Quinn Armitage went out as Robert to make a second appearance in public. Debra was outraged when she found out, believing he makes a big mistake and risks all they worked so hard for. He calls her over the phone, pretending he is Robert - she fell for it. She is even more furious now, knowing that the whole town knows Robert is out of town. When Quinn comes back later, he tells her about the decision to look for his parents. Debra doesn't like what is going on and believes he is getting too emotional about all this and tells Quinn that she has information that his parents are dead.

During a demonstration organized by the Blue Sky Brigade, an environmental group, at the Graighton Chemicals factory, a bomb went off. Luckily nobody got hurt. Gina and Phyllis came up with the idea to plant a piece of evidence in the tunnel, making Lionel believe Augusta stole the paintings. The plan worked well. They stole a small souvenir Lionel once gave to Augusta, and that same night, as Lionel went back in the tunnel planted it there. He found it. Dash Nichols, the leader of the Blue Sky Brigade, an environmental group who protects birds, shows up at Mason's office, accusing him for planting the bomb. Gretchen is arguing with Mack, whom she has been seeing for a while. Mack doesn't like the idea of Gretchen using him, so he turns down her invitation. She is offended and intents to make him jealous, then she leaves the scene. Mack follows here, without them realizing that they had been watched. Augusta and Lionel found out about the knife-fight the previous night, in which Amato was involved. The perfect chance for Augusta to complain about his attitude. Laken is disappointed by her mother's constant insults and walks off angrily.

Lionel questioned Augusta of how her lucky bear claw got into the tunnel. Augusta was furious, she threw him out, unwilling to believe he could think that she stole the paintings. Ric had a meeting with his new boss Harlan Richard. On is way out of the office he found a file, containing as check, made out to Jack Cellars. Ric remembers the name - the person who planted the bomb during the demonstration. Kelly blames Eden for her misery. She confronted her with the question why Eden kept the letter from her. So Eden blames Robert, accuses him of planing the whole charade to get out of the mess he created by leaving and standing good in front of Kelly. He denied Eden's accusations and assures her that he really loves Kelly. Sophia and Lionel coincidentally meet at the Golf Club after she accidentally ran into CC and had a fight with him. Lionel had been thrown out by Augusta earlier. After the two drank a bottle of wine, Sophia invited Lionel over for dinner. Gina who has been watching Sophia and Lionel for a while, is following them to Sophia's place, where she took a few shots when the two danced and kissed. The take over took place: Robert's assistant Renfield confirmed an appointment made by Debra London, to re-shoot a 10-minute interview with Robert. A driver was sent by to take Robert to the place where Debra was waiting already. When he arrived, she shot him with a tranquilizer. A short while later, Quinn now Robert Barr, took over Robert's life.

Sophia woke up, she found Lionel asleep next to her in bed. She is shocked and tries to remember. After Lionel woke up, they decided to pretend nothing had happened that night. They assure each other that this won't affect their friendship, and as both are divorced there is no conflict. Lionel leaves. Outside the door, he finds a piece of a wooden necklace, but who would lose something like this in front of Sophia's living room window? Cruz came across some information about Ric. He doesn't now what to make out of the fact that Cellars, who was identified for placing the bomb, was working at the same place Ric used to, a few months ago. Witnesses saw that Ric spoke to Cellars the night of the bombing. Renfield is baffled about Robert's alias Quinn Armitage personality change. Debra revealed herself in front of Robert. He obviously knows that she set him up, but still can't figure out who's behind all this. He offered her double the money she is getting from her 'employer'. She laughed. An environmental conference is being held, out of town, by the Blue Sky Brigade. Ric and Cassie are among several other participants. Craig decided to leave Santa Barbara. He makes clear to Robert, that he will stay away as long as Kelly is happy. Kelly doesn't accept Eden's apologizes, that she is sorry for not telling Kelly about the letter. They argue, eventually Kelly asked Eden to leave.

Quinn is having difficulties coping with the new situation after the take over. He finds out that Robert's life is much more complicated then he thought. He finds himself in situations with people, where he doesn't know the stories behind. The birds' sanctuary turned out to be a major investment for Capwell Enterprises. Julia is suspicious Mason has been making excuses about his interest supporting the environment to keep her from finding out the truth. Mack is persistent to know what is the secret about Gretchen and Harlan Richard's marriage. Eventually she told him that they hadn't made love since their wedding. Later that night, she also admitted to have strong feelings about Mack, and that she didn't plan the affair with Mack to become so serious. Gina had dinner alone at The Lair. Bunny caught her looking at some pictures. He questioned her, so Gina came out with part of the truth, that she is only doing it, so she can stay with Brandon together at the mansion. Bunny told her about the roses he has been getting for almost a week, with no card. Kelly finally made a decision. She happily announces to him that she chooses to be with him. As Robert alias Quinn stumbles, she doesn't know what to make out of the situation. He seems so strange and hesitant. He even turned down having dinner with her, over an important business meeting. This is very unlike Robert, first he pressures her and now he acts surprised. She leaves the scene very angry. Quinn is taken by surprise. He didn't know Kelly and Robert were so close. He is missing something. He calls Debra to meet him immediately. Debra meets Quinn at the Golf Club. To their bad luck Kelly is having dinner with Sister B. from the orphanage. They plan to get some information from Craig. Quinn walk over to Kelly and managed to calm the situation, by telling Kelly that he will call her tomorrow. Debra meets Craig. She tells him about the documentary she is doing on Robert and points out that there is some information she would like to have from Craig. Craig states he has nothing to say and leaves. Craig encounters strange feelings. He now knows that Kelly is turning away from him and that she wants to be with Robert.

Dash Nichols, leader of the Blue Sky Brigade is intending to stop the Oasis project. Ric disappeared. He was last seen near a gas station, asleep in the back seat of a car, driven by a blond woman. Cruz is questioning Tawny of Ric's whereabouts. Tawny tells him at first that Ric went to the environmental conference because he had a few days off. Cruz is suspicious about all this, knowing his brother had never been involved in environmental issues. Cruz decided to question Cellars, who has been held on bail, but arriving at the police station he had to find out that Cellars was bailed out. Mason persuades Steven Slade to take the $1 million he offered him and to drop the case against his father. Realizing that he doesn't have enough evidence to convict CC of the crime, he accepts Masons offer.

Flame alias Debra London hates the idea of Quinn 'playing' the relationship with Kelly. She tells him to wrap up the financial dealing involved in the take over within a few days and then kill Robert. Soon after the argue they find out that Barr Industries is low on cash. Cruz is investigating the Jack Cellars' bombing. Ric who had been attending the conference, has evidence pointing towards him, having something to do with the bombing. Cruz though still believes in his brother's innocence and inspects the hotel room, where all conference members where booked for one night. Bomb accessories where hidden in Ric's room, but Ric never arrived at the hotel. Cruz believes that his brother had been set up. Lionel had a spy follow Augusta, he strongly believes his ex-wife took the paintings which where hidden the tunnel. Augusta found out about the follower and paid him double of what he was getting, and had him follow Lionel. Lionel visits CC. Gina and Phyllis took advantage of that visit, to search in Lionel's apartment for any contact he may have with art dealers. Lionel came home early, Gina and Phyllis managed to sneak out the back door, where they heard Lionel talk to himself, saying that he now knows that the bead he found in Sophia's garden must come from around a blind ladies' neck, but wondering what she was doing there. Lionel heard voices, he rushed to the window where he saw Gina and Phyllis escaping through the garden. Robert is still locked up. The only thing he was able to do is cut the wires and setting the whole place in darkness. Kelly got dressed up for her dinner date, but waited for Robert for over 2 hours until she finally realized he won't come.

Lionel caught Gina in the act of switching the paintings. He also run into Phyllis on his way out. Lionel said he would tell CC. Gina threatened him to expose the pictures she had taken from that long dinner date with Sophia. Lionel agrees to a partnership, and he also knows that Gina had mistaken the pictures she stole from the tunnel as fakes: She actually possesses the real one, without her knowledge. Lionel apologizes to Augusta for accusing her of taking the paintings. She is still angry with Lionel and rejects any apology. Quinn is furious about the fact that Barr Enterprises has no cash flow. At first he blames Flame who was actually in charge of getting detailed information about the business. Eden tried to match-make once again between Sophia and CC, but this time playing open cards. She invited CC to join her and her mother having a drink with him. He apologized. Sophia tells Eden that she still loves CC, but can't live with him. Eden begs her to go and talk to him about it. She agreed. As she went over to the house CC wasn't alone: He had a woman with him. She left angrily. Robert meanwhile desperately seeks a way to escape the prison he is in. But everything is secured. Kelly is been waiting for 2 hours for her dinner date. She is disappointed in Robert. She starts to believe he is playing with her and goes to see him. Quinn apologized and told Kelly that he is in major financial trouble, that is why is working so hard. Kelly offered him help, and Quinn agreed. Kelly kissed Quinn on her way out. Flame who was hiding and saw what happened, raging in jealousy. She demanded from Quinn to stop the relationship. Quinn explained that Kelly could be their last chance and that he is planing to 'make use' of her.

Cruz has a lead on Ric's disappearance. He was seen in the back of a car, driven by a blond woman. Cruz questioned Tawny one again, explaining to her that he needs to know everything she knows, assuming that Ric could be in danger. Tawny finally admitted to Cruz that Ric is been working for her father, not knowing what his job is exactly. Kelly surprises Robert with breakfast. He asks her to be patient with him and to wait until his financial problems are solved. She doesn't quite understand why he is rejecting her help, where in the past he never kept a secret about his business from her. Julia attended a Blues' conference. Dash showed her the final plan of the Oasis project. To Julia's surprise there was no tower to protect the bird sanctuary planed. She confronts Mason. Cruz received the results of the blood found on a shirt nearby where Ric and the woman where last seen. The blood found on the shirt matched Ric's blood type. Cruz calls in Richard, who strictly denies to have anything to do with the Blue Sky Brigade.

Craig mentioned to Kelly that Robert made him a business deal to help Barr Enterprise to with its financial problems. He said that this is the reason for his stay in Santa Barbara. Instead of trying to figure out who could be behind the kidnapping, the real Robert Barr has got an idea of how he can get through to Debra. Julia made very clear to Dash the leader of the Blues, that she is indeed supporting the Blues for their cause, but she also believes that Mason will come up with a solution to help save the environment. Cruz discovered that Omega Pump & Drill original was a company formed by Tonell. He threatens Robert and bargains with more information on the company, which is now being run by Barr. After this incident Quinn is desperate for some information about Robert's involvement and suggests to Flame that he has found the perfect method to make Robert talk: Kelly Capwell. Cassie reminds Craig that Kelly is in love with Robert, and if he decides to stay, he might get hurt. He explains to her that he is concerned about Kelly and not himself. Quinn mentioned casually to Kelly that Cruz came to see him and his hoping Kelly would so called 'leak information', but instead Kelly doesn't want to talk business, she persuades Quinn to have dinner with her. A cocktail reception was held for the Capwell Oasis project: The B. S. B. showed up unexpectedly and CC threatened Dash that he will have them removed from his property, if they don't leave at once. It came to an argument between Dash and CC. Mason professionally calmed the situation. He was then involved in a cross-fire interview, which despite all accusations against the project, turned into a successful evening. And CC is pleased to see his son in action, knowing what he was doing. Cruz asked Craig for a favor, as he knows that Craig has access to that spectacular company he is investigating. Cruz tells him that this is his change to prove his personality change.