Cruz brings Sasha out of the fire and learns that Mason is on the boat as well. Robert brings Mason out and Kelly thanks him. Ric promises to find out if Sasha is OK for the others don't want anyone to know they're there. They learn that Sasha is not well and Mason goes to see her in the hospital. Ethan and Gina meet at the country club after the auction, Ethan tells Gina he will go out of his mind if he can't have her. Laura kisses Michael. Michael says he's not ready to jump back onto their merry-go- round for the last time he had done so it had ended with murder. He tells Laura that obviously the shrink doesn't help her. They go back to the club and walk in on Ethan and Gina's kissing. Laura makes a scene and Gina leaves with Michael. Laura tells Ethan she had made a pass at Michael but the latter had turned her down. They fight and Ethan tells Laura to take a cab home. Michael learns from Gina that Laura is pregnant. CC and Julia worry about Kelly and Mason. CC tells her about Mason's plan to get Sasha out of town. Nikki tells Eden she has every intention to stay in SB. They discourse on Eden's marriage. Eden asks her not to tell Cruz she had been there and Nikki doesn't. Ric talks to Kelly and learns from her answers that she is sleeping with Robert. Craig threatens Robert and tells him the latter will be sorry if he finds out Robert was the informer. Eden is broadcasting from the scene of the explosion but when she sees Cruz she leaves before he can see her. When Kelly asks her why she's avoiding Cruz, Eden tells her that Nikki lives with him now. Eden is upset and therefore agrees to go to New York on a business trip. She doesn't pick up when Cruz calls so Cruz goes to her. He doesn't understand why Eden has suddenly changed her mind about having a talk. Eden leaves for NY.

Mack wants to mend his relationship with his sister. Laura apologises to Ethan. When he goes out she makes an appointment to get artificial insemination. Ethan tells Gina he wants to keep an eye on Laura till the child is born and then he will marry her and they will raise the kid. Gina finally agrees to become his mistress. They make love. Laura meets Mack at the Orient Express. A woman from the centre - Claire - runs into them. Laura tells Mack the woman knows her from the shrink's office and that she is crazy. Ethan is in a good mood when he goes home and asks Laura for a truce. Robert receives a mini-coffin with a blond doll's head in it. CC asks Kelly to come back home and they end up fighting. Robert asks Kelly to move in with him but doesn't tell her the real reason (to keep her close so he can protect her). Kelly finds the coffin Robert had thrown into the paper- basket and she freaks out. She then understands the real reason Robert had wanted her to move in with him. Kelly promises to make Robert happy. Boswell interrogates Sasha but she has a "memory blank" about the night of the explosion. Mason meets Craig in the elevator and the latter takes Mason's present to Julia (containing a strand of her hair and an intimate letter) and asks Mason why he was on the boat the night before. He threatens Mason if he should tell the police anything and is sorry that he can't pay back the money Mason had invested. Craig calls on Sasha at the hospital and tells her to give him a call as soon as she needs anything. Mason gives Sasha a plane ticket to Paris and she is moved, but worries about Mason. CC tells Mason they should throw a party to celebrate Sasha's leaving and Sasha overhears. She tears up the ticket and tells them she will stay in SB for a long time.

Mack is fired from the health club and Phyllis tells him she will help him find a new job. She finds an advertisement for a job in a polo club. Mack goes to the interview and is hired. Phyllis moves in with Mack and they celebrate. Eden and Sophia have a talk and Eden reveals that she had seen Nikki in Cruz's bed. Sophia tells Eden she owes Cruz an explanation. Cruz and his father have a talk and they end up fighting. Cruz tells Rafael that if his wife doesn't want to be with him, he is not going to beg. He then jumps at Nikki for not making any progress at finding herself an apartment. They end up kissing. Rafael comes to talk to Cruz interrupting (not witnessing) their kissing and sends Nikki away. Sophia tells Eden she shouldn't give up on Cruz. Rafael takes Cruz to a forsaken place where he could fight with his pride. Ethan insists on going to the shrink with Laura. Laura tells the shrink she hopes her marriage will work. Then Ethan has a tete-a-tete conversation with the shrink telling her he intends to leave Laura and wonders how she would take it. He is worried that she would hurt the child or leave with it.

Rafael gives Cruz a ribbon which had belonged to his forefather. He then leaves Cruz alone in the mountains. Funny things happen to Cruz. His forefathers had been from the Navaho tribe. He meets one of them by the fire and they talk. Eden takes a cab to downtown and the driver doesn't charge her. She ends up at some woman's place who keeps doves. Eden sees a picture of a man in the mountains. Mack calls on Gina and finds her and Ethan in "comfortable clothes". Gina explains to him that Ethan's position is still unsure. Mack is in the OE with Laura but leaves the table for a moment. Claire comes and tells Laura she is now pregnant and that it feels wonderful. She says that Laura will experience the same when she becomes pregnant. Mack overhears at least some of their conversation and after the woman leaves tells Laura it's a good thing she isn't pregnant for the child will not inherit her lies.

Mason sees Julia in Derek's room dressed the same way she did the day before. Julia explains to him that she didn't sleep with Derek. Mason leaves angry and Julia apologises to Derek for his behaviour. Mason eavesdrops when Ethan talks to Sasha about the night of the explosion. Sasha asks Mason to leave and the latter doesn't hear what she tells Ethan. Mason calls on Julia bringing a toy-giraffe for Sam. When Ethan comes to talk to Julia, she throws Mason out. Sasha hears Derek make a reservation for himself and Julia and asks him about Julia's marriage. Sasha threatens Mason to expose him but Mason tells her it won't work. Derek is a bit offended that Julia had sent the roses he had sent to her to the community centre. Sasha calls Craig asking for help for their mutual interest. Sophia hopes to get her career back. CC offers to finance the film. Eden and Cruz both dream about the other getting hurt in an automobile accident. Eden feels as if something will happen to Cruz. Cruz is in the mountains and stops a car on the road. The driver tells him he had got onto this road by accident. Cruz is looking for a phone but the man tells him there isn't one around there. The next thing they see is a phone booth. Cruz calls CC and learns that the women (Eden and Sophia) had already left NY, then the call is disconnected. Eden wants to drive to Pebble Creek. The man drops Cruz to a gas station. The barman sells Cruz his old car and thinks it will probably make it as far as Pebble Creek. Eden comes to the same gas station when Cruz is fixing the car. They drive away without seeing one another. Cruz and Eden have an accident in Pebble Creek.

Derek calls on Julia with breakfast. They talk about Julia's marriage. She is afraid her divorce will be a long one. Julia apologises to Derek and tells him she doesn't want to lead him on. Derek is very understanding. When Nikki is looking for Cruz Ric tells her to stop thinking of him. Henry shows up at Ric's bar, all beaten up, and tells them Kelly will be the next one. Robert assures Kelly he won't let anything happen to her. He goes to meet Augusta and gives Kelly his gun. Robert offers Augusta two million dollars for the microfilm of Tonell's codes. Augusta refuses to sell it telling him she'll wait for a higher bidder. Barr finds Ric with Kelly. Kelly had learnt about Henry and shares the information with Robert. Robert and Kelly slip out, Ric and Nikki are supposed to take the yacht for a ride. Nikki realises that Ric is in love with Kelly. Robert and Kelly call on Augusta, Robert takes out the gun and threatens her. Eden and Cruz pass each other just-just. Both cars go out of order. In the morning Cruz finds a white horse. Both Cruz and Eden think about their wedding in Pebble Creek. Eden enters the house when Cruz comes through the front gate. They walk around the premises without seeing one another. They finally meet on the beach. They figure out something had brought them together. They talk and Eden confesses she had seen Nikki in his bed. Cruz assures her Nikki was never with him. They're about to kiss (already in the house) when they feel the wind and hear somebody weep.

Robert gets the list after proving to Augusta he means business. Sasha tells Mason she can prove Julia had tried to kill her (on the boat). She has evidence (the strand of hair she had got from Craig, the remote control to Julia's garage etc.). Sasha wants half of the Lair. She is enjoying herself by torturing Mason and tells him to to take her to CC's party. Weird things happen to Eden and Cruz in the house. They get separated and each finds his/her set of their wedding clothes. They put them on and step into the mirrors. Eden gives Cruz back his ring and they make love. Robert makes a tape to go with the microfilm (so the cops would understand what's on the film). He tells Kelly he will leave town never to return. Kelly wants to go with him, prepared never to see her family again. Then Robert tells her he doesn't want her. He tells Kelly that Eden had always been there when they had made love. (To my mind it was pretty obvious he said these things to make it easier for Kelly to forget him, only Kelly bought the whole charade). Kelly yells at him and tells him what she thinks of him. Then she goes crying to CC.

CC throws a party on St. Valentine's day. Mason pretends to be ill (with Greg's help) when Sasha calls on him. When Sasha leaves Mason goes to see Sam and tells Julia he won't be at CC's party. Julia says that maybe she will then. Kelly is packing when Ric calls on her. Then Craig shows up. He wants Kelly to arrange a flight for him so he could leave town. Ric is taken away. Hunt is angry at everybody. Ric tries to talk the big guy out of killing him. They fight. The big guy gets the bullet. Nikki gets a phone call in the Lair and rushes off. Ric turns out the lights so that the helicopter can't land on top of the Capwell hotel, Nikki shows up there when Craig's playing with the gun and gets a bullet. Hunt's busted. Ethan calls on Gina but the latter asks him to leave. Mack confronts Laura. The latter explains to him that she is trying to save her marriage. Mack tells her she should level with Ethan. Ethan walks in and Laura finally confesses that she's not pregnant. At first Ethan doesn't even believe her. Sasha goes to practice some songs in the Lair but when she sees Greg there she gets suspicious. She catches up with Mason on CC's doorstep and Julia happens to open the door for them. Sasha tells Julia that Mason had bought her half of the Lair. Julia tells Sasha that she's not her enemy, Mason is, but that Sasha won't know it until a few years from now.

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