Mason takes a gun to the meeting, as does Derek. Alfred finds Craig in Derek's room but he doesn't know where Derek went. Craig figures it out. Derek is wearing a ski mask when he confronts Mason. The latter has to throw away his gun. Derek tells him about Mason's trial and its verdict. Craig jumps between them with a gun and orders Mason to leave. Derek is angry at Craig. Ethan wants Cruz and Vic to find his wife. Annie Degelarmo had escaped from the loony house she had been kept in. Cruz puts the APB on Laura, Annie and the car. Julia learns that Mason had bought a gun. She asks for Cruz's help. Mason comes to Cruz's office while Julia and he are talking. He tells them that Craig had saved his life. Derek tells Craig that the latter had betrayed them all. Craig tries to talk some sense into him but Derek, instead of dropping the gun, takes it fast into his hand and shoots. Augusta is angry at Lionel. Lionel's plan is to be dead so he could get his hands on his things in SB. Lionel plans to sell his originals (CC has the forged paintings). And he also wants to get together with Augusta again. Augusta refuses to get Laken involved. Gina brings Brandon to CC's but also some papers concerning Brandon for CC to sign (so he wouldn't take the boy away from her).

Gina tells Bunny that Brandon is at CC's. Bunny goes to Vegas to see his uncle. Annie and Laura rob a coffee shop where Bunny happens to be. Bunny recognizes them and they have to take him with them. Derek shoots Craig. Mason and Cruz want Julia to stay behind. She takes Sam to CC's and tells Sophia about Mason and Hunt. Craig is wounded from the shoulder. He doesn't give Derek away, though, when Cruz asks questions. Mason wants to know why Craig had saved his life. Mason believes the hitman had been one of the four men. Craig tells him to get out of town. Cruz is sure Craig knows who it had been. Cruz tells Mason he and Julia should leave town separately. Sophia thinks it had been either Derek or Stephen. Julia has her doubts. Gina drops by to see Brandon bringing him a new basketball. Craig goes to Al looking for Derek. He tells Al he had lied to the police and Derek behind him asks why. Craig explains. Derek doesn't think he'll get caught. He implies that Al had betrayed him. Julia agrees to leave as long as they are together with Mason. She gets upset when she hears she and Sam are sent to a different place.

Kelly learns that somebody had tried to kill Mason. Stephen and Ethan want the truth but Craig doesn't betray Derek. Derek comes. He tells them the truth and explains. Stephen is mad because Derek had shot Hunt. He says they are not a family. They have a row. Stephen tells Derek that if he'll try it again, he'll talk. Hunt can't tell Kelly anything. Derek figures out Al's part in all this. He then destroys the table. Augusta refuses to go out with Mack. She is avoiding Mack and Laken doesn't understand why. Lionel goes to the wreck of his house, feels hurt. He wants to tell Laken, Augusta is opposed to it. Laken comes when he and Augusta are in the house, Lionel hides himself. Eden is not comfortable with Kelly dating Hunt. Cruz is raging and fears he might do something bad. Cruz feels that he owes something to the shaman. Eden suggests he went to a shrink and Cruz gets upset. They later apologize to one another and Cruz agrees to see a shrink.

Kelly and Sophia talk of the men in their life - Hunt and CC. Craig tells Kelly of the plan to kidnap Mason. Kelly wants to know who had wanted to kill him. Craig tells her that all he can say is that nothing will happen to Mason. Gina tells Brandon whatever will happen to her is part of her plan. Lionel wants Augusta to stop the bulldozer but it has already smashed part of the tunnel. Augusta calls on Sophia bringing her a present (disgusting dried head from Amazon). When Sophia goes to fetch mineral water for Augusta the latter lets Lionel in. She then asks Sophia to give her a tour in the redecorated house so that Lionel could have a look around because they decided to enter the tunnel from the CC's house. Gina calls on Brandon and she and Augusta end up in an argument. Annie threatens Bunny with her water pistol. Laura wants to let Bunny go. Bunny calls to the Lair to Gina but the latter doesn't get his hints. Annie realizes it and is hurt. She learns that Bunny is from the family of gangsters and gets very excited about it. Bunny manages to free his hands and tries to escape but the women stop him. They now tie him tighter. Annie takes Bunny's clothes off so he wouldn't run while they are gone. Bunny begs her not to, cause it would be mortifying. Bunny hurts his head when he's trying to escape and speaks Italian when Annie and Laura return.

Cruz is angry with everybody. He goes to the shrink but instead of talking about himself, he tries to get advice on Laura's case. He tells the shrink about the stone. After his visit the Asian men attack him and take the stone away from him. Sophia tells Kelly that she still doesn't trust Craig. Gina makes up excuses to go see Brandon. Phyllis is still working at Howie's. Sophia and Eden talk of Hunt and Kelly. Eden tells her about the letter Robert had sent to her and Cruz explaining he had left to keep Kelly alive and telling them he loves her. Gina falls down the stairs when Eden and Sophia are talking (we know she does it deliberately). She asks them not to tell Brandon. Craig tells Ethan that he has decided to leave town because of Kelly. She wants to talk to him to tell him she doesn't blame him for Mason's shooting anymore. Kelly calls on Hunt when he's packing and asks him not to leave. Craig wants all or nothing. Kelly and Hunt start making love when the phone rings. Craig goes to the adjoining room to take the call and when somebody is at the door, Kelly opens wearing Craig's jacket (and not much else). Robert Barr is at the door. Hunt appears half-naked from the other room.

Amado tells Nikki that she talks in her dreams and cries. Nikki tells Amado that Michael can't relate to women unless he can help them. She's afraid she can't live up to Michael's expectations. Robert and Hunt talk of Kelly, the latter is angry with both of them. Robert leaves but Kelly is already dressed. She is confused but tells Craig she doesn't love Robert anymore and won't go back to him. She leaves crying. Tawny tells Ric that every time she had liked a guy, Kelly or Gretchen had snatched him away. Kelly goes to the beach and stumbles on Ric and Tawny. Kelly tells Ric that Barr was back. Eden has romantic plans for Cruz when she goes to his office. She finds beaten up Cruz and takes him to hospital. His condition is becoming rather critical. Michael goes there to ask Eden some questions.

I didn't see this episode

Gina reads about blind people. Mack sees it and asks, why. He takes her to the doctor because she feels sick. She is pleased with her visit to the eye doctor. Mack had overheard Gina telling the doctor of her fears of becoming blind again (she can't tell time and thinks it's raining when it's actually sunshine). Annie doesn't want to leave Bunny behind. Bunny has amnesia and acts as a saloon lion. He remembers his name but thinks he's a singer. Annie is fascinated about the new cool Bunny. He sings in a bar. Laura overhears a cop talking to the waitress and sees him show her their picture. They get out of there. Cruz comes to and tells Eden he had seen the guys who attacked him and tells her that the stone is gone. He wants to talk to Michael. Cruz says that the men were the same as in Paris - Arabians. Eden wonders what is so important about the stone. A man in the golden gown, an Arabian effendi who has the stone now, tries to cure a sick boy, but fails. Effendi adviser tells him he needs the shaman himself to see the powers. Effendi gives the order to bring Cruz in. Michael wants to be more than a friend to Nikki and she finally agrees to go out with him. Cruz asks Michael and Ric to look after Eden.

Barr works with Renfield again; he wants to use Hunt to rebuild Barr Industries. Kelly thinks Eden knew Robert was coming back and didn't tell her. Eden is surprised that Kelly doesn't know why Robert did come back. Kelly tells her she doesn't care. Robert meets Eden when Kelly has gone to the ladies' room. Eden tells Robert Kelly shouldn't know about his letter. Robert plans to stay in SB. Kelly meets Craig and tells him she doesn't care for Robert anymore but that Craig means something to her. Hunt wants to wait and see, Kelly doesn't want to wait any more. Robert watches them from his yacht. Hunt tells Stephen he fears what Derek might be up to, cause he has left SB. Stephen and Hunt get a message (probably from Derek). A woman looks at the photos of the 4 men. When Cruz falls asleep, Eden and Kelly go to lunch and leave Sophia and CC to keep an eye on Cruz. The Asian guys have a plan to drug the guard. CC takes Sophia to dinner. Eden finds Cruz gone when she returns and learns that the doctors who took Cruz were Arabians, too. Cruz is on the plane on his way to the effendi. Gina insists on going to work, Mack finally takes her. She makes him promise to keep it all to himself. Gina collapses before CC and Sophia when they have come to dinner at the Lair. They learn from Mack that Gina might lose her sight for good. CC doubts her authenticity.

CC doubts Gina is being honest about becoming blind but Sophia buys into her act. Brandon overhears their talk and is determined to go back to Gina's trailer. Brandon and CC call on Gina and when Brandon is set to move back in, CC proposes to Gina that she should move into his house too. CC and Gina have a row. Brandon thinks Gina is, in fact, sick. Gina finally agrees to move into CC's house as a sacrifice to Brandon. Sophia is shocked to hear about the proposal. Sophia reminds CC of all the things Gina has done. She tells CC that she won't set a foot into this house if Gina is there. Derek invites the other three to their cabin in the mountains. A woman comes looking for Craig, learns that he has gone to the cabin with Stephen and Ethan. Derek brings Mason to the cabin to be executed. Derek is about to finish the execution when the woman who was looking for Craig and turns out to be Cassie, appears. Lionel is upset because the paintings are gone, but he doesn't believe Gina has taken them. Mack calls on Augusta to talk about their relationship. Lionel is in the closet at the same time, overhears and is jealous. He decides to resurrect.