Julia has visions of Sasha and is hysterious. Craig has an alibi. Derek, Hunt and Stephen talk in Ethan's hospital room that somebody might be after them. Julia learns that Howie had seen a woman climbing the court house wall. Eden notices a car across the street and they run away with Jane. Jane promises to get back to her. Julia and Mason steal the key for the hospital basement. Laura follows them. Julia has some reservations about putting Sasha into fluid nitrogen. They take the sarcophagus out. Laura hears them say that the killer is a woman. Cruz finds a key for CC's country club. They deduct that Jane must move in high circles. Cruz and Eden celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Cruz gives her the flower from Pebble Creek in a frame he had made himself. Hunt calls on Derek telling him Julia and Mason must know something about Sasha. He sees the table from the orphanage. Jane calls Eden and sets a date for the next day at noon in the country club.

I didn't see this one.

Mason and Julia go to the Capwell crypt, Laura follows them. Julia insists on having a ceremony for Sasha. The guard catches them. Mason asks him not to let anyone into the crypt. Laura overhears Julia and Mason talk about going to Ethan's office. She discovers that she had lost a button that night and therefore goes to Ethan's office. Mason meets her there. Derek calls on Stephen and Kelly hears some of their conversation. Hunt visits Ethan whose condition is better. Ethan doesn't know who might have wanted to kill him. Derek tells Kelly he can't play polo that day because he has another appointment. Stephen films in the country club. Brandon has a talk with him telling him he's a director too. He gets a permission to watch on the set. Sophia tells Stephen Brandon's adopted. Stephen isn't content with Sophia's acting and finishes the day early. Craig goes to Sasha's and learns from the tape in her answering machine that she hasn't arrived in San Francisco. Kelly and Hunt have a talk during which the latter tells her he isn't really a bad guy. Derek comes to Kelly's rescue. Hunt gives him the tape. Derek, Stephen and Hunt each separately put a white rose onto the pile of rocks in the tunnel.

Note: The broadcasting station changed the numbers here. The next episode was numbered 1438. They skipped the numbers 1433-1437, but apparently no episodes were omitted.

Cruz doesn't want anyone (including family members) to know Eden's better. CC makes a scene at the hospital when the nurse won't let them in. Kelly regrets fighting with Eden. Marcos wants Nikki to spy on Eden and tell him as soon as her condition changed. He also tells her to deliver a package to an old oil rig and maybe then she can meet her brother. Cruz tells Nikki that Eden's alright and that he plans a trap. He tells the press that Eden's alright and ready to testify after he has got her out of the hospital. CC freaks out when he sees the empty room. Cruz tells him the truth about Eden and asks him to tell the others not to come for it may be dangerous. Marcos hears the announcement about Eden and is angry that Nikki hadn't called. He tells Benny to keep her there when she comes, and leaves. Nikki's brother had felt sick and gone to the bathroom where he overhears their conversation. When Nikki comes Amado tells her Marcos wants her dead. She realises that if the others find out she let Marcos die (without warning him about the trap) they will kill Amado. Dante tells Julia and Mason he had found Sasha's box empty and the inside of it had been full of her fingerprints. Julia and Mason talk to a police officer who had stopped two nurses on the night of the murder. But he doesn't recognize Sasha on the photo as one of the nurses. Hunt overhears the last part. Kelly and Mason think Eden might be dying and decide to go to the hospital when Hunt calls on them.

I didn't see this one.