Gina doubts if Laura is really pregnant. Gina tells Ethan she can't have children. Ethan asks the nurse to make a pregnancy test but not to tell Laura. A reporter shows up at the hospital and asks Ethan if his marriage is falling apart. Laura asks in front of the reporter if Ethan is going to Gina's or home. Laura tells Ethan she will go to therapy. Gina and Ethan have dinner. CC and Julia have breakfast, CC tells her he wants to keep the family together. Julia gets a cake from Mason for breakfast. Mason tells Julia he can't let her go. Julia tells him she don't belong to him, and that she has had all the attention from Mason she could take. Julia and Eden have a business conversation, Mason interrupts. Sophia and Eden have a talk about Barr and Sophia's film. CC and Sophia have a talk about making movies. Sophia tells him she will accept if Slade still wants her in the movie. Kelly and then Robert show up at the boat Ric works on for Hunt. Robert wants to see Hunt's office. He offers Ric a job with $ 1000 a day and Ric accepts. Robert and Kelly celebrate the finding of some papers in Hunt's office. Robert kisses her. Kelly tells him she loves him. Eden and Julia learn that Griffin has been arrested.

Laura and Phyllis (separately) both hear Ethan tell Gina he had ordered the pregnancy-test. Phyllis tells Gina to sleep with Ethan and get pregnant herself. Gina tells Phyllis she can't have children. Mack overhears their conversation. Laura changes the negative result of the test to a positive one. The nurse congratulates Ethan on his becoming a father. Laura wants the baby to change their life. Gina is still not sure about Laura's pregnancy. She refuses to become Ethan's lover. Brandon presents his video. Kelly and Robert make love. They spend an amorous night together. Kelly wants to have a real date. Barr takes her to the OE to dance. Augusta goes to the TV studio to the interview about Dark Victor. Instead, they talk more about Tonell. Augusta plans a big party, asks Bunny to organize it. People warn Augusta about Anita (her interviewer), but Augusta doesn't believe she's "a shark". But when she sees the show Anita made of her twisting her words, Augusta tells Bunny she'll kill her. She is devastated. Julia calls on Derek (in Canada). He has a couple of kids of some African dissidents he wants to take to SB and refuses to go without them. Julia decides to help him. They are stopped at the border.

Stephen Slade calls on Sophia and tells her they can shoot the movie in SB. CC walks in on Sophia and Stephen reading the script and asks Sophia to accompany him to Augusta's party. Sophia promises to come when they're done with the script. Stephen tells Sophia he had written the script thinking of her. CC is the only one who comes to Augusta's party. He hopes to buy Dark Victor but Augusta won't sell and CC leaves. Julia manages to get Griffin's kids to the USA. Nikki meets Cruz in a bar in Mexico and takes him to the cementary her parents were buried, saying she's there not because of Travis but because of her roots. Cruz doesn't believe her and tells her he had planted the envelope. Nikki tells him to stay out of it. She makes a run for it through the window when Cruz leaves her alone in the room to change. A priest tells Cruz Nikki had bought her parents' farm and deals with horses now. Cruz finds Travis and Nikki in a bar. Travis runs away and Cruz arrests Nikki.

Nikki tells Cruz she's a cop. Cruz doesn't believe her and takes her downtown. She tells him only one man knows who she is and Cruz talks to the guy on the phone and then, convinced, releases Nikki. Augusta meets Derek. She comes up with an idea of organizing a charity auction to sell Dark Victor. Derek wants to see Robert. Julia and Derek meet Kelly and Robert, Derek asks them to dine with him, Julia and Eden. Kelly and Julia talk about Robert and Mason. Mason and CC discuss Mason's marriage, CC tells him he should get a divorce. Augusta tells CC she plans to sell the horse. Mason has a talk with Eden. He climbs up the ladder "endangering his life" to impress Julia. It turns out Robert had saved Derek's life. Julia tells the others Eden couldn't come but then Eden shows up with Mason. The latter makes an acquaintance with Derek. Julia sends Mason away. Mason is jealous of Derek and tells Julia it's stupid of her to get even. Kelly follows Eden to the roof and she asks her why Eden doesn't go back to Cruz and Eden snaps at her that she will take care of her own life. Eden sees Nikki and Cruz together in the bar.

CC wants to see Robert. Robert tells Kelly he's not comfortable with showing himself in public with her. Ric tells Kelly about Hunt's plans to cheat in the casino he is about to open, and that Hunt had hired a man and a woman. Sophia suggests Eden should tell Cruz she won't see Robert anymore. Eden is not very nice to her mother. Sophia calls on Cruz and tells him about Eden's decision, she calls him a coward. Sophia walks in on CC and Augusta making invitations to the auction. They have an argument. Eden calls Cruz. Nikki tells Cruz Travis wants to meet her and is determined to go alone. Eden calls on Sophia and apologizes. Robert calls on CC and runs into Eden. CC threatens Robert. Nikki has a talk with Ric and finds out he has a new job. Ric doesn't want Cruz to know about it. CC offers Kelly a job but she turns him down. Then CC tries to buy her out in answer to which she tells him Robert is her lover. CC tells her that Robert will never be a member of his family. Kelly is upset and moves out. Robert is not pleased and tells her she can stay on his boat no more than a few days. Ric gets Hunt out and Robert into Craig's office. Robert and Kelly find out Sasha is one of the investors. Cruz and Eden have a talk which seems to lead somewhere but Nikki butts in and interrupts.

Cruz wires Nikki when she goes to meet Travis at the stables. She talks aloud (to the microphone) when Travis shows up. He tells Nikki they will take the horse to the mountains. Nikki makes funny gestures to Travis. Cruz calls Eden to tell her he's not able to come to talk to her as planned. Julia is surprised to hear that Eden hasn't slept with Robert. Julia learns from Michael that Mason had let Derek be arrested for stealing some blankets from the Capwell Hotel. Julia lets herself be arrested as well to spite Mason and she and Derek give Eden an interview. Eden refuses to interview Mason. Mason makes a remark about Michael's previous involvement with Julia in front of Greta and she asks Michael what that was about. Michael gives some vague explanation. Mason lets the police keep Julia in jail. Eden reproaches him, Mason tries to explain and Eden finally makes an interview with him. Julia and Derek talk in the slammer about her failed marriage. Mason lets himself be locked up in Julia's cell when Derek is taken to Ethan for questioning. Mason organises a ludicrous dinner in the cell which irritates Julia.

Ethan learns that Julia had been arrested as well. Julia pulls the table cloth away throwing everything on it at Mason. Ethan locks the door leaving Mason and Derek to sort things out. Mason writes a $ 10,000 cheque for the children and tells Derek to stay away from Julia. Laura tells Ethan that the shrink wants to see them both. She decides to start eating a lot and wonders who might be the lucky father. She calls on Michael and they wind up talking about the Leo case. Laura tells him her marriage is over. She calls on Ethan at his office and among other things asks whether his mother had had blond hair and learns that his mother had been an Italian. Nikki writes notes to Travis in the car so that Cruz wouldn't hear. They are forced to stop because of the bad weather. Travis makes a pass at her and finds the wire. Nikki hits him and Cruz enters. He arrests Travis and the latter tells him his boss' name but when Nikki and Cruz reach the cabin there's nobody there. They are hit by a snowfall and are forced to stay the night in the cabin. Nikki tells Cruz she'll leave SB soon. Mason goes to the centre and apologises to Michael who leaves him in charge of the soup-kitchen for a while. A man comes asking if they still had some overcoats and when Mason can't find any he gives him his own. Julia beholds that noble gesture.

Augusta organises an auction. Two main competitors in bidding for Dark Victor will be CC and Robert Barr. Julia goes to the auction and meets Mason. Eden hears that Cruz had got into an accident and goes to the cabin. Nikki tries to seduce Cruz but the latter doesn't give in. Nikki hugs him when saying goodbye. Eden witnesses the scene standing behind the window. Hunt makes Sasha write down her partner's name - Mason. Ric tells Robert that Hunt will move the casino to a new unknown place. Ric and Kelly go onto the boat. Robert fires Ric.

Robert tries to reach Cruz over the phone but is told that the latter is out of town. Mason calls Julia and tells her he wants to see Sam and five seconds later shows up at her door with a mobile phone. He gives Julia a present and is hurt when Julia rejects his gift without opening it. He tells her she should at least respect him. Julia answers that the only thing she doesn't have for Mason is respect. She throws him out at the moment Derek shows up to take her out. Ric tells Kelly tonight is the opening night of the casino. Cruz turns away from Nikki telling her he had felt as if Eden had been around. Eden tells CC and Greg she had seen Cruz. CC pays a visit to Cruz and finding him with Nikki they argue, Cruz yells at him and finally tells him Nikki is a cop. Ric calls on Kelly telling her something is up. Eden suddenly remembers she has to make a story about the auction. Augusta tells Sophia she will give 10 per cent of the profit on Dark Victor to the charity. Augusta makes acquaintence with Stephen. Robert comes to look for Kelly, but Sophia asks him to leave for CC and Cruz were supposed to come. Mason shows Julia the beautiful brooch he had wanted her to have and then tosses it into the pool. They kiss. Sasha interrupts and while alone with Mason tells him that Craig wants to see them both. CC overhears them and Mason explains that he is as deeply in the mess as Sasha. Both CC and Robert try to flatter Augusta by dancing with her. Bidding starts from $ 200,000. Robert's final offer is $ 1,700,000, and CC buys the horse for 2 million. Kelly and Ric overhear Sasha and Mason talking to Craig (on the boat). The latter tells them that someone is taking pictures and that he suspects Kelly. Kelly shows up looking for Robert. CC tells her he had bought her the horse. Kelly turns the gift down telling CC he had just taken one away from her. Kelly confronts Mason and hints that she knows everything.

Kelly confronts Mason and tells him Robert is organising a raid in the casino tonight. Mason wants Kelly to ask Robert to delay the raid. Kelly learns why Sasha is involved and is shocked to hear that CC had given the money. Eden and Cruz dance at the auction like they used to. Nikki is watching them from the side. Sophia gives CC a lecture on the matters of heart and love. Gina meets Ethan at the auction. Laura sees them together and goes to Michael complaining that Ethan flirts in public. She tells Michael that she still has feelings for him (Michael). Robert calls Cruz anonymously. Eden wants to speak with Cruz but the latter has to leave. Cruz goes to the confession seat in a chapel to meet Robert (without knowing it's him). Augusta tells CC he should be grateful for she had sold Dark Victor to him (at the auction she had said the winner was CC before Robert could make another bid). Gina has some (lower class) fellow as a date. Ethan asks her to wait until he gets a divorce. Laura watches them dance. She tells Michael Ethan won't give her a divorce. Michael refuses to dance with her. He also refuses to take Laura home and tells Ethan to do it himself. Michael finally agrees to take Laura home. She tells him that she was the happiest when they were together. CC asks Eden to dance with Stephen and learn what kind of a guy he is. Gina's date dances like a moose. Mason learns that Sasha had put down her partner's name in writing. Cruz meets Nikki in the chapel and gives her the keys to his apartment for she has nowhere to stay. Kelly asks Robert to stop Cruz. Robert warns Hunt about the raid. Sasha and Mason break into the office on the boat to get the papers. Eden goes to Cruz's place and finds Nikki naked in his bed. Craig had a plan B and blows up the boat although Robert tries to stop him.