Phyllis steals one of Gina's cheques and gives it to Cy. Ethan finds out that Laura doesn't visit her doctor as often as she is supposed to. The doctor wants to put Laura to the mental hospital for inspection but they need Ethan's permission. Ethan wants Laura's approval before he decides. Laura tells him he would have to force her to go. And, of course, if she went he would have the money to keep her there for the rest of her life. Sasha refuses to leave town with Mason. She tells Craig it's more profitable to keep Julia out of prison. Sophia doesn't like the changes Steven is planning to make in the script. CC tells Slade not to change it (but someone wants him to rewrite the script).

Mason and Julia plan to drive Sasha into giving the evidence to Ethan so they could cut in and get it. Julia gets a sizzle from the lamp and Mason gets an idea. Julia tells him they're doing this to get rid of Sasha not to get together again. Mason gets an electrician to check the lights in the Lair, the latter does something with Sasha's microphone. Mason meets Sasha in the Lair, the latter is convinced Julia is trying to kill her. Sasha doesn't want to sing tonight but Julia shows up and "pleads" her to sing. When she does so, she gets a slight electric shock. Buck runs away again. Cruz promises Hallie to find him. Alfred interrupts Derek and Kelly's evening when he walks in with Buck. The latter mistakes Kelly for Eden for a moment. Later he runs away again from Derek's place and sneaks into Cruz's house. He shows himself and asks them to find parents for him and Hallie. Kelly goes to Ric's bar and asks him out but Ric has to take a rain check. Kelly and Eden have another fight. Alfred gives Derek the desk the latter had found in the basement of the orphanage.

Buck thinks Cruz and Eden are going to adopt him. Eden wants to but Cruz doesn't think it's such a great idea. Buck fears Hallie and he will be separated. Cruz wants Buck to play by the rules so he could find parents for them. Eden talks to Sister Allegra and they fight over several things. Hallie overhears them. She tells Eden that the lady who wants to adopt her will come today. Eden meets the lady who turns out to be her classmate Frances. She only wants Hallie cause she's single but she promises to take another girl if Eden finds parents who'd take both children. Hunt promises to get a lot of money for someone. Sasha tells Mason about the attempt and threatens to put Julia away for life if she was to attempt anything else. Julia calls on Sasha. She attacks her but Mason cuts in. Julia leaves and Sasha tells Mason that she will go to the police. Hunt shows up there and lets Sasha write a letter to Ethan in case she died, and he himself demands 1 million dollars from Mason by tomorrow. Julia tells Mason they need to get Hunt out of town in order to proceed with their plan. Laura refuses to go to the hospital. Dr. Krantzler talks to her. She thinks to herself that 72 hours in the hospital would be a perfect alibi. She goes to the hospital, disguised, to see the premises and learns about the security. She goes back to Ethan and agrees to go to the hospital. She thinks to herself: "No one will ever suspect me, darling. It will be the perfect murder".

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Laura is taken to the hospital and she's not in a good mood. She meets her roommate Annie. Bunny calls Hunt as a mafioso and invites him to Vegas. Mack meets Candace Duvall and learns about Laura being in the hospital. She offers him money to disturb CC's team. Mack throws her out and later tells Kelly and Derek about her. Gina learns from Mack about Laura and talks to Ethan about it. Ethan tells her he still loves her. Gina tells him not to. Gina is looking for investors and Mack tells her to ask Augusta for the money. Kelly thinks Derek is on CC's payroll. Mason calls on Sasha. She turns on the TV and sees the news about Hunt being arrested. It's all part of their big plan. Sasha sends Mason away and calls the DA's office - Julia answers as someone else and Sasha falls for the trap. Julia then calls on Sasha and takes out a small gun (with blanks in it) saying she'll make her pay.

Mason interrupts Julia and Sasha and Julia accidentally shoots him. Julia is upset about killing Mason and Sasha asks her not to kill her and promises to take her where she holds the evidence. When they're gone, Mason gets up. Sasha gives Julia the evidence. Craig calls on Sasha and after she has explained what had happened he realises that they both had been fooled. Mason calls on Sasha telling her she should sell her half of the Lair and get out of town. He and Julia celebrate. Kelly calls on Derek, apologises and asks him to dedicate the evening to her. Brandon wants to help Buck and Hallie, he meets Buck at the children's home. Sister Allegra is still not helpful and tells Eden and Cruz she'll give Hallie away. Buck overhears it. He calls Cruz a liar and disappears. Eden asks Allegra why the kids didn't talk to her after the sister had spoken with Derek. Cruz finds Buck in the basement and swears not to tell anyone about his hideout. Buck has a photo of boys who had had a secret "club". They have a serious talk. Cruz learns that Buck's real name is Timothy. Alfred calls Derek telling him that Buck is missing and is probably in the basement of the orphanage. Derek leaves Kelly. The latter sits by the evening table when Eden calls on her. They end up arguing again. At home Eden tells Cruz passionately that they should adopt the kids after all. Cruz interrupts her saying he was about to suggest the same. Derek finds Buck's hiding place.

Ethan calls on Laura at the hospital. Laura steals the keys from nurse Green's purse and sneaks out. Phyllis makes dinner but Mack and Gina won't join her, Buck and Brandon. Brandon suggests that Gina should adopt Buck. Gina explains why she won't. Gina is supposed to meet Augusta and she asks Mack to join them because Augusta is fond of him. Phyllis asks Cy to join them for dinner for plenty of food was left over. Brandon and Buck go swimming and Brandon hits his head against the pool. They leave Buck alone in the house when they take Brandon to the hospital. Laura shows up there and lights Gina's house on fire. Buck wakes up in a flaming house. Ric gets Marcos's phone number for Michael and then makes a bet with Michael for 20 and with Marcos for 100 dollars. Both of them lose to Ric for he gets Marcos' keys to Michael and Marcos' head doesn't take the bottle of Tequila. Michael takes drunk Marcos home and searches his place. Then he calls Nikki that he can see into her apartment from there. At the same time Marcos hits him from the back.

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Marcos answers the phone after hitting Michael. Nikki shows up at his place with a gun and sends him away by the time Michael comes around. Michael wants her to level with him. Nikki doesn't tell him anything. Cruz calls on Nikki when she's tending Michael's head. He sees the bloody towel but Nikki invents a story to explain it. Cruz asks Michael to find parents for Buck in 10 hours. Nikki tells Michael that Marcos (her ex-fiance) won't let go. The firemen don't see Buck who has lost consciousness. Mack, Phyllis and Gina look for him. Gina even goes to CC's house asking if Buck had shown up there. Derek hears it and rushes away. He enters the house despite the flames and they (with one of the firemen) save Buck. The firefighter seems to be interested in adopting Buck and Hallie. Augusta is upset because the house burnt down completely. No one knows how the fire got started. Eden tells Cruz that Derek is being very careful. Kelly tells Derek that she feels for Gina and Augusta.

Police figure out it had been an arson. Laura acts worried when Ethan calls on her. She tries to talk about Gina but Ethan doesn't want to. Gina wants to go shopping because she has 4 million in bank. Augusta tells Julia about the lease she had made with Mason. Mason calls on Julia to consult her about it. Cruz talks with Gina to find out if she had any enemies. It turns out that the insurance company hadn't received the last of the insurance payment and therefore the policy was lost and Gina must pay $4.2 million to Augusta. Augusta is in Julia's office when Lionel calls and she must break the news to him. The house had given them both hope to be together some day. Derek gives Allegra another cheque. Eden confronts Derek and the latter explains to her that Hank and his wife had adopted the kids and he had paid the final money needed for the adoption. Eden sees Derek's car outside after he had told her he'll leave and she gets suspicious. She finds Derek in his hideout. Augusta tells Gina she has no intention to share her business.

Laura steals a nurse's gown and Annie finds it. She tells Laura she will tell the nurses and then she will gain privileges. Laura puts on a threatening face. Eden and Cruz find Derek in the cellar and they also find the photo of four kids. Craig doesn't want to be partners with Sasha any more.

Sasha had followed Craig and sees him in some house. When she slips away she drops her bracelet and Craig finds it. He goes to the Lair to find her. Bunny lies for Sasha but demands explanations. Sasha doesn't tell him much and when she asks for a spare bedroom Bunny turns her down. Sasha calls Ethan. Laura dreams about shooting Ethan. Then she drugs Annie's drink. The latter falls asleep and Laura calls Ethan in order to find out if he will be home tonight. She is about to put on the nurse's gown when Michael drops by. Michael apologises to her and tells her how well she's doing. Laura sneaks out and goes home, she takes the gun but finds Ethan's bed empty. Ethan is waiting for Sasha in his office but leaves when she doesn't show up. Laura is on the outside and shoots when she sees someone enter. It was Sasha. Marcos "engages" himself with Nikki. And they "announce" it to Michael. Nikki thinks Michael is jealous. Julia and Mason have a business date on which they're both pretty clumsy and funny. And they end up kissing.