Eden wants to go back to her job in TV. She explains to Sophia that she can't tell Cruz she has no feelings for Robert. Kelly apologizes to Eden and tells her she will stand by her, but only because she didn't choose Robert. Cruz offers to help Nikki but wants to know about her past. He goes out with her. They kiss. Michael calls on Julia. Mason moves into the Capwell Hotel. He has a "tombstone" made for his marriage and makes a total fool out of himself. He is drinking, CC asks him not to. Sasha takes Mason home but refuses to stay the night.

Eden's appearance on TV interrupts Cruz and Nikki's kissing. Barr and Kelly have a serious argument. Kelly and Henry at the stables see Travis, Nikki is spying on him as well. Travis messes around with Dark Victor. Barr shows up. Kelly discovers the box Travis had taken out of the hiding place and they find a notebook with Tonell's codes Barr later sends to Cruz. Mack argues with Gina. Laura tells Ethan they could leave together and wouldn't have to pay. Brandon videotapes Bunny and tells Bunny to ask Laura for the money as if he were a gangster and she his girlfriend. At first Laura has a terrified look but cools down when she hears it is a game. She calls Ethan and asks him to come to the Lair. Gina stays with the suitcase with $ 50,000 at the Orient Express. Laura goes there to get the suitcase. She makes phony phonecalls to Gina and eventually manages to get the case and drop Gina's earring - the one Ethan had given her. Ethan asks Cruz if anyone has bothered him about the Leo Mitchell case. Brandon shows Mack the tape. Mack calls on Laura to comfort her. Gina calls Ethan that the money is gone. Laura tells Ethan he must be blind not to see Gina is behind it. Eden asks Cruz to come back.

Augusta moves in with Julia. Julia sends Mason's things to his hotel. Mason wants Julia to let him in, Julia refuses. He breaks his way in. Julia tells Mason she won't take him back. Mason wants to see Samantha and Julia doesn't let him. Mason drinks again in the OE. Cruz is waiting to get a warrant. Nikki comes to find her keys. She sees the box Barr had sent to Cruz. Laura and Ethan have a fight. Cruz interrupts them when he comes to get the warrant. Gina warns Mack about Laura. Ethan shows Gina the earring he had found in the Orient Express and they figure out Laura had planted it. Ethan confronts Laura but she denies. Ethan is furious and tells Laura he will file for the divorce when this is over. Barr tells Kelly to follow his orders but Kelly is worried about the horse and slips away. She tries to stop Travis from taking the horse. Cruz comes and sends Travis to the police station. Kelly admits she had been working under false name, Robert confirms her story. He wants to send Kelly to Greece but she refuses to go. Nikki calls on Cruz and tells him she had heard about Travis. Travis takes Nikki into hostage and leaves the police station.

Laura and Ethan tell Michael about the letters - Michael hopes to help. Gina asks Mack to be on her side. Ethan calls on Gina and tells her about his decision to file for the divorce. Laura calls on Gina later and tells her that as long as Gina can keep up her facade, she will have Ethan. Ethan and Laura have another fight. Laura tells him she is not going to make it easy for him to get a divorce. Dark Victor (the horse Kelly had saved) won finally. Robert gives him to Kelly. Barr gets into a fight. Robert and Kelly spend a day together. Nikki tells Cruz she doesn't know where Travis has gone. Rafael and Nikki tell Cruz he is being too proud.

Julia and Michael see Mason making a fool out of himself in the OE. Emily and Greg try to get him to join them for dinner, he refuses and leaves. The family is planning something for Mason. Sasha asks Mason for legal advice. Mason goes to CC's house and the family tries to put some sense into his head. Emily tells him about her father and it seems as if she gets through to him. Sasha calls on Mason at the hotel and Mason tells there's no hope for them. Julia had got a restraining order for Mason, so he reads poetry to Julia outside through the loud-speaker. CC and Sophia have a snowball-fight within the house. CC wants to take Sophia skiing. Sophia gets a call from Hollywood. Laura is planting a blackmil letter demanding another $ 10,000 when Ethan sees her on the stairs, but he doesn't find out the truth. Ethan asks Bunny for the money. He is determined to finish the blackmail tonight. Michael and Ethan are locked into the house and see a woman take the money. Laura calls Gina (false call about Brandon to leave her without an alibi) and later plants some of the marked money into Gina's purse.

Kelly loses Dark Victor because Augusta wants him (Tonell had owned it personally and so it belonged to her). Robert tries to buy it but Augusta doesn't sell. Travis hits Kelly to the head when she's at the stables with Dark Victor. Nikki shows up at the stables and calls for help anonymously. Augusta comes too and wants to take the horse away. Cruz suspects that Nikki had called for help. Nikki walks in when Cruz and Rafael are listening to the tape, plays it but shows no signs of recognition. Robert calls on Kelly at the hospital. Cruz and Greg walk in on Mason's videotaping himself. Mason asks for their help to win Julia back. He tells Cruz he's never going back to his previous life without Julia. Mason recommends romance tactics to Cruz as well. Julia puts on the TV and it doesn't shut down (Mason is talking). Greg delivers the 12 dozen roses Mason sent and Mason sings "Raindrops are falling" behind the window. Julia lets Mason in after hearing him sing for a long time. Mason wants Julia to tear up the restraining order. She does so finally. They blame each other of being childish. Ethan and Laura have another argument. Laura asks Mack to dance with her. She had seen Ethan with Brandon (like father and son) and tells Mack it's over between her and Ethan. Mack asks if she's pregnant. She answers "Not after tonight". Brandon walks in on Gina and Ethan's kissing. Mack sees Ethan at Gina's and tells him about Laura. Mack gives Bunny one of the marked bank notes he had got from Gina. He is arrested. Ethan shows up at the hospital and tells Laura not to go through with the abortion and takes her home. Nikki had put on Eden's gown, Cruz gets upset and tells her to take it off. Nikki makes a scene about it.

Phyllis tells Mack that the money had been marked and learns from Mack that he had got it from Gina, but he asks her not to tell Gina. Ethan threatens Mack. The latter tells him nothing. Mack wants to see Gina and tells her about the money, blames her. Laura tells Mack to turn Gina in. She tells Gina to stay away from Ethan. Gina asks Ethan if Laura had been right telling her he will never leave her now that she's pregnant. Ethan asks Gina to give him some time, Gina agrees. Cruz tries to talk to the guy he had seen talking to Nikki. He turns out to be a Mexican cop. Cruz asks Nikki about the cop. Nikki gets a contract for Rafael and his magic show for two weeks in the Lair. She prepares Mexican dinner for Rafael and Cruz. Nikki gets locked up in the magic box, she gets out and falls into Cruz's lap when Eden arrives. Kelly slips away from the hospital. Robert is kidnapped by Craig Hunt. Hunt tells him he has been released for the bail. Barr tells Kelly Hunt is head of the mafia and that he had threatened Kelly as well.

Eden comes home. Cruz leaves home, changes his mind, opens the door wanting to go back in but hears Eden on the phone talking to Robert and leaves upset. Mason apologises to CC. CC and Sophia don't go to skiing. Sophia has doubts about performing before the camera. She talks with her agent Stephen Slade (in LA) who asks her to dinner and tells her she's perfect for the part. The play doesn't have an ending. CC tells Eden he feels as if he will never see Sophia again. Victor won again and Augusta is thrilled. Mason wants to take Samantha for a walk, Julia doesn't trust him and comes along. Mason takes them to a miniature circus on the beach. Mason gives a bunch of flowers to Sasha. Kelly and Robert find some casino equipment on the boat. Cruz tells his father that Eden has it all now. Robert tells Eden to stay away if she doesn't want to be with him.

Mason sends a violinist to Julia. The violinist follows Julia everywhere. Julia finally breaks his violin stick. Mason asks CC to help him set Sasha up and make her leave town. Augusta tells CC she has the horse Robert wanted to give to Kelly. Cruz takes Nikki's glass for fingerprints. Cruz and Eden want to put Chip to preschool. Eden forgets about the meeting, Cruz calls her, the woman interviewing them is surprised they are separated for they seem so at ease with each other. Eden comes to see Rafael's act. Nikki asks Rafael to pay her in cash not by cheque. Cruz learns about Nikki's past. Her name used to be Maria Nicoletta Gonzalez and she had done time for robbery. Cruz wants to talk to Nikki, Eden sees him take her away. Cruz confronts Nikki about her past. Ethan gets another letter and lets Mack go. Gina asks Ethan if it's possible Laura might be behind the blackmail letters. Ethan tells Laura about his plan and asks her to stay in his office.

Brandt Moss (from TV) lets the world know Derek Griffin and Robert Barr were in San Sebastian prison at the same time. Eden tells Robert she didn't know about it. Nikki explains to Cruz how she hadn't had any idea her partner was going to rob the gas station. She and Cruz have an argument. Cruz asks all sorts of questions but Nikki tells him she would answer if he admitted he has been attracted to her from the beginning. Cruz sets a trap for Nikki leaving an envelope with some information about Travis' whereabouts on the table and Nikki falls in peeping into the envelope. Cruz follows Nikki, he is told that she intends to go to Acapulco. Nikki gets on the plane, Cruz is stopped by the guard. Some cop had been injured and Eden's worried. Cruz comes to the TV station to let Eden know he's alright and sees her with Robert again. Eden calls on Robert. She tells Robert she had chosen Cruz. Robert tells her to stay out of his life from now on. Kelly overhears their conversation. Ric gets a job at docks. Kelly offers Ric some money to keep his eyes open. Ric gives the money back, saying he'll do it for free if she told him more about it. Eventually he agrees. Ethan leaves the suitcase in Ric's bar and sees Laura show up and take the case. He, Gina and Mack trap her in Gina's house. Laura runs away. Gina finds the money in her basement. Ethan doesn't know what to do for Laura is pregnant. Mack finds Laura and tells her she has a lot to live for, Laura tells him she wants to die. Laura confronts Ethan in the office. Ethan explodes and tells her he feels sorry for the child.