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A reporter shows up at Gina's and asks her about her and Ethan's relationship but Gina throws him out. Phyllis and Mack talk about success, money, and disagree. Mack and Gina fight about at whose place their mother should stay (neither of them wants her at their place). Phyllis overhears their fighting and when she comes in tells them that she plans to leave town to visit a friend. CC plans to get Kelly to work for him. Mason daydreams how he takes a bottle of champagne to Sasha and she drinks and dies. CC tells Julia that Mason might want to kill Sasha. Julia is convinced he's not capable of murder. CC doesn't answer and makes a doubtful face. Mason makes a date with Sasha. Julia finds an empty weedkiller bottle in Mason's room. She sees Mason and Sasha in the OE drinking champagne and spills Sasha's champagne into her lap. Mason tells her he wasn't going to kill Sasha but that he has a plan how to make Sasha believe they'll try to kill her. Derek becomes a member of the polo club.

CC and Sophia talk about Sophia's film and Derek. Derek meets Stephen (they both have a peculiar look on their faces, I'm not sure if it means anything). CC plays polo with Derek. Sophia and Stephen overhear the male actors who had come to rehearse talk how Sophia must have slept with him to get the part. Stephen isn't content with any of the actors and decides to play the part himself. Derek offers to teach Mack to play polo. Mack and Gina figure out that Phyllis must have heard what they said about her. Phyllis is sure they will come look for her. She plays poker (acts like an amateur) with Cy and his friends who all lose to her. Phyllis makes a business proposal to Cy who wants to borrow back the money he had lost to her. Phyllis calls Brandon knowing he will tell Gina where she is. Gina finds Phyllis and asks her to come home and agrees to let her move back in with her. Eden and Cruz meet a bear. Cruz offers it a fish but Eden freaks out and yells at it, and it walks away. They find a cabin. Eden laughs at Cruz because he's lost and tells him she's not very excited about the cabin. But when she enters she finds a fabulous dinner-table. Cruz gives Eden a necklace (a piece of gold) and tells her a story of a gold digger and his wife. Some sound wakes them at night and Cruz finds a child behind the cabin window.

The boy - Buck - tells Cruz and Eden that his sister had fallen into a well. Cruz goes to look for Hallie and finds her safe and sound. Eden and Cruz learn that the kids had run away from the catholique school. The Castillos take the children back to the school. Sasha insists on going to Julia's office when Mason and Julia deal with their divorce papers. Julia tells Mason in front of Sasha that he can forget about the divorce. Then she becomes frantic and throws Sasha out. Mason accuses Sasha and tells her that Julia is out of control. Kelly tells CC that she doesn't want to work for him and that she has no intention of getting involved with a man in the nearest future. CC had made plans for Derek and Kelly to have dinner together but she leaves before Derek comes. Nikki comes to the Lair and learns from Michael that he had been a priest once but now he has decided not to go back to that profession. Mason sees CC excited about Derek and guesses that the latter reminds him of Channing.

Mason and Julia make plans for Sasha. They talk but when Julia sees Sasha she slaps Mason. Mason asks Sasha to dance. Augusta sees the performance but since she doesn't know that that's all it is, she can't make Julia out. Derek invites Mack to the polo party. Mack asks Gina to be his date. Augusta and Gina exchange spicy words. Phyllis moves in with Gina. Cy calls on Phyllis and wonders why it's taking her so long to get the money. Sophia asks Kelly not to come to the party if she intends to make a scene with Eden. Nikki is at the party and tells Cruz Kelly had invited her. Kelly acts wild and out of control. She and Eden have an argument (Eden blames her for inviting Nikki to spite her) but when CC cuts in, Kelly leaves. She goes swimming naked. Derek comes to the beach and they finally meet.

Ethan has to leave and doesn't want to leave Laura alone. Laura promises not to kill herself and when Ethan leaves, she goes to the party, convinced that Ethan had gone there to meet Gina. Laura is spiteful with Mack and insults Gina. She offers her husband to Gina but the latter tells her that she doesn't want him anymore. Laura leaves angry. Gina wants to get a loan but the bankers still remember her failure in the cookie-business. Ethan comes home and asks questions. He had called and therefore knows Laura lies about being at home reading but he doesn't tell her. Julia tells Mason she's jealous for real. Mason is prepared to change the plan if it hurts Julia. Sasha walks in on them at the stables. Julia yells at Mason and mentions she isn't on medication any more. Mason explains to Sasha that Julia used to take pills for she saw nightmares. Sasha wants Mason to get her a part in Slade's movie. Mason makes a pass at Sasha. Sasha is ready to spend the night with Mason but the latter thinks it better if he left. Julia calls Sasha telling her she had had a nightmare and that she hates her. Sasha seems frightened. Marcos rushes Nikki into becoming a cop. Michael says he'll try to help Nikki to get to the exam the following day.

CC gives Kelly a polo costume and asks her to join his team. Kelly learns from Derek he had been the one recommending her for the team. Ethan learns about Laura's being at the polo party. Laura calls on Ethan at the office and tells him her version of the party (twists the truth, as usual). Ethan calls Laura's doctor for an appointment, Laura eavesdrops on the other phone. Eden decides to make a story about the children's home. Buck is excited about Eden's interview but Derek interrupts it clearly annoyed by the whole idea. Eden asks him to give an interview but he refuses. Later she sees Derek talk to Sister Allegra after which the nun prohibits Eden to interview any of the children (she wanted to shoot again for the film had been too dark). Such action was all of the sudden harmful to the children. Both Nikki and Cruz ask Michael if he wouldn't want to be a cop again and take the exam, but he says he's not ready yet. Nikki is upset about Hunt's release. Hunt's arrest had been illegal (some technical mistake). Cruz runs into Hunt at the station, attacks and warns him (shortly: "I'll watch every step you take until I can put you away for good"). Nikki failed the exam. Cruz tells her that she's given a second chance in two weeks. Marcos tells Michael to stay away from Nikki.

Kelly shows off and plays solo in polo. She falls from the horse - nothing serious. Derek asks her to dine with him in his suite. Eden interrupts their meeting by asking his help. When she leaves Derek tells Kelly he has some important business to take care of and has to leave. Derek and Alfred snoop around in the basement of the orphanage where they find some papers and a table with a horse's image on it. Michael, Ric and Nikki are in Ric's bar when Hunt shows up. Ric refuses to serve him. Hunt apologizes to Ric and Nikki about the shooting. Ric starts a fight with him. Cruz shows up and they have an argument with Hunt. Mason is worried when he learns from Julia that Hunt's out. Hunt calls Sasha and they arrange to meet at the cemetary where Mason follows her. He overhears Hunt's command to get Julia arrested at once. Cruz tells Eden about Nikki's intentions of becoming a cop in SBPD. Eden had learned from Boswell that Cruz had taken many unnecessary risks when they had been apart and confronts Cruz about it. Cruz assures her he knows what he stands to lose and won't risk anymore. Nikki asks Michael to help her study. She falls asleep during it but wakes up when Michael has left and manages to chain the door just in time to prevent Marcos' entering. The latter warns her about letting Michael too close.