Lionel is still working on a plan of how to get into the Capwell mansion to inspect CC's paintings, to find out whether they are real or forgeries. Gina's mother found out that Gina is faking her blindness. She promises to tell her plan, if Phyllis will keep it a secret. After the arrest of Laura and Annie, Annie manages to escape with the help of Bunny, who secretly gave her a key for the handcuffs, and later shows up disguised at Bunny's place for help. While Bunny let her out of his sight for just a minute, she slips into a dress and starts waiting on tables. Bunny couldn't believe his eyes, when she went over to a table where Ethen Asher just sat down. Derek Griffin is still in jail. With the help of Alfons he is trying to find a way out.

Sophia's desperate fight to persuade CC to attend the screening of the 'legendary' film finally came to an end as CC agrees. Steven Slade is very suspicious about CC's sudden change of heart, and doesn't trust the situation at all. Mason is currently wanting to write a novel, his latest hobby it seems, but soon realizes, that writing doesn't come that easy. CC offered him to come back to work for Capwell Enterprises, as much as he is astonished about the offer, he also knows that, after all what happened between CC and Mason, Julia certainly won't like the idea. Craig Hunt managed to take Kelly on a romantic cruise, just the two of them. During Kelly's final arrangements of the trip, she came across an old route, she looked for at Eden's place. By mistake an old letter addressed to Eden and Cruz, send by Robert Barr, fell in between the papers she took along with her.

A mysterious reporter lady by the name of Debra London, appears in Santa Barbara, obviously very eager to get a story on Robert Barr, and to find out as much as she can about him. Sophia and Steven Slade are still trying to persuade CC to release the spectacular movie, but CC, who believes this film would harm his family, won't give in. Kelly starts to admit to herself that she indeed is confused about the fact, that Robert Barr is back in Santa Barbara.

Craig Hunt discovered the letter, which accidentally, without Kelly's knowledge of its existence, fell into her purse while packing the ship's routes. The letter, addressed to Cruz and Eden read the real reason about Robert Barr's sudden leaving. Pasha Offendi of Kharif, the kidnapper of Cruz, and the one man who is after the talisman, finally agreed to Eden's deal to let Cruz go, as a trade, she will plan an interview with the Pasha, to attract international concern about the war between Kharif and Kabir. The day of the screening has finally come, and Sophia is happy that CC agreed to come, but then the unexpected happened - the master of the movie disappeared from the safe.

Everybody is devastated about the fact that the master of the film mysteriously disappeared from the safe and a fire had destroyed the negatives, which were kept in CC's study. According to the police the fire was set intentionally. Steven is furious, his life work seems to have vanished and with it his career. In Kharif: Michael managed to find a way back into the Palace, where he assumes Eden is still kept hostage. To Michael's surprise Eden is no longer being kept against her will, she managed to discuss and negotiate with the Pasha, who is astonished about the woman's courage. Robert, who has been calling the 'Sophia 1' on the radio with no luck, finally found out where the ship has anchored. He appears desperate to discuss the Richards' business deal. He tracks them down. Craig who now knows about the letter, makes sure to Robert, that this is not the time to do business and he want's him to leave immediately. They argue.

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Steven Slade is consulting a lawyer intending to file a civil suit against CC for burning the film and its negatives. Although Sophia is sure CC is telling the truth, by denying he had anything to do with it, Steven continues to throw accusations at him. Meanwhile in Kharif, Eden's plan to interview the Pasha, who pledged for help, has been successfully screened all over the world - even in Santa Barbara, where the Capwells eventually realized that something is definitely wrong. Eden, presuming her family saw the news, calls home to make sure CC won't take any action to rescue her. But CC won't listen to Eden and plans to travel to Kharif himself. Augusta insists not to tell Laken about Lionel's plan to become rich. Lionel doesn't share her opinion and is trying to find a justified cause of where the $200 million, he is planning to earn, came from. Kelly had a serious talk with Craig about their relationship. She feels that he is hesitant, but doesn't know why. So she tells Craig, she needs time to think of what's best.

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Kelly found out about the letter and confronts Robert. She is angry because Robert made a decision for her. She doesn't believe that he could love her and leave her. Robert tells her that he still loves her and did what he did for her protection. She doesn't want to give in and claims there is nothing left from what they once had. Craig has a business deal going with Gretchen. His is acting as Robert's middle man to buy a piece of land from Gretchen's husband, without anybody's knowledge that he is behind the dealings. Later that evening, when the Lockridges are having dinner, Augusta is being very negative towards Amato, and eventually Laken and Amato, who had enough, took off. Flame Beaufort alias Debra London met Robert Bar coincidentially at the bar and tries smartly to get more information about his private life, but as usual she is rather unlucky. Craig tells Kelly that the reason he hid the letter was, because he wanted to protect what they shared together. Kelly says that by hiding the letter from her he destroyed what they so called shared. And she won't be able to trust him again. Mason handled himself pretty well during a business dinner with two Capwell Enterprise share holders, while representing his father. The business associates, who didn't trust Mason at first, left happily in the end. Quinn Armitage is planning a 'trial run' as he calls it, which means, appearing in public as his twin Robert Barr. Kelly is confused about the happenings in her life. She is angry at both Robert and Craig, but somehow draw more to one than the other.