Kharif: The Pasha, Eden and Michael are awaiting any kind of reaction from the Sheikh. CC soon arrived in Kharif, he meets his contact to discuss a plan for him of how to get into the Palace, where Eden is. At the same time, Cruz escapes from the Sheikh's Palace and finds his way to the town bar. CC arrives at the Palace. The Pasha just received a message from the Sheikh, who stopped the negotiations. Eden is afraid the Sheikh stopped the negotiations, because he had nothing to bargain with. She believes something happened to Cruz. CC interferes, he wants to visit the Sheikh. Meanwhile Cruz found out that Eden is in danger. He finds a way back to the Pasha's Palace. Nikki is having a bad day. She still wasn't able to find a sponsor and is about to be deported. She is afraid she won't see Michael again, who had left town all of a sudden, with no explanation, and has not yet come back. Lionel is being pressured by the secret buyer of the paintings. Time is running, and he has to take action. He plans to get into the mansion to inspect the paintings. Gina and Phyllis take action too. The plan is to switch the forgery with the real painting in CC's living room. The original, as they believe, has being taken out of the mansion by Phyllis in a laundry bag.

Robert Barr shows up at Kelly's to give her at present and wishing her a happy birthday. Only minutes later, Craig shows up at the mansion, knowing that Robert is there too. Kelly is seemingly under pressure, by the constant attention she is getting from Craig as well as from Robert, but she wants to be left alone to make a decision. She makes this clear to both and asks them to leave. But Craig won't give up that easy. He arranges for Kelly to come to the Golf Club, under false pretense, in order to finally tell her that he really loves her. Lionel's plan to inspect the paintings failed, he got locked up in CC's wine cellar, by the servant who believed she heard rats. Meanwhile Augusta is worried about Lionel. She hasn't heard from him all night. Something was doomed to go wrong. She is pretending everything is O.K. to Laken, who has become suspicious of her mother and father, who have been acting very strangely for a while. Gina meet with an art dealer to sell the painting she switched with a fake at the Capwell mansion, but the deal did not come to an end. Augusta could not wait to find out what happened to Lionel, so she went over to the mansion, wanting to find out whether Lionel was seen or not. She used the study to make a call, where she recognized a gift laying to the table from Lionel. She opened it. Inside was a letter once, a long time ago, written by Sophia to Lionel, saying that she always loved CC. Lionel gave it to CC in the wooden box as a gift. Augusta was outraged, she rushed home, where it came to an argument between the two.

Happy Ending in Kharif: Eden, Cruz, CC, Michael, Sheila and the Pasha are celebrating their freedom and the triumph over the Sheikh's defeat. Later on the Pasha, unhappily saying good-bye, paid great respect to all of whom he learned so much from. During CC's absence, Mason who is temporarily in charge of Capwell Enterprises and CC private dealings, decided to offer Steven Slade a sum of $1 million, if he takes back all accusations made against CC. Quinn is getting ready for his first appearance as Robert Barr, while his reporter friend Debra taped a conversations, in order for Quinn to practice his brother's accent and voice. Laken who is obviously getting very close to Amado, persuades him to take acting classes with her.

CC was furious at first, when he heard about the deal Mason offered Steven Slade, but later on realized that the idea was the only solution to the problem, although CC claims not to have destroyed the film. Kelly took Cassandra's advice that it'll do her well to leave town for a few days. Later on, Robert Barr turned out to be the captain of the private jet. He pursuades her to have dinner with him, and than takes her to NY. They arrived somewhere in Argentina, went to a hotel, where they had dinner and got surprised as Craig shows up. Julia agreed to participate to model for an event to raise funds for the victims of the recent Santa Barbara fire. Cruz had a strange encounter after his decision to return the talisman to the Mexican tribe. Already expected there, the leader of the tribe took the talisman from Cruz and said: "It's all over now". Then he left the scene.

Lionel's and Augusta's new plan worked out. Agusta managed to make CC offer Lionel a job as his art consultant. With this job, they believe to have better control over CC's art collection. At the same time CC gave one of his painting to an auction. Later that night after unveiling the paintings Gina recognized the painting as the one she switched with the original at the mansion. She panics, believing that the museum certainly will find out that it is not an original. Mason decided, much to Julia's regret, to work for his father again.

Laken is seeking help from her father for being a sponsor for Nikki, who is about to be deported if she doesn't find a sponsor. Lionel has to turn her down, since he is unable to act as a one, with the limited finances he has at the moment. An art dealer from the Art Museum went to the Capwell Mansion to express his gratitude once again to CC, who sponsored the painting. He met Lionel, who is astonished that the painting is real, whereas Lionel was sure that CC is in possession of the fakes, of course without his knowledge. At the same time, Gina and her mother showed up. To everybody's surprise the art dealer recognized Gina, who was smartly trying to change the subject. Lionel is sure the painting is a fake, but where is real one? Gina was shaken by the fact, that the truth about her switching the painting will come out. But for some reason the she believes the art museum recognizes the fake as the real painting. She wonders how much Lionel knows about the paintings and wants to find out. CC was trying hard to make up with Sophia, when they coincidentally met at the Golf Club, but Sophia does not want to discuss anything to do with the movie with him. They get into an argument. CC gets up and leaves.

Mason moved back to his office. Cassandra agreed to his offer to work for him as an assistant. Quinn has problems coping with his past. While he grew up with careless stepparents away from his twin brother Robert, Robert lived a happier life with his birth parents. He wants to become Robert, not just for the money as his partner and mistress Flame believes, he also intends to finally meet his real parents, much to Debra's regret. Debra believes the situation is getting out of hand and doesn't think Quinn is perfect in his appearance yet, but later on he convinces her of otherwise. He dresses, talks, moves and looks exactly like Robert. Julia is very proud of Mason, who for the first time really manages his private and business life, without any problems, and tells him so. Mason decides to go on a business trip to Hong Kong and is happy to hear that Julia would like to travel with him. After leaving Argentina in the Capwell's private jet, during upcoming bad weather, Robert loses control over the machine and has to land somewhere in the middle of nowhere and a lot of snow. Kelly, Craig and Robert will have to stay overnight and find help the next day. Laken decided to stop her acting classes, because she can't afford it anymore. She tells Steven, who offered her free classes, because he believes in her abilities. She is happy. Amato believes Steven wants more than just being nice, but Laken makes him understand otherwise.

Eden tries to match-make between Sophia and CC. She arranges a dinner at the Golf Club with CC, Cruz and a young woman, knowing that Sophia had a dinner date at the same place, because she turned down Eden's invitation to join her earlier. It came to a major confrontation between Sophia and CC at the Golf Club. CC sent champagne over to Sophia's table, she was angry, walked over to CC's table and threw a glass of champagne in his face. Augusta obviously amused, watched the scene, but her mood soon changed when Lionel told her that the paintings that he examined turned out to be fakes. Now he has a difficulty to overcome: Who stole the real paintings? Michael meets Nikki for the first time he's back. They are happy seeing each other again. Michael soon finds out that Nikki will be deported tomorrow, if she doesn't find a sponsor. He tracks down Eden & Cruz, and Eden is willing to become her sponsor, if Nikki agrees. Later on Michael proposes marriage to Nikki and she accepts. Gina went back to the tunnel. The door to the room where the paintings were stored was wide open, although she locked it after taking the goods. She knew somebody was there and suspects Lionel, who is been asking too many questions. Cruz and Ric have an argue about Ric's new job, he simply doesn't want to tell anything, not to push his luck. Cruz pretends to be the big wise brother, but Ric doesn't like his attitude, and walks off.

Cruz went to Ric to apologize for always pretending to be the big brother. Ric told him he does understand, but Cruz has to learn to trust him. He says he is doing the right thing and eventually he will tell about his new job. Lionel and Sophia are both having problems with their ex-husband and ex-wife. They get together and appreciate the kind of friendship they have, Lionel took the moment to confess to Sophia that, the letter Sophia once send so long ago to Lionel, saying she only loves CC, Lionel gave to CC as a present. Sophia was astonished and she confessed that she meant to make him jealous by saying she only loves CC.

Annie, who recently after her escape appeared at The Lair, is still running away from the police. She decides to leave Bunny, not to get him into any trouble hiding her. She writes him a note. Bunny who shortly after read the message is shocked and tries to find her. Michael, Nikki, Amato and Laken are off to celebrate the good news about Nikki and Michael's wedding plans. The evening turned into a disaster, when Amato, over a jealous rage, picks a fight, defending his sister. Mason and Julia just returned from a business trip. To their amazement they found that Cassie, who is now working as Mason's Assistant, completely scheduled and managed their private as well as their business life, much to Julia's dislike and Mason's amazement. Debra has difficulties controlling Quinn. He wants to have it all, the sooner the better. Debra accuses him of being cocky and reminds him that of the hundreds of millions of dollars that are at stake, if they are not careful enough. But Quinn is being very sure of himself and proves to her that he can fool anybody into believing he is Robert Barr. Robert, Kelly and Craig have been jailed in a faraway place somewhere in Argentina. They knock down a guard at the prison and manage to escape. They manage to get on a train, where Kelly begins to drift away, remembering the past and all happenings with Robert.