Derek is late for the game. Kelly sees Craig talk to him. CC's team wins the game. Kelly agrees to dine with Hunt. Cruz wonders what Kahana is and he's determined to go on with the investigation. He figures out the initials KC on the lighter stand for Kirk Cranston and learns that the latter had escaped from prison. A woman comes to Cruz' aid in the library to find out what Kahana means. Michael recognises Kirk. He tells Nikki Kirk may become cruel. Kirk hits Michael and threatens him. He wants Nikki to be the bride and Michael the groom and then he'll be the priest. He performs the ceremony and makes Michael kiss Nikki. They're hungry but he takes the food away and eats it in front of them. The girl from the library, Lani, returns to Kirk and tells him Cruz will be there by morning. Bunny tells Gina that Blackie Simpson is a casino boss and blackmails women who've lost money.

Gina is with Bunny and is determined to use Blackie to find out about Augusta. Blackie and Gina talk and the former takes her to his room. Bunny finds a videotape in his room. He hides under the bed when Gina and Blackie enter. Michael has obviously been whipped. Kirk teases thirsty Nikki with water. Cruz shows up. Kirk, Michael and Nikki see him on cameras. Cruz follows the plan Lani had given him. Cruz saves their life and they escape. Kirk wants them dead. They find the boat missing. Cruz figures they can only leave over Kirk's dead body. Kelly asks Derek about the Craig-phone call. They talk of Hunt and Derek warns her about him. Phyllis shows up at work in showy clothes and asks Howie to get her into Stephen's film. Stephen agrees with her part but insists upon her changing the clothes. CC and Stephen have another argument about the film. Stephen promises to explain the film to Sophia in the evening cause Sophia threatens to leave if he doesn't. He has four boys sitting at the table, behind him Derek is observing the scene. Stephen tells CC that Derek is financing the film. CC wonders where the penniless philanthropist had got the money. Derek doesn't like the film being too close to life.

Sidney is at Julia's when Mason arrives from San Francisco. Julia and Mason learn that she has already been to the police. Sidney talks about Sasha and she's about to leave when a cop shows up to ask some questions. He knows about the threats Julia had made to Sasha. Julia and Mason find their freezer on fire. Gina insists on watching the tape. Gina wants to see Augusta - to have the full payment documents with her. Cruz takes the electricity out. Kirk is sure he'll get Cruz. He tells Lani about Eden and Cruz. Kirk's men don't want to mess around with cops, they want to leave. Mack agrees to train Augusta's horses. Mason is still convinced that somebody is after driving Julia crazy. He had learnt in SF that Sidney and Sasha had had a lot of arguments. Michael, Nikki and Cruz go back to the house. Cruz and Kirk meet.

Craig and Derek show up at the scene. Kelly tells Sophia that she is investigating Craig. Derek and Craig fight over Kelly. Kelly meets Craig and when she sends him for champagne finds a photo in his wallet. There are four boys rehearsing on the set and Stephen tells Sophia he is one of the boys. Kelly overhears Derek talking to Craig. The latter admits to Kelly that he and Derek have known each other since their teens. Kirk provokes Cruz to kill him. The latter winds up under the net. Kirk runs off. Cruz finds a picnic place. Kirk points a gun to his head and Cruz accidentally steps on a land mine. Kirk celebrates. There's an explosion. Cruz puts a gun on Kirk's throat. A gunshot. Mason shows Julia the piece of a mask he had found at the beach. Julia sees Sasha behind the window. Mason proves to her it had been Dante. He shows her a picture of the real Gladys who's a pretty girl instead of the short woman who pretended to be her. Julia wants Gladys to perform another seance. Sidney is convinced Julia and Mason had killed Sasha and she is after their money. Mason don't believe that the haunter is the murderer. Sidney calls on them and asks questions. Mason tells Dante to follow her. A voice calls out for Mason and Julia at the seance.

Kelly promises not to give away their secret (of knowing each other). Derek later reproaches Hunt for telling her. He also tells Craig he'll call the boys together because the plans have changed. He speaks of the death of a girl. Sasha reveals herself to Julia, Mason and Gladys at the seance, tells them she can't find peace, laughs at them. Sidney is very pleased with the results of the seance. Mason and Julia are cynical. Mason learns from Dante that Sidney hadn't filed a missing person report and that she had gone to Sasha's house. Sidney is with her helpers (unemployed actors) Bryan and Gladys. Julia and Mason find the voice device. They overhear Sidney talking of Sasha to herself and learn that she didn't kill her. They go to the freezer and find the frozen body of Sasha there but then get stuck in the freezer. Nikki and Michael show up and Cruz doesn't kill Kirk. Kirk makes a run for it and he, Michael and Nikki fall off the boat. Nikki and Michael get washed up at the shore. Cruz is lying unconscious on the bottom of the boat.

Ethan studies Shannon's father's case. She wants him to let go. Ethan thinks Shannon might be wrong about her father. He asks her to read the file and she finally agrees. Nurse Green has resigned. Laura sends Annie in broad daylight to poison Ethan. Annie puts the poison into the bottle and then calls Laura. Michael and Nikki build a shelter on the island and then find a girl there. Ric and Rafael are worried about Cruz. An old man comes looking for Cruz. Sidney comes in and leaves again and Julia and Mason get out of the freezer. Brandon has been suspended from school for a week. Gina wants to know where Brandon has been instead of school. Mack talks to him and learns that he had been with Stephen. He asks him not to ditch school again. Gina wants to take Brandon away somewhere for a while.

Mason tells Sidney he has her dialogue with Sasha on tape and makes threats. Sid still wants money. Julia and Mason learn that the car in which the two nurses had been seen, belongs to the nurse who works in Laura's hospital. They talk to Nora Green who believes being absent-minded and not remembering where she had parked the car. They meet Laura who tells them that Ethan doesn't visit her any more. Ethan gets a call before he has a chance to sip his cognac. Shannon reads the files and learns that her mother had lied in court to make her father look bad. She can't understand why her mother had hated her father so much. Shannon wants to see her father and Ethan wants to help her by re-opening the case. The girl - Lea - tells Nikki and Michael that she is a victim of a boat accident 5-6 months before. She tells them no one will find the island. Cruz wakes up in an empty yacht and finally gets it started. Kelly has prepared a romantic dinner in Craig's hotel room. She tells him that she can't remember the year before Ted's birth. Derek calls ordering Craig to come to him and forbids him to sleep with Kelly. He says he has part of Stephen's script. Kelly leaves but follows Craig who takes his leave right after her.

Craig catches Kelly and asks her to close her eyes and when she does so, he disappears. A Darren Stewart begins to play Sophia's husband in the film. Kelly sees Derek and Stephen talking. Sophia thinks the script is too much like their life. Kelly thinks the changes in the script are connected with Derek. She figures out CC had financed the movie. Derek doesn't think CC is the killer. Stephen doesn't believe Sophia did it either. But they believe one of the Capwells is the killer. Cruz winds up with Nikki and Michael. He can't understand where the boat came from and how he had found them. He meets Lea. Nikki is worried about her future. Michael comforts her. Shannon tells Ethan she had made arrangements to see her father. Ethan gives her his glass and she drinks after he is gone. Shannon keeps drinking and collapses. Ethan thinks that something should be leaked to the press. Tawny wonders why Ric wants to meet her family. Ric tells her the truth.

Julia decides to warn Ethan. Ethan finds Shannon on the floor next to the brandy glass. She will be all right, though. Mason and Julia show up at Ethan's place and suggest that Laura had killed Sasha. Ethan doubts it but when he gets the analysis of the brandy he realizes that someone had known the alarm code when breaking in. Julia and Mason want to have a chance to prove it to him. They have a plan. Annie wants Laura to start thinking about killing Ed. Laura sees a nightmare about Ethan killing her. Mason goes to the hospital and tells Laura that Ethan is filing for divorce. Cruz comes home taking Lea with him. Ric and Rafael are thrilled. But Cruz can't call Eden home yet. He learns that Kirk had been operating already from his cell. Ric has a talk with Tawny trying to make her understand. He apologizes for lying to her and using her. She leaves. The old man is looking for Cruz again, Ric doesn't want to tell him where Cruz is. Peculiar things happen in Cruz' house - window opening by itself etc. The old man is standing on his doorstep when Cruz opens the door. Sophia and CC talk of Stephen who is out of town. Sophia tells him she doesn't want to leave but if the film will hurt the family in any way, she will. She wants to find the tape which Stephen had filmed when she wasn't there.

Julia and Ethan promise Sidney immunity if she helped them. Laura gets mad when hearing that Ethan wants a divorce. Mason tells her he'll arrange a few hours out for her. Laura then tells Annie that Ethan will not live long enough to destroy her. She wants to hurt Ethan. The latter calls her. She tells Ethan she loves him and that she wants to meet him in the Lair. Ethan arranges a bodyguard for Shannon. Annie has learnt to be an electrician and Laura wants her to tamper with the light switch so it would kill Ethan. Julia tells Bunny about Sasha. Then Sid talks to him, trying to explain. Annie breaks into Ethan's house and sets a bomb. The bodyguard and Shannon walk in when she's there - she yells them not to touch the switch. Julia volunteers to be Laura's lawyer. Bunny tells Laura he has a surprise - Sasha Schmidt. Laura says - it can't be cause she's dead. The others ask her how she knows that. Michael had arranged Amado to meet Nikki and the two are very happy. Michael promises to help Nikki. The old man tells Cruz he's a sakhite - a shaman of his people. Cruz' mother is a sakhite as well. The shaman has seen Cruz in his dreams. He tells Cruz to think about becoming his successor. Cruz gets Michael back to work. Nikki and Amado are free but put under Cruz' supervision. Vic tells Cruz Benny is free, too. Amado will be sent to Mexico tomorrow, Nikki tells him she'll resign and go with him. The sakhite shows up at Cruz' office wanting to get an answer right away. He gives Cruz a stone on a ribbon saying it belongs to Cruz now. The latter gets a phone call and when he finishes, the man is gone.