Ted is getting restless in waiting for Jackie. He takes the phone and phones to Laken inviting her to see her but she does not want. Finally Jackie is coming asking Ted to close her dress. Jackie already a little bit under alcohol is only having fun in her mind. She wants him to drive her to the State Street Bar.

Mason is playing a arcade game on a slot machine firing against his father and winning the game against him in his mind. He wins the arcade game and smiles happy.

Brick and Amy are standing for the half open office door. Amy knocks. Nobody answers. Amy just goes in. She tells Brick it is anyway her office where she is going to work. They both start playing office. Brick as her boss and she is taking down his dictate.

The phone is ringing. Brick asks her not to take but Amy finds she as the secretary could do it. The person is asking first for Mr. J. Stanfield Lee and then for Mr. Friendly his assistant. She tells the person that none of the both are in the house for the moment if she can note down his name. It was Mr. Renfro. Amy is greeting him and tells him that she is working as a secretary for Mr. Lee. Renfro talks about taking care of her health.

Amy tells Brick that Mr. Renfro has been on the phone. How the world is little she thinks. Brick starts to think that all is somehow a little bit strange. They go through all what happened and he finds the coincidences are a little bit too many than it could be normal. He takes the phone and phones to Bill a lawyer friend of his asking about Mr. Lee. He can't believe it. It is one of the most well-known lawyers in the States sitting in many top administrative boards. He congratulates Amy but looks still a little bit unsure when leaving with her the office.

Eden is still holding the silver star medal from her father in her hand wondering for what Marcello asked her to hand it over to him. In thoughts she goes through the whole hypnosis session. Marcello asked her to replace her pain with the star medal of her father. Why should she do this. Her father is proud of this medal. She puts it back and the pain in her toe starts again.

CC comes in to fetch her for the dinner with Cruz's mother. He asks her why she is looking at his medals. She asks him for what he has got it. CC smiles and tells her that he has got it in the second world war and it has no special meaning only that the commando chef has found that he was a few minutes more brave than his fellow man. He wonders why she is showing interest in this past war matters. Eden puts more question on CC. CC gets backflashes of the situation with little Marcello while telling Eden about a terrible situation in which he has been. He has been also in a tunnel like the one they are having while people where killed and he could do nothing as they also would have killed him.

CC comes back out of his thoughts and tells Eden that this time is over and he is hungry and she should come along with him. Eden feels again pain. She tells CC that she has hurt herself and she might have better a little rest. CC asks her to cool her foot and come.

Eden again alone phones to Marcello. Marcello takes at once. She asks him to come to the mansion in the evening as she wants to see him. Marcello agrees at once. She notices that he was waiting on the phone for her call and decides to find out who he really is.

Ted and Jackie take their place in the State Street Bar. Jackie tells Ted that she likes it as they have a music she likes. Mason from the bar watches Ted with surprise wondering about Laken's change but finding out that it is Jackie.

Brick and Amy come home with a pizza and start eating. Amy finds a letter from Jeff including a certificate that he is sterile. Brick thinks that the paper is a simple forgery. Amy thinks he wants to get back the $600. Brick asks her to give it back and get Jeff out of her live forever. Amy reminds him that she is no more having the $600. Brick tells her that they just have won so much convincing her with some kisses.

Jackie asks Ted to dance with her. While a little bit unsure Mason gets up and asks Jackie for a dance. After dancing a while he passes Jackie on to Ted. Mason sees Brick and Amy standing at the bar and says hello. Amy just goes to fetch something and Mason asks Brick if he could not ask for him Lionel if he is in need of a good lawyer against CC. He offers himself for overtaking the job. The barkeeper addresses Ted informing him that his brother is having already an open bill of over $80. Ted discretely pays.

Eden opens the door and it is Cruz. They reconcile and end up love making in the tunnel. While resting her head on Cruz, Eden is getting backflashes from her hypnosis when she met the first time her mother. She asks Cruz about hypnosis. Cruz tells her that one cannot forget anything which once happened or was said. Of course the suggestion might hold on for weeks or even years till one can remember it again. Eden tells him that she let Marcello hypnotize her when she was at the beach. He asked her why she was doing this. If she wants he will knock him down for bothering her. She tells him that she will see him again and find out what he wants and this she has to do alone. She is getting up and sends Cruz away. When she is alone she takes the silver star and keeps it in her hand.

Eden opens the door and Marcello hypnosis Eden at once. He ask her to give him the silver star. Eden hands it over to him and he puts it into his pocket. He brings her out of the hypnosis. She says that she feels already better. He tells her that they can repeat it more relaxed.

They sit down and he brings her again into hypnosis. He asks her to look through the papers of her father and find out all the files concerning the time he has served in the second world war and handing this material over to him. He tells her that when she is coming out of the hypnosis she will feel very good and relaxed and will no more remember anything what he was talking to her. She opens her eyes and asks him when he is starting. He tells her with a smile that they are already finished. She tells him happy that she feels very good and feels no more any pain. She brings him to the door and says friendly good bye. When closing the door and turning around she says to herself while remembering the casino scenario where Marcello once has hypnotised her when she was seeing Sophia: "Marcello you think you are very clever. But you are not. I will enter your game but only as long as I will need to find out everything about you and my mother and the real reason why you are in Santa Barbara. And at the end I will have proofs for getting rid of my mother."

It's a bright morning. Ted is reading the Newspaper. His mother is on the first page. "Sophia Capwell still alive!" Jackie is coming out to get the paper wondering about Ted. Ted informs her that he is only jogging and invites her to come along. After some resistance Jackie agrees. Brick is just coming back from his morning sport seeing them warming up feeling sorry that they came not more early for doing it together. Amy comes out and takes the paper and goes in with Brick while Jackie and Ted start.

A car with the sign for sale is standing somewhere in the street. A policeman is coming and telling the person reading the newspaper inside that it is not allowed to live in a car. Then recognizing that it is Mason Capwell he says only sorry and goes away.

Laken and Warren are sitting at a table on the strand at the stall. Laken talks on bringing their parents together while Warren is absorbed with the paper finding something obviously very interesting for him.

Mason is drinking a coffee in the street bar. The barkeeper asks him first to pay his debts with them and not taking the coffee by himself. Mason gets a phone from a lawyer friend inviting him to overtake the heritage case of Peter Flint. The police is showing also some interest, Cruz Castillo will see the flat with him. Mason agrees for this job.

Cruz gets shown the grave from Peter Flint. The outlook has changed a lot to Cruz's dissatisfaction. A big beautiful stone with the name Antonio Fiorno. Peter's real name was placed by an unknown person overnight on his grave.

Mason and Cruz are meeting each other in the lawyers office. The lawyer is reading out Peter Flint's last will. It says that in case he is dying everything Kelly should get everything what he is having. It is not much. $300 and all his furniture. Mason will get for this job 10%. Mason phones to Kelly informing her about the heritage. Kelly does not want to have anything all should be given to charity.

A shopkeeper is handing over a wedding ring to Maggie Gillis. She puts it on and it fits.

Maggie meets Warren at the beach. Warren has just phoned with his new project and is very happy. Maggie takes off the ring and puts it away before Warren can see it. Warren invites her with much enthusiasm to go and see with him his new investment. He has bought a business and wants to show her on spot what kind of business it is which will give him a new basis in live, making him independent from his family.

Brick is serving Amy a wonderful breakfast but Amy is totally engaged with an article in the newspaper. She gets up irritated and tells him that they want to save money and start by closing down the pre-school in their area. She wants to write a letter to the editor to tell what she thinks about. Brick takes down her dictate.

Warren and Maggie go to see the press of the paper in which he was reading in the morning. It looks a little bit down yet he is still enthusiastic and buys it on the spot with a check. Brick and Amy are just coming in and asking handing over their letter to the editor for printing to the previous owner. The man hands it to Warren telling them that he has to ask his boss. Warren agrees to print it. A very happy Amy is embracing him. Brick asks him if he really has bought the press and Warren agrees which Amy and Brick find great.

Maggie thanks Warren for the wonderful morning but she has to do something which she has to do alone. She meets the same lawyer friend of Mason but also he as all other lawyers don't want to overtake her case. Maggie tells him that she cannot really leave till this case is closed but in vain.

Mason and Cruz are searching through Flint's flat. Mason in need of money is only seeing the value of the furniture while Cruz wants to find out more about Flint. Mason is commenting everything with a black humour not leaving out Cruz's relationship with Eden. When Cruz is searching alone in the other room he finds a key for a safe-deposit box pasted on the backside of a drawer. Without informing Mason about his discovery he takes the key and goes telling Mason that he can stay and go on searching as long as he likes.

Ted and Jackie make a rest at the stall on the beach sitting down at the table. Ted meets Laken when getting a drink for both of them. He invites her to the table while Jackie goes for a phone. Ted informs her what Marcello told them and he is sure that Sophia and Lionel never met each other after the accident. Laken is happy to hear this news but stops further advances from Ted.

Mason is in the Street Bar trying to sell to the barkeeper and guests some of the inventory of Peter. Ted enters the State Street Bar. He buys for both of them a great breakfast. When seeing how hungry Mason is he left him behind after paying with both plates and a $20 note hidden in a napkin heading off with an excuse for an appointment he has forgotten.

Cruz has sopened the safe-deposit box of Peter. It contains only a love letter from Lindsay Smith to Channing Capwell. Cruz wonders where Lindsay Smith is staying and how this letter has come into the safe-deposit box of Peter.

The tomb of Peter Flint with his new tomb stone is shown. A hand is placing a red rose on it.

The person placing the rose on Antonio Fiorno's tomb is stepping back and standing still. It is a lady wearing black and a small veil over her head. Cruz steps behind her and asks her if she knew this man. The lady turns around, it is Ginger Jones the woman for whom Peter Flint was working as a prostitute. She tells Cruz that she finds that everybody should have the right to die with his real name and a nice tomb on it. If he finds the tomb not beautiful. Cruz agrees and adds that this also shows that her business are going well.

Mason is preparing the auction in Peter's flat. People are already coming to see through the things. Cruz also comes and Mason offers him to take something. Cruz wonders how Mason can feel well with all this things. He searches quickly around and is on the way out when he meets Ginger again. He makes some remarks to her and goes. Mason recognises Ginger and goes with her in the hall. Ginger tells him that she has heard that he is in trouble. She offers him her help by asking him to overtake a case of a friend of her who is in prison. Mason does not think that he will ever come so much in trouble that he will need her help and overtake such a case. Ginger gives Mason her phone number and address. Mason offers to her Peter's things and Ginger tells him that the curtain she could use for sewing something. The owner of the house is overhearing this and takes the chance to tell Mason that not only the curtains belong to the flat also Peter was in delay with his payment of the rent. Mason takes her into the flat asking her to find something which will satisfy her demand. Mason then starts the auction.

Warren gets by the former owner of the press introduced to his workers and vice-versa. Warren is giving a little speech telling them that he will keep them all and all are happy with him.

Cruz gives Maggie the order to find out the stay of Lindsay Smith. Maggie dislikes this order, she wants to work on the street again and not to do such spy work. Cruz tells her that this is for an not yet closed murder case and important and she has to do it. She at once replies that it is because of Channing. Cruz tells her that if she tells anything to one other person about then she has seen her job.

Eden drops into the office finding Cruz in discussion with Maggie making a remark to it. Cruz tells Eden that he does not like her to come to the office whenever she likes and disturb him while he has to work. Eden tells him that she has to talk to him because of an important matter-hypnosis. Cruz asks her to meet him at 12 o'clock in the State Street Bar for lunch where they can discuss.

Mason knocks at Lionel boat door. Lionel is not here. Mason goes in. He opens the drawer and finds the Chinese box and takes it as his rightful own true box.

Cruz and Eden sit at a table in the State Street Bar. Eden explains to him why she is in worry about hypnosis. She tells him that she pretended to be in hypnosis when Marcello was hypnotising her and he asked her to bring to him some documents belonging to her father concerning the second world war. For what does he need these files and why does he not ask her father directly for it. Cruz thinks that he might need it for the therapy with Kelly. Eden tells him that he is no more helping Kelly. Cruz tells her that they only can find out when he is using them.

Marcello is just passing by. Eden gets up and tells him she would like to talk to him. She takes place at another table. Cruz asks Maggie who also came into the Bar in her uniform to take place at his table and give a report on the latest situation in her research work. Warren comes in and Cruz is offering to him his place going for a phone.

Mason is sitting in Peter's flat with the open Chinese box. A jeweller is coming to see the stone Mason has found in the box. The jeweller is more than surprised in seeing this stone. He asks Mason from where he has got it. Mason tells him that it is rightfully his and he should tell him the reason for his surprise. It is a raw diamond from a very special big size. When it gets sharpen in facets the value will be about $100.000. Mason asks him to get it sharpen but he told him that such a thing can be only done by a specialist as it is a very delicate matter. He tells him that he is lucky as just such an expert is staying in the Capwell hotel for a few days. But it will cost about $15.000.

Warren and Maggie talking about Warren's new enterprise. Maggie gets up for washing her hands and Warren for fetching something splitting up in two directions. Maggie did not come far when a man standing at the bar all of a sudden takes his pistol informing all that this is a robbery. He keeps Maggie with the pistol in check while he asks the bartender to fill his bag with the money. Maggie talks to him to hand over the pistol and slowly goes closer. Warren wants to help from the back but Marcello stops him. Cruz slowly moves to the entrance. The robber notices Cruz and fires against Cruz. Maggie quickly reacts and hits the arm of the robber in such a way that the shoot went to the ceiling. The bartender quickly takes the pistol while Maggie turns the arm of the robber on his back. Cruz makes the arrest while Warren congratulates Maggie and tells her that he has just now got his first story. Cruz tells Eden that he is sorry as he has to go. He and Maggie bring the man then to the office.

Warren back in his office is writing the article and gets his first lesson in how to write an article for the title page.

Mason visits Ginger and asks her for $15.000. Ginger is ready to give if she gets 20% interest on it and the period for which he is lending it. Mason tells her that in a few days she will get back the money and she gives him a check.

Maggie asks Cruz if she can now go on the street. Cruz tells her that he is proud about her reaction in the State Street Bar but he wants her first to finish of the search for the lady Lindsay Smith. Only after that he will be ready to talk further. Cruz leaves the office for the State Street Bar.

Warren comes to the police station asking Maggie if he can also take a photo from her for his paper. Maggie gladly agrees and Warren invites her. Maggie still joking takes the phone. The phone seems to be very important and she tells Warren that she can't come as she is too busy with a very important work of her as only if she finishes of this job she will be permitted to go on the street again.

Mason is with the jeweller at the expert's. The man is very impressed by the raw diamond. He tells Mason that the value is $135.000 but such an undertaking is not without risk. The jeweller offers Mason $20.000 for the raw diamond and the risk will be on his side otherwise Mason. Mason tells him he will take the risk.

Marcello explains everything about hypnosis to Eden. He tells her that one cannot ask a person in hypnosis something to do what the person would not do also out of free will. If she thinks that he would misuse his ability? Eden tells him frankly yes that she thinks in this way. Marcello tells her that he is only trying to help. He would never do such a thing he is not a black magician. He has to go for an appointment. Eden asks him if she can see him again. Marcello agrees for the evening.

As Eden sits in thoughts, Cruz comes from the back and surprises her with a kiss. He asks her to dance with him. While dancing he tells her that he would like to go with her to the boat. Eden is also in this mood but she wants to finish the dance. The phone rings and Cruz is called. It is Maggie she has found the address. Cruz tells Eden that he is sorry but it seems he has to do some urgent work.

Warren drives Maggie. He would like to go and celebrate the day somewhere but Maggie is not in the mood. Warren asks her why she is making so much secrets around her and he never is allowed to bring her at home. He finds after seeing her so many times now he would have the right to know more about her. Maggie tells him that he still cannot tell him and he has to accept it.

Eden looks through the files of her father and takes out the documents Marcello wanted. She has the intention to go on with his game and find out for what he needs them.

Cruz knocks at a door informing that police is standing outside. A young man opens. Cruz is asking for the Lady Lindsay Smith. The man informs him that he is Lindsay Smith. Cruz is looking more than surprised.

See photos of Ginger and Lindsay!

Cruz asks Lindsay if he knows anyone of the Capwell family. Lindsay tells him that everybody in the city knows the Capwells. Slowly he gives in having met Channing and Eden in the school, but just to say hello as they have gone to the same school.

Lionel is shaving himself. The cleaning lady is entering the room. Lionel asks her if she has seen a blue box. He is missing it and must have put it somewhere. She opens the drawer and tells him that she has seen it there but it is no more here. Lionel at once suspects Mason.

The jeweller is offering again a sum of $25.000 to Mason for the diamond while the expert is examining already the stone. Mason says no he wants to take the risk. The expert is asking for his $15.000 in advance and Mason is giving it to him. The experts starts to get concentrated then stops and breath deeply.

CC is talking to his lawyer. He tells him that he should take care that Sophia will get not one single coin from him and he does not want to see her lawyer. Eden is standing next to CC in silent agreement. Kelly is just in the hall overhearing the phone accidentally.

Somebody knocks on the door. Mason opens. It is Lionel. He tells him that he has stolen the box. Mason tells him that he has cheated him and it is rightfully his box and if he wants to call the police he can do so but now he should not disturb him. Lionel goes to the table and sees the diamond. He tells that he has tried to find the contents of the box with the help of X-rays but he could not find out that it is a diamond and of such a size. Lionel offers to Mason $35.000. Mason says no. Lionel shows him the Chinese letters on a part of the broken box telling that there is a curse on everybody who is opening this box by force. He should not take this curse on himself. Mason laughs and asks the expert to go on.

Cruz shows Lindsay the cover of the letter addressed to Channing. He then tells Lindsay he should better invite him into his room because of the people in the other flats. Lindsay lets Cruz in. Cruz puts more pressure on him and reads to him the content of the letter. Lindsay tells him that this letter is not from him. Somebody has misused his signature. He is not at all the other way round. He has a girlfriend and is going to marry.

The expert asks all to keep a little bit distance and be in silence. All step back from the table and hold the breath. The expert makes the stroke and the stone goes into thousand pieces. The expert says sorry. Mason can't believe it. The jeweller offers him $500 for the little pieces saying that he also feels very sorry. Mason leaves to him the diamond splinter. Mason is like dumb. Lionel gives his comments referring to the curse. Mason asks him to keep quite he has now just other problems. He is having no money and this has been his only chance. Lionel offers his help if he would be ready to help him in bringing him and Augusta again together by talking to Ted. Mason gets inpatient and asks him to let him alone. He can go and ask Ted by himself about what Laken thinks.

Ted visits Marcello. He is having an appointment with Sophia. He thanks Marcello for all his help. Sophia comes and Marcello lets them alone. Sophia is feeling unsure about Ted but starts beaming in joy when Ted tells her that he will undertake everything that they will become again one family and he believes her story.

Kelly is gets very upset about Eden and CC's behaviour in relation to Sophia. She tells them that she can't hear this anymore. The only person who was there when she was in need of has been Sophia and Marcello. But CC has taken Marcello away from her and now they are talking all the time bad about her mother. She can't stand to stay here in the house any longer. The are doing all to separate the family. She will go away. She is old enough to do so and runs into her room.

Mason is alone and thinks about his situation. The phone rings. It is Ginger asking about her money. Mason tells her that the sum is not so high to worry. She will get the $18.000 the next day in the evening of sure. Mason thinks over the situation and wants to try to contact Kelly for the money.

Eden is together with CC. CC sits down and asks Eden if she was looking through his files. There are some documents concerning the war missing. Eden tells him that she was really looking through and reading about his heroic time in the war. CC tells her that some people need the war to built themselves up but not so he. He disliked the war and he does not like to think on it. CC then asks her if she would like to meet with him a very nice man. Eden tells him that he should avoid trying to get for her a man. She will not accept him. She needs to find the man of her live by herself. Now she is testing Cruz and she wants to find out by herself if he is the right man or not.

Cruz puts more pressure on Lindsay informing him that he easily can find out if the letter is his handwriting or not, but he finds it better if he tells him everything freely. Lindsay asks him how he can ruin his whole existence just with something what happened in the past. If something is coming into the public he can close his lawyer office.

Lionel knocks on Sophia's door asking her for Ted. She lets him in and Ted wants to know what he wants. Lionel asks him if he believes Sophia or CC seeing the answer already from Ted's reaction. He tells him that he has come to him for help. He wants to get back together with Augusta. If he cannot bring Laken to the point that he believes him and not her. Ted agrees.

CC gets a phone. He is unsatisfied with the reply for his question about Hank and Gina's past. The person could not find out anything. Eden phones to Marcello who asks her to come at once to him. CC asks her to be careful with Marcello. Eden tells him that she does not trust him in the same way he does and therefore she goes now to him. Mason comes in to talk to CC. Eden tells them that she would find it great if they can end their conflict.

CC tells Mason that he knows that he is in difficulties and he will help him by giving him a little case. He should search out all about Hank an give to him this information. Mason tells him nothing easier than this because he has a whole file created already about Hank. CC offers him $200. Mason tells him he will not do it below $18.000. CC finds his demand funny but then sits down and signs the check. Mason feels split up. There is the check but then he would give in to CC. He is nearly on taking it but then says no. He takes the check and tears it into pieces.

Cruz assures Lindsay that nobody will ever get known about the content of this letter and he can freely tell everything to him. Lindsay tells him that when Channing was split up by his father from his girlfriend Santana he came to him feeling very lonely. He also has been lonely and so it happens that they came together but it was only for some month and he was never having any relation to another man. He can't understand why Channing has kept his letter. Their relation ended he thinks by him when he fell in love to a girl he wanted to marry. Cruz gets very friendly and tells him that he is also on the point to think about marriage. He thanks Lindsay for his talk and goes out.

Lindsay closes the door and at once searches for a box with letters in it while Cruz listens on the door. Cruz again knocks and Lindsay not taking his time to close the drawer opens. Cruz comes in again looks around and notices the open drawer. He tells Lindsay that he has forgotten to ask him also about his relation to Peter Flint. Lindsay tells him that he does not know this man. Cruz tells him that it is the man called the carnation killer. Lindsay tells him that he does not know him. Cruz thanks and goes. Lindsay takes all the letters and burns them in a bucket.

Marcello welcomes Eden. She gives him the wanted documents. He tells her that he wants to relax. She should lies down and he starts to hypnotise her. He asks her to stay relaxed while he quickly scans the file. Somebody is on the door and he answers the bell. It is man who brings his suit from the dry cleaning. While Marcello pays he observes Eden in the mirror getting up and looking around and then closing her eyes again.

Kelly finds Sophia in the hotel hall. She is happy to see her as she was afraid she will go away. Sophia tells her that she will not go away and try to get their family together again which makes Kelly very happy. Kelly tells her that she is going to see friends for some weeks as she can't stay any longer in the mansion. Sophia tells her that she will write her and that it is a good place to go. They embrace each other happily.

Cruz knocks and Ted opens. Cruz wants to see Eden. Ted tells him that Eden is with Marcello. Cruz now also starts to find Marcello strange and asks Ted how he fells about. Ted tells him that he has helped Kelly very well.

Eden pretends to be in hypnosis while Marcello knowing now that she is not enters the game and says some nice sentences and asks her to wake up after he has counted up to three.

Mason opens his office in the State Street Bar. He occupies a table next to the public phone and puts a sign 'Out of order' on the phone. The barkeeper is not very enthusiastic about this. Mason is again in debts with them and he thinks that his boss will not like this. Mason calms him down by assuring him that his clients who are coming will all take some food and give him a tip. The first phone he gets is Ginger asking for her money.

Eden shows Cruz the future Orient Express restaurant. Construction works have first to be finish on the top of the Capwell hotel. Cruz wants to inaugurate it with her in their special way. While kissing bowing back and cutting the plastic cordon with the scissors. The constructors are coming and discussing with Eden the plans and construction works.

Marcello is studying the documents in the file from CC. Sophia catches him looking at a photo of CC in uniform. She asks him from where he has got the documents on CC. He tells her that Eden has given the file to him. Sophia is much in worry about this strange interest in CC which is not at all like his normal character. She begs Marcello nothing to undertake against her family and CC.

Cruz takes Eden aside and tells her that she should let her fingers from this beauty it makes him jealous. Eden wonders what he means. He tells her that he is talking about Marcello for whom she has missed an appointment with him. Eden tells him that she only wants to find out what Marcello wants from her family. He has hypnotised her while she pretended to be hypnotised. Cruz tells her that this can be turn out as very dangerous and she should do it no more.

Marcello tells Sophia that he thinks that CC is a dangerous man. Sophia tells him that this is not her opinion nor her experience. Marcello asks her what she knows about CC's time in the world war II. Sophia tells him that CC never liked to talk about as he disliked the war and had bad memories.

Brick tries to reach Sophia in the presence of Minx. He finally reaches her at Marcello inviting her for a talk with Minx. Sophia lets Minx know that she can forget it. She will not come. Minx takes for herself the phone and finally gets an appointment in the State Street Bar.

Eden wants to search Cruz more about Marcello and use his old connections. Cruz tells her that there is no reason to snoop into the private life of a person who is not charged in any kind. He is not the private spy of the Capwells. Eden begs him again and again until Cruz says ok, he will do it one more time but this is really the last time. Eden happy kisses Cruz when Maggie Gillis comes in search for Cruz ending their conversation.

Ginger sits with Mason in his State Street Bar office putting pressure on Mason for the money. Mason tells her she should not worry. If it is so urgent for her then he makes a phone call. He gets up dials a fictive number and makes a fictive talk to his friend getting promised by him to come and bring the money. Ginger is satisfied for the moment but warns Mason of her friends and leaves the bar. Mason phones to Gina getting an appointment with her.

Cruz goes aside with Gillis and gives her the letter from Lindsay Smith for reading. He then introduces her in all what he could find out about Lindsay. He asks her to move in into the flat next to Lindsay Smith which is just free for rent and watch Lindsay finding out more about him. He suspects that Peter Flint used the letter for blackmailing Channing. Gillis wonders why he should then kill Channing. Cruz tells her that this she has to find out. Gillis is happy that she is getting another chance and can do something outside of the office.

Lindsay Smith is talking to the administrator of the house. Lindsay wants to move out and would like to get back his caution money. The administrator tells him that he is not the owner. Lindsay wants to read through their renting agreement. The administrator asks him to read a certain paragraph which shows that he is having no chance. Lindsay is telling him that he is staying only a few more days as then he anyway has finished all what he has to do in Santa Barbara.

Lindsay phones to somebody in order to find out all about Cruz and his connection to the Capwells. He gets no reply which could help him to find out the reason for Cruz's visit.

Mason informs Gina that CC has offered to him $18.000 for the file he is having on Hank. He tells her that he will hide this file for $18.000 she has to give him the very same day. Gina agrees and tells him she will try her best to get the money.

Sophia tries to find out Marcello's reason for his intense interest in CC's past and what he is going to do with his knowledge. Marcello tells her that he might do nothing and the reason he will let her know in time. She should better hurry now for her appointment with Minx while he is meeting Eden.

Brick drives Minx and Amy, both sitting on the back seat. Amy thanks Minx for permitting Brick to drive her to the doctor. Minx puts question on Amy and they start to like each other.

Eden is busy with the construction works and her men in charge when Marcello comes with the file containing CC's documents from the war. He silently points to the file and Eden goes over to him.

Gillis in her best dress gets the key of her new flat from the administrator of the house. Lindsay is just at his door and she says hello to him and that she is the new neighbour. Lindsay asks her if she loves pop music and is happy to hear that she doesn't. He tells her not to miss to read the paragraph no.14 in the agreement.

Mason gets a visit from Cruz who wants to get the account statements from Peter. Mason tells him that he can do this but he wants to have some payment. Cruz tells him that he can find it out also in another way. Mason agrees to give it to him without charges. Cruz gets up and gives him a ten dollar note for getting some food as he looks so hungry.

Brick enters the State Street Bar with Minx and guides her to the table where Sophia is waiting. Minx sits down and starts making compliments. Sophia coolly informs her that this does not run with her anymore she is no more afraid of her like she has been when she has met her in the tunnel. Minx asks her if she still can remember the question she has put to her in the tunnel and which she did not reply. Sophia says yes., she has asked her what has to happen that she is no more seeing Lionel. Minx asks her about the difference between last time and now? Sophia tells her that meanwhile she can't even see the face of Lionel. Minx does not believe her and asks her to go to Europe. Sophia tells her that she has suffered so much till she could come back to her family that she will not do this. She is not the problem for the split up of the Lockridge family. It is the problem between Augusta and Lionel alone which they have to work out. They are no angels. She is ready to reply to her question if she tells her whom she has met in the tunnel. Minx is embarrassed and keeps quiet. Sophia gets up and goes.

Cruz comes again to see Mason in his 'office'. Mason gives him the account statements and points out that there is a regular payment of $2.500 to somebody which looks like a blackmailing case.

Gillis comes with some boxes full of things and stumbles for Lindsay's door with all her things landing on the floor. Lindsay comes out and helps her to get the things together. He sees some files from her asking her if she is a lawyer. She tells him that this is only a case she wants to finish of by a lawyer. Lindsay offers his help as a lawyer. Gillis tells him that the last three ones have only thrown her out and now she wants to wait and see for a while.

Amy and Brick sit at home. Brick hands her over a letter. It contains the check she has sent to him it was returned as the person was no longer living there. She can't believe it and they make some phone researches.

Lindsay rings the bell at Gillis door. Lindsay tells her that now she has made him curious he would like to overtake the case. He is a good lawyer. She tells him that it is also a matter of money. Good lawyers are costly. Lindsay tells her that he will make it free for her. He invites her to come for a drink to him and discuss her matter. She tells him that she first has to get ready with all her things in the new flat. Lindsay tells her that she should not feel embarrassed telling her that here is the unique case where the lawyer is overtaking the case and also paying for it. Gillis says smiling, ok she will come with him.

Marcello stands outside on the top of the Capwell hotel. Marcello makes some romantic remarks on the wonderful view. He tells Eden that he has read the documents and he thanks for it. CC is a hero of America, a successful businessman, a wonderful family father and has this strong ability to survive. Eden wonders how he can say such a thing after he has thrown him out of the hotel. Marcello tells her that he is not a person seeking revenge. Eden wants to go in but Marcello is placing himself before her. He tells her that she pretended to him to be in hypnosis and he wants to warn her not to do such a thing as it is dangerous and might even cost her life.

Ted is making a parcel. Gina comes from shopping. She takes the chance to tell him that she knows that he rather would like to see Sophia in the house but she loves CC and she will fight for her love.

Gina takes the phone in her bedroom. CC asks her to send their driver to the airport. She gives her best to warm him up but CC's reaction is totally cold.

Next phone. It is Mason. He puts pressure on her to get the money. She tells him she will try to get it from CC.

Somebody shouts 'fire'. The barkeeper in the State Street Bar notices that it is his own coach and ask Mason to take his place for a while. Mason goes behind the bar and starts his new job.

Gina puts on her best dress and makes herself on the way to fetch CC. She passes Ted who is on writing a letter to Laken which he then destroys again.

Cruz comes into the bar and takes a drink wondering about Mason behind the bar. Mason prepares him his drink. Cruz asks Mason for Eden. He is having an appointment with her.

Eden wants to escape Marcello but he holds her back with his strong hold of his hand. He asks her to look down. There is only concrete ground with no tree between to stop a free fall. Eden tells him he cannot frighten her. He asks her why she is then shivering. She asks Marcello what he wants from her. He tells her first she should tell him what she wants from him. Eden tells him that she wants him to go back to Europe and get out of her eyes. Marcello that's a true Capwell. This is a sentence from a person who is used to give orders to others. The moment their position is in danger they start to spit like a wild cat. But her wish can be fulfilled very easy. She can push him down and he will be at once dead and she can tell then that it was an accident he has stumbled and was falling down. Or one can also turn the spit and she stumbles and falls down.

Gina gets into the car when Hank surprises her from the back seat. He keeps hold on her asking her to come to his hotel. Gina tells him that he has destroyed everything with her marriage and she has now to go to the airport to fetch CC. Hank tells her that the hotel is on the way to the airport and all he wants is the money due to him.

Mason asks Cruz what he thinks about the regular income of $10.000 which Peter always has received. That is not an income of a teacher. Cruz tells him that he has noticed it but the police only wants to close the case not to investigate further. Ginger comes in. Mason asks Cruz to put her in jail. Cruz tells him that he can't as she has nothing done so far. She has come to the city to start a new life. He puts down his payment and asks Mason to tell Eden that he was here.

Gina drives CC. She tells him that she has expected at least a joyful hello. CC tells her that she has acted against her wish to send their driver. Gina tries her best to bring CC into a good mood. She also mentions that she has a girl friend which she would like to help with $20.000 for purchasing a house. CC agrees but informs her that he always gives such cases to a circle of three person who check up everything before he gives the money. Gina tells him that she needs the money today. CC says that in this case he can't help.

Eden tells him that this is not what she wants. He has tried to manipulate her with hypnosis. He reminds her that it was her idea to get hypnotised. She asks him why he wanted to hypnotises her at the first time? He replies that he only wanted to help her and to see if she can resist. If she is aware that she is accusing him in misusing his ability in damaging people. She should tell him in which way he has damaged Kelly. Eden gives in that he helped Kelly. He asks her then how can she think that he helps one sister while he wants to damage the other one. She should tell him for what she is afraid off. She tells him that she is not afraid of him but that he is behind her father. Marcello tell her that she is not truthful. It is she who is afraid but for what? He steps back and laughs,oh, he knows now, she is afraid of herself. Of her feelings she is having for him. This is certainly a reason to be afraid of. This feelings could come up on the surface and she could loose control of herself. Yes there is an attraction between them. They are very similar. Both of them are very ambitious and want to get out something of the life. They are equal opponents. Eden tells him that she is not having the slightest interest in him. He tells her that then she should prove this. She can do it at once while going with him for a dinner. He then will tell her what he wants from her father. Eden agrees.

Laken is still in the school doing research. Ted passes by and drops his parcel silently on her table. Laken does not want to take it. Ted tells her that he has met her father and was having a long talk with him about her. Laken gets more interested and wants to know about the talk. Ted asks her first to smile and open the parcel. Laken opens and smiles. It is a little music box. Ted is telling her about Lionel and again they get split up in their opinion about who of their parents is telling the truth.

Ginger comes to the bar and puts again pressure. Mason phones to Gina and gets informed that CC was nothing giving to her. Mason drops his job and runs out of the bar. He meets Eden who comes in with Marcello. He informs her that Cruz was waiting for her.

Marcello wants first to eat but Eden first wants to hear what he wants from her father. Marcello tells her that the Armonti company has the intention of a fusion with Capwell enterprises. Armonti car, steel and energy resources would fit perfectly with the oil, bank and business resources of the Capwell enterprises. She could get positivly involved into this business. Eden is satisfied and believes him. She asks what Sophia is thinking in this matter. Marcello tells her that she would be against a fusion so he did not tell her up to now.

Cruz interrupts them and asks Eden to come aside. He starts kissing her and wants her not to get back to Marcello it makes him jealous. Eden tells him that he can't take away her freedom in acting. She is only making a business deal with him.

Mason tells CC that he is now ready to tell him all about Hank for the same conditions as before as he is in bad need for this money. CC says ok and writes the check while telling Mason that he wants to know everything about Gina. Mason starts to tell Gina's story while Gina overhears their talk. She comes and asks CC not to listen to Mason as he will not tell the truth. Mason says that he is having all in files which can confirm what he is telling. Gina says ok in this case she will also tell the truth what happened in the bed room when Mason stepped in. He has thrown himself on her. Mason smiles and says that this she can't believe by herself. He has not even touched her. CC tells Gina that he knows Mason for a longer period and he believes him even he knows that he loves to exaggerate. Gina runs into her room. Mason goes on with his story.

Cruz tells Eden that in this case he has to be alone in his boat. Eden tells him that she has to go back to the Orient Express to do some work and hopes she meets him there. Cruz agrees and proceeds to the bar where he noticed Ginger.

Eden gets back to Marcello. Marcello makes a remark that her second has been a long one. He tells her that he knows that she has given order to snoop on him. she should tell him what her spies have found out about him. She tells him that it's none of his business. He should not think himself as so important.

Cruz asks Ginger about Peter's past. If she knows that Peter has confessed in a letter that he has killed Channing. Ginger shows herself surprised she thought he was killing only blonde ladies. Cruz asks her if Peter was also violent before. She tells him that she can remember only one situation when he put the gun on her head and nearly fired. Maybe he was already a killer before. Ginger's men are coming in and taking place next to her. Cruz makes some remarks to this and leaves.

Gina takes the phone in the bedroom. Hank puts again pressure on her. She agrees for organising the money and puts the phone down. She wonders what she should do now and gets an idea.

Mason tells all about Gina but not her involvement in the robber case. CC destroys the check and tells him that this is for his impertinence in their sleeping room and throws Mason out of the house not moved by Masons words that he has just now signed his death.

Gina hears CC coming and quickly takes her suitcase and starts packing. CC comes in and tells her that Mason has only confirmed what she has told him. So her story is true. He asks her what she is doing. She speeds up packing and tells that she is leaving the house. She can't bear it any longer. She is only sorry that she not has gone already before she has got the phone call. CC asks what kind of phone call . She says that she just got informed from her doctor that she is pregnant.

Cruz meets Eden on the top of the Capwell hotel. Eden tells him all about Marcello's idea of a fusion. Cruz gets upset. He tells her that every little fellow would like to have a fusion just to get on the money of her father. He will use now all his connections to find out everything about Marcello starting from his birth. Eden smiles and is happy that he helps her finally in her research.

Mason comes into the bar and sits down at his office table. Ginger sits down next to him. Her two men stand side on side to Mason. Mason tells her that whatever she and her two men are going to do with him now, he can't give her the money and she never will get it. The men pull Mason up. Mason says they should stop. He is having an idea he can work for her as a lawyer. Ginger tells him that just by accident she is having a contract with her he only has to sign. Mason tells her it looks as if she has planed this. She agrees. He signs. Ginger beams in joy. Who would ever think that a Capwell is working one day for the protection of the prostitutes.

Lionel tries to get some order in his room when he hears somebody knocking on his boat. He opens and sees an estate agent putting up a sign for sale on his boat. He asks him what he is doing and he informs him that he has got an order from Augusta Lockridge to sell this boat. Lionel tells him that he can't do this. Half of the boat belongs to him and he also has to agree. The man overhears this and goes. Lionel pulls down the sign.

Cruz talks to Gillis alone in the office. He wants to know what she got out about Lindsay. Gillis tells him that she is having a plan and if this works he will know more in a shorter time than he could expect. Cruz tells her that she should find out everything about the relation to Channing and Peter Flint. She says that this is not easy but her plan should work. He should trust her. Cruz informs her that she has to keep the rules. She can't make a search in his room that would be illegal. She tells him he should not worry she knows the rules.

When Cruz is alone he phones to the supervision making an appointment.

Gillis is making a search in the files when Warren comes and invites her to his press. She will appear on the first page of the news paper. Maggie agrees to come.

Cruz breaks up Gillis wardrobe and fixes a bug on her civil dress.

Lionel phones to the real estate agent with a disguised voice getting an appointment with Augusta for buying the boat.

Laken comes and visits Lionel. She is totally on the side of Augusta but also wants that the family stays together. Lionel brings her slowly on his side.

CC sits with Gina at their breakfast. He asks her why she was so afraid what Mason is going to tell him when he did not say more than she has told him. She tells him that she thought Mason would lie and she also feared his reaction. She wants to know what Mason told him and CC tells her. CC wants to know if there is anything more than what Mason has told him. She says, no. She tells him that she is so happy for getting a baby if he also is happy. CC tells her that he is also happy. He then goes into his office.

Gina takes the phone it is Hank. He gives her time till seven o'clock in the evening to pay him the money.

Hank visits the paper and gives order for an advertisement with following text: 'I know the truth about your future wife. Please come at 19h to the State Street Bar and don't forget your chequebook.

Gillis meets Warren in his press. The former owner shows to her the first page of the paper with her photo. They make some jokes. Warren takes her then aside and tells her that he is sorry for not understanding her hints in his advances towards her. He will no more bother her but he would be happy if they can remain friends.

Cruz is taking off bored his headphones in the car when overhearing Gillis private talk with Warren.

Gina sits on the stairs and cries. CC comes and asks the for the reason. She tells him that she is so desperate that he is reacting so cool. She would like to have everything as before. The phone rings.

CC takes the phone. Hank asks him if he has read already the news paper today. He should look at the part with the advertisements. There is an information for him. CC goes and takes the paper reading Hanks note. Gina reads over his shoulder. He again asks Gina if there is nothing else which she is hiding from her past. Gina says no and asks him not to go to this appointment. CC tells her that this looks like blackmailing and a person doing such a thing is not only doing it at one person alone but will try it also at the other side. So if there is anything like this she should tell him. Gina says, no there is nothing.

Augusta meets Lionel and Laken on the boat. She searches for the buyer and Lionel tells her that he is the buyer. The estate man gets upset and tells him that he will call the police. Lionel throws him out of the boat.

Augusta asks Laken to come at once with her at home. She told her not to go and see Lionel. Augusta wonders what the noise could be. Laken tells her it seems that the boat has started to go out of the harbour. Lionel comes in and Laken happy takes his hand. Laken tells them that they should now talk in peace together. Augusta starts fighting and Laken getting annoyed jumps form the boat and starts swimming. Lionel is shocked and goes to jump and swim behind her. Augusta takes her chance when being alone to transmit a message to the coast guard.

Gillis comes to the corridor and sees the newspaper with her picture at each door.. She picks Lindsay's and her paper up. Just when she takes the third one the lady opens and she has to give her. Lindsay comes and asks her if she has seen his paper. She tells him that she never reads the paper. Maybe it will come later today. Lindsay tells her that he is coming back more early because he wants to take up her case. Gillis is happy and he invites her for a dinner in the evening to get through the papers together. Gillis accepts and thanks him.

Cruz on hearing this talk in his car looks very satisfied with Gillis.

Gillis alone in her room phones to Warren. She tells him that it is not like he thinks. He means very much to her and therefore she is ready to tell him the truth. Warren is very happy and wants to see her at once. Gillis tells him that this is not possible as she is on work. He asks for the evening but she tells him that she only will have time for him tomorrow 8 o'clock for the breakfast in the State Street Bar. Warren says ok.

Warren phones to the police getting Maggie's new phone number. The officer too late notices that she is there for work and the number is secret. Warren tells him he should not worry he will not pass it on. He wants to phone but then gets another idea.

Lionel comes back informing Augusta that Laken was already picked up by the coast guard. He makes wonderful advances to her and starts kissing her finally. Augusta slaps him. She tells him that she is immune for all what he is telling her she does not believe him any word.

Lindsay gets called out of his room by the neighbour woman who shows him the first page of the paper with the picture of Gillis full of enthusiasm for their new famous neighbour. Lindsay is just on thoughtful closing the door when he sees Warren knocking on Gillis door. He tries to overhear their talk keeping his door open abit. Gillis opens and tells Warren with a low voice that he knows that he should not come to her place. He tells her that he only wanted to change the time of their appointment the next day. She says ok they will see each other at ten and sends Warren away.

Hank surprises Gina in the mansion. He shows a lot of happiness in paying her now back what she has done to him. He will tell CC everything and then she will land on the street again. He forces her a kiss and leaves through the main door.

Gillis opens the door. It is Lindsay. He informs her that something has come between and so he can't keep up their appointment in the evening. He has to leave at once. Gillis closes the door and senses that something has happened. Cruz in the car wonders what she is going to do now. Lindsay is hiding himself in the corridor watching her door.

Lionel makes his best to win Augusta but she remains distant. He tries to kiss her again when the door opens and the coast guard storms in. Augusta victorious asks them to take this man along he was the one who has kidnapped her. They take Lionel out, but Augusta cannot enjoy her victory for long because Lionel is coming back. The coast guard informs her that they can't take him as he is her husband and owing half of the boat. They have to fight her fight by themselves and leave.

Gillis opens the door from Lindsay's flat and calls him with a low voice. Lindsay watches her from the corridor entering his room.

Gina is using the home bar freely filling her glass with a strong drink. Eden and Ted are just coming down the staircase. Eden at once recognises what's going on with Gina. She tells Gina that she can't solve her problems by starting to drink already in the afternoon. Gina fighting her back not showing some education in her way of defence. Eden gets irritated and starts using her hands. Ted jumps between asking them to stop fighting.

Cruz sits in the car but cannot hear anything. He hopes that Gillis did not enter Lindsay's flat. A police officer is coming and handing over the paper which allows a domiciliary visit in Lindsay's flat. Cruz asks the officer to stay in his car and makes himself on the way.

Gillis opens a drawer and takes out a file and starts reading. Lindsay comes in with his pistol asking her if he can help. He shows her the newspaper with her picture and asks her what she wants. She tells him that she is searching for papers which might show his connection to Peter and Channing. He asks her if she is working for Castillo. She agrees. Slowly she is moving closer to him. He tells her that she will get a lot of problems because of entering his flat without an official order. She tells him that his door has been open and she only wanted to help him stepping close to him while trying to get his pistol.

Gina asks Eden to get out of her way and goes back to the bar filling again the glass. Eden jumps behind her and takes her away the glass pouring the drink to the ground. Ted again jumps between. CC comes and asks what happened. Eden tells him that she only has prevented Gina from drinking more. CC softly takes Gina in his arms and tells her that she should not drink alcohol when being pregnant. Eden does not believe this and goes.

Warren is having a little celebration with all his workers in the State Street Bar. They toast on his last article. Hank sitting at the bar gets annoyed and asks them to keep quiet. The round simply goes on. Hank again asking them to keep their mouth shut. Warren gets up and when seeing Hank he takes hold on him and tries to drag him out of the bar. Hank fights back and one blow follows the other.

Cruz hears some noises . He takes his gun and opens Lindsay's door getting a funny picture to see. Lindsay is laying on the ground with his face looking down and Gillis is just fixing the handcuffs. Cruz asks her what she is doing. Gillis tells him she is only doing self-defence. Lindsay asks Cruz to open at once the handcuffs and he will put a terrible charge on them. Cruz says, no. He shows him the order for a domiciliary visit. He asks Gillis to get Lindsay sit on his bed in order to reply to the questions which will follow.

Ted wants to talk urgently to CC but CC sends him away as he wants to talk to Gina. She pleads him again not to go and see Hank who will only lie. CC tells her that if there is really nothing in her past then she also has nothing to fear and he will go now to see Hank.

Cruz opens the drawer and checks the account statements finding also like on Peter's account a weekly transfer of $2.500. Lindsay agrees in having blackmailed Channing. He tells that Peter came to him and told him to do so as Channing easily can pay this sum which turned out as true. Cruz tells him that Peter has admitted that he has killed Channing. Lindsay tells him that it can't be Peter. Cruz asks him why he knows that of sure. Why should he? He had no motive for it as he was getting the money. The same is for him, Lindsay replies. Cruz tells him that he might pay back to him the humiliation he has gone through. Lindsay says yes, this could be a reason but he has not killed him. Cruz gives order to Gillis to open the handcuffs setting Lindsay free. Gillis wonders how he can do this when he has obviously done the delict of blackmailing. Cruz tells Lindsay that it is ok if he is having any further questions then he knows where he is.

In the corridor Gillis wants the reason for letting Lindsay free. Cruz tells her that because of her wrong action he can do some problems to them. Also the case is seven years back and he has to find out more other things. He also thinks that he has nothing to do with the murder on Channing. He tells her that he considers that somebody has maybe added the lines where Peter confesses the murder on Channing.

CC sits in the State Street Bar waiting for Hank. Ted is coming and tells him that he urgently wants to talk to him. CC again asks him to go as he is having no time. Ted sits down and insists. He wants to talk to him because of Sophia. What he has heard in the presidential suite was not correct. CC tells him never more to talk to him about Sophia and he forbids him to see her. Ted tells him that this he can't ask from him. It is his mother and he loves her. And he knows that he also still loves her. Ted goes leaving a thoughtful CC behind on the table.

Gina is waiting in the car for meeting Hank before he enters the bar.

Cruz talks to an expert about the possibility in finding out who has written a text on a typewriter. Their expert says this is no problem and can easily found out he only needs a second example of the person which should have written on the typewriter. Cruz gives him the letter and asks him to keep this case secret. He asks Gillis to find out in Peter's papers an example for Peter's writing. The expert goes with the letter.

Gillis begs Cruz to let her go on with this case she will no more do something illegal. Cruz tells her that he will see. Two officers are interrupting them by bringing in Warren and Hank informing about their fight State Street Bar which Hank should have started. Cruz asks them to check Hank and leave Warren with him. Cruz asks Warren to keep himself more in check in future and leaves him alone with Gillis.

Warren asks Maggie Gillis if he can see her tomorrow at breakfast. She tells him that he can see her in the evening. She will take him at home and explain everything to him.

Warren drives Maggie. She is somehow down. He asks her why they are not talking now. She tells him because it is better for her to explain it at home. There he will understand what she wants to tell him. Warren insists on talking and she silently gives him an album. Warren opens it and sees that she is married. He feels like a fool. Why she did not tell him before. If he only would have known it he would not run behind her. She tells him that she always feared his reaction. She wanted to keep friendship with him but he only will understand when she shows him something at home.

Eden is phoning to the man in charge of the electricity. The lights are still not installed. Cruz surprises her from the backside. He invites her to the boat but she wants to stay there with this wonderful view. Cruz is talking to her about her ambition to get acknowledged by CC and getting on the top of Capwell enterprises. A little police officer will then no more fit into her live of a manager in top position. Eden tells him that he has nothing to fear of any kind of this as she dearly loves him.

Gina stops Hank on the street and asks him not to go into the Bar. Hank asks her if she is having the money this would be the only thing he is interested. She tells him that she should let her first marry and she will give to him everything he wants from her. She talks softly to him stroking his face. Hank softens. She tells him they can go wherever he wants and she will do whatever he wants. Hank throws her against the wire fence. No, he wants the money and no more her false play. It is over. Gina tells him that if he tells anything to CC she will kill him. Hank tells her that she is too cowardly to do so.

Hank sits down at CC's table. He wants first to talk about the money. CC tells him that he is having not much time he should quickly tell him what he is going to tell him about Gina. Hank tells him that he will give him some hints. He met Gina eight years ago in Arizona. She was working in a bar dressed very sexy. He invited her and not for long they were sleeping together. CC asks him what work he was doing. He told him everything he could get hinting to prostitution. The lights turned off for a moment. CC and Hank got up. The light went totally off. Hank thinking it is a trap jumps out of the bar stumbles and falls against the wire fence. Headlights from a car keep him in check.

Cruz and Eden also stand all of a sudden in the dark using this situation for getting closer. . . .

Warren sits in the living room of Maggie and looks at the pictures in the album. He gets up and sees a lot of cups from her husband. He wonders what he is doing there when she is married to a champion. Maggie pushes in her husband on a wheelchair. The light goes off. Maggie brings a candle. Warren says hello. Maggie tells him that he can't talk, he also can't move nor can he see and also might not hear him. Warren is shocked to see her husband in such a condition.

The phone rings. It is for Cruz. The expert tells him that he no more needs to investigate the letter further. He has checked it up and it is clear that two different persons have typed the letter. The part where the killing on Channing is confessed is typed by a different person.

Gina starts to give power to crash Hank against the fence Hank jumps aside and Gina crashes her car.

Hank runs to the car and shouts to Gina that she wanted to kill him. Now she will go into prison. Gina is unconscious. CC rushes to her help but cannot open the door as it is jammed. Hank runs to CC telling him that Gina wanted to kill him. CC gets upset and takes him at his collar. Mason steps between asking CC to stop before they could end up beating each other.

Maggie talks to Warren about her husband's condition. The phone rings and she is called again for service. She quickly phones to the private nursing home asking them to come and fetch Ben. Warren tells her that she can go and he will wait till he is fetched. Maggie thanks and asks the nurse to serve Warren something to eat.

Cruz is somehow excited when getting the news that Peter can't be then the murder of Channing. Eden notices his excitement and wants to know. Cruz tells her that at a later time he will tell her but now it is all a secret matter of the police and he can't. Eden is nervous that something might happen to him. Cruz speeds away.

The nurse is serving something to Warren. When alone Warren starts to talk to Ben. How he met Maggie and how brave she is and that's why he likes her so much.

The ambulance is coming to take Gina along. CC asks Mason if he can't go and prevent the reporters for getting information. Mason tells him that he more worries about Brandon. CC asks him not to tell Brandon how serious it is. Both are in a very soft mood. Mason tells him not to worry and CC gets into the ambulance joining Gina.

When the ambulance is leaving Hank is standing on Mason's side. He asks Mason if it is not a strange fate that the person who wanted to kill is getting killed? Mason asks him better to go away. Hank wants to see Gina in the hospital.

The male nurse is coming and fetching Ben. Warren helps. He tells him that he is a friend of Maggie. Friend? The male nurse laughs. Maggie was having already many friends but the moment they saw Ben they left her. Warren looks affected.

Rosa opens the door surprised to see Mason. He tells her that everything is ok, CC sends him. If reporters have phoned already? Yes, a lot but she herself would like to know more. Mason asks her if Brandon already knows. Rosa says no. Brandon comes happy to see Mason. Mason takes him joyful up in his arms. Brandon asks him if he will read to him from a book what his mother has bought. Mason agrees. Brandon runs to fetch the book and Rosa to fetch some food and a drink for Mason.

Cruz meets CC. CC tells him what Hank has told to him but he does not believe this. Gillis comes and joins them. CC reacts cool to her. Cruz is telling CC that Gillis will overtake this case. He asks Gillis to get the alcohol test and find out what really has happened.

The doctor is joining CC and Cruz. He informs CC that Gina got a wound on her head and they have to operate.

Hank hanging around in the hospital is approaching CC. He tells him that if he is not paying then he will go and publish all about the blackmailing and the murder case in which Gina has been involved. CC asks him to get out of his eyes, he does not mind what he is going to tell the papers he will not see one penny from him.

Cruz is talking with Gillis about Ben and Warren. That Warren has seen him and he will react as all other friends of her reacted he will leave her alone. Cruz tells her that Warren is not the same. Just then Warren comes and Cruz leaves them alone.

Warren tells Maggie that he remained till Ben was fetched. Now he comes and only wants to get some first hand information for his papers. Cruz calls for Maggie.

Warren still noting down the little information he got is approached by Hank. CC standing in the background is overhearing their talk. Hank offers him information on Gina's past. Warren interrupts sharply and tells him that he is not interested in his story and Hank goes away informing him that he has just missed a good story.

CC approaches Warren and thanks him for not listening to Hank. Warren tells him that he has done this not for him but for Summer. Gina is the sister of Summer.

Eden comes home finding Mason reading stories to Brandon. She thanks him that he is taking so nicely care for Brandon. She asks him if he knows something new. He says no, but CC certainly will keep them informed. Eden phones to the hospital getting informed that Gina is hurt on her head and in a critical state. Eden heads off for the hospital.

Brandon has fetched another book and Mason goes on reading. Rosa joins them and asks Brandon if he would not like to bring his favourite snack for Mason from the kitchen.

Mason asks Rosa if she thinks that in case Gina dies, Santana will come back and tell Brandon that she is his real mother. Rosa says, yes she thinks so. Mason says, she should not tell it CC but he feels so good in this house.

Cruz informs Maggie that the lines are really not from Peter. This means that the murderer is still running around. He also thinks that they must know him because only a little group is coming into question. The time in which this line was added was so short that only a person who knew when Peter is going to his house and the whole situation at that time could have done it. This person had so little time that he must have been not far away when they arrived. Maggie asks him if he suspects Lindsay? Cruz says, yes. Channing might not want to go on with his payment and he killed him.

Maggie stands alone in the hall nothing having special to do. Warren comes and they sit down to talk. Cruz interrupts them again getting aside with Maggie.

Cruz tells her that there was only little alcohol in the blood. Yet, he doesn't believe Hank's story. They go through the whole time. Maggie reminds that the power has gone just at this time. Cruz finds that could give the answer. Everything was so dark that Gina has lost her way. Warren joins them and adds that he knows Gina and it would not fit to her at all that she would try to kill Hank. Eden joins them. She asks Cruz if he can't put Hank into prison. Cruz tells her that he can't do this there is nothing there against him. Eden thinks that by all what he has done in the past it must be easy to find a reason. Hank overhearing her words in the background builds himself up before Eden. He is the victim. If the Capwell thinks they can do what they want. Cruz tells him to keep his mouth and Hank goes away.

Eden approaches CC. CC tells her that it is somehow also his guilt. She was so afraid of Hank and he went to see him. Eden wants to know what Hank has told him. CC tells her that this is none of her business. What has happened was in the past and she has done thing for which she cannot be proud of but later she has changed a lot and she has shown that she is a worthy mother for Brandon. Eden asks him if he is still going to marry her in case she gets well. CC tells her that he does not know.

Mason is reading and reading till he noticed that Brandon already has fallen asleep. He keeps him tenderly in his arm and kiss his hair telling him that he is Santana's son and therefore he is something special. Brandon awakes and asks for his mother. Mason tells him that she was having a little accident. Nothing happened to her but she has to go for a check up in the hospital so she will only come the other day. She wants him to go to bed as usual. Mason carries him on his back to his room.

The doctor is approaching CC. He tells him that her brain got somehow damaged and they don't know yet if this damage will be permanent. CC asks if her baby has got some damage. The doctor tells him that they did not know about a child. He will order an specialist to check her up.

Cruz talks to Gillis about Ben and her relation to Warren. He tells her that he knows that her feeling for Warren are deeper why she is not over thinking once her position. If she wants to nurse Ben her whole live. What kind of duty she is feeling for him. Only because she is married? Maggie, yes he is her husband and she still loves him. Cruz tells her that he will not bother her anymore. It's of course none of his business. She can go home and forget what he told her. Maggie thanks him and says that she will think over what he has told her.

Maggie comes home and feels very lonely in the empty flat. she starts taking off her uniform. The phone rings. It is Warren. He would like to see her and talk about them. They make an appointment the other day. Maggie smiles and feels happy.

Cruz meets Eden in the mansion. He invites her on his boat. Eden agrees and wants just to change her dress.

Cruz enters the office of CC. He wonders where Channing was killed. He sits down on the chair and wonders if the person has tried to kill him while sitting on this chair. He takes his pistol and keeps it first under the table then in the way the person must have shot. He changes the direction with the pistol and is pointing with it all of a sudden to a shocked and surprised Mason who asks him what he is doing.

Cruz wakes up with Eden in his arms. A big sound is disturbing them. Cruz tells her that he is getting some information he was asking for. He quickly gets out of the bed just for quitting the sound and being again on Eden's side.

Augusta is sleeping not well. Bad dreams are haunting her. She dreams from Lionel being together with Sophia.

Also Lionel on his boat is having nightmares. He dreams from Augusta lying in bed surrounded by several young men.

Augusta wakes up feeling very tired. She tells Laken about this. Laken finds she should make peace with Lionel. Augusta does not want to hear about.

Cruz and Eden get up. Cruz prints out the information. It is all about Marcello. He reads it out for Eden. He was born in Netherlands. His real name is Hans. His parents were killed by the Nazis in the part of Netherlands which was occupied by the Nazis. After their deaths he came into a working camp to Germany. He then got adopted by the Armonti's who soon find out about his great abilities. About 16 years ago he came to New York and proceeded to LA and to Santa Barbara. Cruz finds this very strange even the information is not enough for making an investigation.

Marcello informs Sophia that he has the intention of a fusion between Armonti and Capwell enterprises. Sophia tells him that she does not find it a good idea. CC will not agree and she also is not fond of it as it works against her integration into her family. Marcello tells her that CC might be not interested but Eden shows herself very interested.

Cruz still without a shirt is engaged with Eden when Maggie asks if she can come in standing already in the door. Eden leaves while Maggie says sorry to Cruz in coming at the wrong time. Maggie informs Cruz about her investigations in Peter's and Gina's case. In both cases nobody has seen anything. Cruz starts again talking to her about her relationship to Warren. Maggie tells him that she is going to meet him and then she will see what is coming out.

Warren gets from his co-worker an old article about Ben's case. The title is: "Capwell oil exploded". Augusta enters his office and wants to engage him for snooping behind Lionel. Warren rejects her wish. She also wants to find out on which side he is standing. He makes it clear that he trusts Lionel words and not hers. When seeing Maggie entering the office he coolly lets her stand aside.

Warren greets Maggie while Augusta calls his attention asking him to introduce the lady to her. Warren introduces each other and Augusta is making some of her "sweet" remarks.

Eden asks Mason why he has slept here in her room. CC can come any moment and he is not in a good mood. Mason tells her better to wonder why Cruz is investigating the murder case on Channing. Eden thinks that this is not true. She would know about. Mason also tells her that CC will marry Gina. Eden says, no. Mason tells her that she is too simple minded to see the situation. CC will marry her because of Brandon. She as a woman cannot carry on the name of the family, and since he lost his other sons he is in need of an successor. And if she has forgotten that Gina is pregnant.

The phone is ringing and Eden takes it. It is Marcello asking to see her. Eden agrees.

Laken is at home alone when Lionel comes. He asks her to help him to get together with Augusta.

Warren takes Maggie aside and shows her the article trying to find out more about Ben's case. He wants to know how Ben could survive when all was burning. Maggie tells him that he jumped into the water to save his life. Warren asks if he is charged for carelessness. Maggie says yes that's why the company is not paying anything for Ben. Warren understands now her search for a lawyer. Warren tells her why she did not tell him earlier. She should fight for it. He then gets personal and asks her to stand to her true feelings. Maggie fights for her love and duty towards her husband. Warren asks her what she wants from him. She says, understanding and friendship.

Eden opens the door. It is Sophia. Sophia informs her that CC has asked her to come because of a meeting with his lawyer. Eden lets her in. Sophia is glad to see Mason. The lawyer comes. He gives advises to Sophia. Mason asks him why he talks as if he is Sophia's lawyer when he is the lawyer of CC. The lawyer leaves after giving the date for the divorce in Haiti.

Augusta comes home informing Laken that she is going to give a hot dinner party. Laken asks if she is giving it for Lionel. Augusta frustrates her by talking about other important men she is going to invite and of course not Lionel.

Marcello opens Eden who is coming with a frosty face. The phone rings. It is Cruz. He asks Eden why she has gone to Marcello when knowing that he is a dangerous man. Eden tells him that is her business and puts down the phone.

Warren visits Lionel on his boat. It turns out that they obviously are having different things in their mind. Warren is talking about Maggie and her problems while Lionel thinks that he is talking about Augusta.

Mason is alone with Sophia. She is somehow shocked that CC wants advance in such a high speed with their divorce. Mason clears up for her the meaning of the words of CC's lawyer. He also informs her about her rights and CC cannot proceed in this speed when she is not signing the power of attorney he needs from her for a quick divorce in Haiti. He doubts that CC knows about this law in Haiti. Mason asks her not to sign. CC has decided to marry Gina and now he thinks he has to do it but in truth he is still loving her. She should fight for her rights. Sophia thinks that this will terribly upset CC. Mason tells her all what she needs is a lawyer he will overtake this case if she likes. She even will not have to come. Sophia thanks him but thinks she would better take in this case another lawyer.

Cruz is at the door. He wants to talk to Mason. Mason asks Sophia to think over the matter and fight for her rights. There are so many people involved in this and it is her duty to think also on the other ones.

Mason goes with Cruz in the office. Cruz asks Mason why he is working for Ginger when he first asked him to take her in custody. Mason tells him that this has been some days ago and things have changed. Arrogance can go away quickly when one has to build up an existence. Cruz asks him if it is so bad that he has to become a souteneur. Mason asks him to be careful in choosing his words. Also Ginger is having the right for a lawyer. He should better tell him why he is still investigating the murder of Channing when Peter has written that he has done it. Cruz tells him that he was just sitting there. Later he gives in that he was only thinking about how Channing was killed. Mason tells him that he would believe this if anybody else would have told him but not he. He is not doing anything without a reason but he does not want to know more. He should have his little secrets and he knows were the door is.

Cruz takes the flashlight and enters the tunnel.

Marcello hands over to Eden the file with the documents in need for a fusion of the two companies. Eden tells him that she wants to study it at home going through with an expert. Marcello praises her in showing to be a real business woman.

Augusta meets again Warren in his office. She wants to make an announcement in his paper. She would love it on the first page but thinks he will do it on the page for society events. She is giving a dinner party. Warren tells her that he will not print this. Somebody comes and tells that the police has taken into custody some of Ginger Jones prostitutes and the lawyer who is defending them is Mason Capwell.

Eden ask Marcello with a demanding voice why he has come to Santa Barbara 16 years ago. Marcello is somehow perplex and asks her from where she knows this. She tells him that she is putting the question and not he and he should now give an answer to her. Marcello says the answer is easy, he came for making holidays. Eden asks him then why he came just at the same time when her mother had her accident.

Cruz is going through the tunnel and thinking about the possibilities this tunnel bears. Eden shocks him by appearing all of a sudden before him. She asks him what he is searching. He tells her only a little button he has lost last time when they have been here. Cruz wants to know why she has met Marcello when she knows that he is dangerous. If he has hypnotised her again. The talk ends as usual in kisses.

Warren meets Lionel and informs him that Augusta was in his office. Lionel asks him if he should snoop behind him. Warren tells him that this she would like but he has come to inform him about her. She is giving a dinner party inviting a lot of important men. Lionel thanks and tells him that he will not disturb him and his friend. He can have the boot alone as he is joining this party.

Warren smiles behind Lionel. When turning around Maggie stands in the door and their eyes meet each other in silence.