Angela talks to David and begs him not to go through with the divorce. She has decided to stop blackmailing him with giving the file of Marilyn's death to the police but David claims that his guilt over that and their mutual political aspirations were the only things that they had to keep being married. Angela doesn't give him a satisfying excuse for bailing out Warren so he decides to ask Cruz and Julia. Meanwhile Cassandra is dreaming of Warren and whispers his name to Mason's bemusment. Later she has a nightmare in which she accidentally shoots both Warren amd Mason and wakes up in distress. She talks to Mason about the recent developments and although Mason is turned on by her provocative underwear she is determined not to give in until they are married. Angela goes to the Santa Barbara Conscience office and tries to find out where Warren is but Suzanne and Katrina won't betray his trust. Lionel catches her snooping around the office and she has to put up with his remarks while Cassandra arrives and insists that she tells her if Warren is innocent or not. David visits Julia in the DA's office where Julia and Cruz had been talking about her love for Mason, Eden and Scott Stapleton's taking over Warren's case, and asks them why everybody is so sure about Warren's innocence. He immidiately puts all the pieces together and realizes that Angela is Warren's alibi. Suzanne talks to Warren on the phone in Russia where he is trying to help his old friend Pavel Ivanof, but after talking to Julia and Cruz about the danger of him going to prison regardless of his innocence she decices to persuade him to return to Santa Barbara. David confronts Angela knowing she had an affair with Warren and Cassandra tells Mason she cannot marry him.

Gina has planned a surprise for C.C but Santana comes and he prefers to talk with her. Craig sees the whole scene and tells Gina that he will help her. Angela tries to find where Warren is again but Suzanne and Lionel refuse to tell her. She gets in a very tense and emotional conversation with him. He's certain that she is involved with Warren but Angela won't admit it. He tells her that Warren needed to go away, as a woman has broken his heart but he doesn't tell her who she is. Although Angela insists on not having an affair with him, Lionel sees through her disguise as he's been through the exact same situation with Sophia. David and Cruz get in a shooting competition in the practicing room. Every shot shows how angry David is as he read the file of Angela's confession. Gina tries to surprise C.C again but Santana comes to talk to him about the new pool she has designed for the mansion. Craig informs her that it is forbidden to build a new pool at the moment because of lack of water, in order to save Gina's plans. Finally, Gina puts on a video of an ultrasound scan she made and C.C is astonished to see his son. They have dinner together and seem to get closer. Angela and David fight again over Warren, Julia, and the divorce, and after David demands that Angela goes forward with the truth, Angela explains that this way Scott Stapleton and Mason will find a way to connect her in the attempt and bring up the fact that David was driving the car that lead to Marilyn's death. Santana talks to Cruz as she has found new feelings towards C.C but Suzanne comes and Santana leaves. Cruz and Suzanne have dinner and Cruz tells her that once again the lead to Eden was nothing. He comes to terms with the fact that Eden will only come back in her own will.

David leaves for his daily run on the beach and Angela decides to run too to ease her nerves, after calling Suzanne to check if Warren has called. C.C. thanks Gina for last night and tells her that he finds her almost bearable. Gina is flattered and hopeful. Meanwhile, Santana asks Rosa for some room in the kitchen because she wants to cook dinner for C.C. Rosa tells her that she should keep her distance, as C.C. is still in love with Sophia but Santana tells her that she just wants to thank him for helping her launch her new business. Katrina and Dash are at Julia's house where Katrina is baby-sitting for Samantha as Julia is out of town. Dash feels guilty that Katrina is not close to the Capwells anymore and decides to talk to C.C. Cruz drops some papers to Julia's house and David arrives. He tells him that he doesn't blame him or Julia for hiding the truth from him, when Angela comes. After her usual remarks about David being at Julia's she tells Cruz that she will tell Scott Stapleton the truth today. Raphael tells Suzanne that the lead to Eden was worthless and he invites the whole family to break the news. Angela tells Scott that she was being interviewed by Warren in his apartment the night of Mason's shooting but Scott doesn't believe her as he is determined to nail Warren. Dash tries to reconcile C.C. and Katrina but C.C. tells him he won't, unless he leaves town and Katrina's life for good. Santana invites C.C. and Gina watches them in envy. She finds a box of chocolates sent for Cassandra by Mason and after a fight between her old and new-good and improved-personality the old one wins and steals the chocolates! Raphael tells the family that the bartender that identified Eden was drunk and everybody loses hope once more. Raphael tells Cruz that he should let go. Angela tries to seduce David but he is not willing. C.C. talks to Sophia and tells her that she's free to do whatever she wants. Santana arranges a date between Rosa and Raphael in order to have free range and soon after she has dinner with C.C. They have a marvelous time and Santana asks him to kiss him goodnight. Cruz is unable to sleep and Suzanne drops by. He tells her that he will go on with his life as he has to think of Chip and Adrianna and he doesn't know if Eden will ever come back and if she does God only knows which personality she will have.......

Rosa is in the kitchen thinking about the wonderful time she had with Rafael last night despite her embarassment and guilt. Santana drops by and they talk about it. Santana is thrilled that her mother did something different than slaving at the kitchen for the Capwells but Rosa still feels that she not able to date and have a good time anymore. Rafael visits Cruz in the beach house where he is having breakfast with Suzanne. After a brief talk about his date with Rosa they talk about Eden. Rafael is convinced that Cruz must continue his life and stop feeling sorry for himself, if not for himself at least for his children's sake but Cruz is not ready for such a drastic move. C.C and Craig are having breakfast at the Oasis and C.C asks him if there are any news about the search for Ted. Craig says he knows nothing more and asks him about Warren. Once more he shows an unexplained hatred and fury towards him. Katrina and Suzanne get a call from Warren and find out that he is going to broadcast some live interviews from people in the streets of Moscow. Meanwhile, Brandon leaves the boarding school for a few days visit. Gina is happy that she can have her son back for some time. Santana considers having a talk with him too but after talking to C.C she decides to leave things as they stand.....

Santana talks to Rosa and persuades her to go out with Rafael one more time. Later, she watches Warren's broadcast on T.V and feels very proud of her old friend. Craig throws to her some very bad remarks about him but Santana gives her full support. Gina and C.C watch too and while C.C is busy Gina gets a note that Mason has sent to Cassandra asking her to marry him while Warren is gone. Gina throws it away. Katrina watches the show with Dash and feels very emotional as the people in the streets of Moscow remind her of herself when she was in East Germany. They go to have dinner at the Oasis as she wants to be seen with him. Cruz and Suzanne tutor Rosa on how to behave to Rafael and Cruz wonders why Suzanne hasn't had her things sent to Santa Barbara if she feels it's her new home. At the Oasis, Katrina asks C.C to dance as an effort to make amends. Lionel and Sophia meet by chance and they talk. Lionel accidentally hints that there is a connection between Augusta's recovery and Mason and Cassandra's wedding and Sophia wonders why. Lionel patches it up and they go together to the party at the Oasis. Rosa and Rafael have a splendid time at the party and he is very impressed about her knowledge about art. Cruz introduces Suzanne to Craig and she later tells him that she got very cold vibes from him. Sophia walks to the Oasis and bumps into C.C. Lionel comes and C.C is devastated to see them together. Suzanne, Rosa, and Rafael are at Cruz's house and talk about the auction of her painting, when Cruz comes and shows them he was the one who gave the highest bid and got it. Santana in her night gown talks to C.C about the sketches she's made for the redecoration.They talk about Brandon and as they get closer Gina watches them crying.......

Julia returns to Santa Barbara after her trip. She meets with David and they talk about what's been going on between them. David tells her that he doesn't blame her or anyone else for his problems with Angela and apologises about his bad behaviour. Cassandra is watching Warren on the T.V and feels very touched. She realizes that she had forgotten what a gentle and caring man he really is and feels guilty she ever thought he tried to kill Mason. Mason arrives and they start to talk. Mason asks her to rearrange thier wedding date and after Mason tells her that he's made plans to have the perfect wedding she accepts. Cruz and Lionel talk about the case and Lionel tells him about his suspicions that Angela is behind Mason's shooting. Cruz admits that he has had the same thoughts but now doubts about them being true. Julia and David are still together when Mason comes and breaks the news about his forthcoming wedding. Julia is shocked at the news but she feels even more shocked at hearing Mason asking her to be the maid of honour. Julia doesn't know what to say but Mason tells her that it would be best for Samantha to see that they are still friends despite their divorce. Julia tells him she will think about it. Cassandra goes to the newspaper office and tries to find out a telephone number to reach Warren. Suzanne and Katrina don't want to give it to her but at last they do. Cassandra goes to the Oasis and sends a fax to Warren telling him she now believes that he is innocent and he didn't shoot Mason.

Everybody is watching Warren in Moscow. Katrina is touched by a girl's story while Mason and Gina talk about Warren. He tells her that he rearranged a wedding date and Gina suspectes that there is a connection between Warren's absence and Mason's wedding plans. Cassandra visits Minx at her suite and they have a talk with Lionel. Cassandra tells them that she will marry Mason and that she feels tremendous guilt that she didn't believe in Warren from the beginning. Angela is writing a letter to Warren begging him to come home. Warren and Pavel talk and a young girl comes. She asks Warren to help her prove the innocence of the man she loves. Minx, Cassandra and Lionel get in a terrible fight as they try to make her change her mind about marrying Mason. They tell her that she should try and persuade Mason to drop the charges of Warren otherwise it would be like taking sides. Cassandra tells them that she sees her wedding as the way to stop the feud between the Capwells and the Lockridges. Gina talks with Mason and tells him that he should consider that Warren may not be the killer and if that's true the real killer might be around him. Angela comes and has a fight with Mason. She teels him that if he ever uses Marilyn's case to destroy her, Julia is going to be so furious that he destroyed David too that he will never have a chance again to win her back. Asya, the girl who is with Warren, tells him about her boyfriend Nikolai who got in jail with no reason and Warren agrees to help her. Lionel tells Cassandra that he thinks Angela is the killer and soon after Cassie leaves saying that they should accept her wedding otherwise they will lose her for good. Katrina and Dash talk with Mason and Katrina asks him to accept them as a couple. Mason tells them that he won't get in their way if Dash agrees to spy on Angela as he is her gardener. Dash refuses to do it and Katrina feels very proud of him. Angela and Cassandra have a fight at the Oasis and Cassandra finds out that Angela used the hotel's fax machine to send a fax to Warren. Warren promises Asya to print her story and he tells Pavel that he will return to Santa Barbara as soon as he finishes the story to prove his innocence. Lionel and Mason argue as Mason calls Warren illegitimate and a furious Lionel points out that his plan is obvious. If Julia comes it would mean that she doesn't care and if she doesn't that she still loves him ....

C.C talks to Sophia about the party at the Oasis and Sophia feels that C.C was deeply hurt that she turned up with Lionel. She calls Lionel and asks him to meet. Meanwhile, Rosa misunderstands Rafael's intentions and they have an argument. Rosa decides that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Gina talks to her as she sees her disturbed and decides to talk to C.C and try to make them get back together. Craig talks to his 'friends' on the phone and ask them again about Warren's I.O.U's. After that he calls C.C and tells him that he still has no news about Ted. Lionel meets Sophia and she tells him that C.C was hurt by their appearance at the Oasis and asks him to stop meeting as if they are seen together her family will be reminded of all her sins that led to Eden's problems. Suzanne is at Cruz's house and she finds out that the next day it's his birthday. She decides to plan something special for the occasion. Mason tells Julia that the wedding will take place at a park in San Fransisco and that he has already made reservations and plans. Lionel advices Julia not to get caught up at Mason's game and refuse to attend the wedding but she's already decided to do it. A Chinese family is talking with a young man about his problems with a girl called Mai Lyn. It turns out it's Ted!

Ted is walking in Singapore and a blonde woman is following him without showing her face. Cassandra tells everyone about her wedding and both C.C. and Lionel do a last effort to change her mind. Katrina and Suzanne plan a surprise party for Cruz's birthday while Sophia gives him a present. Cruz finds a note with a riddle that leads him to the Oasis. Cruz remembers that this is the exact way that Eden planned their engagement and runs as he is convinced it's a note from her. C.C. and Gina's plan works and Rosa goes out with Rafael again. Cruz gets at the Oasis and he receives a portrait of Adrianna. He is now completely sure that Eden's behind it. Cassandra and Lionel get in another terrible fight as he tries to stop the wedding. Cassandra tells him that she doesn't care who she will marry as long as it's not Warren so it might as well be Mason. She believes she can change him and that Julia couldn't because she had so many expectations of him that Mason couldn't handle. Cruz follows the next riddle and he gets a portrait of Chip. The mysterious woman gets some pictures of Ted. Lionel tells Cassandra that it was Mason's fault that Julia left him because he is so afraid of love that he destroys it. Suzanne, Katrina, Rosa, Rafael, C.C, Sophia and the children are waiting for Cruz. Cruz enters the house calling for Eden and he is completely let down to see just his friends and family. After everyone else is gone he screams at Suzanne as he thinks that she planned it after reading about the riddles from Eden's letters. Suzanne breaks down in tears and tells him that it was just a coincidence as Eden never wrote this at her letters. Cruz doesn't believe her and starts to read the letters again to see if he is right. Sophia sees Lionel at the Oasis and asks him to forget about their deal and dance with her as she needs some company. Rafael pushes Rosa to dance with him but Rosa doesn't want to. All the pressure makes her do one single but very impressive move and Rafael wonders where she has learned to dance this way. Suzanne is alone at the house and Chip gets himself in an accident as he turns on the gas at the kitchen and puts a towel on it. Suzanne saves him from the fire and Cruz comes. He thanks her and apologizes that he didn't believe that she had no idea about the riddle hunt. The blonde woman starts to paint a portrait of Ted. Cassandra leaves for the airport and sees a newspaper with Warren's work in Moscow in the headlines. Cruz approaches Suzanne and he kisses her! She is shocked and she leaves running while Cruz regrets his actions.....

Katrina talks to Suzanne who is totally freaked out. Suzanne feels guilty because of her feelings for Cruz. She never had a love story as grand as Eden and Cruz's and she was in love with him for years just from reading the letters. She feels she has betrayed Eden. Chip is upset because he thinks that the misunderstanding with Suzanne was his fault and Cruz tells him it's not. Rafael tries again to show him he should move on with his life as his children need a new mother and he is obviously very lonely. Cruz considers his views but feels that if he gives up on Eden she will never come back.The blonde woman finishes the portrait of Ted. Cassandra gets emotional as she watches Warren on T.V. and she feels guilty when Mason is gentle and tender to her. Cruz decides to talk to Suzanne but Katrina answers the phone and tells him that she talked to Suzanne about last night and Suzanne has decided to move back to her hometown. C.C. comes and he is angry with Katrina because she put Mason and Cassandra's wedding announcement in the front page of the paper without consulting him first. Katrina shows him that he is angry because Mason didn't tell him himself. The blonde sends the portrait to Mason in Santa Barbara and checks the paper with the announcement. Warren says goodbye to his friend and leaves for Santa Barbara. Cassandra and Mason talk and she tells him that she had a dream that has made her think that this wedding will be the biggest mistake of her life. Julia calls and asks them to meet with her and Cassy asks Mason to go for a walk to the place where they'll get married. Rosa and Rafael go to the zoo with Chip. Cruz calls Katrina to check on Suzanne but Suzanne comes. They talk about last night and they admit their true feelings. They kiss, both willingly this time, and a nation of viewers begs "Bring back Eden!". C.C. and Santana talk about the redecoration of the house and although C.C. has some second thoughts, he is determined to wipe out all memories of Channing. Mason and Cassandra walk to the park where they will get married and on display there is a portrait of Ted. Mason cannot believe his eyes....