason wasn't there either. Cruz then goes home, meets his mother and Sophia who don't know him either. Sophia tells him she's married to Tonell. CC has lost everything in a fire at the rigs and Mason and Gina live together a lustful life. Eden is with Robert Barr but when they meet with Cruz, Eden tells him she has a feeling that they know each other somehow. Ric gets shot in the bar. These are the events which would have taken place hadn't Cruz been born, says Paddy. When Cruz (back to normal) gets home and sees Eden with the children he says that it is all he needs. The whole family come to celebrate with them and bring them a bell as a present. Cruz tells Chip that every time a bell rings it means that an angel has received its wings.

The family celebrates Christmas. Rafael expresses his happiness and gratitude because he is able to spend Christmas with his family after a long time. Ethan tells Gina he loves her. Brandon falls from his bicycle. Laura makes another threat letter and tells Ethan someone had left it outside. Kelly receives the toy train she had ordered to give Robert as a Christmas present. Emily gives Greg a surf board and they leave for the sea to try it out.

Cruz and Ethan are planning something in Ethan's office. Some guy from the Secret Service catches Nikki eavesdropping. Nikki had come to give Cruz a Christmas present. Cruz said he would keep an eye on Nikki instead of throwing her to jail. Eden tells Robert she intends to go away for a while with the children. They argue. They part. Later Robert calls on Eden at her house to apologize. Cruz and Nikki walk in when Robert is holding Adriana (Cruz was told Eden wasn't home). Cruz tells Eden he won't allow the kids call Robert 'father'. Kelly gives Rob the toy train. Kelly and Bunny prepare dinner for Robert in his boat. Robert tells Kelly he is not in love with her, she answers that she is willing to wait. Laura comes to the health club to ask Mack to breakfast. She finds a letter in her purse and seems frightened. Gina interrupts them. Laura takes her leave and Mack tells Gina about the envelope. Laura tells Ethan the blackmailer wants $10,000. Laura and Ethan leave the office anxiously. Gina comes in blaming her mother, Phyllis tells her to follow the Ashers for it was unusual Ethan should cancel all his appointments. Ethan puts $10,000 into the garbage can. Gina finds the money but doesn't take it.

Bunny learns that Sasha had sung in Las Vegas and after hearing her singing offers her a job in the Lair. Julia still suspects Mason. Augusta tells Julia to hold on to Mason for he has committed himself to her for the rest of his life. Sasha still wants Mason. Kelly calls Renfield telling her not to come to work and replaces her. In the end, Robert gives her a job. Robert offers to give the company back to CC but the latter tells him to stay away from his daughters. They are interrupted by Kelly and the question is left unsolved. Augusta goes to see Robert for she wants Capwell Enterprises. Laura tells Ethan she had seen Gina in the Lair after delivering the money. Ethan calls on Gina. She tells Ethan she knows that Laura killed Leo. Laura takes Mack's keys and breaks into Gina's house. She puts the money into Gina's basement. Augusta calls Mason and tells him she wants to meet him for she had some interesting photos about Palm Springs.

Emily tells Greg she thinks she's pregnant. Kelly steers the boat in the storm and she and Robert wind up on an island. They have no idea where they are. Emily and Greg meet them by accident and tell them they're only on the opposite bank of the bay. Julia goes to Palm Springs, shows the picture of Mason to the guardian and asks if she had seen him. But Mason had managed to get there before Julia and bought the guardian off. Julia finds a book dedicated to Sasha in Mason's handwriting. Julia comes home but doesn't tell Mason anything. Nikki slips away from Cruz and meets a guy in the Lair. Cruz finds her and tells her that if she ever ran away again he would put her in jail. Cruz finds out that Nikki has no background. She tells him she's in the country illegally.

Kelly asks Robert to come to the New Year's Eve Party at her father's house. She tells her father she wants big party. Julia asks Augusta her detective's address. Sophia tries to throw Augusta out but Mason tells her he had invited her. Mason fakes a phone call, leaves the party and breaks into Augusta's apartment in order to find the incriminating photos. Julia breaks into her sister's apartment as well with the same purpose. She finds the photos and sees Mason. CC had invited Sasha. He asks her to sing. Ric, Cruz and Nikki come to the party as well. Barr sees Cruz with Nikki and remarks that Cruz hadn't wasted any time in answer to which Cruz hits him and Robert falls into the Christmas tree. Eden calls Cruz to wish him a happy New Year, Cruz also congratulates Adriana on her birthday. Laura tells Ethan that the new blackmail letter had demanded $50,000. Ethan tells Gina he will resign. Gina imagines how Laura would blame Ethan for the murder and tells Ethan not to go through with it. Laura tells Ethan before he was supposed to go public that she had murdered Leo, not shot him in self-defence. Ethan doesn't say anything to the reporters.

Augusta and Julia have an argument concerning Mason's affair with Sasha and about the fact that she (Augusta) had hid it. Rafael tells Cruz that he loves his grandchildren very much, that Cruz-Eden love is a miracle and that the children will always "link" him with Eden. Renfield shows Robert and article about Kelly's new job as a vice-president of his company. When Kelly appears he tells her (Kelly) that the new job is not what she really desires for. Cruz tells Nikki that she finally may go and then Nikki talks to Cruz at the bar about her plans for the future. Robert tells Kelly to check all the staff of the company, but her attention is caught by the stables, which belong to Robert. Mason comes to Julia, but she tells him that she hates him (whether he believes her or not). Then she asks Mason to leave. CC and Robert have a spicy argument concerning Robert's behavior in the life of the Capwells. CC also offers Kelly a job in Capwell Enterprises, but she turns it down. Cruz asks his father to give Nikki a job as his assistant. Kelly visits the stables and gets interested in the horse called Dark Victor. Bunny asks Julia to help his cousin who is going to divorce. Augusta persuades her to accept the proposition. Robert finds out where Kelly was by the smell of her hair and is very angry with her. Bunny and Julia enter the plane, but at the last moment Bunny disappears and it turns out to be a trap for Julia settled by Mason. He tells her that everything is over between him and Sasha and that he loves her (Julia), but she turns him down again. Something becomes wrong with the plane. Kelly repeatedly visits the stables and hides herself when someone else comes there too. The man turns out to be Robert Barr. Mason and Julia jump from the plane and make a successful landing somewhere in the mountains.

Laura has made another blackmail letter. When Ethan comes she hides it between a magazine. Ethan gives Laura his gun when she says she is frightened to be alone. Laura tells Ethan that the night she had killed Leo she had wanted to kill herself too. Laura had called the Lair before and when she dines there with Ethan, Bunny delivers her the threat message she had left for herself. Mack tells Gina to leave Ethan alone. He tells Laura to call him whenever she needed help. Laura calls on Mack to fetch the magazine with the letter he had accidentally taken with him. Mack hadn't seen it. Ethan leaves a message for Gina and they meet in his office. Laura goes there and hears them kiss. Robert and Kelly are curious about a racing horse in Tonell's stables. Rafael had asked Nikki to be his assistant but she starts having doubts when she hears Eden was planning to come home. Mason and Julia had jumped from the airplane and are freezing somewhere in the mountains. Mason tells her that he had slept with Sasha because she was beautiful and he was weak.

Eden comes home. Robert suspects Kelly is trying to keep him away from SB and later hears that Eden's back. Cruz finds Julia and Mason. CC and Sophia tell Eden Julia and Mason had had an accident and that Mason had been unfaithful. Sophia tells Eden about the Christmas party. Julia is taken to the hospital and Sasha shows up there as well. Mason asks her to leave. Eden sees Cruz at the hospital. They have a talk and Cruz concludes that they are exactly where they were before Eden went away "to think". Mason tells CC he doesn't want to lose his marriage the way Eden lost hers. Eden hears it. She learns that Kelly works for Robert now. Eden calls Robert and they meet. She tells Robert she hasn't made a decision yet. Julia has a weird dream being both the procecuter and the witness who is trying to defend Mason. Sasha is the judge and Mason the guard. Julia-the-witness is being ridiculed by the others. When she wakes up she asks Mason to leave, and to move out of the house before she gets home. She's tired of mending their relationship. Sasha sees beaten Mason leave Julia's room. Mason sees her but walks away. Kelly meets Travis Bucknell and is hired at the stables. She sees Eden at Robert's place. Cruz finds Nikki in his apartment, Nikki tells him she has lost the key for a locker. Cruz finds it when she's gone.