Cruz is discussing possible next steps with the others. Mason thinks of taking a tape with Kelly's voice and entering the house from the roof where some bricks are broken. Marcello discovers that Peter must have believed that Maggie Gillis was really Kelly and he suggests to use this advantage and tell Peter that Kelly is dying and wants to see him. He might come out and someone can shoot him. Cruz finds the idea valuable but Kelly does not like it. She thinks Peter will immediately recognize that he has been fooled. Cruz wants to try it also without her. Kelly agrees but wants to listen when he is starting this show.

Peter is talking to Joe in a very confused way. He thinks Joe is Mason and then again another person. Joe tells him that he is Joe and that Kelly is hurt and in the hospital and they both should go and see her. He tells him that they have broken their marriage and Kelly only loves him, etc. Peter is touched but he also recognizes that Joe really loves Kelly.

Police officer Maggie Gillis is getting examined in the hospital. She comes into the same room where Liz should also come after her operation. Warren is standing there and waiting for her. Maggie is playing still strong and wants to go home. The doctor is asking her to stay for an examination and she gets placed behind a plastic curtain on her bed. She sits and feels terrible. She tries to put on her shoes but is not able to do this. She asks Warren to tie her shoes. A conversation is starting and she is happy to meet at least one person who does not think that she has done everything wrong that day.

Kelly talks on the tape which Mason wants to use from the roof. She is disgusted with the police. Marcello wants to talk with her. Eden disagrees but Kelly gives Marcello a chance. Partly she feels understood but then again she has the feeling only she alone could handle the situation and Joe is in grave danger the way the police are handling the situation. If they phone and tell that she is dying then Peter will give the fault to Joe and kill him.

Cruz phones to Peter. He tells him the doctor, he and Kelly are alone in the opposite house and Kelly wants to see him as she is going to die. Peter does not believe this. Cruz wants to talk to Joe. He tells Joe that Kelly is dead and Joe shouts in pain. Cruz tells him that it is not true they just make a fake, like also the person Peter shot was not Kelly and he should say loud what he is telling him. Joe tries his best but at one point he shouts saying that he can't say this. Peter quickly overtakes the phone and Cruz tells Peter that everything is OK and he is sending away all the police. He can look out and see for himself. Peter goes to the window and sees the police leaving. He should come now over so that they can bring Kelly to the hospital and get her life saved. Nobody will harm him.

Peter rushes to the door and opens it partly, but then he thinks that something might be wrong. He asks Joe to come along with him. Joe tells him that he is having no interest in going to see her since she wants to see Peter. Peter tells him that something must be wrong. Joe then says that he will go and asks him that he won't shoot him in his back. Peter says no he won't. All of a sudden he again changes his mind and phones to Cruz. He tells him that he gives them ten minutes to bring Kelly over otherwise he will kill Joe.

Kelly asks Cruz what Peter said and Cruz tells her. Kelly starts freezing and Cruz brought her a police jacket to warm up. She goes into the other room. She notices a pistol in the jacket. She starts to investigate but Eden comes to her. She pretends to still be cold and lies down. Eden brings her a blanket and leaves her alone. Kelly gets up.

Cruz loads his pistol for storming the house in a few minutes. Eden is afraid but Cruz asks her to stay with Kelly. Cruz mentions that he wonders what CC is doing. Eden asks him how he could tell CC. Cruz remarks that CC was a great officer in the second world war. Marcello asks Eden where her father has served. Eden gives him the information but finds it strange to ask such a question in such a situation. She goes to see Kelly finding the room empty. Kelly has left. Cruz gets the confirmation that a lady has entered the Perkins house.

Liz is happy to see Warren who has saved her with her appendicitis by bringing her to the hospital. She is very weak and falls asleep. Maggie is calling for Warren and asks him to find out for her what is going on at the place where Peter is.

Warren is informing her that the situation has not changed. They talk about Peter and his love, Summer, Gina's sister.

Joe tells Peter that he has spoiled everything by not going and if he is not going he will do it. Peter feels he has done a mistake in not going and is just on the point to go when he hears Kelly's voice from the roof.

Joe sees Kelly standing in the other room and gives her a sign to stay where she is while he walks slowly over till he stands close to her. She comes out with the pistol and Joe asks her to do it. She tries to shoot but the pistol is blocked. Peter notices her and turns around with his automatic gun.

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Peter fires his gun two times against Kelly and Joe jumps before Kelly in protection. Even being wounded Joe rushes against Peter and presses him against the window. A short fight and Peter pushes Joe out of the window. Kelly madly boxes against Peter but Peter holds her hands and asks her to calm down. Now they are alone and they will go away and it will be wonderful. Kelly fears that Peter will shoot her. She tells him that she is pregnant from him and they are having a child. Peter is happy and he embraces her.

Joe is badly damaged and quickly brought to the hospital. One police officer wants to storm the house. Cruz is against this plan. He says that if Kelly is still alive then they can't storm the house as she might get killed. One officer brings the news that they have seen two persons moving so Kelly is still alive. Eden is losing control when she hears that the officer wants to storm the house and Cruz has to comfort her. Marcello suggests to phone to Peter and try to negotiate with him again. Since he has Kelly he might be calmed down.

The phone rings. Peter's head starts hurting terribly. He closes his ears with his hands. Kelly asks if she should take it but Peter takes the phone. He shouts into the phone they should not come close to him otherwise he will kill himself and Kelly. Peter puts down the phone and then throws it against the ground.

Cruz wonders what might go on in Peter's head since he has Kelly. Marcello tells him that he probably is totally confused. First he shoots Kelly and thinks she is nearly dead, then she is healthy and alive. He probably will kill himself or Kelly or both of them. Cruz suggests to switch off the electricity so that Kelly might take the chance to flee.

Kelly asks Peter to go with her to the hospital and get help for his pain. Peter recovered and says it is ok. The light goes off. Peter senses that this was done forcefully. He takes Kelly to the room on the backside. With joy he sees all the ready things for the baby. Old feelings are coming up in him. He puts the gun on the bed and takes the teddy bear. He wants to become a good father and the child should not have a childhood like he had. His head starts paining again. Now since he knows that he is having a son he wants to take more care for his health. Kelly keeps an eye on the pistol and wants to take it. Peter all of a sudden rushes to her and wants to sleep with her. Kelly takes the gun but Peter quickly disarms her.

Cruz gives the order to storm the house. He will go first.

Peter gets furious. He directs his gun against Kelly. He tells her that now he knows who the source of his problem is. It is not Joe or anybody else but Kelly. He only has to shoot her and his problems will be gone. Kelly rushes against Peter and starts fighting. He takes her and knocks her against a cupboard. Cruz has entered the house and tells Peter to let Kelly go. Peter steps back and directs his gun to Cruz. Cruz fires before Peter could fire. Peter falls to the floor and is dead. The other officers storm in but Cruz keeps them back telling them that all is over.

Ted meets Warren in the hospital. Warren tells him that Peter is dead. Ted asks him if he knows anything about Joe's condition. Warren tells him that he does not know very much but only that he is very much damaged. Ted takes the chance to say sorry to Warren about what had happen between them and they finally shake their hands. A doctor is passing and Ted gets informed that Joe is on the intensive station. They could not operate him as he had to much internal bleeding and there is not much hope. The relations should be informed so that they might have the chance to talk to him. Ted is shocked in hearing this. He thinks about Kelly who loves him so much and is just married to him. Warren puts his hand on Ted's shoulder and tries to comfort him.

Maggie left her bed and searches for information on Joe. She wants to see him. Warren tells her that first of all the relatives will have to see him. A nurse saw her running around and brought her into back into the bed. Not long she is up again running to find out about anything about Joe.

Jackie is with Larry who also had to stay in bed. The door of their room is just open and Jackie sees Ted. She asks him to come in and she introduces Larry and Ted to each others.

They carry the dead body of Peter out of the house. Cruz asks Kelly to take rest but Kelly wants to go and see Joe. Marcello offers her to take her along with himself. Cruz agrees and says that he will come with the other car. Cruz and Kelly are out of the house and Eden starts attacking Marcello. What he is doing here at all, and that she wishes he and Sophia would leave Santa Barbara. Marcello tells her that he has nothing to say to her any more and leaves.

Ted does not dare to tell Kelly the truth. He tells her that Joe will manage it. Cruz, Kelly and the others sit down happy waiting for the doctor. Eden gets up again and Ted tells her the truth. Eden finds he has acted rightfully in making Kelly not more excited as she is already exhausted.

Maggie finally gets permission to leave the hospital. Warren offers to take her home. She wants to stay and wait for Joe. Cruz sees her and tells her that she has to stay at home for one week. She does not want to stay at home but Cruz insists very sharply. Warren comes back and Maggie asks him if his offer to bring her home is still there.

Warren drives her home. Maggie is not in a good mood to talk. He asks for her address but she does not want to tell him. At one place she tells him that now he can stop and she will do the rest by foot. She tells him that she hopes to see him again under other circumstances. Warren tells her that he hopes to see her again.

Kelly is waiting in the chapel. Eden does not want the doctor to get to her and tell her the truth. The doctor tells her that he does not think that this is ok. Finally he gives in and says that he will check Kelly's condition but if he finds she can bear it he will tell her the truth. They enter the chapel. The doctor tells Kelly that she can go now and stay with her husband. He will be happy to see her when he wakes up. Kelly says thanks and runs to Joe. Eden thanks the doctor. The doctor tells her that he found it better in this way. If she had asked he of course would have told her the truth.

Kelly sits with Joe and waits in distress for him to wake up.

Marisa, Joe's mother and Jade are entering the room standing silently next to Kelly. A nurse is entering and informing them that only two persons are allowed to stay in the intensive station. Jade wants to leave but Marisa is talking to Kelly. Kelly wants to be there when Joe wakes up. Marisa promises her to call her at once when Joe opens his eyes. Kelly goes out. CC embraces her and she tells him that she wants to be in the chapel.

The elevator opens and Marcello comes into the hall seeing CC. All of a sudden he gets flashback to a situation when he was a boy. CC as an American pilot is holding him while he hears above him that his parents get threatened by their military officers to tell them where the American soldier is hiding. He rushes forward and looks up shouting that the American soldier is with him. CC took him and closed his mouth with his hand.

CC goes with her into the chapel. Kelly tells CC that she hopes Joe comes through. She feels guilty for his condition because she was not listening to Cruz. She thought that Peter would not shoot when she is there and rightfully she should be in Joe's place. CC tells her that she should not think like that and Joe will be all right. Marcello is standing at the door watching them in silence. Mason is popping in wondering to see him. Marcello explains to him that he is only trying to help Kelly. Mason becomes friendly asking him if he is the psychiatrist who helped Cruz. Marcello agrees. Mason wants to say something more but Ted storms in telling Kelly that Joe was waking up. Kelly rushes out. CC sees Mason and asks him to leave and not disturb Kelly more with his presence. CC mentions in the following changes of words that the doctors say that Joe will not survive. Mason is shocked that they did not tell this to Kelly as his wife. He asks CC how he can do this to Kelly.

Marisa and Jade are holding Joe's hand and crying. Joe asks them not to cry. Kelly comes in and they leave them both alone. Kelly's mood is between joy and worry. She holds Joe's hand and asks him to be strong. Joe is already in peace within himself. He tells her that it will not painful for him and she should go on to live her life. Kelly can't hear this. She tells him that they are so young and just on the start of their life. Joe smiles at her and tells her that they had a wonderful time together and he loves her. He closes his eyes and the life machines starts to run low. Kelly shakes him and asks him to wake up again. The doctors are rushing in and a nurse is driving her out forcefully. Eden, CC, Ted, Mason and Marcello are standing all outside. The doctor comes and after calling Kelly she at once knew that Joe is dead. Pain is overpowering her and she rushes against the doctor shaking his shoulder while shouting that it is his fault. The doctor defends himself by telling her that this is not true as it was clear from the very beginning that he will not survive and the whole family knew about. Kelly gets by this news totally upset against her family. She shouts that she thought that they belong together. How could they do such a thing to her. She starts crying and falls into the arms of Marcello who softly talks to her and brings her to the mansion.

CC, Eden, Ted and Mason are waiting in the hall for some news from Kelly by Marcello. Mason takes the chance to stir into CC's wound telling him how he has failed driving his own daughter into the arms of a person not belonging to the family instead of counseling her himself. Marcello comes out informing them that she will now sleep for some hours. She is angry because she thinks that she had missed the chance to tell Joe how much she loves him and some other things.

Ted is sitting with Kelly when she wakes up more relaxed. She thanks him for staying with her. He asks his pardon in not telling her the truth. He tells her that all what she should do is to rest and she should not worry about the funeral of Joe as he will organize everything for her. While Kelly sleeps again he starts phoning around.

Marcello asks CC if he can use his phone. For a moment Marcello slips again into the past experience with CC. CC notices that something strange but Marcello quickly recovered.

Marcello phones to Sophia telling informing her about the condition of Kelly. Eden who went behind him asks him with whom he had talked. Marcello says that she knows with whom. Eden asks him why he is doing all this. Marcello tells her that there is a world-wide rule that a doctor has to help whoever is in need. Second he is doing it for Sophia.

Eden answers the door bell and an excited Contessa is rushing in to see Kelly. Eden does not want Kelly to make her more excited than she is but Sophia wants to get her way. Marcello comes out of the room and also tells her that it is not a good idea to see her and she should go. Sophia gets excited but Marcello pushes her out of the door not without noticing a strange expression in Sophia's eyes. An excited Eden finds that Marcello also should go with her they don't need him. Marcello refuses and keeps calm. He tells her that they both want the same that Sophia goes back to Europe.

Marcello and Eden watch Kelly who is turning to and fro with a nightmare. Eden tries to wake her up by shaking her shoulders. Marcello keeps her back and asks her to go out of the room for a while he knows to help her. Eden protests thinking she knows how to deal with Kelly but finally gives in and goes out. Marcello speaks softly to Kelly and wakes her up. He tells her that she only had a nightmare and he will help her that she will sleep again in peace. He takes a kind of flashlight and asks her to look into the light. Slowly she glides into hypnosis.

Cruz wants to suspend Maggie from her service. Maggie is desperate. She tells him that she is in urgent need of the money and if she can't go with the police car then he should at least give her an internal job. Cruz finally agrees and arranges this for her. He also gives her another chance. He goes with her to the shooting place. She fires five times all meeting their mark. Cruz says ok and now she should take his pistol and shoot again. While she is shooting he tells her that she now should imagine Peter coming out of the house. He stands there, nobody is behind or between she now easily can fire at him and now she should shoot. Maggie again fails to do it. Cruz tells her that she has got two chances and failed both. She is emotionally not strong enough for this job and should better search out another one. Maggie is shocked. While leaving the office she asks him how he would have reacted if she would be a man. Cruz tells her that in this case he would have fired him at once. Cruz phones to the hospital asking about Joe. He gets informed about his death. Cruz is shocked and downhearted loosing a good friend of his and has to sit down in sadness about this loss.

Sophia is having her emotions no more under control. She phones to Mason and tells him that she urgently needs to see him as she has to discuss an urgent matter. Mason tells her that he busy but finally gives in.

Mason gets nervous as the Contessa lets him wait for half an hour. When she comes, all what she tells him is that she urgently needs to see Kelly. Mason tells her that she does not belong to the family and should not be concerned and if this is all she wants to tell him. She asks him to go into a room aside with her and she wants to tell him something. Mason reluctantly follows her. He tells her that Kelly is having her family around. Sophia takes away her glasses and her wig and tells him that she also belongs to the family.

Mason is totally surprised in seeing Sophia. He wonders where she has been all these past 15 years. Sophia is asking help from him in seeing Kelly. Mason does not find this a good idea. He asks her why she has come back and hurts her feelings by telling her that without her he would have had a much better life. There would be no Channing and he will not give her any help in seeing Kelly. He at once senses that Eden also must know about that she is alive. She asks him if he will tell now to the others but Mason tells her that nobody will hear about it from him.

Eden knocks at the door and disturbs Marcello in his hypnosis. He goes out and asks her to keep quiet for a few more minutes. Eden is very upset but has to give in. Marcello closes his hypnosis by telling Kelly that she should come and see him at one o'clock at room number 101 in the Capwell hotel. Kelly comes out of the hypnosis relaxed. Eden storms in and asks her afraid what he has done with her. Kelly tells her that her headache has gone and she feels much better. Marcello goes and the others try to comfort Kelly in their way. Kelly dislikes their approach and does not want to stay with them. Marisa phones and wants to talk to her but Kelly feels guilty for the death of her son and does not want to talk to her. Mason comes and also talks to Kelly but CC disturbs him being afraid that he might say something that disturbs her more. They go aside and Mason tells him that he only wants to help her as he has seen many persons who have experienced much less than Kelly has done and who got totally destroyed by it. CC calms down and accepts him somehow. Kelly is objecting all their approaches. All of a sudden Kelly remembers that she is having a meeting with the doctor. All are very surprised as she rejected all offers for a good doctor from CC. Eden offers her to drive her to the place.

Mason ask CC if he can phone in his office. Gina goes behind him. When Mason finishes his phone conversation she asks him what she can do because of Hank. Mason gives her the advice to marry sooner as Hank is getting free. If CC is finding out about her past he might not marry her, but if she is already married to CC, he might oversee this point.

Eden and Kelly arrive in the Capwell hotel. Meanwhile Marcello was getting room 101 ready as his office. Kelly goes straight to the room, followed by Eden. Kelly knocks and goes in. Marcello turns around and sees Eden behind her. He goes out and tells Eden all about his long list of degrees he has as a doctor and that he only is there to help. Sophia has seen both going along and stands in the back. When Marcello locks Eden out she tells her that she should let Marcello help Kelly. He also had helped her. Without him she would be still in the mental hospital and that Marcello is a very famous doctor in Europe.

Eden phones to CC and tells him that Kelly has gone to see Marcello. CC finds it ok but Eden thinks they should find a better one. CC tells her that he has checked up and all his references are very good but for giving her peace in mind he will invite Marcello in the afternoon and talk again personally to him.

Kelly is very happy with Marcello's treatment and feels more and more better. Eden brings her at home and has to see that Kelly is even able to phone to Marisa and talk to her with much understanding.

Marcello meets CC. He informs CC about Kelly's condition and what is going on with her. That at the moment she has a longing for a neutral person as they are too emotional in their love to her. CC thinks that he is right and that he might have done many mistakes in his approach to his children. He starts to talk about Channing while Marcello all of a sudden notices CC's medals gained in the war hanging on the wall and falls again in flashbacks to the time where his parents got killed while CC was holding his mouth. CC asks him if he is all right. Marcello quickly says that everything is all right.

The funeral is over. Cruz thinks about the way of fate while Eden tells him that it has not been his fault. Cruz mentions that it is luck for Kelly to have at least Marcello on her side. Eden tells him that she does not trust him. Just a feeling of hers which has never failed. She asks Cruz to find out more about him. Kelly and Marcello are also still there standing in silence. Kelly goes over to Cruz and Eden finds herself next to Marcello. Kelly and Cruz are able to share their pain. Kelly rests her head on his shoulder. Marcello suggests to Eden to leave the two alone as they can comfort each other in the best way. Eden even watching the two with mixed feelings agrees and Marcello brings her home.

Amy comes home with Larry and Jackie. The whole house is still in big disorder. Amy organizes a broom with the intention of cleaning up the house before her mother comes home. The two others start to help her even Larry would like rather to be alone in a room with Jackie. Amy has to answer the bell and Brick comes to see her. Amy gives him a cold shoulder while Jackie and Larry would be happy for this unexpected help. A frustrated Brick asks Amy that she need not to hide her feelings and goes away. Amy finds that it might not be a good idea from her to clean up after the funeral and all is too much for her they better go somewhere else.

Cruz comforts Kelly. They talk about Joe and how they miss him. Cruz tells her that it is not her fault. They express their pain in embracing each other.

Amy, Larry and Jackie are sitting in a restaurant. Amy senses the strong longing the two must have in being alone after such a long time of separation. She notes down an address of a nice pension and asks Larry to organize a room for them. A happy Larry rushes to the phone. He starts to dial when a man from the Navy comes in and tells him that he has the strict order to take him at once along as there is an emergency case. Larry asks him to wait as he just want to say good bye. Larry tells Jackie that they have a small chance by escaping at the back door. Amy wants to help in keeping the man busy so they can gain time. As they are leaving, the run into the Navy man at the back door.

Amy meets gets up and bumps into Liz. Liz starts talking to Amy and tells her how much in love Brick has fallen to her and he only talks about her. Amy does not believe it first and she asks Liz directly why she has come to the hospital. Liz tells her the story with Warren and the real reason why she had given Brick a kiss. Amy is happy to hear this and Liz asks her if she is not hungry and wants to eat something with her which she gladly accepts. Amy phones then to Brick and tells him how sorry she feels in treating him so badly and how happy she would be if he can stay with her tonight.

Cruz sits down with Kelly and suggests to tell each other stories about Joe. Their most happy experience and the worse one. They get more relaxed and comforted. All of a sudden Kelly sees the tomb of Peter close to Joe's. She is shocked about and wonders how they could do this. Again she thinks that she is guilty for the death of both. Cruz tells her that if anybody is guilty then it should be Peter, a ill person who has murdered so many women. Cruz tells her that she has to learn to leave it alone. He can't help her. Kelly tells him that he can help her by embracing and holding her.

Amy answers the bell thinking it is Brick but it is Jeff. He forces his way into the house and tells her that he comes to get back the $600 as his doctor has examined him and told him that he is sterile. So the child must be from another man. Amy tells him that he is mad as he is the only man in her life with whom she was sleeping. Jeff starts hurting her feelings by insisting that she must have had another relationship if not many. Amy gets mad and tries to throw him out. Jeff hold her arms and goes on talking when Brick arrives. Amy asks Brick to throw him out and Jeff again has to leave with a bloody nose. Brick and Amy sit down. Both are happy in being in peace with each other.

Cruz is back in the mansion. Eden wonders where he has been. Cruz tells her that he is already there since twenty minutes. He has brought Kelly along with him as he told her that it would be better for her to sleep here. He informs her that he has checked up again the references of Marcello and he is not only good, he is one of the best. He has written six excellent books. Eden is still not very impressed and wonders how he could be so easy be impressed. Cruz gives in and tells her that there of course some critics also around about his methods as he is also using hypnosis, but this is done by many others too. And after all if he can help Kelly what should be wrong. Eden insists that he searches more in his past. If there is not any thing. She has seen him and Sophia already in Monaco and he was also in the Oriental Express. Cruz promises to search deeper for her. Eden suggest to stay together tonight on the boat. Cruz tells her that he finds it a great idea but somehow he wants to be alone.

Larry and Jackie are driven by the man from the Navy. Larry and Jackie using their rest of the time in passionate kissing each other. All of a sudden Larry asks the driver to drive to a side street. He then asks him to get out and walk back to the main street for half an hour. The man understands. And they both get some time for at least one love session.

Eden and Kelly are sitting at the table. Cruz comes back. He sits down and Cruz talks with Kelly. Eden watches them and finally tries her best to send Kelly into bed. Kelly agrees at least and gets up. Cruz also gets up and both share again some words ending in hugging each other in deep understanding. Eden comes with a plate and her eyes widen in jealousy. Kelly goes and Eden keeps Cruz in distance. She tells him that she is tired and that he knows where the door is.

Marcello is shaving himself and thinking on revenge for CC's guilt in his parents' death. He is taking out a little army sign which belonged to CC.

Augusta is awake. Lionel sleeps. Augusta wonders if he knows that the Contessa is Sophia. She starts kissing him and tries to get out the secret while he is asleep. Lionel wakes up and understands at once what she wants. He gets up and phones to his broker finding out that Brick is the person dealing with the stocks of their family. Lionel gets very upset about this. A simple chauffeur, not a professional, is taking care of their stocks. He tells Augusta that Minx must have gone mad in doing such a thing. He immediately phones to Amy's place asking Brick to come for a talk.

Amy is still in her nightgown and has not yet combed her hair. She is sitting leisurely at the phone and tries to get a job. When hearing she is pregnant all potential employers end the conversation. Jackie is serving her a drink when Brick comes to see her on his free day with a picnic basket full of things. He invites her for a picnic, but she wants to get a job. The phone rings and Brick is going to see Lionel.

Lionel offers Brick a seat and wants to know what kind of job he is doing for Minx. As Brick is not ready to tell the full truth Lionel helps by telling him straight that he knows that he is dealing on the stock market with their share. Augusta gives him notice to leave them after two weeks. Brick tells them that this job was not his idea but Minx's and he has done nothing wrong for which they can fire him.

Sophia is answering the bell asking who it is. Voice from outside: 'It is your stepson.' Sophia: 'Oh, Marcello come in'. A amused Mason is making his way in to her room and gives her a present, nicely packed, asking her to open. Sophia opens. It is a bookmark. Mason explains that he made it once for her but then he could not give it her as she had left. Sophia tells him that she always loved him. Mason tells her that she could not do it as she was not his real mother. He puts a lot of questions to her without giving her the chance to answer. He then takes the phone and phones to Eden inviting her to come at once because of Sophia. He asks her who else is knowing about and Eden tells him that it is Lionel. Mason phones to Lionel and invites him.

Augusta notices that Lionel mentioned when talking to Mason also Eden. Lionel tells Brick that he will talk again to him later as he has to go to see Mason. Brick tells him that he wants to talk to them only if Minx is also present. Also they cannot give him notice because it is alone Minx with whom he is having an agreement. Lionel runs and Augusta tells Brick that he can go enjoy his free day. Augusta quickly phones to Mason's office. She finds out that Mason is in the presidential suite. She rushes there. Standing at Sophia's door she changes her mind and phones to a man asking him for a special service. She then walks around. A servant is coming and bringing a drink into Sophia's room. When he comes out Augusta gives him some money and asks him what he has seen. He tells her that there were four persons. Two men and two women. Augusta rushes home and gives order to the man to wait at the back door with a car for the Contessa telling her that it is a special service of the house and then they should bring her at a place she will tell.

Mason, Eden and Lionel are telling Sophia to leave for Europe. They all have their own selfish reasons. Mason does not want her to get close to CC again. Lionel is thinking his family will come in danger when she will be reunited with CC and that she is the actual reason of the fights of their families. Eden is having her emotional reasons. Sophia states that by all what they say nobody is also considering her feelings in being separated from the family dear to her for 15 years. She adds that if she is not wanted then she will of course go back to Europe. Mason shameless tells her that this is what they wanted to hear. He takes the phone and tells the front desk of the hotel that they should make ready the bill, the Contessa is leaving in the afternoon. Sophia is close to tears in pain. Mason tells Eden that their work is done and goes out with her. Eden starts to feel somehow sorry for Sophia. Yet, she is her mother she thinks. Mason tells her that she should not become weak. Now she can fully concentrate on her policeman Cruz. Mason adds that the social difference cannot be overseen. Cruz will never become a man of the high society. Eden tells him that is nothing concerning him. Lionel is still with Sophia. He fills a glass with an alcoholic drink and offers it to her as a farewell drink.

A mysterious Dr. Renfro has come with a file. The name written on this file is Amy Perkins. He sees her doctor and is having a talk with her. He wants to take over Amy's case. Amy is invited and she comes with Brick. Her doctor tells her that Dr. Renfro is a specialist and he is taking over her case. Amy is against this as she finds that her doctor was helping her already so much and she would like to stay with her. The doctor tells her that she need not to pay Dr. Renfro. He is making all free of charge and he only will examine her if everything is all right and maybe she does not need an expert at all. Amy by then agrees and Dr. Renfro is examining her. Amy is happy as he tells her that everything is all right. She should come the next week again. Amy leaves the room. Dr. Renfro is phoning to somebody telling that everything is running as planned. Amy Perkins has become his patient.

Brick and Amy coming home. Brick asks Amy to relax while he is massaging her feet. He asks her what she thinks about taking their own apartment. There is just one free room in the house where he has rented his room. Amy tells him that she never has thought about taking her own apartment but she also is having an idea. Her mother would be very happy in renting out one room now since Joe's room is free. And Brick will get some better food in addition. Brick finds this also a good idea.

The Contessa asks the driver to bring her to a certain restaurant. She is already sitting when she asks them to wait for a moment she has forgotten something. The driver presses the lock button and the co-driver tells her that she will go nowhere now but has to go where they are bringing her. The Contessa is protesting in vain.

Lionel is sitting with Warren in the restaurant, eating, drinking and discussing Minx and Brick in connection with the stock market. Lionel gives in that Brick has done well, but he thinks that he also would have been able to deal like him. They notice CC, Kelly and Eden at the next table and Lionel considers to take this chance and tell something to CC.

CC is in a good mood informing his daughters that he is going to marry Gina the next day. Eden tells him that he knows how she thinks about. She is not the right woman for him and only after his money. Kelly tells her that after all it is CC's decision and she finds Gina very nice.

While CC is talking to Eden Kelly notices officer Gillis sitting at the next table and she is getting bad flashbacks. Maggie Gillis tells Cruz that she feels terrible the way Kelly is looking at her. She thinks that she is guilty for the death of her husband. Cruz tells her that she has to overcome her feeling of guilt.

Eden wants to get more competence in the land matter but CC tells her that he does not want her to act in this matter and he never has given her any hope or hint that he has the intention to pass it on to her. Eden is very frustrated. She gets up and Cruz goes behind her coming in the right time to comfort and kiss her.

Maggie Gillis gets up and goes to Kelly. Warren is seeing her and also gets up. He asks Maggie if she does not want to sit with him at their table. Maggie tells him that she just is on the way to do something else. She addresses Kelly and tells her how sorry she feels. Kelly cannot keep back her feelings. She tells her that there is no need to talk to her. She is guilty that Joe is now dead. Before Maggie could recover and reply something Warren jumps between and tells Kelly that Maggie is here with him and guides Maggie back to her table.

Maggie is at first upset that he interfered but then she sits down and talks to him. Warren wants to know why Kelly thinks that Maggie is guilty for Joe's death. Maggie tells him the story and her problem that she could not shoot. Warren tells her that this might happened to him also. Maggie is now thankful that he has prevented her for making herself a fool at Kelly's table. Maggie then gets up and leaves for the police station. Lionel comes and asks Warren if he was not just sitting at his table, but Warren tells him that he has something else to do now. He also requests his father not to disturb CC. Lionel does not want to promise this, but when he overhears the marriage preparations of CC and Gina he decided to keep quiet.

Gina comes totally happy and CC tells her that he has already informed his daughters. Kelly wishes her the best and find they should be alone now as 24 hours are not much time for a preparation of the marriage. She and Eden leave the place. CC gives Gina a present. Gina opens and finds between some stockings a beautiful costly diamond ring. CC is putting it on her finger. He also tells her that he has set up Brandon for the quarter of his inheritance instead of Mason which makes Gina completely happy.

Warren drops into the police station and while sitting at Maggie's table he invites her to an appointment in the late afternoon after her work is over. Maggie gives in after a while, but when he comes to fetch her she is in such a bad mood that she sends him away.

Eden and Cruz are in the mansion. Eden tells him that she has got another idea which she wants to do instead of the land matter. She will tell him later on. CC is coming and Eden tells him that she wants to talk to him. She tells Cruz to leave and see him later in his boat.

Cruz is on the way out meeting a very happy Kelly. She tells him that she feels always so wonderful after visiting Marcello. She thanks Cruz again in being such a good friend to her and they embrace each other.

With much enthusiasm she tells CC that she would like to pick up his idea in making a restaurant on the top of the Capwell hotel. She would organize everything and lead the restaurant by herself. CC tells her that this is not a good idea. She is too young. Up to now she was only enjoying life in Europe and she is having no experience in such things. She cannot start with a top position. She has to work herself up to this position.

Cruz is trying to sew a shirt when somebody vehemently knocks at his door. He stings himself in his finger and opens the door. A total destroyed and upset Eden is coming in. She tells him about her idea and the reaction of CC. Cruz tells her that he finds her idea great and he is sure that she would be the very person in organizing this matter. Cruz takes her in his arms and is getting passionate and it ends up in bed. While lying happy together Eden asks him if he would not supply her in her own restaurant without the knowledge of CC. Cruz agrees.

Augusta's men brought Sophia to the old stable where Warren was hiding himself. They throw her on the floor and Augusta steps out triumphantly behind the shadow of the door asking the men to take away her wig. She pays them and asks them to leave her alone. A hot talk starts between the two women. Augusta demands from Sophia to go back to Europe. Sophia tells her that she hates her husband and she has nothing to fear. August starts to get very insisting so that Sophia who is already up on her feet fights back with very powerful words with the intention to hurt Augusta. She tells her that she does not even know that Lionel knew already since weeks that she is alive and he was not telling her. Such a good relationship she is having with him. Augusta gets very upset and slaps her into the face and throws her against some of the pressed straw standing around. A fight starts between the two women. Augusta manages to sit on Sophia and hold her hands. She takes a stick and wants to hit Sophia but Sophia knocks her with her fist and Augusta is falling hitting her head badly and falling unconsciousness.

Lionel is pondering over the Chinese box. How one can open it without hurting the box. Somebody knocks vehemently at the door. Lionel opens. Sophia is standing there and stepping into the house. Behind her are the two men which Augusta has paid and carry the still unconscious Augusta into the house placing her on the easy chair. Lionel wonders what is going on and Sophia tells him the story. She tells him that Augusta has managed it now that she definitely will stay and not go back to Europe. Lionel tells her that she any way is coming too late as CC is going to marry Gina the next day. She says that this does not matter to her. Lionel tells her that she can't break their agreement only because of the mistake Augusta has done. Sophia tells him that the agreement has been only made from one side and was only all in his favor. She is no more ready to give in to their self-centered wishes. Augusta moves and Sophia leaves.

Gina wakes up happy at the side of CC. A new day starts. Their wedding. She gets up and proceeds happily to Brandon telling the sleeping boy that she will be the heir of CC and that she has managed the incredible thing in getting to be the wife of CC.

Augusta is still in her nightgown. She is in a depressed condition. Lionel has gone out already in the early morning. She feels helpless and close to tears. Laken comes in and tries to find out about her condition. Augusta finally tells her the secret that Sophia is still alive and most attractive. Laken asks her to see the situation from another side. Lionel was always thinking that he has killed Sophia and now he knows that she lives. It must be a great relief for him. Augusta tries to follow her way of thinking but doubts are still nagging at her why Lionel has gone to see Sophia. Laken considers also how happy Ted must be when he sees his mother. Augusta of course tells her that she can't experience any joy in relation to the Capwells.

Lionel phones somewhere from town to Mason telling him that he has something to discuss with him. He informs Mason that Sophia has not left Santa Barbara and does not open the door for him. Mason asks him why Sophia has changed her mind but Lionel is not willing to tell.

Ted helps Gina to carry a flower pot. He also is carrying with himself a photo album. Gina looks in it and finds it full with pictures of Sophia. She pardons for her curiosity but Ted tells her that he was just on the way to bring the pictures into the cellar as he now finds it the time to do so. Gina is very thankful for being so much accepted by him.

Lionel meets Mason in his office. He asks him to help to get rid of Sophia. He suggest him to hinder the marriage of CC with Gina so that Sophia can go back to CC and his marriage will be saved by this. He would be ready to give him something for doing this favor. Mason tells him that they both should think over the matter and they will talk about later again.

Lionel comes home finding Augusta in a strange mood. Laken quickly slips out of the door. Augusta cannot contain herself any longer. She starts crying about her uncertain role into which she slipped without knowing why telling Lionel that she will go away from him the moment he is Sophia seeing once again alone.

Minx is dropping in inviting them for a breakfast together. Lionel invites her to sit down. Augusta tells Lionel that he has to inform Minx about Sophia before she finds it out by herself. Lionel tells her that first of all he wants to talk about Brick. Minx does not lift her secret over Brick but tells him that all what she knows is that he is truthful and he has advanced their financial position. Augusta asks her if she was not impressed by his good looking body. Minx tells her that a happily married woman should not even notice this. She then closes the talk and goes for her breakfast.

Lionel tells Augusta that he will tell Minx about Sophia now. Augusta eagerly listens but Lionel closes the door so that she cannot understand how he is telling her the news but after a short while she hears Minx's shout and a cup breaking on the floor.

Ted runs to school. On the way out of the house he meets Mason. After a few words of exchange Mason hides himself behind a pillar.

CC is also in a hurry but takes his time to tell Gina that he wants to adopt Brandon. Gina is happy. He then tells her that he is going to book a flight to Rio de Janeiro and leaves the house. Gina makes a jump in joy by thinking that they go to Rio for their honeymoon. She proceeds to her room while Mason is following her silently.

Gina is gathering in her underwear all her best things she wants to take to Rio when somebody knocks at the door. She thinks that it is CC and jokes a bit. Mason comes in and Gina is shocked to see him. Mason gives her his best wishes but frightens her with a strange remark. He tells her that whatever is going to happen is not against her but against CC. She asks him if he wants to destroy her marriage by telling CC about Hank. Mason tells her that this is not the case. She thinks that he hates her because of Brandon's heritage. Mason tells her that he knows about from the very beginning and he would have much time to hate her but this is not the case. He ask her to grant him a favor for his good wishes to her. She should invite him for their wedding. CC knocks at the door and Gina quickly agrees.

CC comes in and sees Mason which brought him in no time on the top making himself ready for the fight. But Mason shows himself from the soft side by telling him that he has done this time the right decision by marrying Gina. It is only a pity that it will not help him. He then leaves the room. CC is happy that he has not to fight on their great day. Gina asks him if she can't ask him something. CC tells her that between a couple there should be no secrets. Gina tells him that she thinks that he is sometimes too hard to Mason. She softens his rising blood by telling him that sometimes a person from outside is seeing things which oneself is not seeing. So she has noticed that the real reason why Mason is coming again and again is that he wants to gain back his trust. He should give him a chance and invite him to their wedding.

Ted quickly passes his test. A friend of him informs him that Laken was searching everywhere for him. Laken comes in and sits herself next to Ted. After the lesson Ted wants to storm away for the wedding when Laken stops him and joyfully tells him how happy she is for him. Ted thanks her. They talk for a while till Ted notices that she is talking about his mother Sophia while he was talking about the marriage between CC and Gina. He wants confirmation from her that she mentioned that Sophia is alive. Laken notices that she was just spoiling a secret and does not want to say anything. Ted insists and she tells him that she thought that he already knew about it.

Ted gets very excited on hearing that his mother is still alive. He asks Laken from whom she knows this news. She tells him that she knows it from Augusta, and that Sophia is living in the Capwell hotel as the Contessa. Ted wants to find out who else knows about it and Laken tells him that Mason and Eden know and she actually thought he also knew about it.

Mason is phoning from the mansion to Lionel telling him that he thinks it will be possible to interrupt the wedding. He wants something in exchange. Lionel offers money but Mason tells him that all what he wants is the Chinese box from the Amanda Lockridge. Lionel agrees.

CC is just coming down the stairs when he overhears the phone and receives the information that Mason wants to disturb the wedding. He gets very upset. Mason tells him that Gina looks even more beautiful when undressed. CC beats Mason in reply. Gina is just coming down and asks them to stop. CC sends her away.

Gina runs to Kelly for help. Kelly tells Gina that they always fight and nothing will happen. Gina goes out again. Kelly is in a depressed mood. She searches through all her old things. She looks at the picture of her mother. Then she finds her doll she had as a child. She gets flashbacks to her childhood seeing herself breaking the doll. She finally phones to Marcello asking for an appointment hoping that he will help her out.

Cruz is listening somehow amused to Eden's plan for running a restaurant. He asks her some serious questions if she also knows how many restaurants are having to close their business. He finally notices that Eden will not give up. Not only this she also wants him to go to CC and discuss the matter for her. He should get some rooms in the Capwell hotel rented out. Her discussion ends in bed and in a final promise by Cruz to help her in this matter.

CC asks Mason to hit back but Mason tells him that he will not step down on his primitive level. He knows how to hit him in a much better way. Gina comes again and tries to make peace without much success. Mason asks Gina if CC has told her the true reason why he is going to marry her. CC asks Gina not to listen to Mason and to leave them alone. A confused Gina goes away while Mason thanks her for having invited him.

Laken is confused and feels guilty in telling Ted about his mother. She asks Jackie if she could talk to her in confidence. She tells her the story of the mother of Ted who is all of a sudden still alive coming back after fifteen years.

The discussion goes on and CC takes hold on Mason trying to transport him out. Mason frees himself. Brandon comes and jumps happily to Mason. Mason lifts him up. Brandon asks Mason if he will also come to the wedding. CC tells Brandon that Mason has no time to attend. Mason tells Brandon that this not true and he certainly would like to come to the wedding. Brandon tells Mason how much he likes him and that he is happy that he will come as he has saved his and Uncle CC's life. Mason puts Brandon down and Brandon runs happily away.

CC tells him that he still does not allow him to attend. Mason tells him that he had better invite him, otherwise he will pay him back in a way he will not like. CC finally gives in and invites him. CC warns Mason that in case he is going to disturb the wedding in any form he will take care that he has seen his job and that he will not get any other job in the court. He mentions a lawyer who has worked once against him and who is now working as a driver. Mason cannot believe that he will undertake such steps against his own son but CC tells him that he will certainly do it.

Gina is getting ready for the wedding. Brandon comes and tells her happy that Mason also is coming. Gina can't believe it and is getting mixed feelings. CC comes and tells her that it is true. He has invited Mason but she should not worry as he will keep quiet.

Somebody is knocking at Cruz's door. Eden quickly hides herself while Cruz starts dressing himself and opens the door. It is Ted. He has heard Eden's voice and wants to talk to her. Cruz wants to give an excuse but Eden comes out dressed in a bathrobe. Ted excuses himself and tells them that he did not know that they are together. Eden asks him what he wants to know. Ted tells her that Laken told him that their mother is still alive. Eden confirms. Ted is getting excited that all know about only he was not informed. Eden tells him that Kelly and CC also do not know. Cruz adds that Eden had decided in the way she thought it would be best. Eden tells him that Marcello found that Kelly is too weak to bear such news just now. Ted tells her that he is healthy and has no physical problems and yet they did not tell him. He asks if he can phone to her. Sophia was not at home. Ted runs to see her in the hotel.

Mason phones to a good friend of his. He tells him that he is considering changing his profession and he now considers his offer to go into the economy. His friend tells him that he would be still glad if he accepts his job offer and works with him.

Ted is coming home and finds Mason. He asks him also if it is true that Sophia is alive. Mason tells him that this is true and Sophia loves him very much. Ted tells him that he has so many questions. Mason replies that she certainly will reply to all his questions when he meets her. Ted phones and Sophia answers but then he did not dare to talk and puts the phone down again. Ted tells Mason that he has to talk to Sophia while seeing her.

Laken comes into the classroom and starts again a talk with Jackie. He tells her that she worries about his father as he had a relationship with Sophia and Sophia should be still very attractive. All of a sudden Laken jumps up and tells Jackie that she will go and see her and tell Sophia that she should not see her father anymore. Jackie tries to prevent her from going but Laken makes her way out of the school.

Ted stands at Sophia's door and wants to ring when Laken arrives. She tells him that she wants to talk to Sophia. Ted tells her that this is not possible as he is now going to see his mother after fifteen years for the first time and he also has no time as he has to go to the wedding of his father afterwards. One word follows the other and Laken gets irritated and runs away.

Eden and Cruz arrive. Cruz notices at once that Kelly is not very well. He tells her that she should not force her to go to the wedding when it is too much for her. Cruz gets a call from his office. Excusing himself he runs away. Gina comes and takes Kelly along who sits down at the border of their pool not aware of what is going on around her.

The priest has arrived and the wedding starts close to the pool. Mason stands leaning against the wall in the background. The priest asks if anybody is there who has an objection to this marriage. Mason steps forward and says, yes he has an objection.

Laken comes back from the elevator and starts fighting with Ted again. The door opens and Sophia comes out and asks what they want. Ted recognizes her at once with joy and she lets him in while Laken waits outside for her turn.

Sophia is standing with mixed feelings before Ted finding out his mood. Ted is very happy to see her but he does not know how to start to talk. Ted finds that he has started to realize all his dreams. He is fascinated in having gained back his mother whom he lost when he was three years old. He tells Sophia that she looks as he knows her from all the pictures he has collected. Sophia ensures him that she did not want to leave them alone but she did not know for many years who she was or that she had a family. While talking they came closer and closer till they happily embrace each other and Sophia overpowered by joy lets her tears flow.

They sit down and talk about their past. Old memories are coming up in Ted. Sophia also is giving answers to all the many questions Ted is putting to her. Once Ted remembers that his father is marrying Gina just now. Sophia tells him that he should let them marry. CC loves Gina for the moment and so she does not want to interfere. In harmony and joy they depart from each other. Sophia opens the door and lets Ted out. Laken is still standing outside. Ted is introducing them to each other and Sophia lets Laken in. Laken is still very excited and demands from Sophia that she leave Santa Barbara. Sophia does not agree with her suggestion. She tries to explain to her that she doesn't have the slightest interest in her father. An upset Laken does not listen to her and storms out of the room.

Mason is telling CC, Gina and the pastor the reason why they cannot marry. CC has forgotten to declare Sophia as dead and by marrying he becomes a bigamist. CC tells him that it can't be true that after fifteen years he has to declare her as dead. Mason asks him to inquire. CC comes back with the news that it is true. He sends the priest away and gets terribly upset. He tells Mason that he is sure that he knew this long ago. CC goes into his office and starts phoning.

Gina comes to Mason and slaps him with all her might. She starts to slap him again, but Mason takes hold of her hands. He tells her that she should pack her things and go before CC finds out about her past and Hank. Eden at once wants to know who Hank is. Gina retreats from Mason and refuses to reply to her. Eden phones to Cruz and wants to find out from him. Cruz tells her that he does not want to interfere in this matter and she should ask Gina herself.

Kelly is totally disturbed. She asks Mason what happened. Mason tells her that it is nothing concerning her and leaves. Kelly leans absentmindedly against one of the walls. Eden sees her condition and tells her that this is all just a formality and tomorrow the wedding can proceed.

Eden tries again to get out from Gina about Hank. Gina warns her not to try to fight against her. She is no more ready to try to be in peace with her. Eden tells her that she has no intention to fight with her as long as she does not know about her position.

Cruz is taking the phone and CC asks him to fetch the public prosecutor at once. Cruz tells him that he is in the middle of a case but CC tells him that he should only mention that CC wants to talk to him. Cruz does so and the public prosecutor comes. A short talk and a yes from the prosecutor. Cruz asks him what CC wanted and he tells him that he should throw Mason out of his job and he, Cruz will have the honor to tell it to him.

Mason is coming into his office. He asks Cruz for the reason of being here. Mason then continues by himself with a smile that certainly Eden has phoned and he did not tell her about Hank as he is a gentleman. Cruz confirms and hands him over a cover. Mason opens and says with a smile that this is great as now he has not to give notice by himself as he anyway wanted to change the job. Cruz wonders that Mason is taking this so cool. He tells him that he can also fight for his rights. Mason rejects this offer and phones to his friend and his friend tells him that he agrees to take him as a partner.

CC goes on phoning to all friends of Mason who could offer him a job. While phoning he sees the picture of Mason and smashes against the floor and the glass breaks into pieces. Then he phones to the bank and asks them to freeze Mason's assets and get his credit cards back.

Mason starts drinking his first glass of whisky then the next while he is packing his things. The door opens and his friend comes in. He tells Mason he can't take him as a partner because he would lose all his clients. Mason wonders about friendship which ends in fear of CC. Cruz tells him that there are other law offices in the city and if he wants he can try to get a job as a public prosecutor in another city for him. He offers to talk to CC but Mason tells him to keep out of their father-son conflict otherwise it only will end that the anger is directed also against him. The phone rings. The bank informs Mason that he has to give back his credit cards. This sounds even for Cruz more than unbelievable and he tells him that they can't do such a thing that it is impossible. Mason takes a box and smashes it against the floor. Mason storms out to give CC a battle. Cruz tries to keep him back telling him that he has drunk already half a bottle of whisky but Mason could be no more hindered.

Ted comes home and Eden tells him about the new situation. Ted tells her that he has seen his mom and he will try his best to keep her in town. Eden comes with all her objection but Ted is totally on Sophia's side fighting for her till Eden gives up.

Ted runs into the office in search for Kelly. Kelly has picked up the picture of Mason and ponders over the meaning of the situation. Ted comes in and also tells her that it is only a formality. Kelly replies that Joe told her that everything has a meaning. Nothing happens without a reason.

Cruz comes in a hurry telling Eden that Mason will be here at no time totally drunk and in a horrible condition. Eden simply locks the door. Mason hammers against the door asking to open as he otherwise will come through a window. Eden gives in and opens. Cruz asks him again to postpone his talk with CC as he is fully drunk and not clear. Mason asks where CC is and Eden tells him that he is with Gina in the bedroom and if he goes there CC will kill him. Mason thanks him and takes one of the swords hanging on the wall. Cruz tries to stop him and Ted helps him when an urgent phone call prevents Cruz from going on. Mason rushes into the bedroom finding Gina and CC undressed under the blanket. He points his sword against CC and throws his coat to the bed to dress himself up. Keeping CC with his sword in distance he asks CC to tell Gina the true reason why he wants to marry her. And he asks Gina if she has told CC already about Hank and her past. CC tells Gina not to listen to him. Mason tells Gina that CC marries her not because he loves her but the true reason is Brandon. If she did not find it strange that CC was always behind her and the boy.

The door opens and Cruz is unarming Mason. Ted and Cruz are pulling him out of the room while Mason is telling CC that the battle is not yet finished and he never will be able to drive him out of Santa Barbara.