Derek don't believe Cassie is who she says she is, and that the others had paid her to lie. Cassie proves she IS Cassie. Derek still doesn't believe her but others do. Derek accuses Cassie. She tells them her story. Mason accuses the others after Derek has disappeared. They apologize to him. Mason wants to take Cassie to see his family. Stephen thinks Derek broke when he lost his leading position - he now has no place in life. Cassie isn't ready to face the police. She assures Mason he is not to blame for the tunnel fall. She doesn't feel up to meeting the Capwells yet. Eden makes a scene at the hospital. Somebody calls her telling her not to tell anyone of Cruz's disappearance (no police if she wants him to live). Eden tells only Ric about the phone call - demands his vow to silence. She intends to lie to her family. Ric draws a picture of the man according to the nurse's description. Ric and Eden learn that the kidnappers had made the first stop in Portugal. Cruz wakes up and the effendi is there with the stone. Cruz takes the dagger out of the fruit basket and sneaks out of the tent. Effendi Omar Mustafa Kamal finds him and brings him back. They are in Northern Africa. Omar tells Cruz that he had studied the sakhite tribe at Harvard and asks for his help. Cruz refuses. The effendi offers him his wives, orders him to pick one.

Cassie and Craig are having breakfast when Robert comes to OE as well. When Hunt goes to talk to Barr, Cassie decides to go see CC. Barr offers Craig to pay his debts if he started working with him but the latter turns him down. The orphanage is in debt. Kelly wants to raise money for the orphanage and Robert learns about her intentions. He then calls on Sister Allegra and offers to forget the 6 months rent the orphanage owes to the Barr Industries, but to keep it a secret. Mason gets a room for Cassie in the OE hotel. Somebody has crashed Craig's place - a knife with a note "100,000". Craig then calls Barr. Ric tells Michael of the phone call and gives him the drawing. Michael promises to check it with the Interpol. Both Amado and Ric talk to Nikki about Michael. Ric tells her how he used to feel bad for being the 2nd Castillo all the time. Nikki calls on Michael in the station and apologizes. She decides to give in to his charm.

Michael tells Eden about the terrorist Akbar who had kidnapped Cruz. Eden and Michael decide to go to Lisboa. CC sees light at the Lockridge residence, thinks it strange and goes to have a look. He finds Lionel and demands an explanation. Phyllis tells Gina that she had made an appointment with a doctor and is prepared to give one of her eyes to Gina. Gina refuses. Eden and Augusta are at CC's when Phyllis brings Gina who already acts almost blind. CC brings Lionel with him and Augusta faints when she sees him. Lionel makes up a story explaining the misunderstanding. Eden tells CC she'll go to Ohio where Cruz is supposedly taken. When everyone is gone, Gina is pleased: everything is going her way. Augusta tells Lionel that they still have to go round Laken. Lionel hopes Laken'll forgive him. Laken comes to the Bar None and she makes acquaintance with Amado. She tells him of her family - Lionel dead. Cruz refuses to have any of the effendi wives and threatens to kill the effendi if something should happen to Eden. One of the effendi wives, Saldana, explains to Cruz that her husband wants to win a sheik. She drugs Cruz, the latter starts making love to her, because he thinks it's Eden but he comes to before things get too far. He sees the stone in the same tent with him but it's in a cage and guarded by a spider. Effendi is told that the sheik is attacking.

Bunny's picture is in the papers: he's wanted for armed robbery. Annie is determined to take Bunny to Mexico with them. They have stolen a trailer. When they start moving, something hits Bunny on the head and he snaps to and, after seeing the paper, is surprised. Bunny and Annie talk and the latter tells him that Ed had beaten her up when he had been drunk. Bunny runs away but Laura is determined to find him before he calls the cops. Bunny is on the phone with Ethan when Laura shows up with a butcher's knife. Mack calls on Gina and reads her of Bunny. Cassie calls on CC and the latter asks her to stay in his house. Laken calls on Augusta and seeing her father there, faints. Lionel and Laken want the three of them to be a family again. Lionel doesn't tell Augusta what had been in the letter he had given to CC. Lionel calls on CC and when he is alone, tries to examine the pictures. Stephen shows Sophia the film and Sophia likes it. They learn that CC has taken the film from the cutting room. They are both upset. Sophia tells CC that the film had come out good and she wants it released. CC bursts out that he had financed the film. Sophia is surprised and gets angry. She tells CC she will not let him take it away from her.

Derek intends to leave the country because the police are after him. Al will not go with him. Derek arranges a meeting with Cassie to say goodbye and tells her that he doesn't regret a thing. Derek had planned the revenge for 20 years. Hunt calls on Robert and agrees to work WITH Robert, not FOR him. They talk about Harland Richards. Kelly calls rich people to get donations. Sophia learns that Kelly had known about CC's financing the film and they end up arguing because Kelly defends CC and Sophia feels manipulated. Kelly makes a move at Hunt but the latter sees she's not sure and wants to slow down. He tells Kelly of his partnership with Robert. Robert wants to collect the money anonymously. Laura and Annie tie Bunny up. He tells them that he had called the Lair. Laura doesn't believe him. She decides to throw him out in a deserted place with some food. Annie tells Laura she'll go with Bunny. When Annie and Laura want to leave cops arrive and they are arrested. Annie accuses Bunny and is hurt. Ethan shows up. Bunny encourages Annie and gives her secretly the key for the cuffs. Julia comes back and learns about Cruz. Derek calls on Julia looking for Mason.

Derek explains his reasons and thinks his deeds were justified. He is very surprised when he realizes Julia and Mason had been afraid he might hurt Sam. He puts her down and wants to leave when the police come and arrest him. Mason and Julia wonder who had called the cops. Cruz gets his stone but the effendi takes it away from him again. Effendi brings him his newest wife, Shaila. Cruz figures out that the effendi believes getting Cruz's child will give him his powers. A guy named Reynolds is killed when he is talking to Eden and Michael. They take the body with them and then they follow a man with a bird. The man promises them to look into the matter. But he disappears and Eden and Michael are left with the bird. The parrot tells them a name: pasha Omar. Craig meets Gretchen who is willing to do business with him in her husband's place. Kelly butts in on them and asks Gretchen if she could borrow her bar for the fund raising. Kelly tells Hunt that Harland is the enemy of the Capwells. Hunt learns that Robert is the anonymous donor. He tells Robert that he won't do anything to hurt the Capwells. Hunt offers to help Kelly with the organizing. Laken tells Amado that she is sure her mother is hiding something from her.

Eden learns that the sand storm that had broken out could last for days and she refuses to sit tight. Michael tells that there's a war about to break out. They meet Omar's councillor who wants the bird (stolen from Omar) and is ready to bargain. The storm is lifting. Effendi decides to drug Cruz with a very powerful drug. Cruz at the same time tells Shaila he'll make effendi believe. Shaila wants to go to America with Cruz. Michael comes to pasha bringing Eden as a gift from his master (somebody effendi knows). Hunt tells Robert that Harland agrees to sign. Kelly sees Robert's signature on one of the receipts. A Debra London calls Robert wanting to do a film of him. Kelly butts in when he is on the phone with her. She is upset because he had kept his involvement from her. Robert apologizes. Hunt is in the adjoining room and hears it, asks for the truth about him and Kelly. Gina and Brandon go to Kelly's party. Debra shows up in the Bar None. She meets Kelly and wants to meet the other Capwells, too. Kelly introduces Barr to Debra. Kelly gets some roses and reproaches Robert for sending her the flowers but Robert denies sending them. She sees Hunt and realises they had been from him. Gretchen goes to Craig when he is making a sand castle on the beach and tells him she wants to be friends with him.

The Pasha doubts Michael a little. Michael leaves Eden behind as a gift (after they "have a row" - to make the effendi believe). Cruz is under the influence of drugs and very tired. He is taken away. Michael enters and meets Shaila. Pasha asks for Cruz' file and recognises Eden as his wife. The flowers for Kelly had been from Craig - the card had been mixed up. Robert wants it to be a secret that he had financed the party. Kelly goes to the yacht she has been after for 2 years. Robert learns it from Amado. He too goes to sea and after receiving Kelly's mayday signal, saves her. Gretchen wants to do business with Craig. But Craig realises she can't do it on Harland's name. She finally brings the papers for Craig about buying land on the beach. Mason has hard time believing Lionel wants to bury the hatchet. Mason is attempting to write a novel. Julia likes Mason's work. She takes his promise that he will finish this one (he'd started many before and finished none). Lionel feels they should beware of Gina. Gina comes home and when Lionel goes to CC's he finds her there. Gina goes upstairs but Lionel stays.

Pasha decides to use Eden to make Cruz cooperate. He tells Eden she'll be his wife. Eden fights back. Pasha then learns that Cruz is gone - he has been taken to the sheik Idi Ben Adir's camp. Eden hits the Pasha with a cup, takes the stone and runs. Michael and Shaila get away. Shaila tells Michael that her father had given her to the Pasha. Michael offers the sheik a deal. Sophia has a plan - to show the draft copy to the press which is illegal but she hopes that then CC'll have to release the film. Stephen is surprised that Sophia is taking it so seriously. He offers her a new project. CC comes home and he and Cassie look at the old family photos and reminisce. Debra talks to Sophia and is anxious to get into the Capwell house. Debra comes when CC isn't home. Cassie is there and asks her to leave. Sophia decides to tell CC of the press show. Stephen tries to talk her out of it. Gretchen makes a pass at Hunt. Craig rejects her. Craig comes to give Robert the signed documents from Gretchen when Kelly shows up from the back room - half naked. Kelly explains. Hunt calls on Kelly and suggests they leave town for a while - just the 2 of them.

Annie comes to the Lair in disguise - a waitress - no one recognises her. Bunny promises to help her. A cop comes asking Bunny questions about how Annie had got away. A man comes to Julia's to redecorate her home, which had been Augusta's idea. Mason is opposed to it for it disturbs him and he can't write in peace. But since Julia has nothing else to do, she agrees. Mason goes to CC's to get some peace and quiet. He tells Julia he has two tickets for 2 months on a tropical island but Julia declines because she had accepted the job Lionel had offered her. Cassie is kind to Gina because she hasn't yet heard of the problems she has caused. Phyllis realises Gina isn't blind when her hair catches fire and Gina starts to put it out. Gina tells her she has a plan but Phyllis has to help her by doing her laundry every day. Cassie feels indebted to the Capwells. Lionel runs into Phyllis at the CC's and wonders why she is taking laundry out in a suitcase. Ethan pays a visit to Derek who asks him to help him like he had helped Craig. Ethan agrees, though reluctantly since all he has now is his career. Ethan calls on Laura who wants him to help her. The latter tells her that he had got the divorce in Mexico and will apply it in California as well. Alfred calls on Derek and tells him that Ethan and he are planning to get him out. Lionel wants a Delasorte painting and wants CC to pay for it. A Mrs. Sheridan from a bird sanctuary comes and asks for the support Augusta had promised when Lionel was "dead". Lionel agrees to help when he hears the deed will be notified.