Mason is talking to the prosecutor who has met him in the hospital hall. He tells him that he is making a big failure if he is keeping locked up Ginger Jones without having anything against her in the hand. He should set her free at once. The prosecutor, the one who was training Mason and setting him on the street on the order of CC, asks him not to work for people like Ginger. Mason puts again some pressure and he gives in only for this time. CC comes and joins them informing about Gina's condition.

Maggie comes into the boat and tells Warren that she comes to say sorry for what she has said to him. It was not fair from her. Warren happy in seeing her says that he really wants to help her. Maybe he should come and see her papers. She tells him that he is talking like one of the top lawyers. He tells her that he is like one because of his connection he is having. Maggie gladly accepts his offer and invites him for the evening.

Stanfield Lee is discussing with Mr. Friendly his invitation to Augusta. He thinks he will go there in order to find out more about Amy's friend Brick. So he should postpone the other meeting for him.

August is on phoning. First to the boat. Warren is taking. She asks him not to tell Lionel about. Then to the party service for making concrete orders. The lady from the party service hands over the phone to the French cook. The cook is Lionel who is talking to her with a disguised voice.

Mason sits on a bench in the hospital hall. Ginger comes and thanks him for his good work he has done. She also asks if he has made ready the papers for her company. He hands the papers over to her. She jokes about the feeling of doing something legal while taking his papers which will make her actions legal. She asks him if this company would not be in need also of a board. He says, yes that would be a good idea. She asks him if he does not want to be the head of this board. Mason makes it clear to her that he is only working for her as long he is in debt to her because of the $18.000 and only in a function as a lawyer. Ginger angrily asks him if he thinks that he is too good for this job. She for her part does not think that she is lower than a Capwell or anybody else.

CC sits with Gina. She is still in a coma. The doctor comes and asks him to go out as long as her condition is like this.

CC joins Mason outside. He does not believe that he really worries about Gina. Mason tells that because he knows that he is going to train Brandon as his new Channing he is certainly interested in Gina's health. CC asks him not to talk about Channing. He has nothing of his qualities. He also has heard that he has become a lawyer of Ginger. Mason smiles and tells him that she was the only one he has forgotten to pay for refusing to give him work as he has done it with all the others in the city. Now a total new field of activity has opened for him. There are so many prostitutes around he will earn quite a lot. Mason obviously starts to enjoy CC's discomfort. CC angry says that this is probably the place where he really belongs.

Sophia meets Ted in the school. They talk about his schoolwork and tests. Ted asks Sophia if she hopefully will fight for her rights and not give in into divorce. Kelly has written to him that this is also what she likes her to do. Sophia tells him that Lionel is not on the boat and she has to go there because she is getting really doubts about the point that Lionel wanted to kill her. So this is what she has to do now.

Mason enters the room where Gina is lying. She is still unconscious. He phones to Santana. He tells her about Gina's accident but that Brandon is well. He asks her if she will come now back. Gina opens her eyes. Mason presses the button for the nurse. She comes and he asks her to call a doctor as Gina has gained back consciousness.

Sophia enters the house boat of Lionel. She goes through horrible feelings while the whole scenery is rolling up itself before her eyes. Warren enters the boat and asks her how she feels again in the boat. She tells him not very nice and sits down. Warren tells her that he wants her to make understand that Lionel had no intention in killing her and it was an accident. She tells him that is very difficult for her to believe from her side of experience. Warren tells her the story his father has told him in prison. That Lionel has been very open to him and he also told him that the reason for his constant travels has been because he still was loving her. How can she think that a soft man like Lionel could have the intention to kill her. It has been an accident and she should start to make an end to this and believe this truth.

The doctor is coming with the nurse and they do all the needful leaving Mason back again alone with Gina. Mason sits down opposite to her and tells her that she can be really lucky that it is he who is the first person to talk after coming back from her bad accident. Hank is telling around that she tried to kill him. She will be of course so clever not to tell that this is true because CC is still having the intention to marry her and she is having good chances to win this fight. Gina asks him why he is helping her after she was so bad to him. Mason says that this is true but since he was living for a while also on the minimum of existence he can understand her former live and her struggle to get out of it. He welcomes her as his new partner.

Jackie tells Ted that she finds his mother wonderful. How he feels in seeing her after such a long time. Ted says, great and he only hopes that their family is getting again one. Jackie wishes him her best.

Sophia has come to the hospital and meets Mason in front of the door of Gina's room. She asks him if he finds it a good idea if she talks to Gina. He says, yes and she should not sign the divorce paper.

Sophia enters the room. Gina is first excited to see her but then finds it worthwhile to discuss the situation with Sophia. She tells her that she loves CC and she will fight for him against her. Sophia tells her that she is only interested in her family and she will stay in Santa Barbara this she should know. Gina gets excited but Sophia tells her that they will go on talking when she is out of the hospital. CC enters the room surprised to see Sophia. He asks her to wait outside for him he has to talk to her.

Augusta is dressing herself most attractive. Warren is just coming in. He recognises Lionel standing in the background at once in his disguise. Lionel points to him to keep quiet. Augusta asks Warren to help her to close her dress otherwise she would have to ask the cook. Augusta answers the bell. She embraces Stanfield Lee and talks about their wonderful time years ago when Lionel was somewhere on travel. Lionel gets very upset and is on the point to give Lee a good trash but Warren quickly pushes him back and out of sight.

Gina is worried about that CC wants to talk to Sophia. CC tells her that she should not worry but relax and recover. He will talk to her later about when she is feeling stronger.

Ted is meeting Sophia in the hall. He asks her to fight for her rights. CC is coming between overhearing a part of Ted's advise. He gets very upset and tells Ted he should stop his giving advise to Sophia in a matter which is only concerning him and Sophia. Ted asks him since when he is no more belonging to the family? It is a family matter and therefore also concerning him. He wants that the family is getting together again. CC softens a bit and tells him that after all what has happened all over the last years he sees no chance in coming together with Sophia. Sophia tries to explain CC the real facts but he is not listening to her. He instead is informing Sophia in a very harsh way that the other day they are going to have their divorce because he is going to marry Gina. Sophia tells him if he would like to sign her the paper he should better a little bit more friendly with her.

Maggie is reading to Ben from a book. The bell rings. She tells him that she has found somebody who is on their side and will help them. She brings him to the other room and opens Warren the door happy to see him. Warren asks her at how many lawyers she has been already. She tells him her experiences which end all with a refusal and even a bill. She can't understand why they are not ready to overtake the case. Warren tells her the true reason, they all fear to fight against Capwell Enterprises. Maggie can't believe this as nobody has given this as the reason. Warren asks her for the files and sits down. Maggie gives him the files and serves him a tea.

Lee sits with Augusta on the sofa. He asks her if she is now really living alone. She says yes, together with Minx and Laken. He asks her if they did not also have a driver. She says, yes this is Brick but he is not living here anymore but has moved to his girlfriend Amy. He asks her if she wants to keep him. Augusta says yes, for the moment they still keep him but he is somehow strange. Lee wonders in which way he is strange. Augusta tells him because of his past. She is not getting much out of him. Lionel watches them in the background and starts talking quite loud with his assistant who is going to serve the meal. Augusta turns around for a moment and recognises him. She nearly can't believe her eyes. Lee is going on with his conversation but Augusta was getting obviously confused and gives no attention to what Lee is telling her. Lee wonders and she tells him that she only is getting nervous because the cook is letting them waiting so long.

Warren asks Maggie if he can take the files home to him. He will be careful with them but he will need them for talking to the lawyers. They get up and Warren asks her if she believes in magic. He will show her some magic. His hands are empty and now he is going into his bag and then he is pulling out slowly a long blue scarf putting around her as a sign of friendship. Maggie laughs over his performance and is happy. Warren goes. She looks how he passes on her window and it seems she has fallen in love with him. She takes his scarf and all of a sudden she glances her ring of marriage on her finger.

CC goes on to talk to Sophia in his commanding way. Ted keeping himself in the back can't bear it any longer. He steps forward and asks CC to stop talking in this way to his mother and start listen to her what she is having to tell to him. CC gets very upset about Ted. Ted tells him that he is doing much work in bringing their family apart. He is moving to Sophia's. CC is shocked and asks him how he dares to act against him. Ted tells him that he loves his mother and he can't bear it any longer how he is driving away one after another of his family. CC wonders if Mason was poisoning him. Ok, he can do what he likes but he also must know what this means. Ted tells him that he knows what he does he goes to his mother. CC tells Sophia again that the divorce is the other day and goes.

Sophia tells Ted that he should not do this. He should stay at home. Ted tells her that this is no more his home and his decision was anyway not difficult for him as he loves her.

Augusta is getting compliments from Lee. She tells him that she finds him very attractive. Last time she was resisting him but today she does not know if she will be able to do so. They sit at the dinner table. The servant asks her if they still are in need of anything. Augusta tells him that she will call him again but she is no more in need of the cook.

Cruz wakes up with a nightmare. He smiles and thinking Eden is in the shower he tells her that he just was dreaming that she was together with Marcello but the dream had a happy end, he woke up. He gets no response and sees a note from Eden on the table. He reads: "You have your secrets and I have my secrets".

Sophia asks Eden if she has come to trouble her because it is the big day of divorce. Eden says, no. She is not interested in this at all. Then why this excitement? it's because of Ted. Why she was not hindering Ted in moving out. She has forced Ted to decide between herself and CC and Ted's decision is wrong. Sophia tells Eden that he is old enough to decide alone for his life. Sophia answers the bell. It is Marcello. She is happy to see him. Sophia tells him that she did not know that he is coming today. Eden tells her that she has asked him to come because she wants that he is giving some answers to her question in her presence. She asks if she knew that Marcello has come to Santa Barbara 16 years ago just when her accident happened. Sophia says, no. Eden says that this is what she thought. But now they will know the reason why because Marcello will tell them.

Ted is phoning with Kelly. He tells her that he is moving out but he is not sure if he really should go to his mother. He can't stay in this house anymore. Kelly tells him that he can have the key of her flat and stay there.

Mason wakes up and two of Ginger Jones prostitute's are sitting around him. They inform him that he has invited them because Ginger Jones is not having a flat for them. Mason tells them that he thought he had only a dream.

Gina asks the nurse to comb her hair. She wants to be beautiful when CC is coming. Mason enters the room. She is asking the nurse for tablets for her pain. Mason tells the nurse he would be also in need of one as he is having a terrible headache. The nurse tells her that she can get only one more. Mason is very friendly to Gina. He tells her that she should not worry. CC is flying to Haiti today for getting divorced in order to marry her. Gina is happy.

Ted tells Rosa while entering the house that he is just fetching the last bag all is already in the car. When he gets in he is standing opposite to CC. CC is asking if he really wants to move to his mother. Ted tells him that he is not moving to his mother but into Kelly's flat. CC asks him if not Sophia was the reason of moving out. Ted says it is a matter of principle. He can see it as a kind of protest against his behaviour towards his mother. CC asks him to take up a protest plate and walk around the house. Ted tells him that he always thinks him as his silly little boy but he is grown up now and does not want to be under his influence. CC says sorry, he should forget what he just told him and wishes him the best.

Eden tells Sophia that Marcello's parents have been killed by the Nazis. He then got adopted by the Armontis and came then with them to Italy. Sophia is very surprised. She asks Marcello if this is true. Marcello confirms this to her. She asks then why he never was telling her. He thought it as not important. It's also a part of his live he does not like to talk and think about. He will tell now his version of the happening in Santa Barbara before they are going to hear another version from another place. Eden tells him she does not want to hear a version but the truth. Marcello starts with his story. He has been on the beach with his friend. He was running along the beach when he found Sophia. She was hysterical and lying in a pool of blood. She told him something about that somebody tried to kill her and he will try it again. She did not want to be brought at home and asked him to help her. He was picking her up and was nursing her. She was very confused and in a very bad condition. He then did something which he might not do now again but at that time he thought it would be the best, he took Sophia to Europe to an institute outside Italy.

Sophia and Eden are shocked about this story. Sophia tells him that what he has done was kidnapping. She feels betrayed. And maybe Eden is right and he has only made use of her to get the fusion of Armonti industries with Capwell Enterprises.

Marisa, Amy's mother is visiting her in the office. She hands over to her a returned letter from her to Jeff. She is asking Amy why she is going on to contact this fellow. Amy starts to tell her the secret of Jeff's sterility story when Mr. Friendly is coming in with some flowers. He is a very serious man and asks Amy to water the flowers because Mr. Stanfield is arriving this day and that he is having no time for her mother.

Marcello asks them to listen to him and believe him what he is going to tell them as it is only the truth. It has nothing been than a coincidence that he has come to Santa Barbara with a friend for holidays and that he has been on that day on the beach. When he found Sophia she could remember all what happened with Lionel up to the point the boat was hitting her. She asked him to help her and he thought at that time that this was the best because he thought that she might recover in a few weeks but then the doctors told him that she was in a much worse condition. Sophia finds that he should have told her this. She thought that in her delirium she somehow has come to Europe and landed in the institute. Marcello tells her that the doctor found that he should not dig in her past as she has gone through so many traumatic experiences. So he did not tell her. Sophia wonders if he is telling her the truth. Marcello tells her that he really only wanted to help her. He asks her if within the fifteen years he has done anything else than protecting her, helping her and acting according to her wishes. She says, no that's true. Marcello says then for him this chapter is closed. He asks Eden if she is now satisfied. She replies that at least she got an explanation for a matter she was thinking much about. The way he told the story to them sounds as if he really was telling the truth. She has to go now. Sophia goes behind Eden as she wants to tell her something about Ted in the corridor.

Marcello remains alone in the room. He looks into the mirror and is seeing in his memory the whole film with CC again. CC holds him and promised to him to come back and fetch him to America after the war is over. He told CC that he has not prevented his parents in getting killed and he will not come and help him. He has so much fear in also getting killed. CC told him that he cannot take him along to America as the military does not allow this but he certainly will come back and keep his promise. He embraced CC while CC comforted him by promising again and again that he will come and fetch him. Sophia comes in again. Marcello says to her that he is really sorry now that he never has told her about. Sophia tells him she only feels sorry that it was Eden who has found it out. He tells her that on the beach he made a promise to her to be always on her side and always help her. He finds it very important to keep promises and he has kept his promises. He tells her that there are people who are not keeping their promises and for him one of the worst thing a person can do is not keeping one's promises.

Mason stands with Gina at the window seeing CC's car arriving. Mason helps her to go to her bed. She also wants to have one more tablet for her pains. Mason asks her not to overdo it with the tablets. She tells him that she only wants to be fit for CC and does not feel very well. Mason tells her that he thinks she will have success with CC. She will not be married for long but she will do it. Gina tells him that she will be a good wife to CC and hopes that it will last for long. Mason is acting as if he is on her side and tells her that he better goes before CC comes telling her that it is better to have a difficult partnership than none.

CC comes and Gina tries to look as fresh as possible. She tells him that she is nearly recovered and was walking already around. All she now wants is to go home as soon as possible. CC tells her that he is going now to Haiti for the divorce and then he will marry her even if she is still staying in the hospital. All of a sudden he remembers that he has forgotten to talk with the doctor about her baby. She quickly tells him that the doctors have told her already that everything is ok. They are both well up.

Sophia tells Marcello about her doubts in the case of Lionel on the point if he really wanted to kill her. Marcello is surprised to hear this after she was so sure that he wanted to kill her. Sophia tells him that all his family members trust in what he told them and they are sure it was an accident. Marcello says that this is normal that within a family they trust each other. The bell is interrupting their talk. It's Cruz.

Cruz wants to talk alone to Sophia. Marcello says that in this case he is going. He finds Eden's scarf which she has forgotten. Cruz tells him that he will give it to her but Marcello insist on bringing it to her by himself. A jealous Cruz asks Sophia if psychologists are always like him. Sophia tells him that Marcello might appear sometimes rough but in truth he is a very kind and soft man. Cruz tells her that he is sure about while stretching his words. Cruz asks Sophia if she knows which persons knew about this tunnel. Sophia tells him that she thinks not many people know about. She knows it from Lionel and from where he knows it she does not know maybe from Minx and his father. Cruz wants to know who from the Capwell's knew about. Sophia tells that CC did not know it of sure but maybe the persons who built the tunnel can tell him. Why he is asking. Cruz tells her that it is only a routine question but he can't tell her the reason as it is police matter.

Mason comes home and the prostitutes are still there inviting him to go for a breakfast together. Mason is asking the first one to sign her papers. He hears somebody at the door using a key. He asks the ladies to hide themselves in the other room and keep quiet. It is Ted. He is very surprised to see Mason and tells him that he did not knew that he is living here. In this case he will try to find another flat. Mason tells him that there is room enough for both of them. Ted has to hurry up for his school and puts his things down. Mason tells the two ladies that his little brother has just moved in so they should tell Ginger that she should search out for them another flat. He made it also clear to them that his brother is a taboo.

Amy is waiting with Marisa for her turn at Dr. Renfro. Marisa now gets from her the whole sterility story which Jeff is presenting to avoid having to pay for the child. Amy tells her that he is a fool and she should not worry she no more will contact him.

Marcello comes with Eden to the mansion. Eden gives Rosa a parcel with new dresses she got from Armonti Industries and asks her to bring it to her room. Marcello asked her if she was satisfied with the Armonti collection she got to see. She says yes, she was very much impressed from the whole company, the people and the way they are working. He thanks her for the nice afternoon. She asks him why he wants her to persuade her father for this business and he is not doing this directly by himself. He tells her because he thinks she is having wonderful abilities in managing and a good feeling for business. He kisses her hand and leaves.

Eden tells Rosa that she is taking now a bath. Rosa tells her that she has put the dresses into the wardrobe. They are really very beautiful. Eden is happy that she likes it and goes up the stairs. Rosa goes to the phone and informs Cruz that Eden has come home. Cruz thanks her. He takes a ring with him and proceeds from his boat to see Eden.

Cruz tells Eden that she has giving him quit a lot of reasons for jealousy the last weeks. He has the feeling that she is again driving slowly away from him. Eden goes close to him and asks him if this is he calls driving away and starts kissing him.

Ted comes home. Mason tells him that he will have to take care that he is not neglecting his studies to get positive marks. He will have a look for it that he is getting a good place for his studies. Mason mentions Channing and Ted makes it clear to him that he loves Channing and does not want to hear anything negative about him or CC or anybody else. Mason tells him that he will try it. One of the Ginger's ladies comes and Mason tells Ted that she is a client from him and goes with her into the other room. The bell rings. Ted opens and again one of Ginger's lady is coming in. Ted tells Mason that another client has come to him. The door bell does not seem to stop and a long row of ladies pass a amused and surprised Ted. They all smile to him and nod to him till Ted smiles back to them.

Cruz tells Eden that he wants to be serious and he would like to ask her the same question he asked her in the elevator. She should tell him if she really loves him.

Cruz is sitting at his computer on his boat while Eden is in the shower telling him that he will love the new things from her.

In the State Street Bar is the laboratory assistant from the police department and his friend sitting at the bar. The laboratory assistant has drunken already too much and starts talking in a loud voice to his friend. He tells him that they are going to open up the Channing case because he has found out that the confession of Peter Flint in his farewell letter was faked. It is all top secret only Cruz Castillio knows about. A person not shown but also sitting at the bar knocks over his glass. The person is wearing black gloves and gets up and out of the bar. The friend has noticed this incident and tells the assistant not to talk too loud if he wants that it comes into the paper.

Eden comes out of the shower in a very sexy black underwear and asks Cruz if he likes it. Cruz tries to be polite but then he asks her how she can wear such a thing. Eden tells him that there are a lot of woman around in the world who love to wear such things. She thought she could make their relationship again exciting as it has been at the beginning. He asks her from where she has got it. She tells him that he never will find out. Cruz, because it is a present from Marcello? Eden finds him laughable. They are from the Armonti industries which is a very profitable business and she is going to persuade CC to agree to this fusion. She thought she will please him. And also Marcello, Cruz adds. He tells her that he is getting mad to see her in this dress. She should take it off as he does not want to feel this silk, he only wants to feel her body.

Mason and Ted are in the State Street Bar. Mason asks Ted for a coin. Ted gives it to him. Mason then asks Ted to bring him a drink. Ted tells him that he will not do this. He asks Ted for 5$ to buy a drink. Ted tells him that he is not going to foster his alcoholism. Mason tells Ted that he has forgotten to tell him that he should be not only take care of CC but also avoid bad people like him. Ted says he should not talk like this he likes him and they need each others as they are brothers. Mason starts playing his arcade game. While playing he tells him that has lost today his share on two lawyer office. Ted is listening to Mason noticing Laken dancing with a new friend. Mason all of a sudden states the game is over. Some people are winning a free game but never he. When he comes home and goes to bed he knows the game is over. Ted just feels the same at the moment when watching Laken with her new friend.

Gina is asking the nurse for one tablet against her pain as she is having terrible pain. CC is on the phone. Sophia did not contest the papers and now they can marry.

Eden and Cruz wake up in bed. Eden tells Cruz that she feels sorry as she sees that the matter is working so much on him. Marcello wants something from her but it is pure business. A phone is interrupting them. The friend of the assistant is informing Cruz that the laboratory assistant who is working on the Channing case was drinking too much and started to talk more than it is good. He thought he will tell him before the matter comes into the newspaper and he is the only one who can him stop to talk. He is a friend of him and does not want that he is going to lose his job. Cruz asks him who else was overhearing his talk. The man says nobody. Eden asks what the matter is but Cruz tells her that it is secret and he can't tell her. She asks him why he is working on the Channing case. Mason has told her. Cruz asks her why she is interested all of a sudden in Channing because she never showed some interest before.

Ted and Mason sit on the bar with a drink. Mason wants to go home. He hopes that the apartment is meanwhile empty. They get up and Ted sees the new friend starting to kiss Laken. Laken notices him and feels strange as well as Ted when looking at each other.

A new day. Mason phones to Augusta. He invites her for an appointment in the State Street Bar. He will help her in her fight with Lionel who is going to ruin her. Without waiting if she agrees he puts the receiver down.

Sophia sits with Ted at a table in the State Street Bar. Sophia wonders why Mason has asked her to come to this place. Ted tells that Mason is often here. Yesterday he also was here half of the night with Mason. Laken also was there with a new friend. He feels hurt not because of her new friend but because he always was feeling so sure that their relationship is something special. Sophia tells him that she can understand him. She is having similar feelings. She was always being so sure that she will hate and fear Lionel her whole live and then somebody like Warren tells her that she was doing wrong in thinking that Lionel tried to kill her and all her fears over all the years have been a mistake.

The barkeeper calls Sophia at the phone. It is her lawyer. When returning to the table Ted asks her if something is wrong. Sophia says, no only the divorce between her and CC is now official since today morning. She finds it ok. She feels as if she was never married to CC. Ted is upset. He thinks CC should have decided himself for Sophia and bring their family together.

Eden has got up already. Cruz asks her if she is crying. He wants to cheer her up but it end in a discussion. Eden finds he is having no trust in her and she is having no trust in him as he lied on her so many times. Cruz wants to know when? She mentions Channing again. It's only because of what Mason told. Cruz asks her what she felt at his death. She surely must have loved him inspite of his faults. Cruz starts talking about Channing. He knows he was Daddy's pride as he was going to hand him over his businesses but she would be much better in every field than Channing, she would be harder, more intelligent and would have more character. But she is a woman. When Channing got killed CC was sending her to Europe. Was he not showing by this action a kind of disinterest into her? Eden feels that he thinks about her too much and leaves him somehow irritated.

Gina takes a tablet. The doctor is coming and tells her that he is having a bad news for her. She is not pregnant. Which doctor was telling her this? Gina told him that she has been in a hospital and the doctor, she has forgotten his name was telling her so. He was quite sure. Maybe they did not examine her so well. She feels very comfortable with her baby. The doctor tells her that they have examined her in every way and this is total of sure. Yes, there are cases were one can misinterpret it and her doctor might have done this. Gina asks him not to tell to CC as she wants to be the person to tell him at the right moment. The doctor asks her what he should tell then to CC. He need not to tell CC anything as he is going to send her home tomorrow and so he will not see him.

Mason is happy to see Augusta. Augusta wonders about his suit and his old shirt. He should take it off before he is going to sleep. She then shamelessly ordered the most expensive meal. Mason tells her that he knows that Minx and Lionel are going to throw her out of the house. Lionel has already given to his most wicked lawyer his order to take up this case. Augusta tells him that Minx is on her side and this lawyer is not able to do any harm. He also could not help Lionel when he put him into prison. Sophia is coming to the table and is surprised to see Augusta. Mason tells them that he is going to tell them something about Lionel which will be important to them. He asks them to wait he will just look for the card.

Mason tells the barkeeper to tell the cook to ignore any order coming from them.

Augusta tells Sophia that she is invited and will stay. Sophia sits down and tells her that she also is invited. Augusta tells her that she has heard that she is now divorced. Sophia replies, and she has heard that she is living separate from Lionel.

Mason interrupts their polite talk and tells them that he can help them to get an order that Lionel is no more allowed to see them. By this he can no more come into Augusta's house and Sophia does not need to fear for her live. Augusta find his suggestion interesting but Sophia tells him that she anyway does not see Lionel and does not need such a protection. She does no more fear Lionel. A little hick hack between the two women follows. Sophia asks Mason if he can't give him a protection against Augusta. Augusta gets irritated and gets up telling Mason that in case Sophia is not going to do it then it also is having no sense for her and gets up.

Gina asks the doctor to send her home. The doctor gives in and examines her. She asks him to give her some of the tablets along just in case she is getting pain. The doctor informs her that this kind of tablets are building up very quickly an addiction. If she has felt already somehow dizzy in the morning after having not got the tablet for the night? Gina considers for a moment to stay in this case but then tells the doctor that she felt totally alright.

Cruz tells Maggie that they must have overseen something in the case of Channing. He thinks he starts again from the very beginning. She should get everything what is having to do with this case. The bloody paper by which Channing was called. The weapon, the original police report etc. They should maybe start to talk with each of the people involved and reconstruct the case. They should be very careful because one of the person they are going to question might be the killer.

The person with the black leather gloves comes from the tunnel goes through the office, closes the open door, goes to the desk, opens the drawer and takes the pistol. Gina calls for Brandon. The person leaves the drawer open and quickly escapes through the tunnel.

Sophia asks Mason why he is not accepting his exclusion from the family. She is also excluded but she can accept it. He is thinking over the whole day how he can hurt CC. He should not put the guilt all on CC. Mason smiles and tells her that this he really tried in former times. But now no more. Lionel wants to finish him off and he thinks he will have success.

Rosa opens the door to Cruz. Cruz having lived with their family is talking to Rosa about Eden like to a mother. He shows her the ring and tells her all his problems. Eden comes and is surprised and happy to see Cruz. Cruz asks her to go with him into the office to be alone.

Rosa informs Gina that CC has arrived. Gina sends Brandon to bring her a tablet. She tells him that she will phone to the notary to come for the marriage even today.

Cruz and Eden discuss in the office about themselves. Cruz hands her over the box with the ring. Eden asks him what will happen if she opens. Cruz tells her there is nothing in it which is going to bite her. She should open. Eden looks still unsure at the box. All of a sudden Cruz sees the open drawer. He gets excited and examines it at once finding that the pistol was stolen.

Warren visits Maggie in the police station and invites her for an appointment with one of the best lawyers in the USA. He is very optimistic and Maggie agrees.

CC tells Rosa that he is in a hurry as he wants to go to the hospital to see Gina. Rosa opens the door fully and Gina is sitting on the border of the spring with Brandon waiting for him. CC sends Brandon with Rosa to talk to Gina. He tells her that he is in worry about her health. It's only a few days left since the accident and she needs rest. Gina tells him that the doctor send her home as she is well and she feels good. CC says, in this case they can start to make plans. Gina tells him that she already has started to make plans and phoned to the priest. He will be there in no time. CC is very surprised about her hurry but gives in.

While Cruz is searching for the pistol he is asking Eden to wait for a moment. Eden gets very upset as he is taking another matter more serious than her. She finds out that it is because of the pistol of his father with which Channing has been killed. She gets upset that he starts again with the Channing case and throws him the little box with ring to his feet on the ground and runs out of the room.

Jade and Marisa are troubling Amy because of the father of her unborn child. They want to know her secret of the true father. Amy is getting very upset. Brick is interrupting their meeting and tells that now she is having her break and they will drink their coffee together. Marisa drives Jade away and on Brick lands the skin of a banana. Brick wants to know why she is so upset.

Rosa answers the doorbell. It is Jackie Parks. CC is having an appointment with her. CC sends Gina to the room to get ready for the marriage and sits down with Jackie for a talk. He asks her to see that from the two colleges Ted is accepted Ted should choose the Harvard as this is where all the Capwells have gone. She wants to tell him that Ted is already old enough to choose in which colleges he wants to go but he is not listening to her.

Ted is counting $300 on the table his part for the rent of Kelly's flat. Mason is telling him that he is studying the funeral pages in the newspaper to get some more clients. He disliked it in former time when his colleagues were doing so but now he does not mind it any more. The talk ended at Channing and Ted points out that their talk always ends there and he should stop thinking on Channing. He will ruin himself otherwise. Ted finds that their father was too hard to him but he also has added something to this bad relationship.

Cruz goes with Rosa into the office. Rosa can't believe that the revolver is no more there as she has see it in the morning when cleaning the office. She always was afraid of it somehow. She opens the drawer and must agree that it is no more there. Cruz asks her to check up which persons have come to the house. Rosa tells him that she has not been here in the morning as she went to fetch Gina from the hospital but she will give her best. Rosa goes and Cruz takes the flashlight and enters the tunnel.

Amy explains Brick why they have made her so upset. Brick tells her that Jade is only making the fun of her. When the baby is there then she will have all proves as she can make a blood test. Amy complains that she finds her job very strange because she never gets to see her real boss Mr. Stanfield Lee. Yesterday when he came Mr. Friendly has arranged everything in such a way that she was not there. Brick advises her not to think about this but just to think on her salary. Amy suddenly finds a paper in the basket. She tells Brick that since weeks she has never thrown a paper away and takes it against Brick's remark about snooping out of the basket. Amy reads out. "Dr. Renfro". And three times the news. She tells Brick that he is right there is a connection between Dr. Renfro and Mr. Lee and the three "s" stand for secretary. Brick tells her that her fantasy is carrying her away. She asks him if he is not having a theory for this. Brick says, yes but she should better not put her nose in this matter.

Mason goes on to tell Ted about Channing's evil character and the reason why there have been so many suspects after his death. There have been a lot of people who were having a reason to kill him because Channing did everything to find out about the weakness of the others in order to get power over them. Ted tells Mason that he does not want to go on listen to him any longer. Mason tells him that on the day of his death he blackmailed Warren because of the coins he has stolen, he knew about Lionel and Sophia, he knew that Peter Flint has worked as a prostitute and he told his knowledge to them on the day he was killed. Ted tells Mason that it is ok, maybe it has been like he says but through his death all has got its end. Mason says, no, it is not like this. It is not he who is obsessed with Channing it is CC. He wanted to have Channing as his successor and therefore he is adding all attributes on him which he liked to see in him and because he is seeing Channing as he really was CC hates him. But he knows how Channing really has been. He can't see him in another way. Ted tells Mason that he can't fight against CC his whole life. He should forget and forgive.

Eden asks CC if he can analyse the files of Armonti. CC tells her that they look good but he must tell her openly that his feeling is against a fusion which has something to do with Sophia. They are also a family business. He is therefore not obliged to tell about what he is doing or not and he likes it in this way. He can make his own decisions and this is what he wants to pass on to Brandon. Eden can't trust her ears. "Brandon?" CC goes on that he had big hopes concerning Channing but at least God was giving to him Brandon. Eden asks why not she? He tells her that there are not many women who are in such high leading positions. Eden ask him then why not Ted? Why he prefers a six year old child which he adopts and does not belong to the family before her? Now she knows why he marries Gina a woman which does not fit to him, only because of Brandon.

Cruz interrupts their talk and CC takes the chance to invite them for their marriage in the afternoon.

Maggie and Warren enter the office of Mr. Lee and are glad to see Amy. Amy informs them that they are in time but Mr. Lee is not here only his assistant Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly comes and takes them into his office. He tells them that he is sorry but Mr. Lee thinks that this is not a case which can have success. Warren gets upset and tells him that he is not overtaking the case only because they are in fear of Capwell enterprises. He should tell Mr. Lee that he is a coward as he also could tell this personally to them.

Amy wonders about the noise which has been in the office. Mr. Friendly tells her that there is nothing to worry. When she is again alone she notices that Mr. Friendly is phoning and she presses the button to listen to the talk.

Gina is battling her starting addiction. The words of the doctor are in her mind and she tries her best not to take a tablet.

Ted has come to fetch some more of his things. CC asks Ted to attend to their marriage. He is in need of his children in the same way as Sophia needs them. Ted tells him that Mason is also his son. He is too hard to him and he could at least try to be kind to him a bit. CC tells him that he knows that he is living together with Mason. Everything which is getting in contact with Mason gets poisoned. He should come home. Ted no more listens to him and goes out.

CC phones to the public prosecutor. He asks him to make a raid in Kelly's flat and take Mason along in case he is there.

Mason phones to Ginger and asks her to take care that her ladies are getting out of the flat of his sister. Ted is coming and Mason sends the girls into the bedroom. Ted tells from CC and that he is going to marry in the afternoon. Mason gets up and tells him that he will go and congratulate them and also have a talk to CC who always tried to separate them.

One of the ladies answers the door bell. It is Mrs. Parks. Mason leaves. Ted offers a drink to Jackie.

Eden tells Cruz that he looks good in his suit. Cruz asks her to stop fighting and become friends again. A phone interrupts their talk. Eden is full of joy after this talk. She tells Cruz that Marcello has given to her a good advice in the shares and now the shares have risen for eight points and she sold it. Now she has the money for finishing off the Orient Express restaurant. For Cruz this is a cold shower. Wonderful, first night-gowns then share what will be tomorrow, the Taj Mahal? Eden asks Cruz about Brandon. It appeared to her that he agreed to her fathers decision. If he also thinks that a woman cannot be a good business manager. Cruz tells her that she is interpreting wrongly what she has seen he has a lot of trust into her abilities. Eden feels very much hurt that CC is preferring a 6 year old child instead of her.

Maggie and Warren take a drink in a restaurant. Maggie's mood is totallly down. Warren tries to cheer her up. He will find a way to help her and she should not lose her hopes.

Gina is still in fight with herself concerning the pills. She sends Brandon to tell CC that she is soon ready. She lost her fight and takes the tin with the pills along with her.

Brandon opens the door it is the priest and Mason. Brandon is happy to see Mason and runs to fetch CC. Gina comes down the stairs and is shocked to see Mason. Mason asks about the health of her baby . Gina tells him that it is everything ok. She asks him to go. CC comes and ask Mason to go. Mason tells him that he should not try to divide him from Ted. They are brothers and love each other. He wishes them then all the best.

Eden tells CC that she wants to talk to him. She will not come to the marriage. Gina forced him to marry her in getting pregnant. She has arranged this marriage. In her eyes she can see fear. CC tells her that he is going to marry Gina as he loves her. Eden tells him that she in this case she is going away. She will no more stay in this house and runs up to her room.

Gina takes the pill.

Cruz comes to CC's office and tells him that the people in the hall don't know what to do. CC tells him that he does not want to marry without Eden. He does not want to lose her. He asks him to talk to Eden.

Jackie is talking with Ted about the wish of his father and her hopeless position in telling him that he alone will be able to decide in which college he is going. Ted answers the door bell. The two ladies get into their position. It is the police. They take all of them along because of prostitution.

Cruz asks Eden not to run away. She is totally unhappy because her whole family is breaking up. She wants to go back to Europe. What's about him? Yes, she would stay only because of him but she can't bear it any longer. Cruz tells her that he will tell her something which will change her mind.

CC is very excited about Eden's behaviour. Gina tries to use this occasion to boot out Eden. She tells CC that Eden is like Mason and only wants to destroy their marriage. CC disliked her comparison with Mason and she quickly tells him that she likes Eden. CC tells her that if she comes or not he will start with the marriage with or without Eden. Gina is obviously battling her condition in relation to her growing addiction to the pills. She has to turn around not to show CC how dizzy she feels and quickly swallows one more tablet.

Brandon comes to fetch them for the marriage. He can't wait any longer so also the reverent. CC tells him that they are coming in one minute. They are only waiting for Eden.

Eden still hysterically crying runs into the office. Cruz follows her. She is excited about that her father is preferring a 6 year old child instead of her. She says that now she understands what Mason always tells, CC loved Channing and he wants to have a new Channing. Cruz asks her if she did not knew this? She says yes, but she never thought that CC will not accept her in Channing's place. She thought that there has been always something special between her and CC and now he prefers a six year old child which is not even belonging to the family. Cruz tells her that CC is having a good reason for this, Brandon is Channing's son and he is his grandfather. Eden can't believe it.

Brandon knocks at the door and comes in. He asks them to come to the marriage because uncle CC says that they are only waiting for Eden to come.

Mason is sorting the post in his bar office into important and not important. He finds he should have a break and train himself in his arcade game at the slot machine. Ginger is phoning. Mason tells the waitress to tell everybody that he is not here as he does not want to get disturbed now while he goes on concentrating on his game.

Ted wants to explain at the office that he is Ted Capwell and Mrs. Parks is his teacher. The officer asks if one is calling this now in this way. Ted finds his remark not very funny. All of a sudden a reporter starts to shoot pictures of Ted and Jackie. Ted runs behind him and demands the film without success.

Cruz sends Brandon out and tells him they will come in a few minutes. Eden is watching the boy figuring out the truth behind Cruz's words. Cruz asks her what she wants to know. She asks him if it really is true. Cruz confirms and tells her that Brandon is her nephew. She wants to know about the mother. So Cruz tells her the whole story. Channing had a secret relationship with Santana about one year till she got pregnant. CC found out everything about it and persuaded Santana to give her child free for adoption. He has arranged everything in a way that all remained a secret. Santana was sent to take care of some business matter for some months officially to get her child unnoticed. He then took care that his friend Stockman and Gina adopted the boy. Santana agreed to CC's demand because he made it clear to her that she never will become Channing's wife. Also because she was in fear of her parents.

Now Eden can remember the changes in Channing's nature at that time. It was because of Santana and their child. He has become so strange and keeping to himself. She could not understand him anymore. Cruz asks Eden not to tell anybody about it. Eden asks him whom he wants to protect. Cruz tells her that he wants to protect Brandon in first line. Santana left the city only for this reason. Eden suspects a co-plot of her father and Gina. Cruz tells her that Gina does not know who the real parents are. Eden understands that CC cheated Gina by not telling her the real reason for this marriage. She wants to know why he never told her about. Cruz tells her that it has not been his secret but Santana's and he has found out everything by himself. Eden gets very irritated about. She thought that he is her friend. She starts to blame Cruz for all kinds of things. Cruz ends her outburst by asking her if she now wants to go to the marriage or not.

Marisa and Jade discuss with Brick Jeff's sterility claim. They think Amy is not telling to them the truth. Brick is totally on Amy's side and defends her. The phone rings. Marisa is taking. It is Mr. Friendly. He praises her daughter in all ways and asks her if Amy could not come this evening for about three hours as Mr. Lee would be in need of her. Brick takes the receiver and tells Mr. Friendly that Amy is tired after a long and hard working day and she needs now rest. He can tell Mr. Lee that she is not coming tonight and will do all her work tomorrow. Without waiting for a reply Brick puts down the receiver. Jade asks if she was hearing right just now. Brick says, yes she was. Amy needs rest and he will take care that nobody is going to disturb her sleep.

Ted tries to reach Mason. But he is not taking the phone. Jackie phones to Brick and asks him to come along with her passport. Brick agrees.

Brick opens the door and bumps nearly into Mr. Lee. He invites him into the house. Mr. Lee asks him if he is the dragon who is protecting the princess. Brick tells him that Amy sleeps as she is total exhausted, he knows that she is pregnant. Mr. Lee says he knows that she was having a hard time behind her this year. The death of her father and then her brother. He only asked her to come to the office because she must find it strange that she never got to see him. He wanted to answer the questions she might be having. Brick tells him that this they also can do tomorrow. Amy is one of the best secretaries he can get. She will be always loyal as long as she is working for him but he must understand that at the moment the baby is her first priority. And now he has to go to help a friend. He will bring him to the door. Mr. Lee tells him that he also has to go and he only requests him to inform Amy that he was here. Brick opens the door and when Mr. Lee is already standing outside and putting on his dark sunglasses Brick asks him if he knows Dr. Renfro. Lee holds in for a second and then says, yes, why he is asking. Because he was phoning to his office asking for him once and he is the doctor of Amy. Lee tells him that Dr. Renfro is indeed an expert and good doctor. He knows him from a meeting they are having twice a year on medical ethic.

Mason wins his game. He is totally happy. He takes it as a hint that his fate has now changed to the better and he is having again a chance to win. The waitress takes her chance to tell him that his brother and Mrs. Parks were also taken along at the raid. Mason tells her he will go there and make everything alright at once.

Eden and Cruz join the marriage party. The marriage starts. All runs normally till the point where the new couple is asked to kiss each other. CC bows to Gina to kiss her but Gina faints and breaks down. CC brings her to bed and the doctor is called.

Mason meets Brick at the door to the police office. Mason greets the officer who knows him. He tells him that he can stand surely for the people here. He introduces Mrs. Parks in a very nice way. The officer accepts. Ted is very upset about Mason and his ladies specially in relation to Jackie who could lose her job. Jackie is in a softer mood. She finds that Mason could not know that she is coming. Mason is very gallant to Jackie and tells her that Ted is right it is his guilt and he will bring everything in order. Jackie finally invites them for a dinner. Brick takes Ted and Jackie along with his car while Mason tries to put right the matter with the ladies of Ginger.

Gina opens her eyes. Her first question is if she is married. CC says, yes and she is relieved. She wants to be alone with Brandon. When alone she asks Brandon to bring her the pills.

CC is in his best mood. He thanks Eden that she is here. Eden mentions Brandon his stepson. By hearing the name of Brandon CC immediately is starting to think on all the future he wants to give to this boy. He rushes to phone to Kelly and tell her the news of his marriage. Eden finds the tin with the pills on the floor and reads what is written on it. They are for Gina's pain. No more than four tablets within 24 hours against pain. She picks it up and places the tin on the table. She tells Cruz that she wants to go as she is having the feeling that she can't breathe anymore. Brandon comes and takes the tin.

Jackie asks Brick and Ted what vegetable they are preferring and sends Brick for shopping. Jackie answers the bell. It is Mason handing her over a flower he picked up in the field. Jackie likes it. Mason tells Ted that the ladies are out and will no more come to their house. He also informs him that CC has ordered this action. He actually wanted to arrest him. Ted does not believe him. He finds Mason is already paranoid in seeing everywhere CC behind.

The doctor comes. Gina is hiding quickly the tin with the pills. Her main worry is that the doctor is telling CC that she is not pregnant. The doctor is reassuring her that he will not tell and let her inform her husband. She tells him that her maid has thrown away her pills and she would like to have again some. The doctor tells her that he will prescribe her some which are not so strong. CC comes in and asks the doctor about the baby. He tells him that his wife will tell it to him and goes. Gina tells CC that it is only as he has thought. She fainted because of the baby. They are both well up.

Eden enters the house boat with Cruz. She is still very excited. She finds that for the first time she can understand Mason. CC and Gina fit together. He loves her child and she loves his money. She never liked Santana but now she feels really sorry for her. She understands that CC feared that Santana would ruin the political future of Channing. How would it look. Married to the daughter of a Mexican housemaid. If he thinks that her father is having prejudices?

Mason thanks Jackie for her wonderful dinner. It was the best one he has ever eaten. Jackie likes his compliments. Mason wants to go home. Ted wants to go on seeing the show on the television. Mason asks Ted to come to the door with him. He then asks him for $250. Ted tells him that he will get it.

Eden is going on with her thoughts while Cruz has fallen into sleep on his chair. Eden slaps him. Cruz gets up and after bringing her to smile he asks her if she wants to marry her in a very serious manner.

See photos of Jack Lee and Dr. Renfro!

Warren and Bob, the former owner of his press and his personal adviser, are in the Lockridge mansion. It is morning and Warren asks him how he finds his article on which they have worked the whole night. He asks him to go ahead it is perfect. Bob answers the bell. It is Maggie asking Warren not to publish the article.

Cruz is still in bed. He opens his eyes and watches Eden with much interest how she opens his little box, takes out the ring and puts it on her finger.

Ted wakes up on the sofa at Jackie's place. He fell asleep while watching the TV show. Jackie comes with the newspaper. They are shocked to see their picture with an article in relation to the prostitutes.

Augusta is taking breakfast with Jade and Laken in the bar. Augusta is irritating Laken by some bad remarks on the article about Ted.

Augusta is called to the phone. It is Stanfield Lee. He wants to see her at lunch. She asks him to come without driver.

Augusta takes place again at the table and makes some remarks on what a dream of man Stanfield is. Laken can't hear her mother talking in this way and gets up and runs out.

CC is talking with the prosecutor on the phone. He told him that he asked him to pick up Mason and not Ted. He tells him that for this he will loose his job and puts the receiver down with force. He reads out to Gina the article from the news paper. Ted and Jackie Parks, teacher from the best high school in the city picked up together with well known prostitutes. Gina tries to calm him down but in vain.

Eden notices that Cruz is awake and watching her and takes quickly off the ring. Cruz gets up and asks her why.

Warren explains Maggie why he wants to publish the article. A little dispute is starting. Maggie is giving up and does no more believe on some success. Warren gives in but begs her at least to read the article. Maggie sits down and starts to read. Bob meanwhile shows Warren the picture of Ted and Jackie. He tells him that they also could have bought the picture such. Warren tells him that what he has learned in the past week is that he is also responsible for what they are writing. Even they would write under such a picture that the person is having nothing to do with it the people will associate it different and the image of the person is ruined. In this way he does not want to make his paper. Bob is very happy about his opinion and leaves for the press.

Maggie is deeply touched by the article and starts to weep over it. She asks Warren to publish it as it is.

Ted tries to calm down Jackie over the article. He opens the door to go home bumping into Jade and Laken. They see Jackie behind him. Laken turns around and runs away.

Cruz wants to clear the matter with Eden on the spot. The ring means so much for him. A phone interrupts them.

It is Maggie. She informs him that she has seen half a dozen of workers on the way to the Capwell mansion. It looks as if they are going to close the tunnel. Cruz asks her to wait.

Eden tells Cruz that she does not mind it if he goes. Cruz insists on clearing up the matter. He wants to marry her. Eden wants the keep all as it is. She loves him. Cruz asks her to marry him.

The head of the school is telling Ted and Jackie how shocked she is specially on what she has heard in the hall. They have been together last night. If something similar is happen again they both have to leave the school.

Gina searches for her pills. She fights against her force to take it. CC comes and tells her that he has booked their flight to London for their honeymoon on Friday. Gina wants to speed up the matter.

Cruz comes with Eden to the mansion. Maggie is waiting for him. Cruz sends Eden away and asks Rosa for CC.

Eden is looking through her mail. Gina comes with Brandon and starts talking to her with honey in the voice. Eden replies are sharp and short. Gina sends Brandon in the garden and starts to confront Eden with all her newly gained power. She is now the number one in the house and she should learn to accept this because form now on she is only the number two. Eden fights back and tells her that if she thinks that she will give room to somebody else in this house than she is wrong.

Augusta cleans up in the room wearing a very sexy looking dress. She tells Warren that next time he should find for his work another place or leaving the room clean. Augusta opens the door. Jack Lee and she embrace and kiss each other. Augusta introduces Jack to a frosty Warren. Jack explains her that he has refused a client of him. He tries to bring in order the matter in a friendly way by excusing himself for not telling him his refusal for Maggie's case personally. Warren confronts him very hard by calling him a coward in not overtaking a case against his friend CC. Augusta on her side is surprised to hear that Jack Lee is a friend of CC.

CC wants to know from Cruz why he wants to stop the destruction of the tunnel. Cruz finally has to tell him that they have taken up the case of Channing again because they are having proof that Peter has not been the murder. CC is shocked and promises Cruz his help and support. CC goes to stop the workers. Meanwhile somebody opened the secret door to the tunnel and overheard their whole talk.

Cruz shows Maggie the empty drawer where the revolver has been all the time till the day he was taking up again the case.

Jackie and Ted are alone in the classroom. Jackie tells Ted that it will be better when they are no more seen alone together. They also better no more meet each other outside the school. Jackie leaves the office and the students waiting outside make their jokes with a frustrated Ted.

CC can't explain why the revolver is no more in the drawer. Cruz asks him if he is suspecting somebody. CC can't imagine that there could be anybody who hate Channing so much that he killed him. Channing was such a lovely fellow everybody was loving him and he had so many plans with him. CC gets called by Rosa for signing some papers.

Maggie understands now why she should keep the Lindsay matter a secret. She did not know that CC loved his son so much. Cruz tells her that he wants now to go down and see the tunnel. Mr. X closes the secret door. Cruz and Maggie hear the noise of the shutting door. Cruz takes the flashlight and enters the tunnel while Maggie remains in the office.

Gina returns to Eden. She has a suggestion how they can stay together. And then with her most hateful voice she hisses to Eden she should move out of the house. She is old enough and should look how she can manage her life in the world. CC only loves her and she is disturbs their love and harmony. Eden gets up and tells her that CC did not marry her because of love. He married her because of Brandon. He used her to get Brandon. It is time that she gets to know the real truth.

CC comes back to the office with Warren's article in his hand. He tells Maggie that it took a while to find out that this article is about her. Maggie says no, its about her husband. CC warns her not to start a fight against him. She will lose the fight. Maggie tells him that she has meanwhile learned that in his circles one hand is washing the other but she does not want to win the case she only wants to have justice.

Cruz carefully inspects the ground of the tunnel till he finds a fresh print of a shoe.

Gina does not want to hear Eden's truth but Eden goes on telling her that CC is the grandfather and Santana the mother of her adopted son Brandon. Gina is shocked and can't believe it. Eden tells her the whole story up to the adoption. Gina close to tears tells her that CC would have told her this as he loves her. Eden tells her that he only loves Brandon and under normal circumstances he would have told her. Gina wants to know what she means with normal circumstances. When he really loves her. Gina is destroyed and tells Eden that she hates her for this. Eden tells her that if she did not find it on the time that she and Brandon get knowledge of the truth. Gina begs her not to tell anything to Brandon. He is so young. Eden calls Brandon. Brandon comes and Eden tells him that his mother wants to tell him something.

Ted and Mason are sitting in the State Street Bar. Mason notices Augusta together with Stanfield Jack Lee on the other table and informs Ted all about Lee's high position in his function as a lawyer. Lee gets up and wants to use Mason's "out of order" phone. Mason tells him that it is working and he can use it. Mason takes his chance and goes to Augusta's table. He tells her that he is sure she would give much if Lionel would see her together with Lee. He can arrange it for $100. She asks him to go quickly as Lee is not having much time.

Brandon is waiting for what his mother is going to tell him. Eden tells Gina that Brandon is closer to herself than to her so why should she hurt him. They send Brandon out again. Gina meanwhile has gained back her balance and goes on attacking Eden that she is now the housewife and she will go on to decide what is going to happen in this house. It does not matter if Brandon is CC's grandson Brandon is still her child. Eden goes.

While Cruz investigates the fresh print the hand with the black glove is locking a door in the tunnel. Cruz hears the noise. When he reaches this door he sees some bullets on the ground which he is picking up.

Mason tells Lionel that for $50 he will tell him where his wife is just sitting in company. Lionel makes the bargain.

Augusta is in deep conversation with Lee. Lee wants to know more about her driver Brick. She tells him that she does not like to talk about Brick as her mother in law is already so fond of him that he is managing her whole share. She asks Lee if he can still remember how he called her when they met at the time Lionel was not there. To Augusta's disappointment he can't remember it. Lee asks if she knows about the article Warren has set up in his paper against the Capwell Enterprises. Augusta tells him that she knows and is very proud about his courage to stand up against the Capwells.

Mason is back in his bar office. Ted tells him that he finds it humiliating how he always begs for money. He has decided therefore no more to lend any money to him. He is having $500 with him and he will give the whole amount to him without interest and as a present from brother to brother. Mason is very touched and tells Ted that this money means more to him than $10.000 from any stranger.

Lionel comes into the bar goes to Augusta and kisses her on her mouth. He then tells Stanfield Lee that his wife has probably forgotten to tell him that they are only for the time being separated. They will reconcile and live again together. So he should better search on other places for a woman as she is only very expensive. Augusta excuses herself for this happening but enjoys obviously the situation.

Minx is sitting on the sofa. Cruz is coming and introduces himself. He tells her that he has come through the tunnel. Minx remembers Cruz as a boy and they share some nice words.

Gina wants to talk to CC but he is in worry about Kelly as she is not visiting her therapist regularly. The family is already in Boston but Kelly is still on the Bermudas. He fears that she no more wants to stay with him. Gina tells him that it is normal that the children move out in her age. CC tells her but not his daughters. He wants them to stay with him. CC phones leaving Gina aside. Gina is obviously nervous and irritated that CC puts her behind his worry of Kelly and with some upset remark leaves him alone at the phone.

Marcello is phoning from the airport to Kelly informing her that he is already on the way to her. She should not worry in troubling him. He has promised her to help whenever she is in need of him and so he will do it. When putting down the receiver he tells to himself that even when CC dislikes it he will help her.

Augusta is getting up and Mason wants again to talk to her. She introduces him to Jack Stanfield Lee who thinks that he must be one of CC's sons. Augusta gives Mason the rest of the money, again $50. Mason tells her that he can show her a place where she can observe Lionel without getting seen for $100. She will over think the matter.

Eden comes to Mason and tells him that Gina knows now that Brandon is the grandson from CC. Mason asks her how she could tell it to her. CC will be very upset and throw her probably out of the house. Eden is surprised to see that Mason knows already. The waitress tells Eden that her father has phoned and asked her to come home at once.

Minx of course wants to know the reason for his investigation of the tunnel. Cruz is not telling her and she only tells him that her husband and CC's father had built together the tunnel. Cruz at once suspects that the reason for building this tunnel has been for hiding illegal materials. Minx does not reply to this. Cruz leaves his phone number in case she prefers to talk than having to come to the police station.

Augusta comes back to Mason and wants to see the place. Mason leads her to the top of a villa of a friend of his who is not in Santa Barbara at the moment from where she can see Lionel's boat without getting seen. Augusta likes it very much and tells him that she will be back in 30 minutes.

CC asks Eden to fly to the Bermudas and bring Kelly back. Eden is ready to do so and CC is getting ready the plane for her.

Mason visits Lionel and tells him that for $100 he will tell him the place and the person who is observing him all the time. Lionel gives him first $50 for this information. Mason shows him the place and tells him that in about 15 minutes some eyes will rest on him. Lionel wants to know the name of the person. Mason wants the rest of the money. Lionel tells him that he does not need to know from him it will be Augusta.

Lionel watches with his telescope the place and gets confirmed that it is Augusta. Augusta on her place looks through her binoculars. Lionel wants to give her something to see and invites three ladies.

Gina tells to a surprised Brandon that she always will be her mother and he always can come to her.

Gina takes the phone and asks the doctor for more pills. He does not want to give her. She tells him with a raised voice that in this case she will change the doctor and she does not know if her husband will like this. She puts the receiver down and is no more knowing what she should do. She is having only two more tablets.

Mason enters the boat from Cruz as the door is open and calls for him. When standing in the room he sees that somebody has turned everything up to down most probably in search for something. Mason finds the letter from Lindsay Smith to Channing and takes it up wondering what Cruz is doing with this letter. He hears Cruz coming and puts the letter into his pocket. Cruz wonders what happened. Mason tells him that he just has come in as the door was open. It seems he should use an alarm system. Cruz says that somebody is behind him since he is on this case. Mason directly tells him that he knows that he has taken up again Channing's case. Cruz hopes that he did not tell anybody. Mason says no, only Eden as he thought she knows about. Mason gives him the good advice to be very careful after what had happened in his boat and leaves.

The girls have come. Augusta tries to take it cool but is at once restless. One of the girls comes out and takes off some of her clothing.

CC receives Jack Lee. He asks him for overtaking the matter of his oil fields in Indonesia. Jack gives to understand that he is having top information for this business as he is working also for some government matter. Jack informs CC also that he is going away for two weeks in some important matter and then will arrange the holidays for the president in Santa Barbara. He then starts to give some hints that Warren Lockridge wanted from him to overtake the case of Maggie Gillis's husband which he has not done but he has seen the files and if Warren finds the witness a good lawyer has a good chance to win the case and what comes out can be embarrassing for Capwell enterprises. CC thanks him for the hint.

Augusta phones to Minx and asks her to come to the boat of Lionel as it is important.

Eden meets Cruz not in best mood on the boat. He asks her not to touch anything till the men from the police have been here to investigate the matter. They are behind some material from the case he is working on. Eden tells Cruz that she is going for one day to the Bermudas to fetch Kelly as a favour for CC. Cruz wonders if Kelly will like this. Eden says yes. Kelly and she will stay in the mansion. She can't tell him how much she hates Gina. She tells him then the whole incident. Cruz can't believe that she has broken her promise not to tell anybody. He fires some harsh words against her and she takes on her turn the ring and throws it into the water telling him that their relationship is having an end. Cruz stays back affected and can't believe it.

Gina tells Mason that she is happy that she knows now the truth but still she thinks that CC only married her out of love. Mason asks her to be carefully with her knowledge and never feel too safe. Before she knows it she is put on the street and Brandon is taken away from her. Gina says that this is not possible as Brandon is adopted by her. Mason reminds her that CC has arranged this adoption and he easily can also cancel it again. She should not underestimate the power of CC. Gina gets very excited and Mason tells her that after all it is not so bad as she is pregnant she only has to remain cool.

Mason goes and Gina no more having her body condition under control is taking her last pill wishing to be really pregnant to bind CC on her.

Minx comes to the boat hearing laughter behind the door. She opens it and Lionel is very surprised to see his mother.

Mason pays his debts to a very happy barkeeper and gives him a nice tip in addition. He then sits down at the bar for a drink and starts reading the letter on Channing. He can't believe reading a love letter on Channing from Lindsay Smith.

Minx enters the room of Lionel's house boat. Lionel is surprised but invites her to a round of cards to play with them. Minx has to laugh.

Marcello asks for the room number of Kelly. He knocks at the door and a very happy Kelly opens and embraces him Marcello tells her that he is very proud of her in seeing her in such a happy condition. He asks her if she never goes out of the room. Kelly tells him that it is difficult for her to make contact to other people. Marcello tells her that this will change in the evening.

Mason is reading the letter of Lindsay Smith to Channing up to the end and starts laughing while spoiling his whole drink. He knows Lindsay Smith as a nice lawyer and now it turns out that Channing has been homosexual.

Gina is very nervous. Rosa asks her what the matter is with her. Gina gets very excited but then says sorry to Rosa. She thinks by herself that she has to talk to somebody and tell her problem.

The barkeeper is cleaning up the drink of Mason and advises him better stop to drink. Mason's office phone rings. It is Gina asking him if she can come to talk to him.

Warren is sitting with Maggie at a table discussing the low reaction to his article and about fear in the eyes of the lawyer who just left them. Maggie notices Mason on the other table and tells Warren that he might overtake her case as he might have joy in fighting his father. Warren is not very fond of this idea. Mason is not the right one. Maggie thinks that there is no lawyer in the town which they did not contact. Warren says no, joking there is still the book with the yellow pages.

Gina comes to Mason and in her excitement she starts commanding him to make contact for her with Hank. She is having problems and he needs to talk to him very urgently. Mason wants to know the reason but she does not want to tell him. Mason asks her if her new name Capwell has gone already into her head the way she is commanding him to act for her. She says sorry and he tells her that everything is having a price. She wants him to act for her without payment. Mason tells her that this she can say in her present position but he is on the street. Mason finally agrees to make the contact with Hank for her but she should meet Hank in this bar and not on another place. He finds this relation dangerous specially in case CC will find out. She hopes that he is keeping his mouth to which he agrees.

Marcello tells Kelly that she should start to go out and have some joy. She has to stop to keep always to herself. He has come the whole way from Santa Barbara to help her but she also has to help him and so she should put on her best dresses and make herself beautiful he will go out with her. Kelly doubts that she will have any joy but agrees to follow his advice.

Lionel tells Minx that he knows why she is here. Augusta was spying on him and has phoned to her that she should come and spoil everything. Minx agrees. Lionel thanks the three girls for the successful show and asks them to make to him the favour to leave the boat in a way that Augusta gets the impression that something very indecent has happened while they have been on the boat. The girls give their best and Augusta is very happy that Minx was finding Lionel in this delicate situation.

Minx is upset. She does not like it to be misused by Augusta and him. Lionel starts talking with Minx openly. He tells her that it is true that he had a relationship with Sophia while she was still married to CC because he was drawn very much to her but it is not true what Augusta told her. He is not having any relationship to Sophia now. Yes, he has hurt a lot of people by this and it was not alright but such thing happens sometimes. All he wants now is to reconcile with Augusta and get back the love from Warren and Laken. Minx tells him that he will have no success in this because he is not able to take up a regular work. Lionel tells her that of course he can do a regular work. Minx asks him if he would bet for it. Lionel agrees. He tells her she should tell him the conditions and he will win the bet.

Mason tells Gina that he has phoned to different places and Hank will be soon here. She should sit at the empty table and wait for him. Gina thanks Mason and asks him what she has to pay. Mason tells her that he will one day come and fetch it probably.

Mason goes on thinking about Channing's homosexuality. He wonders who is knowing about. Cruz of course and maybe his assistant Maggie. Then of course Peter who has blackmailed Channing and Lindsay Smith. Dad of course did not know about this. What fun it will be when he will tell around this story.

Lionel asks Minx about her conditions in this bet. They agree that he has to take up a normal job and has to live fully on this money only for a certain time. If he wins he will get back the shares of the family to deal with them. Minx on her hand also should try her best to help him to win back Augusta.

Marcello tells Kelly how beautiful she is. He takes her to the mirror to see for herself. He tells her that some people have to learn to deal with their disabilities but she has to learn to deal with her beauty. Kelly tells him that he is the first person who tells her that she is beautiful since the death of Joe. She gets somehow relaxed.

Warren warns Maggie of Mason. Even he was thrown out by his father he will not stand up against him and they will keep together in such a matter. Or even he is overtaking the case he will withdraw from them when he is getting in troubles. Maggie insists that she wants to give the case to Mason. He is having a sharp brain and she is now going over to his table to ask him.

Mason asks Maggie to sit down and invites Warren also to come to his table. Maggie tells Mason that up to now all lawyers have rejected the case as it is against a big company. Mason tells her that he likes such difficult cases. Maggie then informs him that it is the case of her husband Benjamin Gillis against Capwell Enterprises and the accusation stands for bodily injury.

Minx frightens Augusta by her sudden appearance. Minx tells her that Lionel told her that she will be here. He is behind her. Augusta at once sees the connection with Mason. Minx asks her if she would like to have back Lionel. Augusta says yes, if he would change himself. Minx tells her that she is just testing him if he can change himself even she doubts that he will be able to do so.

Hank comes and Gina is excited about that it took him such a long time to come. He tells her that he had to take care first that it is not a trap. Gina tells him the story of the tablets she got in the hospital and he should only get for her another tin of this pills. Hank asks her if she knows that she is making herself dependant on him. She says yes, but she is having no choice. He wonders why her husband is not getting it for her with his connections. She tells him that she does not want him to know about. Hank then tells her that he is not going to get the pills for her as she wanted to kill him. Why should he help her. She tells him that she pays him. Hank says no.

Mason makes a remark that he is very surprised that they want to give to him as the son of CC the case. Warren tells Maggie that he knew that he will not take it. Mason tells him that he should not judge so quickly. He is indeed very happy to get this case and pay back his father something of what he has done to him. Warren asks him to consider that he will get a lot of difficulties and pressure from CC which might ruin him. Mason tells him that he knows the pressure CC can put on somebody and yet he has survived. If he would have acted according to CC's wishes then he would be in another position. He is not afraid of CC and if they don't thinks so then they have to look for another lawyer. Maggie suggests to go to her flat and see the files of the case then he can decide if he is taking the case. Mason agrees.

Kelly tells Marcello that the evening was really wonderful and she has made already some progress she has gone out and smiles a little. Marcello tells her that he is very happy that she is doing so well. The truth is that he likes her very much and wants her to see her happy again as she was before. Kelly all of a sudden notices that he knows so much form her while she does not know anything from him. He should tell him something about his family. Marcello gets somehow serious and tells her that he has lost his family in the war. He can't forget the people who have killed his parents and he is therefore doing everything in helping people in similar difficult life situation that they should never suffer what he had to suffer. Kelly at once gets very compassionate. Marcello quickly asks her if she does not like to go to dance with him. She tells him that she can't. She would have always to think on Joe how he was dancing with her. She asks him if this ever would go away. He tells her no. It will remain like a shadow. When one turns around one will caught up with it. The trick is never to turn around and always to look into the future. Somebody knocks on the door. Marcello opens the door. It is Eden. She asks him in a surprised and harsh voice what he wants at this place.

Gina tells Hank that she will ask somebody else in this case. Hank asks her to sit down again and tell him how much she is having with her. She says $500. Hank says that's ok for now and when he brings her the pills she will have to give him the rest which is $2500. Gina is upset but is having no choice and gives him the money.

Mason sits down and says that she is right the files are really voluminous for an empty stomach. Maggie understands and asks him if she should prepare some sandwiches for him. He also mentions that he would like to study the files in peace for alone if they don't mind. Warren goes with Maggie to prepare the food for Mason.

Mason knowing himself alone puts away the file he was just holding in his hands and starts snooping around in her cupboard by opening all her drawers till he finds the file concerning Channing. He finds the number of Lindsay Smith noted on it and phones to him at once while holding the file still in his hands. He tells him that he is working together with Cruz Castillo and Maggie Gillis on the Channing case and he would like to put some questions to him. He makes an appointment for one o'clock in the night in the bar.

Warren again warns Maggie from Mason. Their families are lying in fight. Maggie thinks such times are over and smiles.

Maggie brings Mason his meal. Mason quickly sits down and opens again one of her files. He tells her that he still will have to study the files but from what he has seen he thinks he will overtake the case. He also will need an assistant. Warren offers his help. Mason tries to tell him as polite as possible that he don't think that they will be able to work together in harmony. He tells Maggie who defended Warren very much that she will have to decide between Warren and him. This is his condition.

Eden bursts out that now she knows why Kelly is not coming back at home. He is the reason for this. Kelly tells her that Marcello only arrived in the afternoon. Marcello adds that he also told Kelly to come back to Santa Barbara and live again with her family. Eden calms down somehow. Marcello tells her that he also finds the way she is acting now not the best for Kelly. Eden gets upset and commands Kelly to pack her things and come along with her. Kelly tells her that she is not acting on her command, or on daddy's command or anybody's else command. Eden turns around saying she understands and goes out just to step into Marcello's room opposite to Kelly's room. The room maid is still there preparing the bed thinking she as the owner of the room. Eden waits till she left and starts snooping around. checking first his shirts.

Gina thanks Rosa for taking care of Brandon. She goes to her room in search of money.

Mason tells Maggie to decide quickly as he is having no time. Maggie tells him that Warren has invested so much time in the case already that in this case she thanks him for coming but she cannot override Warren. Mason gives in and agrees to work with Warren and goes. Maggie is full of joy that they are having a lawyer. Warren is happy that she has decided herself for him even he is not happy with Mason.

Eden is not finding much things from Marcello sees Marcello's suitcase. She opens it and searches through all his papers and finds identification disks from her father's military service at the war in one of the inside bags. She wonders very much how this has come into the hands of Marcello.

Cruz is dictating into his Dictaphone all what has happened since he took up again the case against Channing. He then sits down at his desk to make a list of all who could be the possible murderer. He starts with the list that Channing was killed on 30th July 1979. He thinks that the murderer knew about the tunnel and might have used it to escape. Who knew about this tunnel? Lionel and Minx for sure, Augusta and Warren maybe. On the Capwell side Mason. He is having a motive.

Mason is fetching a drink at the bar. Frank, the barkeeper is telling him that they are going to close shortly. Mason takes just lemon and soda as he is in need of a clear head. He gets back to his place when Lindsay is coming and taking place at his table.

Gina is also entering the bar. She sits down and takes a tonic water. She is so nervous that she can't hold her glass anymore. Mason notice sitting her and asks Lindsay to wait for him just a moment. He gets up and asks Gina how she can be here at such a time. If they are no more sharing one bed or if CC is having such a deep sleep. If her being here is having something to do with Hank. Gina asks him to leave her alone and don't put any questions to her. Mason seeing her desperate condition goes back to his table keeping an eye on her.

Hank comes. He takes delight in Gina's plight and moves only slowly to her table.

Kelly is again in a very depressive state lying in her deckchair. Marcello comes and tries to cheer her up again. She does not want to go back to Santa Barbara as all will remind her on Joe. Marcello lifts her mood up and she embraces him. Marcello presses her fatherly on himself and starts hugging her and stroking her hair. Eden comes and watches them from the background. Seeing them in this situation she turns around and goes to her room.

Eden phones to Cruz who has fallen asleep over his papers on Channing. She tells him that Marcello is here and she was in his room and has found identification disks from CC in his suitcase. What she should do. Cruz tells her that she can do the same she has done with the ring. Eden smiling holding the ring in her hand while phoning asks Cruz if he tried to get it out of the toilet. Cruz says, yes but he could only save the empty box without the ring. She asks him if he is still mad about her. He says no, he will get drunk a few times and then he will have forgotten the case at least he knows now definitely her opinion concerning the ring and she has no more to fear that he will give it to her again as it has gone into the toilet for ever. Eden asks him to give her serious advise what she should do with the identification disks. Cruz asks her to give it back from where she has taken it before he notice the loss as it was not at all a good idea to take it. Eden wants to go on talking but Cruz has put down the receiver.

Hank opens the tin and counts 8 pills on the table. Gina wants to have the whole tin telling him that she has put in bail a costly necklace which CC has given to her. Mason watches the whole scenery from his table. Hank pushes the 8 pills from the table and enjoys watching Gina how she hunts for each pill under the table. He coolly steps on one of the tablets and destroys it. He tells her that the price from now on is going up next time she will have to pay $500 for each tablet. Gina quickly takes the first one while telling him how disgusted she is from him.

Lindsay gets nervous and wants to go. Mason enjoys the situation. Lindsay wants to know how much money he wants for keeping quiet. Mason tells him he does not want money but only a reply to two questions. First, who of them has started and second, where they have met each other. Lindsay tells him that Channing has started and they met each other in the tunnel. Mason tells him that he does not quite believe this as this tunnel is very wet and dark. Lindsay tells him the secret of a locked room to which he has lost the key long ago. Mason puts some pressure on him. Lindsay finally takes out his bunch of keys and gives it to a very pleased Mason.

Warren knocks at Maggie's door and she gets up. She tells him that she was thinking so much on the case over the whole night that she only shortly before went to bed. She thinks that he is right and Mason will not help as he will not act against his father. Warren tells her that he also was thinking on Mason that he might spoil it in being too upset. It knocks on the door and Mason comes in. Maggie is in the other room for dressing herself. Mason is asking for a coffee. Warren unkindly tells him that he can take it at the next corner on the street. Mason asks Warren a favour for his work. He wants to get into the tunnel from their side as he does not want to be seen from one of the Capwells'. Warren agrees. Maggie comes and Mason asks from her the document about the installation of the security system. He reads through it and sees that the installation was done in only 48 hours. He also mentions the payment which Warren agrees to overtake. Mason tells them that he would like to see them in the afternoon again for a talk to which they agree.

Kelly talks to Marcello that she always has the feeling to be a child when being at home. Marcello asks her if she is not rather treated as a child. She tells him that she even was afraid to tell CC that she has contacted him. They are talking about her fears and Kelly overcomes her depression.

Eden knocks and asks if she can come in. Kelly tells her with much joy that through the help of Marcello she knows now what she wants. She will go back home with her. Eden thanks Marcello. Marcello tells them that he feels very hungry and wants to go and fetch some food for all of them.

Kelly meanwhile tells Eden how much Marcello has helped her. Eden is very short in her comments and tells her that she has the feeling that he has come too close to her. Kelly objects her opinion and informs Eden that it was she who has contacted Marcello. Marcello told her that the other therapist is a very good one but she insisted to get help from him and he has agreed to give her sessions through the telephone. Eden finally accepts that Marcello really has helped her and they embrace each other.

Marcello comes with the news that wonderful food is served soon for all of them and starts joking with a happy Kelly.

Mason visits Cruz and asks him about the time one needs to set up the installation system on an oil rig. Cruz tells him that the shortest time one can set up this system is 72 hours and only if all are working all the time with full concentration. It can be done never in a period of 48 hours. Every expert can confirm this to him.

Cruz phones with his secret source of information and gets all about Marcello.

Marcello is searching for the identification disks in his suitcase and then in his room. He comes to the conclusion that somebody must have taken it and thinks at once on Eden as it is an item without material value.

Cruz phones again to his secret information service and wants to know all about the time CC served in the army at the second world war.

CC approaches Gina in a very loving and tender way telling her how beautiful she is and touching her belly he asks how long it will take that one can see that she is pregnant. Gina tries to slip away telling him that she does not want to disturb his work. CC tells her that he has something to do in the afternoon. Gina tells him that she wants to buy some things. CC asks her to promise to him that she is not driving around alone when it is dark.

CC takes the phone. It is Eden telling him the good news that she and Kelly are coming the next day. She truthfully adds that it is actually Marcello who did this wonder and that Kelly has asked for his help. She does not love to say it but he really has helped her. But she does not trust him and wants to talk to him about something when coming home.

Gina searches in CC's office for something she could sell. She then resists and gets another idea.

Marcello asks Eden if he can talk to her. A thief was in his room. Eden tries to escape but Marcello holds her back on her arm. He tells her that he thinks that she is the thief. Eden plays innocent and tells him that he can search her room for it if he wants. He tells her that this he has done already. Eden asks him how he can. He tells her that this was what she deserves. He takes her bag and turns it down throwing out all her things from the bag searching for the identification disks. Nothing. He looks at her breasts and knows where he can find them. He tells her that if she is not giving it out by free will he will take it while having his hand already on her swimsuit. Eden gives it to him.

Cruz is holding his paper with the informations and starts to make a comparison. First he reads out: Marcello Armonti lived during the time of the German invasion with his parents in a little suburb of Rotterdam. He has become an orphan at five years and was put into several concentration camps till the end of the war. One year later Count Armonti adopted him and took him to Italy.

CC belonged to the army aircorp and served there as a pilot. He flew 16 successful missions through the places of the enemies and was shot over a suburb of Rotterdam. Cruz makes his conclusions and phones to Eden.

Marcello takes the phone holding Eden back from doing so. He tells Cruz that she is not here and has gone out somewhere. Cruz asks him to inform her that he has phoned. Eden wants to know who was on the phone. Marcello tells her that it was nobody for her. She thinks it was good that this happened as by this the truth has come out. Marcello asks if she means the truth that she is a thief? He has purchased the identification cards at an auction and wanted to present them to CC at the time of their fusion in order to please him. Eden does not believe him. Marcello finally tells her that she has been from the very beginning against him and he gives it up. she should think what she wants.

Gina hides herself behind a column next to Hanks flat. Hank comes out and goes away. She takes a special key and tries to enter his flat when Hank all of a sudden stands next to her asking what she wants to do. She would not have found the pills as he is having them in his pocket.

Mason is with a candle on the way through the tunnel. He finds the secret room and opens it with the key.

Hank pushes Gina into his flat while telling her that they are going to have some fun like in old times. Gina asks him not to do but according to her shouts and noises behind the door he obviously raped her.

Cruz is talking to Maggie about the case. He tells her that might be dangerous and she can still step out. Maggie insists on going on in helping him. Cruz tells her that he is having a plan to trap the person.

Mason finds in the room a photo album of Channing and Lindsay. He thanks Channing in thoughts for giving to him such a nice present by which he can proof to his father that he was gay.

Mason sits at his table in his bar-office and looks through the picture he has obviously taken out from the photo album he found in the tunnel. Mason sees Warren coming to his table and quickly puts all the pictures together.

Warren sits down. He tells Mason that he wants to talk to him for the meeting with CC's lawyer. Mason asks him what one needs when one wants to put photos on a video tape. Warren tells him a camera and a recorder. One can rent it. Mason asks him if he can get some money in advance. Warren says no not till he knows how is going to proceed and talking to CC's lawyer. He gets up to get the newspaper.

Mason gets up and phones to Lindsay. He commands him to rent a camera and a video recorder and bring it to his flat. He also wants him to be his assistant in the case of Maggie Gillis against Capwell Enterprises. Lindsay is upset but then agrees.

Maggie tells Cruz that she can help him only in the afternoon as she has to go to a meeting in her case. Cruz finds it a pity as he wanted to go on putting a trap to the murderer. Maggie says she is sorry but she has to go to this meeting and he agreed already for this. Cruz wants to know who her lawyer is. On hearing the name of Mason he asks her to consider that she is coming into conflicts with the work they are doing. Mason is standing with his strong hate against Channing on the top of the list of the possible murderers. Maggie tells him that she does not believe that Mason is the murderer, also not Warren. Cruz is somehow upset telling her that then they can just cancel the two and have to do less. Maggie tells him that Mason is the only one who has overtaken the case and she feels good. It is very important for her and now she has to go to meet Mason before going to the conference. Cruz tells her that he will bring her to Mason as he also has to talk to him.

Eden sits in a chair still at the Bermudas and looks dreamingly at the engagement ring from Cruz while putting it on and of her finger and is playing with it.

CC finds Gina and embraces her. She feels pain on her arm. He suggests to her to go to bed again as she has got up so early. Gina tries to escape and tells him that he is having this meeting today and his lawyer will be here more early to discuss everything with him. The door bell rings.

CC's lawyer is at the door and informs CC that Mason is the lawyer on Maggie's side. CC first is somehow irritated but then thinks that Mason will not have the strength to keep through this case and they can use this by making him uncertain. He commands the lawyer to tell Mason that the meeting will be here in the mansion this will confuse him a lot.

Mason asks Maggie if she would mind if he talks with Cruz for a minute. Maggie sees Warren at the bar and sits next to him.

Warren is happy to see Maggie and wonders if he also will be at the meeting. Maggie tells him of course. For her it is already a great success to get a meeting with CC's lawyer.

Cruz asks Mason if the case is having a chance or if he is overtaking it only for earning some money. He estimates Maggie very much and therefore he would not like him to do so. Mason tells him that if the case would not have a chance he would not have overtaken it he should know him already that he would never do this. Cruz wonders what Lindsay is doing in the bar. Mason tells him that he is helping him in a case. Cruz asks him if they have come closer to each other. Mason tells Cruz that he knows that he is not satisfied with Peter's letter and is going on with the Channing case but if he really thinks that Lindsay could have murdered Channing only because of a rejected love. Cruz excitedly asks Mason from where he knows this and for how long. Mason tells him that he has found it out by himself and if he tells him all what he knows about Channing's case he might be also able to help him. Cruz tells him that he is now in civil that he should not forget.

Brick takes the phone. It is Jeff. He wants to talk urgently to Amy. Brick tells him that he should stop bothering them. Jeff asks him not to put down the receiver he only wanted to tell Amy that he now knows who the father of her child is . . . . ..Brick then hears only a shout and that was the end. He quickly phones to the police in San Francisco asking them to go to Jeff's address and see what happened to him.

Mason informs Warren, Maggie and Lindsay that CC wants them to have the meeting in the mansion. He probably knows that he has overtaken the case and wants to confuse him. Lindsay asks Mason if he can talk to him for a moment.

Lindsay asks Mason what he is going to do and how long this uncertain situation is going on with him. What he is talking with Castillo. Mason tells him that he can't tell him anything as he himself does not know yet how he will proceed. He asks him to bring the recorder and the camera he is having in the car to his flat and meet them at he mansion.

Mason gets back to Maggie and Warren and Cruz asks Warren to take care for his assistant.

Cruz is getting a drink taking place at Mason's table. Sophia is coming in and asks him if she can talk with him about Eden. Cruz offers her a place and wants to know first what she is knowing about Marcello's past in the world war. She tells him that she does not know very much only that he has helped her shortly after the accident with the boat and that his parents got killed. Cruz tells her that if she knew that CC was having a crash at the same place where Marcello was living with his parents. Also that Eden has found the identification disks. Sophia wonders. She tells Cruz that she noticed that Marcello always was getting a strange expression in his eyes when they were talking about CC but he never has told her anything about his experiences in the war. She loves Marcello as he has helped her a lot but she starts wondering now about him in relation to what she finds out in the last time over him. Cruz invites her to see the file he has started on Marcello. They get up. Sophia tells Cruz that she would like him to help to gain back the love of Eden who is rejecting her so much.

Eden is entering Cruz's boat. She sees the little box and puts in the ring.

Brick phones to Amy and tells her that he has to do some works for the Lockridges in San Francisco. He will be back in the evening.

Mr. X is phoning to Dr. Renfro and wants to get information about Brick. He thinks this man could become dangerous for them as Jeff has probably told him too much.

Rosa is addressing Gina. She has noticed that she is going late to bed and getting up early. She tells her also that she has noticed that she is wounded at her arm. Gina asks her not to tell to CC. Rosa offers her help. Gina tells her that she knows that she is doing this in first line for Brandon as she is the grandmother of him. Rosa wants to know from whom she knows but Gina did not tell her but only informs her that she will eat in the city.

Cruz enters the boat. He asks Eden if she still wants to see the files of Marcello. Eden tells him that he should do with Marcello's documents the same he has asked her to do with the identification disks bring the talk at once to the little box. Cruz is taking the box. Sophia knocks and Cruz tells her with a raised voice that they will talk later. He than goes into the bathroom.

Sophia asks Eden if she has disturbed them in the middle of a dispute. Cruz looked so irritated. Eden tells her that Cruz is angry with her as she has told Gina that Brandon is Channing's and Santana's son. Sophia tells her that she does not find this so bad. Sooner or later she will have found it out by herself. CC should have told her before the marriage. She thinks CC also should have told it to everybody in the family. Eden is happy to find at least one person on her side and tells her that she feels now much better.

Cruz comes and gives Sophia the file with the documents about Marcello. Sophia wonders very much and tells Cruz that she will go and ask Marcello about. Eden tells her that she can stay but Sophia says that she is in a hurry and while stepping out of the boat she is reassuring Eden that CC might be upset at the first moment but then he always calms down quickly specially as he loves her so much as she is the dearest to him.

Cruz asks Eden to say that she has done wrong in throwing the ring into the toilet. Eden is not giving in. Cruz goes out of the boat and throws the box into the sea. Eden is shocked to see and tells him that the ring is still in as she has put it in again. Cruz tells her that he does not believe this. Eden takes off her shoes and jumps in after the box fully dressed up.

Cruz smiling holds the ring in between his two fingers and finds the degree of the water is comfortable.

Rosa is phoning with Santana telling her all about her worries and that Gina knows it and one does not know what she is going to do. Somebody is at the door and she quickly closes the talk.

Rosa opens and Mason is introducing to her all the people ending with Lindsay Smith. Rosa still knows him and Lindsay is saying hello to her. Rosa brings them to the place of the meeting and goes to fetch CC with his lawyer.

Mason asks Maggie to sign first a paper where it is said that he is getting 40% of what is coming out when they are winning the case. Warren finds it much but Mason tells him that it is a contingent fee and as he and his assistant are getting nothing till the case is won he thinks it fair. Maggie agrees to this and signs.

CC and Erl are coming. Mason introduces all to each other watching carefully Lindsay and CC at their introduction. CC does not accept Warren in his house. Mason tells him that in this case they have to go to the court. Warren quickly jumps in and tells he will wait outside. CC then wanted to know who the lady sitting at the table already is. Mason tells him that she is a shorthand typist in order to type everything down what they are talking. Erl CC's lawyer is surprised and says that he thought they are only going to have an introductory talk. CC tells him that it is ok for him. Mason starts to state that even he is the son of CC Capwell he is no more living in his house as CC has thrown him out of the house and also has disinherited him. He states herewith that he has taken up this case not for a revenge or for getting back his heritage but only because he is sure that his client Benjamin and Maggie Gillis are in right. He then tells them that they are going to charge Capwell Enterprises not only for the cost of the treatment of Benjamin Gillis and his salary but as they are sure that this injustice was done on purpose just to cover up their not properly installed security system. So they charge Capwell Enterprises for 20 million dollars. CC needs a lot of self-control not to show how shocked he is. Maggie gets big eyes while Lindsay makes a quick turn to Mason. CC and Maggie look at each other straight into the eyes. CC's lawyer tries to make Mason laughable putting their main facts against Mason and telling him that the court will not accept the case as it is too minor. He tells this as he wants to prevent Mrs. Gillis to waste her money on a lawyer. Mason fights his point of the security system down as it needs at least three days to get it properly installed but he also will charge CC in knowing about the weakness of the security and that he was blackmailing people just to save money which was more important to them than the security of their workers. Erl tells Mason that nobody will tell that he was blackmailed. CC is upset and tells Mason that he knows that he never was working in this way. Mason tells CC that of course not he but others have done this dirty work for him. Then he ask Erl if he would privately make a bet with him that such things have been done. Erl did not accept the bet. Mason tells CC that as a lawyer he wants to warn him that this case will bring him a lot of inconvenience as it is a fight between David and Goliath but the news papers and the public opinion will be on Maggie Gillis and her husband's side.

Brick knocks at the door of Jeff's flat. He enters then the flat and notices that Jeff must not have been there for a long time. The phone is on the floor.

Gina hisses to Hank why he lets her wait so long and what he wants to tell her. He tells her that the price for the pills have gone up to $900 per tablet. Gina is upset. He reminds her on their wonderful night. Gina warns him that he might not wake up one day if he again is doing this to her.

Brick thinks the best is to phone to the police. Jeff might have tricked him. He takes the receiver and finds blood.

Eden comes in happy with the box. Cruz opens and it is empty . Eden can't believe. She tells him that she will pay the ring to him. She tells him that she was so happy that he has given to her this ring and she loved the ring so much. She feels so bad now and really sorry. Cruz comes and shows her the ring. Eden gets upset because he let her jump into the sea while having the ring. Cruz tells her and she let him search in the toilet for the ring while having it with her. She should know that he is more clever than she. Eden comes with her wet clothes and embraces him to make him wet.