Kelly shows up drunk with two lawyers at the Orient Express when Julia and Mason are there. Mason and Julia leave Kelly with her lawyers and go onto the roof and dance. Laura is shocked to see she has shot Sasha. She manages to hide herself and Sasha before Ethan comes back. Sasha is dead. Eden is examining Buck's box. She believes that one of the boys on the photograph is Derek. Cruz gets a call at 2 AM that Kelly had had a car accident. Kelly is fine but drunk and she's angry at the cop for telling Cruz and Eden. Eden and Kelly have a fight. Cruz finds an empty champagne bottle in Kelly's car and therefore is cross with her. He tests her and when Kelly proves to be drunk, arrests her. Laura is pulled over by a cop who ends up asking Laura as a nurse to come to the scene of an accident - Kelly's accident. Somehow she has managed to leave there and shows up at Julia's and leaves Sasha's body there. When Julia and Mason get home and Mason leaves, Julia finds Sasha in her bed and screams.

Mason rushes back and they find out Sasha is dead. Augusta had heard the scream and therefore Julia and Mason pretend they had slept together (they hide Sasha under the blanket). Mason talks Julia out of telling the cops because she would be their number one suspect. Laura is sorry it hadn't been Ethan or Gina she had shot. Mack tells Gina not to be grumpy and start over. Eden bails Kelly out and takes her home. Kelly thanks her. She refuses to miss the polo match even if she hasn't got any sleep. Mack substitutes for one of the players who got hurt in polo. He also makes the winning goal. CC takes him into the team. Kelly fails in the game. She hadn't had a chance to tell CC and the latter finds out elsewhere that she had been arrested. He confronts Kelly and is worried. Mack is in a celebrative mood when he gets home. Augusta is happy that Julia and Mason are together again. Mason can't find the murder weapon. They think Hunt had killed Sasha. Mason hurts his back and Julia is forced to drag Sasha out to the garage freezer. When Augusta wants to cook for them they say the fridge is broken. Ethan pays a visit to Laura. She decides to stay in the hospital.

Cruz still doesn't believe there's anything mysterious about Derek. Eden sneaks into the orphanage and a new sister gives her some files. Alfred sees her compare the photo they had found to the one in the album. She asks Cruz for the information about a Gladys and then calls on her. Gladys recognizes Derek on the photo but not the others. Mr. Martin knew but he's dead. When Eden leaves we see Alfred (on the background) go after her (he had probably set it all up). Augusta thinks Julia is behaving strangely. Mason locks the freezer. Augusta and Julia have dinner and talk about Sasha. Mason joins them and asks Augusta to leave them alone tonight. CC and Sophia are happy for Julia and Mason being together again. Cruz asks Gina her shoe number and tells her they had found a footprint but that they don't accuse her. Cruz and Eden learn that one of Cruz's detective friends has just been found dead. Eden tries to get Alfred open up about Derek but fails. Brandon wants to go to the public school because it's cheaper. Phyllis finds a job for herself and Gina - as waitresses. Julia refuses to sleep in her bed. Bunny calls on them looking for Sasha but they say they haven't seen her.

Derek is with her when Gladys calls Eden telling her she remembered the names. Eden finds out that all the boys Gladys had suggested are all dead. When she tells Cruz, the latter is doubtful. Cruz's friend was killed by overdose of a drug called ice. Michael is ready to join the force again. Laura is surprised and worried because there is no word about the murder in the newspapers. Ethan and Laura talk about their marriage and Ethan, not in so many words, implies that she is no longer welcome in his home. Laura is upset, naturally. Annie had found the gun but Laura pretends she doesn't know who had put it there. Annie tells her she should get along with her because she knows everything. Laura asks the nurse for the separate room from Annie. Julia and Mason learn about the last moves Sasha had made from Bunny and promise him to ask around town about her. They decide to break into Ethan's office for it had been the last place Sasha had gone to. They have just found the bullet when Ethan walks in on them. Mason sends a wire from San Francisco to Bunny as Sasha.

Ethan buys Mason and Julia's explanation about being in his office to talk of Kelly's case. Kelly has her trial today and she doesn't want her parents to go with her. The judge CC and Mason know gets replaced at the last minute by "the Hammer". Kelly gets the maximum punishment but jail is replaced (for it's her first violation) with 200 social work hours and loses her driver's license for 6 months and she gets a $1000 fine. She doesn't want Mason to plead for reducing her sentence. After the trial Ric takes Kelly to Howie's where Gina works. Gina is mortified because of her job and hides when anyone she knows, enters. Mack meets Augusta and gets her to look at Gina's sketches. Julia and Mason ask Dante to help them find out if Hunt has a 38 mm gun. Ethan comes to the Howie's and even though Phyllis tries to get him out he sees Gina although Gina doesn't see him. Michael and Nikki are waiting for the results of their exam.

Kelly decides to do her social hours at the children's home. Steven is nervous on Sophia's first day at the shooting. They shoot the first scene which ends with their passionate kiss. Cops have arrested a guy near Tom's murder place. Something weird is going on - kids don't even have to pay for the "ice". Cruz tells Eden that Tom's widow Marie is pregnant. Ric learns from Michael that Nikki is engaged to Marcos. Ric tells him that Nikki has feelings for Michael. Cruz comes to Ric's and tells them that both Nikki and Michael had been accepted to the force and that he has some use for them right away. Marcos is pleased and Nikki tells him to ask "them" to let her brother go. Michael has to give up his beard. After he has done that he calls on Nikki and takes her out. Nikki teaches him how to play pool (Ric sets it up). Later she gets some sea maps from Marcos. Kelly asks Sophia, CC and Derek out for dinner. Derek has a weird face when CC tells the others Steven has no past (is he one of the four boys?).

Annie has the gun again. Laura threatens her and she gives the gun and the bullets back. She had also found the keys and the nurse's dress. Laura wants her to stay away from her things. Annie tells Laura not to shoot her husband because the gun can be traced. Cruz arrests a guy - Rob - for carrying ice. He wants to use Rob in their advantage, the latter reluctantly agrees. Nikki and Marcos have a fight. Nikki demands to see her brother before risking her life and betraying her friends. Ethan makes a mysterious phone call. Laura is behind his window and aims to shoot but stops for a moment, and then Cruz and Michael call on Ethan asking for more manpower. Ethan insists on a quiet operation. Laura sneaks into her house and puts the gun back into the drawer. Kelly agrees to go to see Eden's video of the orphanage with Derek. Eden's video is a success and Derek and Kelly congratulate her on it. Linda (Eden's camera girl) is acting weird, probably is high (on ice). Ethan tells somebody over the phone to watch Eden's show.

Laura is irritated because she doesn't see a word about the murder in the papers. She reads Annie's diary and learns that Annie had killed her husband. Annie admits to it proudly. She wants to see Laura kill Ethan and talks all sorts of crazy stuff which seems to frighten even Laura. She insists on going with Laura. The latter breaks into the medical room taking a bottle and a syringe. She then injects the stuff into Annie's chocolate. When Annie offers her the candy she takes one but doesn't eat it. Annie falls asleep. Dante is not much help to Julia and Mason. They call on Bunny who tells them about the wire he had got from Sasha and they advise him to audition new singers. Bunny tells them Kelly might know where Hunt had gone on the night of Sasha's murder. Stephen is not content with the kissing scene and does it over and over and over again. Both CC and Derek come to the set. Stephen tells CC he doesn't want him on the set, saying Sophia's family distracts her. Sophia tells CC they had done one scene 12 times. CC tells her to be careful with Stephen. Stephen at the same time watches the kissing scene over and over again. There's something wrong with the lights in the Orient Express and the Lair. Hunt joins Kelly in the elevator and it gets stuck. The whole city is dark. Julia and Mason freak out because the blackout causes their freezer to melt. Laura is under Ethan's car when Ethan comes but then the lights go out. (In her diary Annie had explained how she had killed her husband by messing with the brakes of his car).

General darkness in the city. Eden and Linda make a story of it. Linda seems to be feeling very ill. She takes ice and collapses. Eden finds the ice in her palm. She confronts Linda in the hospital and learns that she had got it from a Jane. Eden promises not to give her away if she goes to the rehab and sets a meeting for her with Jane. Kelly and Hunt decide to leave the elevator through the air-conditioning tunnel. Julia goes to the liquor store to get more ice in order to keep Sasha's body frozen. Hunt calls on them when they are in the garage. He opens the freezer (Julia is petrified) but doesn't see Sasha's body because of the new ice poured over her. Mason decides it's time to move the body. Julia starts to think Craig didn't kill Sasha after all. Cops learn that the darkness must have been a sabotage which started in the docks in order to cover somebody's actions. Marcos receives a delivery from a chopter. Rob tells Michael and Cruz he gets the ice from Jane. Laura gets back unnoticed just before the nurse looks into the room. Ethan gets into an accident.

Gina and Phyllis hear on TV that Ethan's condition is critical. Derek calls on Allegra giving her three more checks from three other donors. A nurse tells Laura her husband is in hospital. Linda arranges a meeting for Eden and Jane at Howie's. Eden doesn't tell Cruz where she's going. She meets Jane and they turn out to be schoolmates. Rob sits at the next table and overhears their conversation. Jane and Eden arrange another meeting at midnight in an alleyway. Rob calls Cruz telling him Jane has a meeting with some blonde (he doesn't know Eden). Laura lies to Annie that she had had nothing to do with the attempt on her husband's life. She plays on Annie's sympathy who feels for her because of Jamie. Laura is taken to see Ethan. Gina calls on Ethan just as Laura is about to inject him something. Laura wants Gina to leave, they fight, Phyllis butts in. Sophia and Stephen have an argument about the film when the former isn't happy with his ideas. They do the scene again. Sophia tells him she doesn't want to mix real life with that of a film.