The day of the deadline has come; Lionel is worried, he still hasn't managed to get the original paintings, but he has a plan: He offered Gina a partnership and instructed her to switch another painting tonight. He plans to follow her, to see where she hides the painting. She agreed to the partnership, not knowing what else to do, but somehow something seems not right, so she plans to put Lionel to the test. Cruz went over to CC, desperate to find any lead on Ric. Cassie remembered Ric taking notes on a hand recorder. Mason suggests that Cruz talks to Julia, who is now volunteering for the B. S. B. He then got lucky: One of the members remembered seeing Ric on the train, he also mentioned seeing Ric with a small tape recorder, which later on had been found in the train and stored in the Lost & Found. To Cruz's disappointment the tape had been removed, but at the same time Michael, who was searching Ric's apartment, stumbled onto a collection of tapes. He actually employed Ric to spy for him on the Blue's. Julia agreed to stuff envelopes and send out mailing lists, although this isn't her idea of a volunteer with an excellent knowledge in law, but Dash puts her to the test and is astonished by her drive and efficiency. Laken broke the news to Lionel and Augusta; she moved out, much to Augusta's dislike. Augusta even got more furious when she found out that Amado lives next door. Laken has her mind set on somebody else though; Steven Slade, who's been giving her private acting lessons in exchange for a part time job, but Laken soon gets disappointed over Steven's mood change, when Cassie calls to confirm the dinner appointment.

Cruz seeks information on Harlan Richards from CC. CC warns Cruz of Harlan's shrewd personality and his dishonesty in business. Harlan Richards was called in by Cruz for another questioning. He admitted that Ric was working for him, only to spy on the B.S.B., but was strongly defended by his lawyer, who denied having anything to do with Ric's disappearance. Cruz tells Richard that he is a suspect in the case and is to notify the Police in case he is intending to leave town. Mack is determined to meet Gretchen, she gave him excuses at first but finally gave in. They meet secretly, because Harlan has been closely watching Gretchen for a while, knows about the affair and warns Gretchen not to see Mack ever again. Craig agreed to the interview with Debra, but soon realized that she was only interested in finding out about Kelly, Robert and himself, and smoothly get s out of the situation. Steven took Cassie out to dinner in San Francisco. He discovered that she seems to be very fond of Mason, all of a sudden. Cassie explains that he is not the little boy who kept bothering her, he grew up to be a successful lawyer and now business man, and that she looks up to him, but she denies having a crush on him. Kelly invited Robert alias Quinn to dinner over at the mansion. CC dinner plans had been cancelled and Kelly asked him to stay. He was hesitant at first, but then agreed, and later that night he warned Robert, that he would become his worst enemy, if he ever walks out on Kelly again. Quinn managed the situation by changing the subject, because he still doesn't understand CC's hatred towards him.

Lionel waited all night in front of the mansion for Gina and Phyllis to show up, and to follow her to the place where she is hiding the paintings. Gina never showed up. He went home quite distressed, where Augusta already waited, inquiring where he had been all night. Lionel wasn't up to Augusta's mood, it came to an argument, where Augusta told Lionel that all she cares is her part of the deal: Cash money. Lionel confronted Gina, why she is not keeping per part of the deal. Gina promises to switch the painting in the afternoon. She later had Phyllis move the painting in a suitcase to a new location, which was a set up for Lionel. It worked, Lionel followed her. Cassie introduces Steven Slade to Dash Nichols. Dash likes Steven from the beginning, he followed the articles about the movie and CC's involvement. It seems they both have something in common: An enemy. Mason and Julia seem to have realized that they are heeding towards a major crises, if they can't handle the different interests they have and decide to leave their business out of their private lives. CC is furious about the newspaper article he just read, announcing Julia's volunteer work for the Blues and her dedication to the environment. Julia stated to CC that she is concerned for the sake of her daughter and the future generation, which has nothing to do with the Capwell Oasis project. CC doesn't seem to understand that she has her own involvements, and urges Mason to give up the project for his family's sake. Mason argues with CC and accuses him of mistrust towards his son, he also made clear he would never give up the project and that he has the situation under control. Julia is still fighting for what she thinks she does best: Legal consultation, but Dash won't let her. Mason shows up at the Blues office to propose an alternative plan to the environmental problem of the project. Dash doesn't support Mason and tells him his idea won't work. Mack wants Gretchen to leave her husband, but she doesn't agree. When she returned home the next day, Richard who had been waiting for her, threatens her again and forbids her to see Mack again.

The summary for this episode is not currently available.

The summary for this episode is not currently available.

Flame meets Quinn at the yacht. She persuades him again and again to kill Robert tonight and to disappear, without the money. Quinn is not quite convinced of killing Robert, but then Flame reminded him it is the only solution they have. Suicide would be believable to everybody under the circumstances. Now Quinn had to act suicidal. So when he heard Kelly come in, he throws his glass against the wall, pretending to be run down. Kelly actually believed what she saw, she knew that Robert is in great financial trouble, she calmed him down. She then came up with the idea to bail him out with the help of CC's money. To make believe, Quinn declined promptly from the offer, on the assumption that Kelly would insist. Later when Quinn came back to Flame's hiding place, she totally lost her mind - she was about to kill Robert. Quinn announced the news - Kelly's offer to bail him out. He also told her that things changed and he'll take as much of CC's money as he can, he considers it a much better deal than the original plan. Craig has a feeling that he can't trust that reporter woman, and decides to find out what is going on. Debra doesn't realize Craig's suspicion and walked right into it...

Augusta plans to take things right into her own hands from now on, while Lionel is still recovering from bad injuries, caused by his foreign buyers. Laken walks in on her parents, they abruptly stop, and Laken demanded an answer. Lionel finally told her that he has gotten himself into trouble during his stay in the Far East, he urges Laken to stay in L.A. until thing are resolved. Annie is back working at Bunny's Lair, pretending to be Ruth. Gina seems to know her, but can't tell for sure, and pressures Bunny to tell her what's going on between the two of them. Bunny tells Annie about Gina's suspicion, and they both agree to let Gina in on Annie's story. Gina's found out from Lionel that he will have to stay for another week at the hospital. Gina and her mother take the chance to search Lionel's apartment again. Phyllis discovered Lionel's phone bill. Lionel was busy calling someone in Macau, several times daily. Gina is pleased, she got what she wanted: Lionel's connection to the art world. Ric's credit card showed up at a bar outside town, being used by an old man. Cruz tracks the man down, but he doesn't remember where the card came from. Tawny questioned her father about the evidence leading to him in the case of Ric's disappearance. He denies having anything to do with it. Gretchen tells Harland that she is planning on taking a vacation for a few days. She named a spa outside town, where she intends to go, alone she assured him. Harland checks up on her a while later, but Gretchen never checked in, nor did she have a reservation. Gretchen has a plan. She goes back home, where she called Mack and pretended to be in danger. Mack panicked and immediately went over to Gretchen's place. She begged him to leave, with the lie that Harland found out that she met Mack again the previous night. Mack urges her again and again to leave Harland. Gretchen tells Mack that Harland threatened to kill her, if she ever left him.

The summary for this episode is not currently available.

Dash Nichols is planning to stage a peaceful demonstration in front of the Capwell Headquarters. Dash blames Mason for the recent fire to destroy the bird sanctuary. Julia explains to Dash that there is no proof and anybody could have done it. She clearly defends Mason, yet always protecting her own interest. Meanwhile Mason accuses CC of the crime. Of course CC reacts furious to Mason's accusations, and tells him he has absolutely no motive doing so. Cruz and Eden are out of town, following a new lead in Ric's case. Eden came up with the idea to broadcast Ric's disappearance, and bleed for help. Flame desperately tries to track down Quinn, who left for a weekend with Kelly. She incidentally discovered that the real Robert has a scar on his back, and Kelly is doomed to find out that something is wrong. She manages to get to the hotel and set off the fire alarm, she then meets Quinn to tell him about her latest discovery. She tells him she would drug Kelly with the champagne in the room.

Mason had all participants during the demonstration arrested including Julia. It came to a loud argument between them at the police station. Dash who amusingly overheard their fight, suggested to Julia that she should consider to stop the volunteering she does for the Blues, as their constant arguments only causes a bad image for the organization. Julia wants Mason to give up the Oasis project, and Mason wants Julia to stop working for the Blues. Quinn took Kelly to a hospital, after she passed out from the champagne, drugged by Flame. She enjoyed Quinn's concern for her, she also said that he is so different then before he had left. Kelly was then taken to do some more check ups, when Eden walked in the hospital room to visit her sister, instead she found Robert. As Eden tries to converse, she casually inquired about Barr's financial situation. Quinn suddenly felt cornered and ensured Eden that he is not after Kelly's money. Eden was surprised about Robert's defense, and ensured him that she never thought of him as a fortune hunter. CC is out of himself: Kelly had been taken to the hospital, Mason can't seem to handle his marriage nor is he able to avoid the trouble the Blue Sky Brigade is causing. The phone call Cruz received turned out to be a successful lead. Ric had been found, alive but very exhausted and injured. He couldn't quite remember all that happened, but the woman who kidnapped him seemed somehow familiar to him. Michael and Cruz heard noises coming from outside the apartment where Ric had been found, but the only thing they could find were matches with the phone number of Bar None. Robert is getting closer to Flame, he managed to have her talk about herself and she accidentally named Quinn, as the man who comes to visit her, but to Robert it is just a name, as he knows nothing of the existence of his twin brother.