CC and Gina are getting up. CC is asking Gina to pardon him. Gina says he should not think over it. Today is a new day and they are going to marry as if the other day never existed. CC tells her that he had not declared Sophia as dead because of the children. He didn't want to hurt them as they still were hoping she would come back.

Kelly wakes up after her bad dream wherein she is refusing to go with her mother and then her doll breaks into pieces. She runs to her box and finds out that the doll really is broken. She screams and CC and Gina rush into the room to find out what happened to her. Kelly shows them the broken doll telling them that it is her fault.

Kelly is totally absent minded talking to herself while holding the box with the doll in the dining room. CC and Gina try to bring her back by asking her to take breakfast with them, but they don't have much success. CC phones to Marcello and asks him for help. Marcello asks CC to put Kelly on the phone. He talks to Kelly and asks her if she can see him one hour earlier. Kelly agrees to come and see him.

Marcello tells Sophia about Kelly's condition. Sophia asks him if he can help. He is not sure after so many terrible things she has gone through. Sometimes things remain very deep. From Marcello's eyes one can see that he is thinking about himself and his experience with CC. Marcello wonders if CC already married Gina. Sophia is quite sure about this as the papers have written about it. Marcello is not quit sure. Sophia notices that Marcello has something against CC. She is asking him why. If he thinks that she is still having some feelings for him. Marcello tells her that he is not concerned about her feelings but does not tell his secret.

Gina is talking to CC. She tells him that she only wonders what Mason meant when he was talking about his relation to Brandon. CC tells her that he arranged the adoption. The child was from a very young couple who would not have been able to take care for the child and that is all. Gina is satisfied and they embrace each other.

Mason is sleeping deeply in the bed of a cheap and dubious hotel. A prostitute tries to wake him up while dressing herself. She takes his money bag with the intention to take the money they have agreed on. All of a sudden she is seeing some of his documents. There is his name and profession. Thinking he is a Capwell she takes all the money, feeling good about hitting a public prosecutor who helped convict many of her friends. She gets in such a taking mood that she even takes away his watch.

Mason wakes up trying to get himself together. The owner of the hotel storms in and wants his money. He tells him that the credit card which he had given to him the night before did not work anymore. Mason wants to pay him cash but he finds his money bag empty. The hotel manager thinks that the lady might have taken it. Mason starts phoning to a friend and is told to read the papers. Mason asks the hotel manager for the newspaper. The man brings it and Mason starts reading an article about himself while the hotel owner is reading over his shoulder. The papers announce that Mason Capwell was fired as public prosecutor because of his inability in the Carnation Killer case and in his way of finding the murder of his brother. The hotel manager goes and warns him not to use the fire ladder. Mason phones to one after another friend without success. Finally he phones to the mansion and Kelly takes the phone. He tells her that he would like to see her. Kelly says no in a strange and absent manner.

Brick is sitting with Amy helping her search for a job. Amy is busy with filling up endless papers with questions. Brick tells her that he will help her. She should write that she is married to Brick Wallace. Amy tells him that she finds it not a good idea to lie as he is not living with her. Brick says that this is not true as he has rented Joe's room. He asks her if she finds Wallace a bad name. Amy tells him that would not be the reason but she would not feel like was married. He takes her hand and asks her if she doesn't feel married because she is not wearing a ring on her finger. He tells her that his mother has given to him a precious ring in order to put it on the finger of the girl he thinks is the right one. The rings are from his grandfather given once to his bride. Amy thinks she can't accept such a precious gift but Brick goes to get them.

Mr. Renfro, Amy's new doctor, gets a visitor a man who is not shown. The man asks Renfro to find out everything about Brick Wallace, the friend of Amy. Renfro does not find it relevant but the man insists.

Mason comes to visit Kelly. She is totally in another world. She wonders why he is not wearing his suit. He tells her that he had to give it somewhere as security until he has paid the money due. She finds that he looks unhappy. He tells her that he only looks like that because he is not yet shaved. She opens a box full of money. She tells him that Joe had saved it for some reason she can't remember and he should take what he needs. Mason tells her that it might have been not a good idea to meet at her apartment. She tells him no, that it is all right. She wants to change her dress. Mason notices her bad condition. He closes the box and is not able to take any money. He phones to Marcello and asks him to come at once to Kelly's apartment as she will no more go out in the strange condition she is now.

Marcello comes. Kelly is wearing a young girl's dress. He asks her some questions and finds out that she is very clear on things like dates and times but something is overpowering her. She tells him that she wants to take her box to his office. They both go to the mansion. Mason hopes that she is finding herself again.

Kelly gets very excited as her box is no more on the table. Gina brings her the box. Marcello asks Gina if they have now really married. Gina avoids giving a proper answer.

Marcello takes her into his office. He puts her under hypnosis and tries to find out what makes her so worried. Slowly he is getting closer to the incident which is disturbing her so much. It has something to do with Sophia and another girl.

He telephones Sophia and asks her to tell him about some incident in Kelly's childhood. It seems that they are not able to find out. Sophia cannot remember the girl's name which Kelly is mentioning. Then Sophia remembered. She tells about the last day when she wanted to take her along to the zoo. Kelly did not want to come along. After this she did not see her again.

Marcello goes on with the hypnosis bringing Kelly to the point of the zoo and really she reacts very heavily at this point. All of a sudden she jumps up and runs out while Marcello is unable to hold her back.

Brick is putting a wonderful ring on Amy's ring finger. It fits as if made for her. He adds a second ring which his grandfather also has given to his bride while he is telling her that he Brick Wallace is taking herewith Amy to his wife. He is asking Amy if she is willing to take Brick Wallace as her groom and she says yes happily. Brick tells her that he feels as if he really has married her now.

Mason goes with his coins for a glass of whisky. He remembers the Chinese box Lionel has promised to him. Hank and another hard fellow are coming in. Hank is out of prison for two days. He sees Mason and gets very upset. He tells this to his friend. He would like to beat him up if he only would not be a public prosecutor. His friend informs him that this is no more longer the case. He knows this from the papers. Hank finds this a happy day. He wants to find out from Mason where Gina is. They both take place with Mason in the middle. Mason refuses to talk. Hank beats him up while his friend is holding Mason. Hank's fist is too strong and Mason falls unconscious to the ground. The friend asks Hank for the full name of the woman he is searching for. Hank tells him that her name is DeMott. His friend laughs and says that she was married yesterday to Mr. Capwell and she is living with him in the mansion.

Gina is in her wedding dress ready for the ceremony. She tells CC that if the papers are not ready he should not mind and they can marry another day. CC tells her that he would not give this pleasure to Mason. The phone rings. Gina takes the call. Hank asks her if she has forgotten him. She should make herself ready for the night. He has not forgotten her wonderful body and so on. CC is standing behind her. Gina is in a very delicate situation and does not know how to reply while Hank is reminding her on all the old times they were having together.

Lionel is checking the developments of their shares. He is talking to himself and finding that he really might have been not such a good broker. Brick comes down from Minx. Lionel quickly hides himself. Brick searches for the financial newspaper. Lionel comes out of his place and asks him if he is searching for something. He tells him that he is searching for the newspaper. Lionel tells him that he has taken it. Brick asks him if he can't give him just the financial part of it. Lionel smiles and tells him that the whole paper is a financial one. Lionel tells him that he was thinking over the whole matter and finds that he knows what he does with the shares and he no longer has an objection. Amy comes in search for Brick and they leave.

Kelly storms out of Marcello's office. Marcello asks Sophia who is standing in a closet to wait for a call from him. It is very important. Sophia tells him that she will wait in the presidential suite. When she opens the door of her suite the phone is already ringing. She takes it and the barkeeper is telling her that he is has a guest with him who has a problem. He was beaten up badly and does not want to be brought to the hospital. He then passes on the phone to Mason.

Mason is looking terribly damaged. Mason asks her to fetch him as he needs her help. He can no more drive by himself. Sophia is telling that just now she is very much in worry about Kelly and does not dare to go away and he should ask someone from the family. Mason tells her that he would not ask her if he could ask somebody else. She tells him that she will send somebody.

Augusta tells Lionel that she has the intention to go to CC and tell him that Sophia is alive. Lionel asks her not to do this. Augusta asks him if he is not aware that CC is going to declare Sophia as dead while she is alive. Lionel tells her that he has made already an agreement with Mason that he is going with Sophia there and the marriage will not take place. Augusta is happy. Lionel is taking the Chinese box and is on the way to see an expert about getting the value of it. Augusta is still haunted by the idea that he might go somewhere else.

The barkeeper is carrying Mason into the presidential suite. Mason lies down on the couch. Sophia asks him who has damaged him so badly as he has a swollen and bleeding face. Mason tells her that it has been Gina's old friend. Sophia is running to fetch some first aid supplies to clean Mason's wound.

Mason is phoning to Gina. Gina takes the phone and Mason informs her that Hank is in town. Gina thinks that Mason has told him. Gina tells Mason that somebody is knocking at the door and it is probably Hank who comes to disturb her wedding ceremony. Mason tells her better to open the door than have CC open it and finding out the truth.

Brick and Amy are in the waiting room of Dr. Renfro. Brick goes up and down and tells Amy that he does not feel comfortable with the idea that Lionel dislikes him going on doing the job and why should Minx rise his salary for no special reason. Amy finds that the only reason for this is that he is so good. She gets up and jokes his bad ideas away.

Dr. Renfro comes and inquires all about Brick from each one separately. He tries to throw over Brick's idea to move to Amy's house but has to give up. When Brick and Amy have left he phones to the mysterious other person and informs that Brick and Amy are quite close to each other more than they would like to have it and this would be the only problem.

Sophia starts taking care of Mason's wounds in a tender way as if she were his mother. Mason informs her that he has hindered the wedding and Gina and CC are still not married. CC is going to declare Sophia dead and she still can hinder this marriage by showing herself. She has one hour until this happens. Sophia does not know if she should do this. She wants to talk to Kelly first. She does not want to go back to her family until she knows if she is wanted. Mason tells her that Eden's and his opinion have not changed in this matter but his voice is no more counting as he is no more considered as a member of the family. Sophia tells him that for her he is still a member and she is just giving him a voice. They both are members of the family.

Gina opens and Hank is at the door asking her what happened to the yellow ribbon in the oak tree. He comes in looks around and finds it great and that she is not ashamed in selling her skin for money in marrying old rich fellows shortly before their death. Gina slaps him. He slaps her back. Hank mentions Summer. Gina asks him if he is not ashamed in having raped her. Hank tells her that he has done nothing else with Summer than what he was doing with her and she never defended herself. Gina asks him not to disturb her wedding. He tells her that this is not his intention but he was sitting in prison many years for her when she had cheated him. Now he comes to take back the money she owes him and he also wants more money.

They get interrupted by CC and Hank hides himself quickly. Gina asks Hank to go before CC sees him. Gina tells him that she has changed and she has been honest for many years and has worked hard. Hank says yes she has worked hard by lying on her back. Hank asks her some intimate question and kisses her forcefully. He then leaves reminding her that within the next few weeks she has to pull out the notes of CC pocket and pay him.

Mason tells Sophia that the reason for showing up at CC is his own interest in it. CC is marrying Gina not out of love but because of Brandon who is his and her grandson. It is his interest that after he has lost his heritage it is not given to Brandon and if she also does not find it strange that CC who is the grandfather of the boy is making him now to his son. Sophia understands and is considering to do it when Marcello rushes in.

Marcello tells Sophia that the reason of Kelly's condition is that she makes herself responsible for her mother's death. They should go quickly to her and tell her that she is alive. Sophia thinks awhile and then she remembers that on Sophia's last day, Kelly was at the pavilion near the border of the Lockridge estate. Sophia tells Mason that she can't tell CC now and rushes out with Marcello.

Lionel is sitting in the shop of a Chinese man and asks him about the value of the box. The man tells him that his grandfather had the same box. The boxes are an old tradition for putting something in which has much value. He asks Lionel if he wants him to open it. Lionel says yes. The man says that he would need weeks to do it. Lionel asks him what was in the box of his grandfather. He said that his grandfather has opened it forcefully and it exploded and he died. It is not a good thing to own this box and will bring to him bad luck. He translates for Lionel some of the signs showing his own name on it. He tells him that the box itself is very valuable. Lionel asks him if he can make such a box. The man says yes, it will cost him 10,000 dollars. $5,000 for making and $5,000 for keeping the secret that it is a duplicate. Lionel finds him very clever.

Sophia phoning to the Lockridges in order to find out if anyone is at home. She gets informed that all are out of the house. She asks Marcello to bring her to the Lockridges'. Marcello finds it too dangerous but Sophia insists as she does not want to go inside the mansion.

Meanwhile Mason has another idea in hindering the marriage. He asks his friend Sarah to help him. She tells him that nobody should know about it because they got told that whoever is helping him will lose their job. Mason tells her that she will not be a loser and CC will never get knowledge that she helped him. She phones to the Capwell mansion telling that she is the secretary of the Notary and she has to tell that there is some delay and he can only come at 4 p.m. Then she phones to the Notary and tells him that she is the secretary of CC Capwell and he wants him to postpone the matter and he should come at 4 p.m.

Augusta comes home from shopping. She puts two bottle of wine in the cellar. The door opens and Sophia comes in also proceeding to the cellar and nearly bumping into Augusta. Augusta asks her what she wants. She tells her that she wanted to talk to her and she knocked but nobody came to open the door. Augusta tells her that she should better show herself up at the mansion. Sophia tells that she is has to phone very urgently. Augusta shows her the way to the phone when it rings.

Augusta takes the phone. It is Lionel asking her if she is having $10,000. While she is going on telling Lionel that Sophia is with her, Sophia makes her way to the cellar and runs through the tunnel which connects their properties.

When Augusta discovers Sophia missing, she asks Lionel to come quickly. Lionel wants to search the upper rooms so Augusta asks him to search the cellar trying to hinder a hidden appointment. Lionel takes a flashlight and goes through the tunnel.

Marcello finds Kelly at the pavilion hiding her face over the doll. He softly approaches her. She gets up and tells him to go away as she wants to be alone.

Sophia slowly takes her place next to Marcello. Kelly is showing her back to them. She says that her mother was loving her so much and she got punished by her as by no more coming back. Marcello tells her that this is not true and she should turn around and have a look. As she is not turning around Sophia tells her that she has nothing done wrong. Kelly in hearing her voice turns around. Marcello tells Sophia that she should be careful and he will leave them alone now.

Kelly can't believe her eyes. Sophia tells her that it is true. It is really her. She asks her to take her hand and then Kelly can't hold on any longer and embraces Sophia. She lets her tears flow freely and Sophia comforts her by talking to her as if she is still her little baby. Sophia carefully informs her that she did not have any intention of leaving her alone. Kelly still in the role of the little child sits down resting her head on Sophia. All of a sudden she remembers that CC is going to marry Gina and they have to tell her daddy because he still loves her. They will all become a family again.

Kelly, in the presence of her mother, is recovering more and more. She asks her mother to come along with her and tell CC as there might be still time but Sophia tells her that she does not want to disturb the wedding ceremony. She asks Kelly to go. Kelly gives in and Marcello who was watching them from the distance gets up. Kelly turns happily to him and thanks him. Sophia tells her that she should go on seeing Marcello and everything will be all right. They again embrace each other and Marcello takes Kelly into the house while Sophia goes back through the tunnel.

Lionel is still in search for Sophia in the underground tunnel which connects the two properties. They meet somewhere in it. Sophia asks Lionel to give her free way. Lionel first wants to find out if she has been with CC. She disappoints him with the message that she has been together with her daughter and that she is having no interest in disturbing the wedding of Gina. Lionel reminds her about the last time they used this tunnel. Sophia has no interest in warming up old matters. Lionel tells her that he will go ahead because of Augusta. Sophia agrees.

Augusta is desperately in search of Lionel and Sophia. The phone rings and Mason is informing Augusta that the wedding is postponed for two more hours. Lionel takes this chance to take position on the other side of the room pretending just to come from the room attached there. Augusta turns to him and wants to know where he has been. She finds that he is somehow nervous. Lionel takes her to the door going out to the garden and shows her something there while he gives a sign to Sophia to take her chance to leave the house. Sophia leaves but Augusta hears the door close behind her. She opens the door and sees Sophia. Lionel pretends to get hold of her and gives up in the same moment telling Augusta it anyway is having no sense as the wedding is already over. A man comes and brings the rest of Augusta's shopping tour. Two bags full of vegetable, fruits and other edible things. They take the things in.

Augusta informs Lionel that Mason just told her that the wedding is postponed and they should keep her back and tell her to go to see CC. Lionel gets somehow excited by this news as he certainly could have kept back Sophia. He quickly phones to Mason informing him that Sophia is on the way to the presidential suite and he should take care that she shows herself up at CC's mansion. Augusta asks Lionel how he knows that Sophia is going there and not directly to CC? Her jealousy is coming up with full power and she started to bombard Lionel with the vegetables and fruits from her paper bag. Lionel throws back the contents of his bag and all is ending in bed and peace.

The phone rings. CC takes it. It is Hank asking for Gina. Gina is again in a very delicate situation. Hank asks her if she is now married so that she can start taking the money out of the old fellow's pocket. CC asks who this person has been as she appears somehow disturbed. She tells him that it was a salesman who is a very unpleasant one.

CC and Gina are packing things in their bedroom and considering if they should not better remain at home because of Kelly's condition. CC talks to Gina about his love for his two elder sons. That he actually loved Mason as the elder son more. He felt that he was much more like himself than Channing but for Channing he felt a different kind of love. Mason never understood why he showed his love in different ways and he started to hate Channing. And now he has developed in such an evil way. Gina is asking what he intends to do. CC tells her with much hate in his voice that he intends to take away his whole existance. He wants to drive him out of Santa Barbara. Gina asks him if he does not go too far with this. The phone rings and CC has to leave for an oil conference which is very important. Gina fears he will not be back in time but CC asks her to take a bath meanwhile.

Marcello and Kelly are coming into the Mansion. Ted and Eden are standing there and she happy and proudly tells them that she knows their secret and she has seen her mother. Ted happy embraces her while Eden throws fire with her eyes to Marcello. Eden gives in that Kelly is again in a better condition. That's fine but if she has forgotten Sophia's affair with Lionel? Kelly gives back and one word follows the other. Kelly wants to tell it to CC. Eden is much against this. Ted steps between them and asks them to talk in peace. Marcello leaves. CC comes down the steps and is happy to see Kelly in a better condition. Eden watches her carefully and afraid that she might tell something to CC but Kelly keeps quiet. CC leaves and their fight goes on. Ted in full protection of Kelly who tells Eden that she is only thinking of herself not accepting any woman on CC's side. She on her hand will undertake everything to reunite the family.

Sophia arrives with Marcello and they meet Mason at the elevator. Mason wants to take her along back to the mansion telling her that Gina still is not married. Sophia does not know what to do. Marcello asks her to wait and see while Mason explains to her that she will lose everything. Standing between the two opinions of the two men Sophia is unsure what to do when a hotel boy comes and tells Marcello that there is a phone call for the Contessa.

Marcello overtakes the phone to their place. It is Eden inviting Sophia to come and discuss the matter. Sophia is very happy to hear this and Mason takes her along to the mansion. They jump into a heavy discussion about her. Kelly is very happy to see her. They embrace each other and Sophia asks Kelly to come up to her room with her and take a little rest. Kelly tells Sophia that she does not mind anything that had happened between her and Lionel. For her this is all past and she wishes that her family would get together again. Sophia is extremely happy to hear this. Kelly takes rest and Sophia steps into CC's office taking a picture and looking at it.

Gina comes into the office asking Sophia what she wants and how she comes into the office. Sophia looks at her and says nothing but Gina senses at once that it must be Sophia. She asks her if she is Sophia but Sophia remains quiet.

Gina storms down the steps and shouts to Eden, Ted and Mason that they all have known it and they want to destroy her wedding but they will not be able to do it. Totally excited she leaves the mansion.

Sophia comes down and Eden attacks her for telling it to Gina and now Gina will go and tell it to CC. Sophia tells her that it was an accident and not her intention. A discussion starts about the to and fro in letting CC know about her existence. Sophia tells Eden that she is of course interested in her opinion but there are three against one. Eden remarks that Mason does not anymore belong to their family and has no voice.

Gina meets CC in the hall of the Capwell hotel. He thinks she has come to fetch him. Gina asks him to go directly to the town hall with her and get married straight away. CC does not like this idea. He wants to have his children around and also Brandon. In the background Hank is watching them and while reading a paper overhears their talk. Gina is in a desperate condition and CC notices it but she tells him that she is only somehow impatient. CC asks her to wait for a minute. Hank quickly approaches her and puts again pressure on her. She should not cheat him again. CC comes back and leads her home.

CC kisses Gina before entering the manson but he notices that she is absent minded. The notary is already there and asks CC to sign the paper which tells that Sophia is dead. Gina and CC approach the table. Ted, Kelly and Eden are sitting with hanging faces. CC tells them that it is a matter of joy and not of sadness. The notary adds that a funerals can be of course not called a matter of joy. CC starts signing the paper when Sophia comes silently down the steps still unsure if she should announce herself.

CC has already signed when the notary informs him that a second signature from a lawyer is necessary. CC can't believe this. He says he doesn't want to postpone the wedding any more. Eden suggests that Mason could sign and he must be somewhere around. CC is shocked to hear this. Mason comes out of his hiding place and tells them that he is ready to sign. CC is against this deal but Gina asks him to agree. CC agrees but Mason asks because of his present situation for a payment. CC gets upset. Eden tells Mason that it is OK she will pay him but he should sign, how much he wants. Mason asks for $1,000. CC gets terribly upset. Kelly and Ted stand between asking them to stop their fight. Mason is still his son. CC does not want to hear anything about this. He goes to the phone and asks to send him two officers to throw a person out of his house. He then phones to his lawyer's office informing that the lawyer is fired for having not prepared the proper documents and they should send quickly another lawyer.

Sophia is on the stairs watching everything from far when Brandon comes asking her to help him to bind his tie. Sophia goes up with him into the office. While tying his tie she asks him if he is happy that his mother is marrying uncle CC. Brandon tells her that he likes CC and is happy.

Gina in search for Brandon comes in and sees Brandon in Sophia's arms. She sends Brandon out and confronts Sophia asking her what she wants in this house. Sophia tells her that she is still CC's wife and here is her whole family so according to this she is having more right then Gina to be in this house. Gina tells her that she did not have any family when she was a child and she wants to give a family now to Brandon. CC has told her everything. He does not love her anymore because of her affair with Lionel. He will not take her back and she does not want her wedding disturbed.

Augusta starts collecting the vegetables with disgust. He maid is having her day off and now she has to do it by herself. She tells Lionel that she has a headache. Lionel goes to get some medicine for her from upstairs. Warren comes home and finds his mother in this bad condition with the vegetables all over the floor. Augusta asks him if he ever has seen Sophia. Warren tells her that he has seen her many times in the presidential suite. He tells her the secret of the mirror.

Lionel is busy with the telescope watching the Capwell mansion. Augusta comes in and knows at once what he is doing. Augusta tells him that she wants Sophia to go back to Europe. Lionel reminds her that she would have be there long ago if she would not have come up with her funny kidnap action.

Warren tries to contact Maggie Gillis but they don't pass on the phone to her. He asks them to tell her to phone back as soon as she is in the office. Augusta comes down and asks Warren to bring her at once to the presidential suite showing her the secret mirror. They both leave while Lionel wonders where they run.

Two police officers are coming in search for the culprit. One tells CC that he knows both of them because he gave him his job. Mason talks friendly to them. He tells them that they don't need handcuffs he will go with them freely.

Brandon comes to CC and tells him that Gina is fighting with another woman. Eden tells CC that she will go and see but CC insists in going to see by himself. Ted, Kelly and Eden sit down in worry about how CC will react. CC calls Gina and she quickly comes out of the office. He asks her with whom she is fighting. Brandon has told him. Gina tells him that Brandon is having a great fantasy. She was talking to Mrs. Rosa Andrade and he might have misunderstood this. CC tells Gina that he has to phone quickly in his office. Gina tries to prevent but CC takes his way. Gina listens outside in fear. She then opens the door a little but doesn't see Sophia. She goes down.

CC takes off his suit and relaxes while phoning to the hotel if everything is prepared for their wedding dinner. Somebody knocks at the door. It is Eden asking him what happened. CC tells her Gina's version. Eden looks carefully around but cannot find Sophia. Sophia is hiding behind some suits. CC talks friendly to Eden asking her if her resistance to Gina has gone a little bit. Eden tells him that if he loves her then she will not object. CC happily embraces her and they go down.

Mason is back with the two police officers who have Hank in custody. Gina is shocked. Mason tells CC that they found him outside around the mansion. Gina certainly will tell him who he is. Gina trembles and CC looks at her very serious. CC asks Mason to go and he goes. Hank says hello to Gina asking if she has finally married the man with the money. CC demands an explanation. Gina says that she will tell him everything but they should take away this terrible man. CC agrees and gives the order to keep him in custody until they know more about him.

Gina tells CC that this man is a psychopath. She met him once not being aware of it and he started to run behind her whereever she was. He beat Summer and raped her because she did not tell him where she was. She therefore was coming to Santa Barbara hopeing to get rid of him but as it seems in vain. He is a terrible man. CC wants to know if was after or before she married Stockman. She told him that it was long before she married Stockman. CC wanted then to know if she was together with him. Gina says no. CC asks her if she is hiding anything else which might come out after their marriage. She told him that this is all and the whole truth. She did not tell him because it has been the past and she thinks that Mason has told him where she is because of his lost heritage. CC tells her that he trusts her and now her nightmare is over and he embraces her.

CC talks to Eden alone. He asks her to tell him everything she knows about Gina's past.

Warren shows Augusta how to open the mirror and how to listen. They see Mason and Sophia. Augusta is very happy about this knowledge. She asks Warren to tell no one that she knows about this secret. Warren tells her that he hopes she is not making nonsense.

Mason comes to see Lionel asking for his Chinese box. Lionel winds himself out of this situation. When Mason left Augusta pretends to pick up a letter from the ground. It is addressed to Lionel. Lionel reads: "I am going back to Europe. I want to talk to you for the last time. It is important. Please come to the presidential suite. Sophia." Lionel tells Augusta that he has to see the man with the Chinese box and leaves.

Augusta phones to CC. She asks him to come at once to the presidential suite as it is a matter of much importance to both of them. CC does not want to follow her invitation but Augusta tells him that it has something to do with Lionel and Sophia.

Lionel comes to Sophia excusing himself for his delay. She wonders what he again wants from her. He shows her the letter and she tells him that this letter is not from her. Lionel thinks better to go in this case as it must be a trap. Sophia asks him to stay to find out who this person is.

Augusta takes CC into the mirror room. CC feels strange in the dark little room not knowing what Augusta wants to show him. She opens the mirror. CC is shocked that such a thing exists. Sophia is standing with her back side to the mirror. Lionel talks to her about the letter. Augusta asks CC if he can recognise the lady.

Cruz is asking Maggie to make the papers ready for Hank. Maggie asks Cruz if she really has to let him go. Cruz says yes, they have nothing against him in their hand. Hank gives some bad remarks and Cruz asks him to sit down. Hank tells Maggie his address and asks if she feels alone.... Cruz meets in the background with Warren. Warren asks him if this is not Hank. Hank takes Maggie's hand. Warren wants to jump in there but Cruz tells him that Maggie is able to defend herself. Maggie spills her coffee over the Hank's trousers, making Cruz and Warren laugh.

Eden comes in and asks Cruz to go with her to another room. She tells Cruz that she has cooked a meal for them and is inviting him to his own house boat. Cruz agrees. Eden wants to find out more about Hank. Cruz does not tell her anything. He asks her to wait for a moment and puts his papers on the desk. Eden sneaks a chance to read them. Cruz comes back and is very displeased with her. They are internal files and not for the public.

CC still cannot recognize the person that to him is still the countess. Augusta asks him if he really is so blind that he cannot recognize this person. CC asks her to tell him who the woman is. Augusta asks him to wait till she turns around. When Sophia turns around CC can't believe it. The woman must be a double. CC asks Augusta why she did not inform him at once that Sophia is alive as she certainly knew it for a while. Augusta told him that she also could not believe it at first.

Hank asks Maggie to apologise for the spilled coffee. Warren comes to the table and reminds him of Summer. Hank recognises him from LA and becomes friendly to him. Maggie tells Warren sternly that she can help herself.

CC finds Sophia has not changed much. He finds her even more beautiful then ever adding some pain to Augusta with this remark. All of a sudden he recognises that Lionel is with her. He wants to hear what they are talking about, but Augusta tells him he has to be satisfied by only seeing her. CC sees the button at the window and switches it on. Now they can hear as if they were in the room. Sophia is just telling Lionel about her love to her children but as they just dropped into the conversation, CC and Augusta understood it in this way that she is confessing her love to Lionel. CC can't bear it any longer. He closes the wooden window covering the mirror. When he turns around he sees Augusta crying. He asks her why she is behaving like this when she obviously knew about what she was going to show him. Augusta tells him that she only wanted to show him that Sophia is alive but now she hears that she and Lionel are still in love. Augusta begins thinking about all the travels Lionel has undertaken in connection with Sophia. She even starts thinking that the boat accident has been faked only to be together undisturbed. CC is taking her fantasy as fact and gets very upset.

Lionel tells Sophia that he can understand her feelings towards her children but now he does not want to wait any longer as he has something else to do. In case he finds out who the secret writer has been he will inform her. He leaves.

Warren meets Eden while she is waiting for Cruz. He asks her if she also knows that Sophia is alive. She says yes, but that Sophia did not come back to her father but for Lionel. Warren tells her that this is not true; they have nothing to do together anymore. Eden tells him that Lionel also tried to have an affair with her. This makes Warren very upset. Maggie, who is just passing by, interrupts the talk by telling Warren that she is sorry but the person taking over her job shift has not yet come. Warren asks if he can phone. He then phones home. Laken answers and she tells him that Augusta has gone to the Capwell hotel. Warren worries what she might do there and runs to the presidential suite.

Eden and Cruz enter Cruz's boat. Cruz is a bit confused. Eden has prepared a dinner in a high society style. A table with the finest plates, etc. Cruz mentions that when he is coming home he actually just wants to relax. A nice soft chair to rest and some food on the table but Eden only wants to serve at 8pm. Their different lifestyle is shown up by them but joked away. Cruz draws Eden to himself but Eden is not in the mood because she is thinking all of a sudden about her mother. She tells him that she is having the urge to go and see her and he should go with her. Cruz resists in joining her but then gives in.

CC and Augusta wonder what they are just doing. CC says they probably are already in bed together. CC opens again the window while Sophia starts undressing herself before the mirror. CC still admires her beauty. Augusta thinks that Lionel is already waiting for her in the bed.

CC can't bear it any longer. He smashes something against the mirror which breaks and wants to go into the apartment. Augusta tries to hinder him but in vain. CC knocks like a mad man on Sophia's door while Warren finds his mother in a desperate condition telling him that Lionel is still together with Sophia and now CC is going in.

Sophia is on the way to open the door when CC breaks through the door. Sophia is shocked to see him in this condition and they look at each other in distance and silence.

Warren asks Augusta if she can do without him as he has an appointment. Augusta says yes, he should go she only does not want anybody to see her in this condition. Warren rushes to the elevator. The elevator opens and Cruz comes out with Eden. Warren tells them that the bomb has exploded; CC knows that Sophia is alive and he is now in the room together with Sophia and Lionel. He warns them better not to go in.

Eden wants to stay and Cruz leaves behind Warren. She goes to the door. Augusta does not notice her and opens the door. Sophia and CC are still looking at each other in silence when Augusta wants to know where Lionel is. Sophia tells her without turning her eyes away from CC that he is not here. Augusta storms into the sleeping room finding that out that he really is no longer there and leaves. Eden comes silently in and stands beside her father.

CC asks Eden if she knows the lady and Eden says yes. CC asks her if she has known about her. Eden says yes. CC can't believe that she did not inform him about Sophia. Eden tells him that she did not want to disturb his marriage with Gina. CC asks Eden to leave as this is a matter only concerning Sophia and him. Eden goes.

Augusta tries to get herself together. Eden comes and tells her that she feels sorry. Augusta is in fighting mood. She asks her how she can feel sorry when she and Sophia have worked very well in destroying her marriage. Eden gets irritated and tells her that she has warned her about Lionel. If it would not be her mother then it would be another woman. She turns around and goes.

Augusta phones at home. Laken answers. She wants to know if Lionel is there. Laken says no.

Augusta comes home finding the house empty and feeling terrible lonely.

CC wants to know everything from Sophia but does not trust her in anything she is telling him. All of a sudden he can't see her any longer and he only can think of punishing Lionel and rushes out of the suite.

Maggie notices while driving with Warren that he is somehow disturbed. She suggest to postpone their meeting as she is having understanding for it.

Warren talks with Maggie about the relationship between his parents. Maggie is very understanding to his situation. She gets out of the car asking him not to follow. Warren starts the car and then he silently follows her in order to see where she lives. Maggie turns around and is upset that he acted against her wishes. She has her reason for it. Warren, a little frustrated, sits in the car and finds a business card of a lawyer. He phones to Maggie informing her about this card, asking her if she is in trouble. He knows a lot of good lawyers. He invites her into a bar and she agrees to come.

CC is standing at the elevator when Sophia is running after him. She explains to him that whatever he has heard it was not correct. And getting more stern she tells him that she was not working so hard for over 15 years to get back to her family to get such a treatment from him. That's not fair. And if she ever has turned to Lionel than he should think about whether there is not also a kind of guilt from his side. CC gets upset and asks her to go out of his way. Sophia turns around and goes into her room.

CC wants to step into the elevator when Mason steps out. CC asks him what he wants here. Mason tells him that after he has taken away his whole existence Sophia was at least so fair to let him sleep in her apartment. CC informs him that what has happened to him will now also happen to Sophia and goes. He also holds him responsible for keeping back Gina's past.

Mason talks with Sophia. They try to figure out together what made CC so upset. Mason thinks that he has seen Lionel but Sophia tells him that he has come with Augusta and they had overheard her talk with Lionel but something was misunderstood. She tells Mason all what she has told Lionel and finds out the reason for this misunderstanding. She wants to see Ted and Kelly at once to inform them what really has happened.

Gina goes in the same bar where Mason was beaten up by Hank. She asks the barkeeper if he has seen Hank. The barkeeper remembers him well including all of his broken inventory. Gina sits down at the bar and Hank is happy that she has come to see him. Gina shows a complete new side of her. In the same language which Hank is using she very strictly tells him to go and never come again. She never loved him and he knows this. Now having destroyed her marriage she also will leave the city and he should not expect any money from her. She does not fear him any longer and she has enough evidence in her hands against him that can put him in jail.

CC comes home and meets Ted. He asks him why he has not told him. Ted told him that he wanted but mom did not want him to tell it. She did not want to disturb his marriage with Gina. CC tells him that she is not his mother and he strictly forbids him to see her again.

CC comes back with a big whip. Ted asks him where he wants to go. He tells him to the lover of his mother and if he tries to hinder him then he will also beat him. Gina comes in. CC tells her that he will also have a talk with her afterwards for not telling him the truth about Hank. Gina also shows her strong side. She tells him that she has no intention to leave the mansion so quickly. They will first have to talk. He also did not tell her about Sophia and Pamela. So why should she tell him about her past lovers. She is not a child and certainly had other lovers. CC tells her that she also knew about Sophia. Gina frankly tells of her meeting with Sophia in the office where Sophia was holding Brandon.

Lionel is in the bar having a drink. He sees a couple. The woman is wearing a necklace from Egypt. He sees himself with Augusta in their happy days full of love while he is putting such a necklace on her. He approaches the couple asking if he can buy her necklace. The husband is upset when his wife asks what he would give for it. Lionel tells her $700 and she asks for $1000. Lionel agrees if she gives her earrings in addition. The lady agrees happy while her husband who has bought it once for her is in a bad mood.

Warren sits on a table having a drink when Maggie arrives. He gives her some names of good lawyers but she is not ready to tell him the reason for her trouble. Their talk turns out joking and relaxing somehow.

Augusta sits desperately and waits for Lionel. Laken comes and sees her. She tells her that Lionel has been together with Sophia over all the fifteen years. The phone rings. It is Sophia warning them about CC. Lionel comes and Augusta sends Laken up to her room. Lionel gives her the necklace. Augusta thanks and asks him not to touch her. She tells him that he has promised to her to not see Sophia again and he has broken the promise. She asks him to leave the house; his things are already packed. Lionel tells her that this is not possible because he has grown up in this house. They will both have to go to Minx and she should decide. He looks into Augusta's eyes and understands that she was the person writing the letter. Augusta confirms.

Sophia knocks at the house door of the mansion and Rosa opens. Rosa is very happy to see her and welcomes her back home. They embrace each other and Sophia thanks her for all her care she has given to her children. Rosa tells her that she knows it from Brandon. He told her about a nice lady he met in the house and who's picture was in the house. When Brandon showed her the picture she at once knew that it is true. Sophia tells Rosa that Brandon is the grandson of both of them. Rosa nods.

Ted phones to Laken to inform Lionel that his father is coming and he should better not be at home. Laken tells him that her mother has thrown him out of the house and so he will no longer be there. She tells him that Lionel and Sophia were having over all the years a relationship without their knowledge. Ted asks her to come as he is in need of her.

Sophia is asking Rosa for Ted. Ted comes and keeps his distance. He tells Sophia what Laken just told him. Sophia tells him that this is not true. Ted also tells her that CC does not want him to see her again. Sophia reminds him of the joy they had in seeing each other but Ted tells her that this was a dream of his childhood and now he is grown up. Ted let her stand alone in disappointment and she goes.

Ted answers the knock on the door. It is Laken. They are desperate that all what they did not want to believe to be true has now turned out true and they try to comfort each other.

CC knocks at the door and Augusta opens. He stands with the whip and tells Lionel that now he will talk to him. Lionel asks Augusta to phone to the police but Augusta tells him that she will not do this. CC asks Augusta to wait outside. Augusta goes into another room. CC is throwing the whip but only breaks vases and other things standing around in the room. Augusta shrinks with each sound of the whip.

CC's whip finds its way around Lionel's hands and throws him down. Someone knocks at the door. Lionel tells CC that this will be the police. The door opens and Mason comes in. While CC turns to Mason Lionel takes his chance to escape into the cellar. CC runs behind. He comes up and tells Augusta and Mason that he has disappeared. Mason eyes show that he guesses the reason.

Ted tries to convince Laken of his love to her. She still cannot forget and forgive his behaviour in Warren's case. Ted asks Laken to tell him if she no longer loves him. Laken tells him that she only can think about what happens with her family now and not on their relationship and goes home.

CC is going completely mad in the cellar. He is destroying all things in search for Lionel. Augusta comes and asks him to stop destroying their things but he does not listen to her.

Minx hears the noise in the cellar. She is on the way down when Augusta is on the way up. Augusta tells her that Lionel has cheated on her over the whole fifteen years. They have faked the accident on the boat in order to meet each other undisturbed. Minx is shocked. She wants to know about the noise in the cellar. Augusta tells her that it is CC in search for Lionel.

Minx comes down into the cellar with the fly swatter and threatens CC to leave their house or she will go and fetch the police. CC is ignoring her words and goes on searching. All of a sudden he is noticing that Minx is hiding something. He looks behind her and finds the door to the underground tunnel. He takes a flashlight and goes in. Augusta also goes in but comes back as she cannot see anything.

Laken meets Warren in the garage. She is in tears and her brother takes her in his arms. She tells him that Augusta intents to throw Lionel out. Warren asks her if she has heard also her father's side. She does not want to hear or see him. Warren tells her that one has to, and he will undertake everything that their family is not breaking off.

Warren and Laken are coming into the cellar seeing the open door. They ask Minx when this tunnel was made and for what purpose. Minx does not want to tell them anything. When they ask her if she also was using this tunnel Minx starts not feeling well and goes upstairs.

Augusta tells Warren that she will take a flashlight and go in again. Warren tells her that she should not do this. It is her fault that it has come like this. He appeals to her feelings and she slowly gives in that she still loves Lionel even she hates him for what he has done over the years. Warren asks her if she has talked to Lionel and she says no, she need not, CC also has heard. Warren wants her to listen to her feelings and talk to Lionel.

Eden asks Cruz to go even he is the only one on whose shoulder she can lean. Cruz offers her a hug. Sophia comes into the room. Eden gets hysterical asking her to go as she was lying to all of them while she has seen Lionel over the fifteen years. Sophia asks her to listen to her. Eden shouts and does not give her a chance. Cruz holds Eden and asks her to keep quiet for a moment and listen. This gives a short break for Sophia to explain the real situation. Eden at once goes on telling her that she does not believe her. Ted comes in silently. All of a sudden he runs to the phone and the others are overhearing his talk with Laken.

The phone rings. It is Ted. He wants to see Laken again. Warren takes the phone from Laken's hand and asks Ted if their fathers are already out on the other side. They should search for the door from their side. Laken agrees to see Ted in their garage.

Augusta comes down with the flashlight and Warren tries to hinder her to go in appealing again and again to her feelings.

While Cruz and Eden hear with surprise about the secret tunnel, Sophia is slipping silently into the office, opens the secret door and goes into to the tunnel closing the door behind her. She takes the gaslight and makes her way through the tunnel. There she meets Lionel with a candle. She informs him that CC is already in the tunnel searching for him and he should take the side tunnel to escape as he will kill him. Lionel does not want to listen to her. All of a sudden he wants to have the confrontation. Sophia passes him while pushing his small candle to the ground leaving Lionel in the dark telling him "No, you will not see CC".

Sophia meets CC. She tells him that she knew that he was here and wants to talk to him. CC tells her that he is not surprised to see her here. Sophia takes her chance to tell him that what he and Augusta have overheard was not properly heard. She tells him that if he is giving her a chance she can prove to him that she never met Lionel in the past 15 years. She tells about her years in the mental hospital not knowing anything about her past. CC, not believing her, asks her from which movie she has taken this story. He points to this tunnel where she and Lionel must have seen each other. Sophia tells him that this was in the past and also his guilt as he has pushed her to Lionel. He was never there for her and she felt so alone. In many difficult situations when she was in need of him he was travelling somewhere and did not have time for her to listen to her sorrows. Lionel at least has done this but only on few occasions. All of a sudden Lionel speaks out of the dark offending CC. Sophia sees that she can't do anything anymore and leaves.

Eden wonders where Sophia all of a sudden has gone. Cruz goes with her into the office and tells her that he has seen her going into this door. So she must know the secret door to the tunnel and it must be in this room. Eden finds this absurd. Cruz thinks they should search for the door. All of a sudden Cruz stops and tells Eden that he just got the idea that she is more engaged into this situation than he thought. Eden asks why. Cruz reminds her of her relationship with Lionel. He asks her what happened between them. Eden is amused. She tells him that it is nice to see him jealous for her. Cruz tells her that now she belongs to him and he does not want to have somebody else between. She should tell what Lionel has that is so special. He has charm and humour. Eden adds that he also is very sexy. Cruz insists to know the truth. Eden tells him that in Lionel's mind everything happened but in reality nothing has happened. She starts joking the situation away by embracing Cruz and while leaning against the cupboard the cupboard moves and the door is found. Cruz searches for a flashlight. Ted comes in and wants to join them. They just are on going in when Sophia comes out and tells them that it is too late. They are already fighting. Cruz wants to go for help but Sophia ask him to remain and let them fight their fight.

Minx sits on the sofa while Warren with Laken try to get out the truth about this tunnel from Minx. Minx tells them that she has nothing to tell them and asks Warren to bring her up to her room. Warren goes up with her and Laken meets Ted in the garage. Warren comes back and meets Augusta. Augusta tells him that whatever is happening in the tunnel will not change the situation. Lionel has to move out. Their marriage is finished. Warren asks her if she has heard the story from Lionel's side. She tells him that she does not want to hear his side.

Augusta phones to the mansion to find out news from the other side. Eden takes and informs her that they have met each other and they are now fighting. Sophia asks Eden to pass on the phone to her. She tells Augusta that she was talking about her love to her children and that what they have heard is not correct. Augusta does not believe her and tells her that whatever will happen in the tunnel will go on her account.

Ted again and again confesses his love to Laken in their garage. Laken asks him to take away his hands from her as their relationship is finished and runs into the house.

CC starts with the whip but then fair enough goes on with his fists. Lionel provokes CC by telling him that he could not keep Sophia as he was not able to love her and she never loved him. CC tells him that this is not true he has drawn her away by misusing the weak side of her. They start to give each other some good blows.

Eden regrets in not holding back Cruz as he would be a neutral person. Mason is coming in and starts joking about who the winner will be. He wants to bet on who will win. Eden finds this not funny but Ted told her that Mason is always like this and she knows. Mason shamelessly talks about the qualities of the two fighters. CC is older than Lionel but he is training daily and so on. He makes his own conclusion that CC will be certainly the winner. He asks Ted if he wants to bet against him. Ted tells him that would mean that he is on the side of Lionel which he will not do. Mason phones to the Lockridges and Augusta takes the phone. He asks her if she would bet against him. He bets for CC. Augusta is shocked and drops the phone. Mason wonders about their lack of humour and goes.

Sophia tries again to convince Eden and Ted about the truth of her story but none of them believes her. Sophia takes the phone and asks Marcello to come at once to the mansion as she needs his help. Ted runs out of the room having only Laken in his mind.

August, Warren and Laken are worried about what is going on in the tunnel, wondering if CC will kill Lionel. Augusta is taking Laken in her arms pressing her against herself in despair.

Ted knocks on the door and Warren opens. He tells him that he has to talk to Laken at once. Warren asks him if he does not know what is going on just now. Ted says he knows but this is the problem of their fathers and not his problem. He has to talk quickly to Laken. Warren says when it is like this then it must be really urgent. He leads Ted down into the cellar telling Laken that somebody wants to talk to her. Augusta is asking Ted how he dares to come into their house. She holds Laken and does not want to let her go. She tells her that she does not allow her to talk to Ted. Laken tells her that this is only concerning her. Augusta tells her that she just needs somebody to hold on. Laken tells her that Warren will stay with her and goes up.

Ted tells Laken that he loves her and he wants to go away with her. She should keep herself ready and meet him in half an hour at the fence.

Mason sees in the restaurant Sara, his old secretary. He tells her that he has the intention to open a private office and would like to employ her as his secretary. Sara tells him that she cannot agree as she loves her job she is having now. Mason offers her more money than she is earning now, then much more money but she tells him that he will have no chance in Santa Barbara in his present situation and goes.

Mason meets in the bar the prostitute which has stolen his money. He starts to put pressure on her to give the money back to him. She does not want to give it back. She pretents not to know him. He tells her that he can charge her for many things and she will get in big trouble. Just at that moment three of her strong friends are coming in. Two are holding Mason while her friend is taking out all the money of Mason's money pocket. She tells him that she never wants to hear from him again otherwise she will send to him her friends. She goes out with her friends. Mason tells the two men still holding him that he has understood. They go out and Mason goes to the bar. The barkeeper says sorry but he can't give him anything anymore as long as he has not paid the $20 still due to them. Mason can't believe this and asks him if he has not seen that he just was robbed of all his money. The barkeeper tells him that his boss will not allow him to do so.

Marcello comes and tells Eden and Ted the whole tragic story from Sophia. He emphasises that there is no reason not to believe Sophia. Her whole story is true. All what she needs now is their understanding and love and they have not to punish her because she was punished more than enough through the horrible time she was going through in the mental institution with her mental state. The story was affecting Eden and Ted. Sophia just wanted to tell them that she did not want to tell them the story in order to get their compassion. She only wanted that they know that what she told to them is true.

Mason interrupts them when coming in. He wants to talk to Ted alone. They go into a corner of the room and Mason tells him that he is in trouble. He is in need of money. Eden overhears something and asks Mason if he is in need of money. Ted agrees finally but only if he is giving back to him the money. Mason says, yes he will give it back to him with interest. Eden asks Ted this not to do because he is acting against his father by doing so. At that moment CC is coming out of the door. Totally exhausted. Mason smiles and says he knew that he would be the winner. CC asks Sophia and Marcello to leave the house and take Mason along he wants to be alone now. All are going.

CC stands in the room and gets flashbacks of the whole happening in the tunnel. Lionel has wounded him terribly in many ways with his words. That it made him incredible happy that he has taken Sophia away and that Sophia was only loving him and did never love him as he is not able to love.

Lionel comes with some wounds exhausted out on the other side. They all look at him with expectations but Lionel asks them to leave him alone. They respect this but Augusta tells him that she has to talk to him and cannot wait for long.

Lionel is turning back to the tunnel and is experiencing the whole fight again. CC also gave him a lot to think as he has cursed him. He told him that he had the intention to beat away his skin but he then he would get compassion and this he should not get. He will suffer for this in another way. His wife will no longer take him back, his children will look down on him and he will have to leave his house. He will wander from place to place from woman to woman but he will feel empty and weak and no longer be able to love while his children are all on his side.

CC is still in thoughts over the terrible words Lionel has thrown to him when Sophia comes in. CC tells her that he has asked to her to leave the house. The first thing that he will do is to divorce her. Sophia asks him for pardon and for a second chance. In reality she only loved him even at the time when he had no time for her and their marriage was in trouble because he was able to love her as no other man. He even loved her after the accident as the children told her. CC tells her that he never will pardon her and does not want to hear from her such compliments. Sophia tells him that all what she has learned in life is that humans have this great and wonderful ability in forgetting and forgiving. She again and again asks him to give her a second chance to prove her love to him. CC asks her to go. Sophia silently slips out.

CC goes to the window and starts crying while remembering the painful words from Lionel when he told him that he was never loving Channing but only that what he wanted to make out of him. And he did not know and see what a horrible man Channing in reality has been.

Augusta calls Lionel out of his dreams telling him that she has to talk to him as she cannot any longer wait for him. Lionel goes up and Augusta points to his suitcase. She has packed everything what he is in need for. Augusta cries and tells him that he has taken everything from her. Her whole self-confidence and self-respect. She goes now for a walk but when she comes back she no longer wants to see him in the house.

Lionel looks out of the window and feels as if the curse of CC is coming true.

Sophia sits in the restaurant and is eating something when Augusta comes in and sees her. Augusta says bad words about her for being guilty in breaking up her family. Sophia calmly but with full power says that she wishes her that she is going through a hell and this will happen to her without any action from her side. Her mad jealousy will work out this by itself.

Brick is leaving the Lockridge mansion with some empty boxes. Augusta wonders why he is here on his free day. He asks her if she has forgotten that today is his big moving day. He is moving from his little garage room into a mansion. No more cooking in the future. Augusta with the outlook of a suffering widow tells him that since Lionel is no longer living here and Warren also is no longer living here and they are now three women alone she is feeling somehow unprotected. So she offers him to stay with them. He will get a room and also food of course.

The phone rings. Mason is on the phone asking for Lionel. She tells him that he is no longer living here. He might find him on the boat.

She goes on with her talk to Brick telling him that she is quite good in handling figures and she was never the same opinion of Lionel that he is not good in his job. So she could help him in his work in the future if he shows her everything. Brick tells her that she has to talk first about this with Minx and of sure he will not change his moving plans but is thanking her for her offer.

Amy is very excited waiting for Brick to move in. Jackie is somehow in worry because she has got a letter from Larry giving her the impression he no more will come back, not surviving his mission.

Lionel falls out of the sofa in his boat to the ground. He is still dressed looking not very well. Somebody knocks at the door and he opens. It is the man whom he has given the Chinese box for duplication. He puts both on the table and they look really the same. Lionel asks him if he has not opened the box. The man says no, there is a curse written on it and he won't do this and leaves.

Mason's electric razor is running out of life. Marcello is coming into the suite. Mason happy asks him if he cannot lend him his razor. Marcello is in no good mood when seeing Mason. He asks him what he wants in the suite of his stepmother. Mason reminds him that Sophia is also his stepmother. Marcello packs all the things of Mason together while telling him that he thinks that he has only used Sophia for his revenge on his father. Mason tells him that the he also can ask him for what he is using his family. First Eden, then Kelly when will it be Ted's and his turn? Marcello takes Mason's arm with his strong hold and brings him to the door. Mason tells him that he will come back when Sophia is alone because she has shown more hospitality then he.

Lionel comes home. Augusta asks him to knock on the door next time and not to step into this house. Lionel tells her that this is his house. He tells her that he has slept on the boat. Augusta wonders why he has not slept in the presidential suite. Lionel gets irritated and tells her that he hates Sophia in the same way she is hating her and all what had happen has only happened in her head which has turned ill because of her jealousy.

Lionel comes back to the boat finding Mason sitting inside and shaving his face. Mason asks him for the Chinese box. Lionel opens the cupboard and for a short moment he no longer knows which of the two boxes were the real one. Then he takes one and gives it to Mason. Mason tells him that now they will see if he has given to him the real one or if he has cheated him. He places the box on the table and breaks it in a trice. Dust is coming out and a little piece of a broken Chinese vessel with some signs on it is lying in it. Mason shouts that he has cheated him. That this is not the original one. Lionel tells him to consider that just now he has broken a box which has the value of twenty thousand dollars on the market. Mason takes the piece and while going he tells him that if he finds out that the piece is without value he will get to hear from him. Lionel tells him that their business is over and he should not step on his boat again.

Cruz and Eden are still in bed. They are just joking around when the phone is ringing and Eden takes it. She jokes into the phone asking who is on the other end. It was the mother of Cruz. Eden hands the phone over to Cruz. His mother tells him that she is just in the city and will be there in fifteen minutes. Cruz jumps up and gets into action clearing up his great disorder in the room while asking Eden to leave.

Cruz's mother is coming. His boat is in well order and she likes it. She seems to be well informed about all what he is doing. That he is being together with Eden Capwell which she does not find a good match. She is not from the same culture and so on. She also finds that he is long in the age to think on marriage and founding a family. Cruz tells her she does not know Eden if she knows her she will also like her. She agrees in taking a dinner together.

Brick is entering the house and Amy is with full interest inspecting the things in his paper box. She finds a album with pictures of his family and asks him if she can have a look in it. Brick sits happy down with her and they enjoy looking together at the pictures of the circus family.

Eden shows all her plans for the restaurant to CC in the Capwell hotel. Marcello is watching them from a distance. CC still reminds her that it is not easy to lead a restaurant and she might fail but finally agrees to support her. Eden is over happy and embraces CC. She tells him that Cruz will also be very happy. CC asks her why. She tells him that he will be her partner. CC finds this a good idea as Cruz is having a good sense for businesses. Then he holds in for a moment and asks her if he might have overseen something and if her relationship to Cruz is stronger than he knows. Eden says no. They only meet each other and for her he(CC) is the only real man.

Cruz was shopping and starting to prepare a meal at home. Eden is surprised and asks him why they are not going out with his mother. He thought that they can talk more freely at home. He also requests her to keep back a little bit her nature and give a bit in to his mother as she is always seeing everything only from her side. The mother comes and puts quite a lot of questions to Eden telling her also freely that she does not think that she is a good match for her son. Eden loses her control and tells her in her direct way what she thinks, stands up and goes. Cruz upset about his mother's behaviour gives her some money for a taxi and after finding out by phone where Eden is he rushes to her.

Eden is in full action with the arrangement with the restaurant inside the Capwell hotel. She is just searching for some papers when Marcello asks her if he can shortly talk to her. Eden tells him that she is having no time for the moment but Marcello tells her that he will not be in Santa Barbara for a long time as he will go back home in a few days. His work is done and he has nothing to do here anymore. Eden asks him about Sophia. He tells her that he is having no influence on Sophia. He thinks that she will stay in Santa Barbara. And what about Kelly, Eden asks him in worry. CC has forbidden him to see Kelly again. Eden somehow confused wants to reply when Cruz rushes in and interrupts their talk. He wants to talk to her at once.

Eden goes with Cruz somewhere aside and Cruz tells her that he feels sorry what happened with his mother. She is not at all like this at other times. He then tells her that he loves her and that he really finds that they can think a little bit more about themselves. She tells him that they have their fun and she does not want to think on such things and escapes into the elevator.

Cruz runs up the steps. The elevator opens and he jumps into it being alone with Eden in the cabin. He asks her again about thinking on defining their relationship more clearly. Eden gets upset. They are having their fun and she does not want to disturb this fun with all this serious talks which is destroying all the beauty in the relationship. With this she wants to get out but Cruz gets hold of her telling her that he loves her and he does not want their relationship come to an end like last time. He does not want to separate from her anymore. Eden again tries to escape but Cruz asks her to tell him if she does not love him. Eden tells him that she loves him turns around and rushes out of the elevator. CC is waiting at the other elevator when Cruz shouts behind Eden why when she loves him does not want to marry him.

Amy and Brick are dancing to the music of an old disc while Brick is unpacking his things and Amy is cleaning the table. Jackie is coming down the steps dancing joining into their fun. Jackie and Amy sit down. They decide to get a Pizza. They give money to Brick and ask him to go to bring for all the Pizza.

Mr. Renfro is phoning with the mysterious person informing him that Brick has now moved to Amy and the things are getting more difficult. And she also wants to go for work. It seems that she is in need of money.

By the word marriage shouted through the whole hotel hall by Cruz, Eden stops and remains standing motionless. All people are watching her including CC who is standing in the background what she is going to reply. Cruz is coming close to her and she tells him how strange she feels. All people's eyes are fixed on her. She turns around and tells him loudly that he should stop with his jokes informing the people around that he always makes such funs. Cruz enters her game and the people smile and loose interest. Cruz draws her into a corner. He starts kissing her. Eden feels again uncomfortable getting kissed in the public. Eden suggests to go to the boat. They both go out of the hotel while CC is watching them.

A servant of the hotel is informing CC that a lady wants to talk to him. CC tells him that he will see her later because he just sees Marcello entering the hotel with an empty paper box. CC follows him into his office thanking him that he was accepting his wish to leave. He also thanks him for his help he has given to Kelly. Marcello tells him while looking directly into CC's eyes that he only finds it strange that he has extended his hate he is feeling against Sophia up to him. Marcello goes to the other room.

CC feeling somehow uncomfortable starts looking through the pile of Marcello's books. He gets disturbed by Cruz's mother. She tells him that she wants to talk to him they have met each other already some years ago. CC politely is greeting her without remembering her. When she tells him who she is he immediately invites her for a tea in his mansion and arranges for her the best room in his own hotel.

CC is called to the phone. It is a lawyer friend of his asking for an office. CC gladly offers to him the office of Marcello.

Brick is just on going out to fetch the pizza when the phone rings. Amy takes and gets an appointment in the Capwell hotel for a job. Brick accompanies her. A Mr. Lee is offering a job. Amy can't remember in writing to a Mr. Lee but is happy to go and see him.

Amy and Brick are wondering about the still empty office. The man receiving them asks Brick to go out for a while. While Brick goes out he switches on a tape recorder hidden on the desk. Amy tells him that she is not married. He says that this does not matter. He informs her that he has got the address from a person where she has applied for a job. He informs her about all the work she will have to do in the law office. When getting up he informs her that he thinks that she will get the job. He has to talk to Mr. Lee and will inform her concerningly. Amy is straightaway asking him also for the salary she will get and is delighted to hear that it will be more than she ever could expect.

The assistant of Mr. Lee is phoning to Mr. Lee how he calls the mysterious man and lets him hear the talk by running the tape. Mr. Lee is satisfied with the work.

A friend of Brick is addressing Brick in the hall. He asks him if he is not having some money for putting on a horse which certainly will win. Brick tells him that he is only having 4,-$ anymore. He is having 20,-$ in his pocket but it is not his. His friend asks him to give this money because the horse will win. The name of the horse is Big Amy. When hearing the name Brick blindly gives him the money and his friend arranges the bet.

Amy comes to the hall happy for the possibility in getting this good job. Brick informs her about the bet. They three sit at the radio listening to the race and Big Amy wins. They are full of joy fetching the money and starting to share. Brick is just counting the money into Amy's hand when the man working for Mr. Lee is coming up to her. When seeing the money he informs her that she is only getting the job when she is not earning money elsewhere. Amy informs him that only their horse was winning. The assistant smiles and tells her that this is of course ok. He also bets from time to time and she is getting definitely the job. When being alone Amy and Brick embrace each other full of joy for the getting a job with such a wonderful salary.

Cruz has already taken his shirt off while Eden is sitting still dressed up. She is not in the mood to go on. Cruz gives her to think that it has been her idea and not his. Eden tells him that she does not want to stay. She feels the boat is so narrow. How can he live in such a small place. She suggests to go to a movie. She has the intention to see a special film. Cruz is not in the mood of the cinema. Eden phones to the hotel for the architects. Only now she informs Cruz that CC has given in and she can go on with her idea of the restaurant. To provoke Cruz she adds that she is no more in need of a partner. One word follows the other and Eden runs out. Cruz runs behind.

Cruz and Eden sit in the cinema eating popcorn and going on with their hot conversation about their relationship. The people in the movie house get upset asking them to keep silent. Cruz stands up and asks loud the whole people in the cinema if they also think that he should marry this lady. The earlier the better comes the reply in getting finally peace. Eden gets up and both go outside. Marcello one of the persons sitting in the back rows follows them.

Cruz tells Eden at the beach that he does not want to depend on her moods. One day she loves him the next day she does not want to see him and so on. He wants that she is deciding herself for their relationship in a more concrete way. She should let him know when she knows what she wants, turning around he goes.

Eden gets very upset about Cruz. She starts kicking the stones lying around. She kicks a big stone and has to sit down painfully. Marcello is on her side asking her if he can help. She tells him that she might have broken her toe and she has to go to the hospital that's all. Marcello tells her that they will only give her some injections for killing her pain. This he also can do by a mere hypnosis. Eden says no, he knows that she does not like him. She gets up and wants to go but pain is putting her down again. She tells he that she agrees now. After several attempts in getting her relaxed he hypnosis her and takes away her pain. In addition he gives her the order to bring him the silver star medal of her father gained during the war.

CC is sitting in his office drinking tea with Cruz's mother. They both agree that a marriage of Cruz and Eden would bring them no luck. They also agree that their children are always doing the opposite of what they were told.

Jackie being alone is again in an unhappy mood and worries about Larry. She answers the bell. It is the man from the navy who was fetching Larry last time. He brings her a letter. She goes in and sits down afraid to open it.

Ted is looking through the window and sees Jackie sitting. Thinking that something is not alright with her he goes in. She is very confused but then asks him to stay while she is opening the letter as she is full of fear in opening it. She opens and her mood turns in total joy. Larry is leaving the Navy for ever. She asks Ted to go out with her because she wants to celebrate this event somewhere in joy.

Eden comes home hobbling finding CC and Cruz's mother sitting together obviously in best understanding. She excuses herself at the mother for running away so early from the dinner and both exchange some polite words. CC gets up and offers Mrs. Castillo his arm showing her through the whole house.

Eden alone in the office sees the awards. She looks at them as if she just was searching for them and takes one of the awards into her hands.