Craig comes to Ethan's as well. Annie tells them Laura had wanted her to kill Ethan. Craig fixes the lights and Annie spills her guts. She is arrested. Laura tries to talk her way out of it but the others say it's over. She assures them she didn't kill Sasha but she knows who did. Laura tells her twisted version of the truth. It had been Annie's idea to intermurder. Julia doesn't believe her for Annie didn't know Julia to bring Sasha's body to her bed. Michael comes to the Lair, asks questions. Ethan and Laura are left alone and Ethan tells her that the divorce is for real. Mason and Julia realize they're still not in clear waters. Julia insists on telling the whole truth. Annie is taken downtown. Kelly learns that Sasha is dead. She asks Craig about Derek, Stephen and Ethan. Craig reveals nothing. He promises to give some answers but a phone call interrupts their conversation. Laura tells Julia and the others of Annie's diary. Annie is upset and angry at Laura. Laura is left alone with Michael and she asks him if he really believed that she could do something like that. Shannon decides to visit her father alone. Craig calls on Ethan and shows a newly printed newspaper to him. Julia and Mason spend a romantic evening. Julia isn't sure that she wants Mason around yet. Mason makes a dramatic exit and when Julia follows him opening the door, he is standing right there. Ric and Kelly talk about Craig and Tawny, both thinking they are wrong for them.

The four men believe someone of the Capwells had killed Cassandra. They're excited about the article. They feel guilty for putting an innocent man to jail. Craig tells Derek that he and Kelly will be an item. When Kelly and Hunt talk Craig makes a mistake mentioning Cassie. Kelly deducts that the boys had known her for she had been a foster child in the Capwell family. Craig admits knowing Cassie and they talk about her. Kelly asks if Craig thinks someone other than Pressman did it. Ric calls Cruz for Lea had been hurt on the beach - heavy blow to her head. He is surprised that when Cruz comes she feels alright. When she's taken away Cruz finds the stone next to him on the sand. Cruz and Ric are both puzzled because Lea hasn't even got a bump on the head. Cruz decides to return the stone. He learns that the old man had died. Shannon is upset because her father had refused to see her, tells Ethan. Ethan calls on Frank Pressman telling him that he and Shannon want to help him. Pressman agrees to see Shannon. Shannon learns that her father had been unfaithful to her mother and therefore mother had paid back at him. She ends up crying for Frank isn't interested in being saved from the execution. Stephen tells Sophia over breakfast that they had met a long time ago and their meeting had changed his life. He tells Sophia that he has included some things from his childhood into the movie. Derek after reading Stephen's script tells him he can't film the tunnel scene. CC and Sophia find the videotape which Stephen had been hiding and watch it.

Nikki decides to go back to Mexico. Michael is sure he can help her and Amado. Michael asks Cruz to find a sponsor for them. Michael proposes to Nikki - so she wouldn't have to go to Mexico, but not only because of that. Nikki turns his offer down and Michael is upset. Mason takes Julia onto the yacht for romantic reasons. Mack and some woman are making love. Brandon walks in on them. Mack explains to Gina that he had met the woman in polo club - Gina doesn't see her face. Laura sets Annie up. Annie is brought to Michael and Cruz. Laura goes to the Lair and apologizes to Bunny and Sidney. Laura sees Mack and is happy. Annie explains - Laura had stolen the keys, the car etc. Michael believes her but how to prove it? Laura and Gina make a scene at the Lair. Laura asks the cops if they have found the man who lit Gina's house playing with the candles. She's drunk. Gina suddenly recalls Laura's words - `careless with candles'. Gina is very sure Laura did it. She calls Cruz and he promises to take her statement.

Ethan calls on CC and they talk about the Pressman case. Gina learns that Brandon has been cutting school and Stephen promises to talk to him about it. When Stephen learns that the tunnel he had wanted to shoot in had been flooded, Gina suggests he used the one between the Capwell and Lockridge houses. Mason and Julia try not to think about Sasha but can't stop talking about her. Julia lets Mason stay with her. Cruz asks Laura about the fire. He and Michael want to put her to the line-up, she is upset but finally agrees. The cop identifies her. When Laura hears of it, she tells Cruz that it was impossible for it had been too dark and rainy. That remark gives her away. She then demands to see Ethan but the latter only tells her goodbye over the loudspeaker without meeting her face to face. The handwriting in Annie's diary had been proved to be hers as well. Michael tells Cruz about his proposal to Nikki and how she had turned him away. He is sad for neither Nikki nor Cruz realize he really cares. We are shown the picture of the shaman when a man's voice says that wherever he (the shaman) is, he'll find him.

Kelly walks in on Derek playing with some boys at the orphanage. Derek tells her that they used to play the knights of the round table and how they used to watch the blond Capwell girls. Derek had been adopted and then brought back again. Derek learns from Allegra that Stephen shoots in the tunnel with the boys. Kelly tells CC that Craig and Derek had grown up in the orphanage and that Craig had known Cassie. CC plans a surprise for Sophia - he lets the house be renovated. CC goes to see why Stephen is shooting on the Lockridge property. After the shooting Derek calls on Stephen. Their plan had been to get an innocent man free. Derek wants to know if Stephen plans to blame anyone. He believes Stephen will accuse CC to get Sophia to himself. Derek wants Stephen to stop before he'll destroy some lives. He threatens not to let the movie be released. Kelly plans to throw a party - guest list: Derek, Ethan, Stephen and Craig plus the family. Amado gets to stay in America. He doesn't want to stay because a deal was cut with Benny. Eden calls Cruz to tell him she has decided to return home but the latter had just left. Cruz had put the amulet into the coffin. The ropes break and the coffin falls down, letting the amulet fall out. The undertakers give it to Cruz and he takes it, not letting them open up the coffin once more. Cruz wants to bring Eden home. Gina scolds Mack over bringing women into the trailer and they fight over the accommodation. Gina has an idea - to design clothes again. Somebody makes a computer image from the amulet - Cruz's face appears. Two men sit behind Cruz on the plane.

Julia and Mason get the court order to show up in the court of ethics. Julia is ready to renew her and Mason's partnership. She is against the idea of applying CC's ex-lawyer Mr. Applegate for being head of their commission. Mason succeeds in getting him into their commission anyway but he turns out to be a senile and rather deaf old man. Both Mason an Julia deliver their defence speeches. Julia and Mason are suspended until the next session. Applegate winds up in the hospital with angina. Julia is upset for Mason's plan had fell through. Ethan asks Shannon to accompany him to the dinner at Kelly's. They decide to find the real killer. The first application has been turned down - Pressman is to be executed in 10 days. Kelly and Craig have breakfast at the polo club and they see Mack with his girl. Ethan tells Craig that they'll make the dinner interesting so that the real killer would be revealed. CC wants the house to look like it did when he had met Sophia. Gina asks Mack to take Brandon home for she intends to go to the library, Mack is surprised. But he doesn't get it out of Gina what she is up to.

Nikki is about to leave the country. Michael shows up at the airport with the 30-day visa he'd gotten for Nikki. They part in a somewhat cold manner. Amado reproaches her. Nikki and Michael have another argument in the Ric's bar. Stephen finds the videotape with the scene of the boys gone and is very upset. Sophia and CC are watching it over 10 times to find the connection. Sophia realizes Stephen is using her and hopes to get it all out of him. She calls on Stephen wanting to know about the night they'd met. Stephen tells her and she remembers. Stephen tells her that her words had made a great difference in his life. When Stephen leaves her alone Sophia puts the tape back into his VCR. Sophia suggests that the 4 boys share a secret to which CC comments that the party should be very interesting. Cruz has made a romantic setting for Eden's arrival. Eden has some plans while Cruz is in the shower. She takes him to a place they'd been before the Orient Express. They have a romantic dinner. She notices the amulet and Cruz tells her everything. Outside the cafe's window there's the guy from the plane. A man aims at Cruz when he and Eden are ready to go to bed.

Nikki is drunk and dances like hell. Michael and Ric watch her. Tawny enters Ric's just as Nikki is hanging in his neck telling him her order to get some booze. Tawny tells her she could try to get the dancer's place in her father's new club. Tawny and Ric play pool, she still doesn't trust Ric completely. Nikki thinks of her and Michael - what would their relationship be like if she no longer needs to be saved. Cruz wants romantic lighting which is why he draws the curtains and is therefore saved from the bullet. Eden and Cruz' room is bugged and the assassin hears the name of the cafe they are planning to go. Cruz tells Eden that Kirk had been behind the drug operation. She is upset that he hadn't told her earlier. The assassin puts something into the orange juice they ordered. Cruz asks the waiter to taste it for fun which he does and a bit later collapses. Cruz stays with him and he feels better. Eden drops the word that Cruz has a healing touch. Kelly thinks that all the fuss is about Cassie. Craig meets Gretchen (Mack's girlfriend) and then sees them together again. Mack refuses to go to the motel with her because he hasn't got the money.

I didn't see this episode.

CC tells Sophia at Kelly's party that the four men aren't there by accident, they're all from the orphanage. Sophia learns about their knowing Cassie. CC tells her that the four men think one of them had killed Cassie. The guys watch the Capwells closely to see their reaction when they meet Shannon and when they find the picture of the family and Cassie. Capwells at the same time keep a close eye on the 4 men. Ethan places a tape recorder into their house in order to find out what'll happen after they're gone. At dinner all discuss the case. Ethan says he has few suspects - Ted and Kelly had been too young, Channing in Europe, Eden and Sophia unlikely, that leaves Mason and CC. CC gets angry and wants them all to leave. Kelly is angry with Craig. The latter wants her to ask Mason about the tunnel under the polo ground. CC calls on Mason asking if he had killed Cassie. Cruz has a surprise for Eden. He lets Eden do her own private fashion show for him. He ties her eyes for the last trial. Cruz had restored Eden's exact outfit the day they had met. The assassin promises somebody to kill Cruz for sure. A man comes to kill Cruz while Eden is in the shower, they fight and Cruz hits him - he falls out of the window of their hotel room. Laura's bail has been denied.