Kelly takes out the carnation from her hair and tells Peter that his carnation is beautiful. Peter starts kissing her. When she mentions Joe's name he gets mad and rapes her. He sits with the towel by which he has killed all the other woman and considers killing her. Kelly opens her eyes and asks him why he is not doing it. He tells her that he is not able to do it. She asks him if he has not killed all the other women. Peter confirms but adds that it was not really he who killed them.

Joe is getting mad and shouts against Cruz because they let Peter go knowing that he is the killer and now he does not allow him to go behind him. When alone Cruz mentions to Eden that he can't let him go because he will kill Peter and he wants to hinder this. Cruz orders that the instruments for leading the helicopter action should be brought to their place as he wants to do it. He gives exact orders where they should search first.

Peter washes his face and gets hungry. Kelly suggests to go to eat together in a restaurant. Peter does not like this idea as she is wearing a night gown. He binds her on the bed. In the car he hears from the radio that they are searching for them.

Kelly tries to get rid of the rope. She manages to get a knife from the table but Peter returns and she quickly hides it under the blanket. Peter is asking her to dress up in the new dress and shoes he has brought for her. She asks him to turn around to surprise him with the new dress. While Peter shows her the back she tries to take the knife but Peter is too alert. She turns on the radio and asks him to dance with her but the radio is starting to bring the news that they are in search for the them. Peter switches the radio off. Kelly asks him to rest with her on her side. He lies next to her while her hand is on the knife.

Mason is sitting in a pub drinking. Miss Carlein who was searching for him is placing herself as if accidentally near him on the bar. She wants to find out what kind of conflict he is having with CC and all about Gina. Mason is happy to see her and takes a seat next to her. All of a sudden a police officer is coming in and informing Mason that Kelly was kidnapped by Peter, and Mason quickly gets up.

The helicopters are showing some success. They have found the rented car with a ladies' shoe in it. The three go at once to see this location. Eden can confirm the shoe as belonging to Kelly. She goes with Joe and asks all the shopkeepers about Peter showing them a picture. One shop-assistant can remember Peter shopping for his wife, and buying a dress and shoes. She also mentions that Peter told her that the name of his wife is Kelly.

Liz meets Mason just when she wants to leave CC's residence with her suitcase. Mason questions and warns her not to hide Warren. Warren sleeps and Liz starts to pint him. He wakes up and she insists in helping him till he finally agrees. He asks her to bring a note to the contessa.

Miss Carlein is phoning to Mason asking for Kelly. Mason invites her to the residence. At the residence Mason informs her that they have found the car with Kelly's shoe. Sophia forgets for a moment her role by telling that Kelly is strong and brave and she will manage it. Mason is getting suspicious. When Miss Carlein goes he phones and gives order to find out everything about a journalist called Miss Carlein.

Amy wakes up with a nightmare. Brick is sitting at her side. Brick asks her how she has decided herself. For an operation by which she might lose the child most probably but can save her life or for waiting and seeing if things are getting better by which the child is getting a greater chance to survive but taking up the risk both she and the baby could die. Amy wants to wait and see. She tells him that by her luck she anyway will never get a husband and this child will be something which she will have by her own. Brick tells her that he loves her and he should have told her this already long ago and they can have many children afterwards too.

Liz is bringing the note to Sophia who takes it without letting her in. On the note Warren has written the words "Ferra Ma" the last words he has heard from Channing Jr. before he died. Sophia knows these words but thinks that other than her and Lionel nobody else knows it. She phones to the prison finding out that Lionel is still there. The note is inviting her to the hotel where she and Lionel always were meeting secretly. She tells Liz that she will not come, but the moment Liz has gone she runs only with glasses to the door bumping into Marcello. He finds out all about what she is going to do. He tells her to change first into her disguise and wait until he comes with the car as he wants to accompany her because it might be a trap. Sophia agrees but the moment he is out she goes alone from the rear of the house. Warren tells her that he is as old as Channing and she should talk to him as if she would talk to Channing her son. She should tell him all about her relationship with Lionel. He finds out that Lionel did not tell her for one year that he was married. Also that she has seen Lionel through the mirror killing Channing. Warren asks her if she has seen how he shot and she said no, but Lionel has been there and the next moment Channing was dead. Warren still wants her to go to the police and tell the truth but she refuses and gets an idea. Marcello finds out the room number and is just breaking in when Warren is shaking Sophia. Marcello wants to knock him down but Sophia asks him to let him go.

Kelly hurts Peter's leg with the knife when stabbing him in the bed. For a moment she is shocked by herself unable to move while Peter is holding his leg in pain. She gets up and Peter moves with the knife towards her while telling that she is also not the real Kelly. He also lifts the secret of his illness and he only wanted to be together with her for the last few days. Kelly throws a chair against his leg and runs into the desert. Peter cuts the bed sheet and attends to his wound. He then follows her. Kelly runs and runs till she landed at an old camping wagon. She locks it but Peter soon is on the place and breaks in before she can start the mechanical saw. She flees to the next room while Peter picks up the saw and gets it running.

Amy has decided. She wants to wait for the sake of the unborn child. As she still thinks that Brick wanted her to make the operation in order to save her life she is sending him out to be alone. Brick gives her a kiss and waits outside. After she has slept a round he comes in again. She is now more in peace with herself and accepts him recognizing that he accepted full her decision. She asks him to kiss her again.

Miss Carlein is entering the office of Mason asking him if it would not help if one offers Peter money in exchange for Kelly. Mason tells her that CC already was having the same idea. She asks him how she can help and starts crying. Mason softly guides her out and then phones to Cliff and asks what he found out about Miss Carlein. Cliff tells him that Cruz already has enquired and there is no journalist at the paper running under her name.

Mason is interviewing Lionel and he gets told by his own lawyer that Mason is having legally the right to keep him for two more months without any trial. Lionel loses his nerve and attacks Mason by holding his tie and shouting against him. Two police officers rush in and bring Lionel out. Augusta is just standing there and can't bear this insult. She starts shouting against the officers and then enters Mason's office asking why she is hindered to see Lionel. Mason lets her see.

The helicopters have found the stolen car close to a building. Cruz, Eden and Joe are rushing to the building. When seeing the blood all around in the room Joe is getting excited and starts shouting and throwing things to the ground thinking that Kelly is dead. Cruz tries to cool him down, but Joe gives him a knock with his fist. They embrace each other and Joe sits down.

Miss Carlein phones to Mason and Mason quickly asks an officer to find out from where the phone call is coming. He keeps her busy talking but when he asks for her phone number she puts down. Mason is very surprised to hear that the call was coming from the presidential suite in the Capwell hotel.

Peter cuts the door with the power saw. Kelly presses herself at the opposite wall. He stands with the running power saw before Kelly. Kelly throws a pillow against the powers saw. The powers saw gets blocked by the feathers of the pillow. While Peter puts the saw aside an ax is crushing his body hurting him badly while Kelly jumps out. While breaking down Peter manages to catch one of Kelly's feet and she also falls. While Peter holds her leg with one hand his other hand searches for the ax. Kelly throws something against Peter and is able to make her free. She jumps out of the camping wagon while Peter, deeply wounded, can only crawl for a while. He slowly gets up, takes a knife, and walks behind Kelly with the help of a stick.

The search team tells Cruz that they have found a camping wagon. There is much blood around and footprints are leading out to the desert. Cruz asks if it is from one or two persons. On hearing two Eden and Joe embrace each other and jump in joy.

Kelly finds an old car. She takes a cotton scrap and puts it into the tank. She finds some matches inside the car. She sees Peter and glides out through the other door. She crawls to the back of the car and tries to get the cotton to burn with the matches. Peter meanwhile opens the door and sees the other door open. Kelly succeeds with the fire and runs to a safe place, seeing the car explode.

Lionel is getting again a visit. It is Miss Carlein. He asks Sophia how she can think that he has killed Channing? She tells him that she saw Channing lying on the floor full of blood as Dominic and when she went out of the room and came to look into the mirror she saw him. Lionel tells her that this can't be as he was inside the room with Channing. Lionel could not explain to her more because Mason is coming in and is very surprised to find Miss Carlein together with Lionel.

Mason tells Miss Carlein that he knows that she is not a journalist and she should tell who she is. Lionel steps between and tells Mason that he is having no right to asks such questions. He is also not allowed to drop in during his audience. A little discussion goes on, Lionel gets excited and knocks Mason to the ground. Mason loses conciousness and Lionel wonders about his strong fist. Forgetting Mason for a while Lionel tells his version of what had happened on the day when Channing Jr. was killed. He was in Channing's room and searched for the material which showed that he was having a relationship to her and what Channing wanted to use to prove that he had killed his mother. He was locked up in this room and she could not see him under any circumstances. He heard a scream of somebody who found Channing shot dead but he could not get out. Sophia still does not believe him. Lionel asks her to go before Mason gains back his conciousness.

Mason gains back his conciousness and does not know any more what happened. Lionel is helpful in getting him up. He tells him that he slipped and was fell against the table. Mason does not believe this. He asks Lionel from where he knows the contessa and who she is. Lionel tells him that he should ask herself. Mason sends him back into prison and makes himself on the way to the presidential suite.

Minx does not like Brick's connection with Amy and she tries to tell him that he is not really loving her. Brick tells her that she can fire him if she likes but he knows that she needs him more than he her.

Sophia is trying to find out what happened at the time when Channing was killed and what Lionel told her. Mason knocks at the door. She quickly puts on the beautiful wig she uses for the role of the contessa. Mason makes his way into her appartment against her disapproval. He tells her that she looks much better in this role. She tells him that she is a journalist but just for a hobby. He tells her that he does not believe her a single word.

Kelly looks at the exploded and burning car. She runs to the car and sees Peter a lying a few steps away from it, motionless. She goes there to investigate his damaged body but the moment she starts to feel his heart Peter gets again hold of her. Kelly makes herself free and starts running.

Cruz, Joe and Eden are very frustrated as nothing is going on. Eden's nerves are getting weak and she freely lets her feeling and tears run in Cruz's arms. All of a sudden CC transmits that they are seeing a burning car. All the three want to start, but Joe tells them to stay for keeping contact with the helicopters. He jumps into the Jeep with a radio set and drives to the burning car. He gets out and seaches for Kelly. From far he sees Kelly. Kelly thinking it is Peter runs away. Joe runs behind her and it takes a while till Kelly recognizes that it is Joe calling for her. She falls exhausted and relieved into his arms. Joe sits down on a rock and comforts her.

Having no people in this area Cruz makes himself on the way to the camping wagon for investigation. He asks Eden to stay and asks all helicopters to concentrate in their area. Cruz starts to investigate carefully the camping wagon. He finds the power saw and the bloody ax. Eden radios to him and tells him how unhappy and lonely she feels and when he comes back. Cruz tells her that he somehow is sure that Kelly is still alive and he will be back in about one hour. While Cruz investigates further somebody opens the door. It is Eden. She tells him that she was no more able to stay alone. One of the radio operator has come and she has handed her duty over to him. She asks Cruz if he thinks that they have been here. Cruz nods and tells her all his conclusions. The radio set is asking for attention. It is CC telling that they have found both, Joe and Kelly and that they are on the way back. Eden full of joy embraces Cruz and starts kissing him. She tells him how wonderful he was through all this time.

They all find themselves in the house where Kelly was kept by Peter. Kelly is frightened by hearing that Peter is nowhere found. She finds he has to be killed as he is totally mad or at least in prison for his lifetime. They promise to search and find him now they know by sure it is Peter.

A young lady with black hair is driving a van and tells the man next to her how lucky he could be that she was just coming and giving him a lift. The man is Peter. She puts on the radio and hears that they are in search for a very dangerous man in the desert by giving Peter's description. She looks to Peter who looks at her.

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Eden and Cruz sleep on the floor in the house while the others have brought Kelly to the hospital in Santa Barbara. The phone wakes them up. Cruz is talking. Joe tells him that Kelly is again OK but horrified because of Peter. While Cruz is talking to Joe, Eden starts to kiss him softly fueling his passion which ended in bed and renewal of their old love and promises to stay together.

Love story also in the hospital. Amy has won. Her health is all right and she can go home again. A happy Brick is fetching and kissing her. Amy is full of love for him. Brick asks her to wait for a moment till he has prepared everything in the car for her. When Brick steps out of the door Liz is stopping him on the way. She thanks him for his direct replies to her advances towards him and asks him for a favor. He should bring her some clothes for Warren as she and Augusta are followed by the police. Brick promises this to her. Liz gives him a kiss just at the moment Amy is looking through the glass of the door. A world is breaking down for her. When Brick comes to fetch her she sends him coolly away telling him that Jade is fetching her. A confused Brick is left behind.

At the police station the lady which has taken Peter in her car reports that she has taken Peter with her car. Cruz's and Eden's love story gets interrupted by the news of the police station that Peter is on the way to Santa Barbara with a car. Cruz wants to warn Joe but Joe was no more at home. Eden and Cruz drive to the station where Joe and Kelly are already there. The lady gives her report to the police. How she has taken Peter and how he started beating her and calling her Kelly when he noticed that she heard his name in the radio and that he is wanted. At last she jumped out from the quick running van and walked all night through the desert.

While waiting for Cruz Eden talks to Kelly in confidence. She shows her the pistol she is carrying along with her. She tells her if she meets Peter she will shoot him up. Kelly is somehow shocked by the idea of carrying a pistol and Eden's approach and tells her that she does not think that she can do this.

Sophia is again talking to Lionel. He tells her that she has only one day to bring the things to right otherwise he will tell who she is.

Augusta gets excited at the police station as she is not allowed to talk to her husband. The police officer tells her that nobody is hindering her but at the moment he is busy talking to another woman and another woman is already waiting so she has to line up that is all. He shows her the woman who is the next on his screen and Augusta sees Eden and then Miss Carlein. Augusta stands behind the door and overhears their talk. Eden shouts to Sophia asking her to leave Santa Barbara as soon as possible and never see Lionel again. Sophia runs out and sits in her car. Augusta follows her and opens the door of the car and sits next to her. She at once notices her wig and the blond hair underneath. She asks her what kind of relationship she is having with her husband. Miss Carlein tells her that she knows him from some studies they have done together. A jealous Augusta leaves her with the advice not to see her husband again.

Sophia sits in her car and thinks over her situation. When Lionel is questioned he will tell all about their affair. What shall she do? She finds it too early to reveal her presence.

Peter knocks down the police officer who is standing before his apartment. He goes into his apartment, sits down and is taking some pills. All of a sudden he is getting a clear mind and realizes what he has done. He takes a paper and writes a farewell letter confessing that he has killed the four women but not being aware that he has done it and he will be the fifth person he is killing. Holding his pistol in his hand all of a sudden he sees Kelly in his fantasy talking softly to him not to do it as she loves him. He takes his luggage and climbs down over the fire ladder.

Somebody is coming and sees the police officer on the ground. The mysterious person opens the door to Peter's apartment and goes in. The person goes to his typewriter and adds a few lines.

In a pub a blue beaten up Jeff is thinking of revenge. He pays two men to beat up Brick.

Brick wants to see Amy but she does not let him in and locks him out. The two paid man come and start beating up Brick. Brick is more agile and beats both of them down. Amy meanwhile phones to the police. Brick finds out the person behind and visits a terrified Jeff in the pub who gets his second row of beatings.

Cruz is with Eden in his boat. He phones to the police station asking that somebody should replace the policeman at Peter's place. Not long after a phone call comes and informs Cruz that the policeman was knocked down.

Eden and Cruz investigate Peter's apartment. They find the letter and read it out together. Eden gets terrified at the point Peter mentioned her that she might be one of the four women. Cruz reads the end in which Peter confesses that he killed Channing.

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Mason comes to Peter's apartment. Cruz shows him the letter. Strange feelings go through him when reading the line where Peter states that he can remember that he killed Veronica. More strange feelings are coming up when reading the line that he killed Channing. None of them had even suspected that it could be Peter. His father was so fixed on the idea that it must be Joe and Peter nearly married Kelly.

A jealous Augusta tries to find out from Lionel the truth about the countess. As Lionel is not ready to tell her, she forces her way to the countess in her suite and asks questions. Lionel manages to phone to her and asks her to see each other and discuss the reply they want to give to Augusta. The countess agrees and passes Augusta telling her that she knows which way is out.

Cruz, Eden, Kelly, Joe and Ted discuss the case in CC's residence. Ted jumps up and runs to see Laken.

Laken helps Jackie to carry some stuff to her home. Jackie loses a letter outside and starts searching for it when Ted enters the house and tells Laken that Lionel will be free as Peter has confessed to the murder of Channing. Laken in her first joy embraces Ted but then she tells him that he needs not to think that everything is now as before. He has broken her trust and their relationship is finished. She runs off to Lionel. Jackie Parks (Ted's teacher) comes in again and sees a broken Ted. She tells him to forget Laken as they both are not strong enough to go through these difficulties. Ted remembers having found a letter outside addressed to Jackie. Full of joy, Jackie opens it at once and starts reading the lines from her husband Larry who is at the Navy. He again cannot come to see her as he has caught the flu. Jackie is destroyed. Ted starts to counsel her and suggests to phone and get direct answers from the Navy. They both drive there. She is happy in getting to know that her husband has survived a poisoned water which killed two others. They both drive for some hot fast food as it is raining.

Cruz and Eden standing at the open fire in CC's library. A happy Cruz is inviting Eden to come to his boat but Eden tells him that she can't leave Kelly alone now, but he can stay with her. A phone call breaks their romance. Eden takes it and asks the person to see her in the library. It is Augusta. Cruz leaves the room. Augusta wants to find out from Eden who the countess is. Eden is telling her to be careful as the countess is indeed very dangerous for her and she should try to get her out of Santa Barbara. Augusta tells her that there is no reason to do so as she trusts Lionel. Eden replies that if she would then she would not have come to her. While talking to Augusta Eden again and again looks at the picture of Sophia until she finally takes it out and tears it into two pieces. Augusta is bewildered to see her handling the photo of her mother in this way. Eden goes out of the room telling her that she knows where to go out. Augusta looks at the photo and takes it along with her.

Joe and Kelly are at home. Joe tells her that the best thing they should do now is to continue their honeymoon but never separate for one minute again. Kelly is not in a good mood. She confesses to Joe that Peter raped her but she did not fight in fear he would kill her like the other women. Joe tells her not to feel guilty as he loves her and it is right in having acted like this and still being alive. Kelly falls asleep while Joe watches over her sleep. Kelly experiences in her dream again the brutal treatment she has gone through with Peter. When she experiences again the power saw she shouts and Joe wakes her up from her nightmare by embracing her. She is still frightened and tells Joe that she feels that Peter is still alive and behind her.

Augusta is upset that Mason has not set Lionel free. Mason tells her that there has a certain chain of paperwork to be gone through but she certainly can go and see Lionel. Then with a biting undertone he asks her why she is so eager to see Lionel after all his big line of women visitors. Wounded she asks him if he means the countess. Mason is surprised to hear that she knows about the countess and asks her what she knows about her. She tells him that she is on the way to find out. Happily Lionel receives her as his only one and dear and they start embrace and kiss each other. Mason comes in and tells Lionel that he has arranged in his own interest that he can leave from the back door. Lionel tells that he has come in from the front door and he will go out by the front door and Augusta should call all journalists to receive him. Mason stops his advance by mentioning that he should not overdo it as he would have still a list for which he can charge him.

Laken expects his father in all honor and full of joy with a little celebration she has arranged. Lionel enjoys all her arrangements and goes for a shower. Augusta takes out the picture of Sophia and in a flash she sees the countess before her eyes. She pastes the picture together and paints the hair of the countess around. She hardly can't believe that Sophia is still alive but she wants to find out.

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Augusta is finding no rest. Constantly she must think on the possibility that the contessa could be Sophia while Lionel is sleeping. When Lionel wakes finally up and makes advances towards her she blocks up and tells him that she has a lot of things to do. She is going for a dance course and so on. Lionel while shaving his face and wondering about her sudden distance is telling her that in this case he also will go out as he has to see his broker. Lionel dresses well and takes the newspaper along with him.

Liz and Warren wake up in their hiding place. Liz, spoiled with wealth from childhood, enjoys the adventure even with aching bones. They start discussing their situation and future plans. Warren worries much. Liz tells him that situations in many times clear up by themselves. Warren does not believe in such miracles. Liz finds some eggs and they have some joy in finding out that she does not know at all how to prepare eggs.

Contessa tells the elevator boy that she does not want to be seen by anybody. Mason is waiting in the hall of the Capwell hotel for CC and Gina coming back from their holidays eagerly to tell him the news of Peter's confession and seeing his reaction to such unexpected news. Lionel comes into the hall and sees Mason. He tries to get out an excuse from Mason but Mason tells him that he has acted only out of duty and there is nothing to excuse. CC and Gina arrives. CC gets excited in seeing Lionel free. Lionel tells Mason that he wants to tell it to CC and enjoys telling him Peter's confession. Mason confirms. CC and Gina can't believe it. They wonder about Peter's motive as CC thinks Channing and Peter have been friends. Mason uses the situation to stir up in CC's wounds and tells him that Channing did not have so many friends as he thinks. He probably found out all about Peter's dark past, his real name and his work as a prostitute. CC bites back and makes Mason responsible for all of it. Mason reminds him that it was he who did not find it necessary to search in the past of Peter as he was a teacher. CC tells him that he has no brain and it was his duty to do so even when he told him contrary.

Lionel makes his way up to the contessa. Augusta follows him secretly up to the elevator watching at which level he gets out. Lionel shocks Sophia with his presence. He shows her the newspaper but she still can't believe it and insist in having him seen in the mirror only seconds after she has seen Channing dead on the floor. Lionel phones to CC's residence where Mason is continuing working out his father-son conflict. He asks Mason to tell the contessa that Peter's confession is true. The contessa asks Mason if they have found Peter already and talked to him which he has to refuse. Sophia still can't believe and Lionel tells her that he must have been a projection of her mind.

Mason gets another phone call. They have found a corpse which might be Peter. The description fits and Mason goes to get confirmation.

Augusta writes a note and asks the elevator boy to bring it to the Contessa. Sophia takes the note. It says: 'I know everything what happened on the boat.' The exact date and a time for an appointment was added. Lionel asks her not to go as it might be a trap. Sophia asks him to whom he has told that she is alive. Lionel tells her that he has told it only to Warren and nobody else. He wants to know the place of the appointment but Sophia tells him that she comes along with this very well without him.

Warren comes back from his shopping happy with the newspaper. Liz is washing herself. He asks her to dress up and come with him home but she prefers to stay and paint and asks him to fetch her in the afternoon.

Augusta is surprised to see Lionel back so soon. He on the contrary asks her about her dancing class finished so quickly. Her reactions are so strange that he sends her for some food preparations while he phones again to Sophia asking her not to go to the meeting. Not able to end the talk properly Augusta storms in with Warren. Happy reunion of father and son. Augusta tells that she has to go out again. Lionel finds this strange.

A dark hand which one can identify as Peter's is opening parcels in a warehouse and takes out a gun.

Augusta waits at the appointment place. Her idea is that if the contessa would come then it must be Sophia because only Sophia can have an interest in the words of her note. The contessa comes and Augusta is shocked to get her feelings confirmed.

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CC tells Joe and Kelly that Peter was found dead and they don't have to fear anything. Joe and Kelly are relieved. CC asks them to stay this night in his house and have dinner with them but Joe and Kelly tell him they want to go home and be alone.

Mason checks the corpse and sees at once that it is not Peter. He gets upset with his officer that he could not see this by himself after having seen the picture. Mason drives quickly to the mansion to tell Kelly and Joe that the danger is not over. Mason searches for Joe and Kelly till he finds CC. CC tells him that they have left for their apartment. Mason got very upset and asks him how he could let them go when he told him that he has to wait till he gives confirmation that it is really Peter. That night somebody has broken into a armory and stolen a highly dangerous weapon and it was probably Peter. They are both in high danger and if something will happen to them it is his fault. CC is shocked and feels guilty. Mason gives the order to search for Joe and Kelly all over town and also sends somebody to their apartment. Mason uses the occasion to stir up their conflict by mentioning that he is only marrying Gina because of Brandon and if he has already told her the truth as it is a wonderful start for a marriage to hide such secrets. Mason brings CC to the point he nearly knocks him down but finally throws the door behind him in anger. The phone rings and it is Cruz for Mason. CC has to call Mason back. Cruz informs that the fingerprint clearly identified Peter in the weapon case. Joe and Kelly are in high danger.

Augusta when seeing the Contessa slowly leaves her place and takes place at the bar. She thinks over how she can hide this secret from Lionel. Sophia sits down and Marcello is taking a place next to her. She at once knows that he followed her and gives him the note she got for reading. Marcello asks her not to wait for this anonymous person as this always means difficulties. Sophia insists and wants to wait. Peter is sitting with Kelly in the same restaurant. Kelly is feeling very uneasy thinking that all the people are staring at her. Joe gets up and just when they want to leave the Contessa is seeing them and greeting them in joy. She introduces Marcello as her stepson and they politely shake hands and leave. Sophia asks Marcello who is an excellent psychiatrist what he thinks about Kelly. If she would be able to overcome this trauma. He explains exactly all the symptoms Kelly is having but is sure that with the help of her husband she will overcome her trauma. Sophia asks him if he could not go to CC and help her. Marcello refuses to go to CC and tells her that he has some urgent work to do. The moment he left Augusta takes a deep breath and sits down to talk with the Contessa. She tells her how sorry she feels about their last talk but she is extremely jealous. Now she feels different and she even could imagine to become friends.

Joe and Kelly are visiting his home to fetch some things. Amy is full of joy in seeing them and tells them that she is going to throw a party for them and they have to come. Kelly is afraid of people but Joe thinks it would be a good idea to have this change. Amy invites them for the late afternoon.

Peter is entering Joe and Kelly's apartment. He sprays all over their bed his favorite perfume and sits down waiting with his weapon for them.

Joe and Kelly meanwhile have a wonderful picnic at the beach and Kelly starts laughing again but when Joe starts making advances towards her she again feels uncomfortable and asks him to give her some time to overcome the recent events.

At Kelly's apartment, somebody knocks and Peter just wanted to open when somebody shouts through the door: 'Police, open the door'. Peter hides himself behind a curtain but the officer gets the order not to break in and only observe the house until they come.

Joe and Kelly come home. Kelly is again playful and asks Joe first to tell her the three secret words before she will open the door. Peter waits with the weapon inside. Joe finally tells her the secret words: 'I love you' and gives her a kiss. Kelly searches for the key and just when she wants to open the door Mason storms into the house and tells them that the danger is not over and they have to come back to the mansion. Kelly mentions that they are invited to Amy's and she has already bought all the things. Mason tells them that in this case he will give them police protection they should just quickly come into his car. Peter listens eagerly to this news behind the door. Nearly out of the house Joe asks Mason if he would mind if they fetch some things. Mason agrees and they enter the apartment. Kelly smells the perfume and finds the bottle. They are shocked to see that Peter has been in their apartment.

Augusta approaches CC in the Capwell hotel entrance. She wants to show him something. CC agrees to give her a few minutes. Sophia and Marcello sit at a table in the hall. Augusta leads CC to them. CC is not impressed and tells her that she need not to introduce the Contessa to him as they know each other already. The Contessa gets up and introduces Marcello, her stepson, to him. CC is in a hurry to arrange everything to find Joe and Kelly. The Contessa tells him that they have seen them not long ago in a restaurant. CC wants to phone and the Contessa goes behind him asking him if Marcello could not serve Kelly as a psychiatrist to overcome her experience. CC is not having his mind for the moment at this question and tells her that he first have to take care for their security and then they can talk over it. Augusta meanwhile talks to Marcello finding out his relation to the Contessa. She is talking and talking till she notices that Marcello is not listening to her and finally even lets her stand alone running over to the Contessa.

Peter rings Amy's door. She is not answering the bell as she is just cleaning the floor with earphones listening to some music. Finally she goes and opens. When seeing Peter she immediately closes the door but Peter makes his way in. Amy sits down and Peter also takes place at one of the easy chairs. He takes out the weapon and tells her that he is waiting for Kelly, his bride. Amy tells him that soon a lot of people will arrive and he should better go but Peter tells her that he came for her party and Kelly will be surely glad to see him.

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Cruz is visiting Joe and Kelly to check their discovery of fragrance of Peter's perfume in their apartment. Cruz tells them that they might have missed him only recently. He will send enough police to Amy's house for their security. Kelly is having her doubts. She asks Cruz how many security officers the President has and yet he is not secure. She must think on all her attacks which Peter has survived.

Peter is keeping Amy in check and a unhappy conversation is going on. Peter asks Amy to phone to the people and tell them that they should not come. She started to phone to her mother, her sister and so on but could not reach many of the other invited persons.

Augusta is meeting a lawyer in the hall of the Capwell hotel. She asks him some questions concerning the rights of a person who is declared dead and might appear all of a sudden after several years. After how many years a man can declare his wife as dead and marry again, etc.

Mason is meeting Gina also in the hall of the Capwell hotel. He tells her that Hank is getting soon free and he will search her out. Gina is in fear for her safety. Mason asks her when they intend to marry. Gina gives him the date. He tells her that it is just one day after Hank is getting free. Mason notices that Augusta is talking to a lawyer and leaves. He gets up and asks the lawyer what kind of conversation they had. With some pressure he gets out the truth. He phones to CC's lawyer. He asks if CC has ever declared Sophia as dead. The reply is a no. Mason think with much diabolic joy about the possibilities he can use this knowledge. CC is marrying Gina unlawfully. He intends to tell it shortly before they will share their marriage vows.

Peter is getting impatient. He asks Amy to phone to Kelly and tell her that she should come earlier. Kelly notice that Amy is somehow strange but is not thinking about further. She decides to go to this party to overcome her fear of people.

Jackie phones to Amy and tells her with much joy that her husband Larry is on the way to her and she goes to the airport but wants quickly to come and fetch some things. Amy tries to tell her not to come but Jackie has already put down the phone.

Jackie comes in with much joy. Peter is hiding behind the door. Jackie embraces Amy but gets shocked when turning around and seeing Peter.

Mason is ringing the bell. Peter hides with his automatic gun behind the door. Amy is asking Mason to go in an unfriendly manner. When Mason insists she lets him come in. Mason goes in and tells her that they should be careful as Peter has a weapon and is still around. Mason turns around and is seeing Peter pointing with the gun to him. Peter starts to talk to him with triumph in his voice. All of a sudden Peter gets some pain in his head. Mason tells him that he is ill and he needs medical treatment and he will help him. Peter regains and tells him that he is the source of his pain as he has not given to him money when he was requesting him after he got out of the hospital.

Kelly and Joe meet Larry at their car. He is in Navy uniform. Larry asks them what the police is doing all around and Joe explains to him.

Amy suggests to try again to phone to Gina and tell her that the party is not happening. She phones while Peter notices Joe, Kelly and Larry standing at their car. Cruz is taking the phone and Amy takes the chance to give him a signal by talking to him as if he is Gina. First Cruz tries to clear the matter but when she hangs up the phone he got suspicious that something at her place must be wrong. He asks the police officers standing near the house what is going on and he mentions that all is quiet only Kelly, Joe and a man are standing near their car talking. Cruz asks him not to let them into the house. He is also requesting for more police.

Gina phones and Amy takes. Peter is standing behind and listen to what both are saying. Gina tells that they might come late if at all. Amy loses her control and starts crying while Peter hangs up the phone. Peter tells Amy that she has cheated him. When Gina phoned now who was the person she was talking then before, Peter demands to know from her. Mason goes to them and asks him not to do anything to Amy, but Peter knocks him down with the backside of the automatic pistol. Amy and Jackie are shocked seeing a bloody Mason. They want to help but Peter does not allow them.

The phone rings and rings. Peter is hiding himself behind the door waiting for Joe and Kelly to come in. Finally Peter allows Amy to take the phone. Cruz tells her to answer his question only with yes or no. He asks: 'Is something wrong at your place?'

Joe rings the doorbell. Kelly and Larry are standing next to him. They wonder if anybody is in at all as the phone rings for such a long time.

Peter all of a sudden shouts to Amy and Jackie they should go back quickly. He opens the door and shoots up Larry whom he takes as a policeman.

A terrified Cruz hears the shouts and the shot. He at once knows that it must be Peter and hurries to their place.

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Larry is lying on the floor and Kelly saves herself by hiding behind the cars. But Joe has also become a part of the party. Jackie is crying over Larry's body and Amy is supporting her. Peter can't stand to hear Jackie's lamenting and he asks her to stop it otherwise he will shoot her as well. The others tell him that Jackie is his wife and they cannot let him lay on the floor. Peter finally agrees that they carry him in the other room. He goes to check the room. Larry opens his eyes and tells Jackie that he is fine but she should go on giving Peter the impression that he is dead. All are carrying Larry to the room in the back while the door is kept open.

Warren hands over a letter to Minx. He tells her that he has found out that Brick is running their finances and he wants to know why. She could have the best financial manager and yet she has taken a simple man from the street. He wants to tell it to Lionel which she does not find a good idea. He asks her at least to give him the same chance as she has given to Brick.

Cruz has evacuated the neighbor house from where they can watch everything. Peter gives Cruz an ultimatum. Either he hands Kelly over within 15 minutes or he will shoot everyone. Kelly is desperate. She wants to go to him. Cruz does not allow this. A female police officer, Maggie Gillis, offers to go in disguise for Kelly. She was the best in shooting in her class and would like to get this chance. Cruz is asking the police station for a wig.

Mason starts talking to Peter. He asks him to let Amy go as she is pregnant. He knows from his own experience how it is to grow up without parents. He should give her child a chance. At least this child will get love. Mason makes his point and Peter lets Amy go.

Cruz sends Amy to the hospital. At the hospital a worried Warren is waiting while Liz is undergoing an operation. He meets Amy who desperately tells him what has happened. She finds herself guilty that she has gone leaving the others behind. Warren hugs and comforts her.

Larry who is only hurt asks Jackie to help him. She should draw the attention of Peter on her while he hides himself behind the door ready for attack. The others could also help he tells her.

Maggie gets ready. Cruz phones and tells Peter that Kelly is coming. Peter is full of joy in seeing her. She asks him to come to the car and drive away with him. Jackie gives a sign to Joe and Mason and they understand at once. Joe wants to do the start but Mason signs him that he will do it. Mason asks Peter to go out to Kelly since she is here now and he doesn't need them anymore. Peter opens the door with his automatic pistol. Maggie stumbles as before agreed with Cruz. She draws her pistol but for some reason does not shoot. Peter notices her pistol and fires.

Larry rushes forward with the others and gives Peter a knock. Being hurt by himself he has to let go of Peter while Joe grabs Peter and asks the others to run out quickly. Peter can make himself free and directs his pistol toward Joe. He is angry and tells Joe that it is his fault that Kelly shot at him. And now she is dead. Joe pacifies him by telling him that she might be well. He also tells him that he was not always thinking like now and he reminds him on his farewell letter where he has confessed the murder on the four women and Channing. The word Channing creates old thoughts in Peter and he gets upset. He asks Joe why he has come out of the prison and destroyed his luck with Kelly.

The others find themselves at Cruz's place. Maggie is only hurt on her arm. Kelly knowing that Joe is still inside loses her control and asks her why she did not shoot. Cruz tells her that one has to accept such failure and he tells Maggie that he will give a positive report so that she does not get into trouble. Cruz sends her and Larry to the hospital.

Eden comes and embraces Kelly telling her how happy she is that all are free now. Kelly informs her that this is not the case and Joe is still in the house. Cruz finds it not a good idea that Eden also has come but she insists on staying, and goes into the back room. Cruz asks where the psychologist is. Kelly wonders how a psychologist can help. The door opens and Marcello comes in. Cruz is surprised and the officer tells him that no others were available and this great psychologist has offered his help. He is the stepson of the Contessa. Eden watches Marcello from the other room and their eyes meet each other but she keeps silent. Cruz gives Marcello all the material available to them.

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