Quinn is announcing Kelly's decision to marry him to Flame and Robert. Flame is devastated and Robert tells him that he won't get away with it. Sooner or later Kelly will find out that he is not Robert. Quinn later tells Debra that he believes Kelly only said 'yes' to spite Eden's objections to the marriage. He orders Flame to find out more about Eden, Kelly and Robert's background. Eventually Flame can't stand it anymore; Quinn is going to get married to Kelly. They start a very nasty argument. Quinn leaves. CC doesn't trust Robert. He hires a private investigator, to find out as much as he can about Robert.

Original airdate: September 19, 1990
At Kelly and Quinn/Robert's engagement party, Julia is confused when Mason tells her to take on Dash as a client. She thinks he's up to something. CC tells Mason someone leaked a story to the press that Oasis is in trouble with CC in charge. Mason tells CC he can get the architect that CC fired back. It would require Mason to come back to Oasis. CC finds out that Julia is defending Dash. He is not pleased.

Hunt breaks into Flame/Debra's home. The real Robert hears him from his cell. Hunt finds evidence of an affair between Quinn/Robert and Flame/Debra, but doesn't find Robert. Robert tells Flame he heard someone in the house, but Flame thinks he's trying to scam her. Robert taunts Flame about Quinn and Kelly. He tells her Quinn is playing her and will kill her too. Robert is able to distract Flame enough to grab her, lock her in the cell and escape.

CC and Sophia discuss the fact that Kelly did not invite Cruz and Eden. CC thinks Quinn/Robert is destroying the family. Sophia thinks they need to support Kelly. CC uses the conversation to try to get closer to Sophia CC reluctantly toasts the happy couple. Later CC pleads with Kelly to reconsider a prenuptial agreement. Kelly refuses.

Gina and her mom discuss Mack's love life. Gina thinks Mack is involved with the wrong married woman this time. Gina is planning a revenge party for Lionel. She plans to show Lionel the photos of Sophia and him. Brandon accidentally takes the photos when he goes home to CC's. Gina panics when she finds the pictures missing. She rushes to the Capwells as Brandon starts to show the pictures to CC.

Lionel pleads with the kidnappers to release Augusta. Laken wants to know where her mother is. Lionel tells her she has been kidnapped for a $25M ransom. Augusta, chained to a bed, is driving her kidnapper crazy. When he offers her pizza she tells him she's not a pizza person and: "Pizza people park my Porsche!" Lionel goes to CC to try to save Augusta. He asks for a $25M loan. CC doesn't believe him and refuses. Hunt accidentally crashes the engagement party. He gives Kelly a congratulatory kiss. It is painfully chaste. Quinn/Robert tells Kelly he doesn't mind a prenuptial agreement. Kelly says no to a prenuptial.

Original airdate: September 20, 1990
Augusta's kidnapper lets Lionel talk to her. She hints that she is being held at a brothel. The kidnapper catches on and hangs up on Lionel.

Chained to a bed, Augusta drives the kidnapper crazy by complaining about her accommodations. She persuades the kidnapper to release her chains for a minute, then knocks him out. Dressed in a bondage costume Augusta tries to escape, but meets a brothel customer instead. He picks her up and heads for the bed.

Gina interrupts Brandon and CC as they get ready to look at the photos of Lionel and Sophia that Brandon accidentally took from her. Gina secretly switches the pictures. CC and Gina trade insults, then she goes, leaving a note for Sophia. CC and Sophia talk about their family together. Sophia tells CC some hard truths about his relationship with Mason.

Lionel gets a message supposedly from Sophia, asking to meet her. CC gives Sophia the note Gina left. At the Lair, Gina and Bunny talk about Annie. Gina plans to meet Lionel and Sophia there. Gina confronts Lionel and Sophia who each thought the other wanted the meeting. She shows them pictures of their recent affair. She wants $125 million for them. Lionel tells Gina he needs the money for Augusta's ransom. Gina threatens to take the pictures to CC, Augusta and the newspapers. Back at Lionel's, Sophia offers to raise money for Augusta.

Cassandra and Mason work late on restoring the Capwell Oasis. Mason tells Cassandra he is happy in his marriage and work life. Cassandra pumps Mason up with praise for him and the Capwell Oasis. Mason says Julia is more important than his work. Mason is angry at the changes CC made while he was gone. He confronts CC and tells him he has removed everything good about Oasis. They argue.

At the restaurant, Mack talks with Gretchen on the phone about her leaving her husband. Later at a motel, Mack tells Gretchen that if Harlan ever hurts her again, he will kill him.

Nikki and Michael dance then look at wedding invitations. Michael teases Nikki about her middle name. They talk of married life and kids. Everything looks bright for their future.

Nikki tells Amado she is going to surprise Michael with a picnic lunch at the Blues office. Harlan Richards tells the bomber to make sure the Blues office is empty before the blast.

Julia goes to the Blues office and tells Dash she will take his case. Julia tells Dash that her private life is private. Dash agrees. They go to another room to work and a mysterious stranger comes in and hides a bomb under Dash's desk. Julia tells Dash his case will be difficult. Dash tells Julia about Barbara Walsh, a mother who was injured at the Rialto plant. She was severely burned and blinded. As a result she has lost her children. Dash tells Julia that the people who destroyed Barbara's life are after him now. Looking at pictures of Barbara and her family, Julia tells Dash about Samantha. Dash is impressed by her compassion and commitment. Dash tells Julia that he was once a doctor. He hints at a painful past.

Michael stops by the Blues office. Julia congratulates him on his upcoming wedding, then he leaves. Dash and Julia go to the copy room to look for depositions, while Nikki shows up with the picnic basket calling for Michael. The bomb explodes.

Original airdate: September 21, 1990
Nikki enters the Blues office, calling for Michael, as the bomb explodes.

Returning from San Francisco, Cruz calls Eden and tells her his trip was a diversion.

At the Capwell's Kelly invites Cassandra and Mason out to Bar None. They politely refuse. She leaves. Mason tells Cassandra that CC's cost cutting on Oasis will end up costing more in the long run. Quinn, speaking as Robert calls for Kelly at the Capwells. Cassandra mentions Bar None.

Cassandra tells Mason how much she admires him. Realizing the late hour, Mason tries to call Julia and finds she's not home yet. Cassandra suggest she lost track of time with Dash. Mason calls the Blues office and finds the phone is out of service.

Julia and Dash are unconscious under the rubble as Michael enters calling for help on his radio. He sees Nikki's body. Dash regains consciousness and tries to rouse Julia. Cruz arrives and Michael tries to help Nikki. They don't realize Dash and Julia are trapped. Dash tells Julia she has a dislocated shoulder. He gives her some whiskey to dull the pain, then sets her shoulder. Mason shows up looking for Julia. He thinks Dash and Julia are trapped.

Mason insists rescuers search for Julia. Trapped in the rubble, Dash tries to dig their way out. Julia is having trouble breathing. Dash hears the rescuers and tells them they are running out of air. Eden arrives and Cruz tells her this is probably why Harlan Richards sent him out of town.

Nikki dies in Michael's arms. The paramedics can't revive her.

Robert has escaped from his cell and Quinn sends Flame after him. He doesn't want Robert to stop his wedding to Kelly. Finding a broken public phone, Robert asks for help from a stranger.

At the motel, Gretchen sends Mack off in search of food. She then makes it look as if there was a struggle in the room and tears her nightgown. When Mack returns, she tells him Harlan attacked her. Gretchen tells Mack she will never be free as long as Harlan lives. She suggests murder.

Bunny goes to see Annie. She tells him they can't be together. Bunny promises a new lawyer will fix things. Annie tells him they have no future. Bunny gives her a snow globe.

At Bar None, Harlan Richards hears the bomb has been exploded. They discuss how they will blame the blast on CC and how they are using Cruz.

Hunt calls Eden and asks her to come to Bar None to discuss Robert. When Eden arrives, Hunt tells her that Flame has a secret room in her cottage. He says he has found evidence that Robert is sleeping with Flame. Kelly walks in on the conversation. Not hearing what they are saying, Kelly tells them to stay out of her life and returns home. At home Kelly dreams of Robert and Eden laughing at her.

Quinn gives Flame a gun and tells her to kill Robert if he shows up at the Capwell's. Robert knocks Flame out and tries to see Kelly. Quinn stops him. Back at the cottage, Quinn insists that Flame kill Robert. She can't do it, so Quinn takes the gun and aims it at Robert