Hunt arranges to meet Kelly instead of Derek and Kelly is surprised. Stephen films several scenes at the set and is cross with Sophia. Sophia, Derek and Kelly question his methods. Stephen closes the scene to the outsiders. He makes changes in the script which does not make Derek happy. Cruz has doubts about Nikki. Marcos isn't grateful to Nikki (for saving him from the police). Craig reminds Derek that the round table does not have a leader. Michael threatens Marcos if he should hurt Nikki. Nikki tries to free her brother. Ric offers to help Cruz. He is willing to go undercover. Kelly tells Derek she misses their meetings. She hears Derek call some Craig ("Hunt?" she says to herself). Mack tells Augusta he's happy doing what he does and don't need her money. Derek and Hunt call on Stephen who doesn't like Derek's bossing.

I didn't see this episode.

Julia gets frizzled touching the lamp and she hears Sasha's singing. She is angry with Mason for not believing her. She visits a phenomenologist after which she looks for "cold spots" in the house. Annie gives Laura a bunch of poisonous plants to poison Ethan. She gets a visitor and Laura learns from a nurse it's Annie's husband. When Laura confronts her with it she admits wanting to do it but `they' had found her diary. Laura suggests they'd kill each other's husbands not to be suspected themselves. Laura wants Annie to kill Ethan first. Marcos orders Nikki to deliver the last shipment - a lot of it. She is able to see Amado briefly. Michael don't think Cruz is being fair doubting Nikki. He believes in her and doesn't deny he has feelings for her. Michael overhears Nikki tell her partner they were given a night off. He checks with the captain that she had lied and goes after her instead of going with Cruz into Marcos' apartment. Cruz finds some citizenship papers in Marcos' apartment. Ric gets himself to play tennis with the daughter of CC's rival Richards. Tawny invites him to a beach party. Ric overhears some guys talking about "the real party" in the back room.

Julia sees the picture of a grinning woman in the motel room who reminds her of Sasha. The landlady tells them a story about the woman on the picture who had killed herself. Julia is scared. Their car gets on fire and Julia doesn't believe it was struck by lightning. Mason tries to calm her down and wonders why the fire didn't attract other guests' attention. Cruz knows Marcos had killed the cop and tried to kill Eden and he wants to get the man himself. He doesn't think Marcos is the boss. Ric goes to Tawny's. He offers to teach her to play pool. Tawny sends Ric away when her father wants to see her. Nikki hits Benny unconscious and takes the $10 million worth of drugs with her. Michael follows her to the rig and finds some fresh cigarettes (the rig was supposed to be deserted). He finds a small package of 'ice'. Nikki calls Marcos telling him she wants to trade the ice for Amado.

Laura calls home but hangs up when the nurse answers. Somebody wants Marcos to bring the ice, also Nikki and the cop alive. Michael finds a phone number at Nikki's apartment. Nikki sets a meeting with Marcos in the desert. Craig calls on Ethan. Mack wants Gina and Phyllis to stay out of his private life. Stephen comes to Howie's and meets Gina. They talk and Gina tells him Brandon is her son. Hunt meets Slade at Howie's and pretends to be a fan. Ethan wants his tea not the curative one the nurse recommends. He senses a strange flavour and doesn't drink it. Nikki is burying the ice when she hears someone coming. She shoots and misses. It's Michael. Nikki still doesn't trust him but Michael insists upon helping her. She finally tells Michael everything and also about her plan to rescue Amado. Michael won't let her go alone. Marcos finds Michael's badge in the cave. Laura changes buttons on her coat. Annie tells Laura Ethan had changed the teas and the plan had failed. Laura reads Annie's diary and adds: "I'll pay back for Laura".

Sophia doesn't understand Stephen. Kelly asks Hunt out. She tells Hunt she wants the attention of her family by going out with him. They are on CC's yacht. Kelly wants to know what Derek and Hunt had to talk about. They end up kissing. Gina makes a scene at Cruz's office demanding the investigation on the fire in her house. Tawny has connections to get drugs and gets Ric a dose. Tawny and Ric are on the beach when they run into Hunt and Kelly. Tawny learns that Ric and Kelly 'go way back'. Gina calls on Augusta and they argue. Gina wants her to think about her enemies to figure out who had started the fire. Ric tells Cruz about the drugs but doesn't believe Tawny is guilty. He tells Cruz that Tawny doesn't like to talk about her mother and tells him that her father is in import-export business.

I didn't see this episode.

Mason and Julia see Sasha's figure outside. Mason is unable to catch her. Sidney tells Bunny she doesn't think Julia and Mason are telling the whole truth. Cruz arrests Kirk, who still doesn't feel defeated. He pulls some stick and Cruz almost falls into the pool of sharks. Michael saves him. Kirk agrees to fight with Cruz alone and they send the others away. CC and Augusta meet and are civil with each other. Nikki feels guilty. Kirk lets something flammable to leak while he's talking to Cruz. He tosses the lighter - so Eden would mourn him with Cruz. Explosion - Kirk's laughter. Gina gets Augusta to sign the papers of relieving her of her debt to the former. Bunny gives Sidney her sister's job. Cruz had jumped into the pool of sharks and is alive. Kirk sends a message to Cruz demanding a second round. Mason finds a piece of mask on the beach while he and Julia are wishing upon a star. Sidney has Sasha's corpse in her freezer and talks to it in a cold manner, telling it that she has Mason and Julia right where she had wanted them.

Julia brings Gladys, the psychic, to her house to see the picture from the cottage. Mason isn't happy about it. Gladys passes out. When she comes to, she tells them there's a bad spirit in their house. She wants to hold a seance. Mason at last agrees to it. Gladys calls the spirit. A knock is heard in response. Sidney Schmidt is at the door at 1.30 AM. Mason offers her a ride home. Julia is alone - the light goes out and the picture falls down. Cruz takes Amado with him and sends Vic back. Michael catches a snake to give to Marcos. Marcos calls Kirk and tells him everything goes as planned. Amado tells Cruz a name - Kahana - and Cruz checks it out (just like Kirk had planned he would). Marcos shows up, grabs Nikki and wants the ice. He takes the bag. Cruz shows up and tells them not to move. Amado butts in and Marcos regains control over the situation. He leaves with Nikki and Michael. Cruz tries to follow them but the DEA show up. The DEA send Cruz away but he finds a lighter, keeps it without telling them. Marcos calls Kirk that he has them. Nikki tells them she don't have the stuff. Marcos gets Michael to open the bag, Michael tricks Marcos and the latter gets bitten by the snake. Laura tells Annie to throw an electric clock-radio into Ethan's tub. Laura writes something else into Annie's diary. Ethan and the nurse had had dinner and are happy. She says her name is Pressman - her father had killed a little girl. She swears she didn't take the job to get Ethan review her father's case. Ethan doesn't want to take a bath today but the nurse insists he must. Annie's plan fails cause the nurse is in the bathroom with Ethan. Ethan wants to help her father. They kiss. Annie witnesses the scene with contempt. Laura gets a new plan - to poison Ethan's brandy.

Mason promises Julia that he'll prove it's only a human who's tricking her. Sasha calls Julia, then Mason calls, then Sasha again after which Julia runs out hysterically into Augusta's arms. The latter wants an explanation and finally Julia yields telling her everything. Augusta doesn't believe her. Marcos is bitten and he wants Nikki to get moving threatening to kill her if she didn't. She says he had killed them long ago if someone hadn't given him different orders. Marcos winds up dead. Benny takes Michael and Nikki prisoner before they can make a call. They still have the drugs. Nikki refuses to leave Michael when opportunity arises. Kirk "welcomes" them to his Kahana island. Phyllis tells Gina about the conversation between Hunt and Augusta and Gina makes acquaintance with Craig trying to find out info about Augusta but he tells her nothing saying she only wants to cause trouble. After that Gina eavesdrops on his conversation with Augusta when he tells the latter that the past reminds him of one Blackie Simpson. Gina calls Bunny to learn about Blackie Simpson. Derek reminds Craig that the latter is only working in Kelly's "department" and that he doesn't want Craig to spill his guts about their childhood.