Michael tells Katrina to give a message to Warren as he seems to have disappeared. Katrina lies to him that she doesn't know where he is and Michael tells her that he must go to the district attorney's office for questioning. Angela and David fight over his decision to get a divorce. Lionel and Sophia talk about their lives and Sophia tells him that it's best for her family that she's never coming back again. Katrina calls Warren and tells him that she has found his friend in Russia. Warren decides to skip bail and try to find him. Angela, being the bitch she normally is, finds Cassandra and tells her that Mason shot Warren at close range. Cassandra is very shocked at the news. Mason tells Julia that he is prepared to cancel his forthcoming wedding to Cassandra if she wants to get back with him. David overhears this and leaves unnoticed.

Cruz gets a lead that Eden has been spotted in Mexico but he is not sure if he should check it. Suzanne puts him back to form by persuading him he should leave immidiately and give it a try. Cruz thanks her and tells her that he is proud of her that she's made a new beginning in her life. Cassandra confronts Mason about his shooting Warren but they soon get back together. David and Angela have a terrible fight as David doubts Warren's innocence. The subject soon comes to their divorce and Angela tells him that she is determined to use every dirty trick she can come up with to hold him back from destroying all their dreams over his lust for Julia. Mason tries to make love to Cassandra but she starts to cry and tells him she can't go through with it. He comforts her by holding her in his arms. Meanwhile, Julia, deeply hurt from the latest bust up with the love of her life, breaks out in tears.