Sophia yells at Stephen when he offers to take her home. Sophia is not happy with Stephen's explanation and is angry with him. Stephen asks her not to leave the film. Mason is very upset that CC thinks he's a murderer. CC had heard Mason threaten to kill Cassie. Mason and Cassie had not gotten along. Mason tells CC Cassie had caught him drinking, they had argued but he had left her alive. CC apologizes and leaves. Mason then tells Julia the truth about how he had chased Cassie into the tunnel, how he had hit her and she had fallen against one of the support columns. Kelly believes there's something more to the fuss than meets the eye, not only to help Frank Pressman. Craig tells her that they had been very close to Cassie. Ethan fetches the tape recorder from Mason and Julia's place. Shannon calls on Sophia and CC and apologizes telling them she doesn't think anyone of them is the killer. CC is prepared to give Frank a job once he gets out. Sophia thanks CC for the changes in the house. Shannon fetches the tape recorder from CC's house and takes it to Ethan who gives her no explanation. Stephen and Ethan listen to the tapes and are convinced Mason is the killer. Eden is stunned at how Cruz could have hit the man so hard from the other end of the room that he fell out of the window. Inspector Bousseau asks Cruz some questions - there's no bruise on Cruz' neck. Cruz's hitman had only broken his leg.

Sophia decides to keep her eye on Stephen telling it's the only reason she continues in the film. Augusta has decided to rebuild her house. She and Mack have a picnic on the beach. Mack admits having been married for a year. Augusta tells him she doesn't let men close to her emotionally any more. She then gets a wire saying that Lionel has died. Derek and Craig talk and Craig defends Mason. Kelly butts in and after sending Craig away yells at Derek and calls him a coward. She wonders why they haven't gone to the authorities and why Ethan is so sure the killer had to be one of the Capwells. Craig is at the attourney general's office confessing to framing Pressman for he had been sure of his guilt. To prove his story he describes some of Cassie's things.

Cruz and Eden plan to go to Venice by Orient Express. The assassin misses their train, but promises to catch up with it. Kelly asks Mason what had really happened. They talk, among other things about the tunnel. He asks her to accompany him to the orphanage tunnel so that maybe he can remember something. Kelly tells him what she had learnt from Craig about the round table. Mason asks her to be on his side. They find flowers in the tunnel and figure out that the four men must believe Cassie was buried there, although her body was never found. Mason asks Kelly to leave so he could think. He remembers how Cassie had cut her arm and feels relieved about not being the killer. Craig tells the others about his meeting with the Attourney General. The others are displeased with him. They are set out to nail Mason. Craig doesn't believe Mason is guilty. They argue and recall how Cassie had told them about Mason teasing her and they hypothize how he had killed her. Derek is especially angry at Mason and thinks they are the judge and the jury. He is convinced that if Mason is given over to the police, he'll simply slip away. He wants to make Mason suffer.

Augusta is devastated because of Lionel's death. Julia calls on her and learns about Lionel having had an accident the circumstances of which are vague. She gets Lionel's will from Singapore. Augusta is very upset learning that Lionel had been cremated. Mack comforts her. Mason asks Craig what they plan to do about him. They talk about the tunnel, roses etc. Mason is convinced the four men are hiding something and that he'll find out what it is. Kelly lies to Craig for Mason and says she'll protect Mason for his enemies are her enemies. Gina meets a guy at the Lair. The guy doesn't take her gravure. Gina gets fired. She is shocked to learn from Mack that Lionel had died. Cruz realizes somebody is after him or Eden, or both. He doesn't believe it's Kirk. The assassin opens the door to a compartment.

Mason tells Julia of his visit to the tunnel. Derek is determined to kill Mason instead of kidnapping him as was planned. Alfred makes a hard decision to betray Derek and tells Craig his master is planning murder. Craig asks him not to tell the others. Ethan and Shannon spend a romantic evening and Ethan tells her of his childhood. Derek assures Ethan that justice will be done. Mason goes to the tunnel because of Craig's anonymous phone call. Craig hides himself and tells Mason (anonymously) that the 4 had reached the verdict and plan to take justice into their own hands. Mason says he didn't do it, Craig says it doesn't matter. He suggests Mason leave town. Julia calls on Derek and tells him he had betrayed their friendship and that he'll be sorry for trying to hurt her family. Alfred tries to talk Derek out of his crazy plan. It's Mason and Julia's wedding anniversary but Mason leaves when Julia is admiring the flowers. The assassin kills the man who had switched compartments with Cruz. Cruz reports the murder but asks it to be kept quiet so there'd be no panic. He finds the compartment plan the assassin had had. Cruz is sure HE had been the target. He catches the assassin when he comes to his compartment with a gun.

Cruz is upset because the assassin won't talk. Eden thinks that the lucky charm had saved Cruz. The assassin tries to eat cyanide. Augusta is mourning. Laken shows up and gets upset when hearing her Dad had been cremated. Augusta and Laken get Lionel's things and his remains in an urn. Julia learns that Laken doesn't have a child - it had only been Augusta's excuse so she didn't have to attend Mason and Julia's wedding. Lionel had left a small box for CC and Augusta is curious what's in it. Sophia and CC learn from Julia, who has come to ask about Mason's whereabouts, that Lionel is dead. Sophia is shocked. CC calls Ethan demanding to know where Mason is and threatens him. Ethan plans to divorce Laura in Mexico. Shannon thinks Mason should be turned over to the police. Ethan learns that Pressman will be released later that day. Annie breaks Laura free and calls it kidnapping.

CC tells Kelly that new evidence had set Pressman free, and that Mason is missing. Bunny offers Gina a job in the Lair. He has prepared a luxurious dinner for her. Gina tells Mack she wants Brandon to live in the Capwell house. Mack wonders what Gina is really up to. Alfred gives Derek the suitcase he had wanted - with the assassin's gun. Derek is trying to find out where Mason is. He meets Craig on the beach where he's waiting for Kelly and feels that Craig is hiding something. He asks Craig if someone had warned Mason and also threatens Craig in case he should get in his way for he can put him in prison. He then leaves destroying Craig's sandcastle. Craig tells Kelly he had been the one who had framed Pressman and now confessed. Kelly is touched. CC and Kelly open Lionel's letter which asks for peace for the children of the two families, regardless of their parents' rows. There is also a letter from Sophia to Lionel a long time ago proving she had always loved CC, not Lionel.

Cruz and Eden are back in SB and Cruz learns from the Interpol that the guys had been after him because he had put their friend away a while back. Somebody says to somebody that Cruz has no idea they're still after him for the Interpol had been fed the wrong information. Stephen's final scene suggests that Mason had killed Cassie. Margaret kills her husband to protect their son and sends another man to the gas chamber. Sophia asks Stephen if he thinks she would do something to CC and come to him. Stephen refuses to show Derek the end of the film until the film is done. Sophia tells CC of the ending of the film and CC says he will not let the movie be released. Derek lets Alfred bug Julia's phone. Brandon agrees to go to CC's for the summer and tells Gina CC had asked him that already some time ago. Since there had been some sort of a mix-up, Augusta has no place to keep the memorial service and CC offers his house for the occasion. He asks Augusta's help to find out more about Craig. CC tells Eden about Derek and Eden is determined to figure the latter out.

Gretchen calls on Mack at the stables and they make love. Julia thinks Derek had threatened Mason. CC thinks Mason had something to do with Cassie's death. Kelly tells Craig that Mason is missing and that it's all over between them. Derek overhears Craig's call to Julia telling her to stop CC from looking for Mason. He recognizes Hunt's voice and tells Alfred that Craig had played Mason right into his hands. Derek then calls Julia leaving a number for Mason to call him when he returns. Nikki and Amado get a job - Nikki as barman and Amado as waiter, and both as dancers. Ric, Nikki and Amado learn that Gretchen is married to Tawny's father. She tells them she and Gretchen had been to school together. Annie still wants to kill Ed. Laura tries to talk some sense into her. Annie finally takes Laura's cuffs off. Laura is not at all happy about the choice Annie had made concerning their clothes and wigs. Laura is very plain-looking when Annie is dressed up in the lines of Peggy in Married with Children. (The latter is my subjective opinion. Helle)

Stephen is worried that something might happen to Mason. Cruz forgets his charm to the beach after the picnic but Eden finds it and brings it back to the house. Cruz gets bit by a scorpio. He sleeps with the charm and feels fine - even the bite mark is gone. Augusta has invited all sorts of people to the service, like negroes painted in all sorts of colours etc. Augusta drops the urn and Lionel's remains are all over the floor. When she sits into a limo after the service, we see the driver who is - Lionel. Craig sees Derek and Alfred leave and breaks into Derek's room. Craig listens to the tapes and learns Derek is going to kill Mason himself. Mason calls to the CC's to Julia and she gives him the phone number Derek had left with her. Mason calls the number and Derek arranges the meeting for the two of them in the tunnel.