Cassandra and Mason are still in the park and Mason can't understand how in the world a portrait of Ted could be there. Julia calls David and tells him her feelings as the wedding comes closer and Angela walks in. She is being sarcastic about David's affair with Julia. Warren calls Lionel from Alaska and tells him that he'll be back today. He asks Lionel to get Cassy to the newspaper office tonight as he wants to talk to her. Lionel tells him that Cassy is in San Francisco because she is marrying Mason. David speculates Angela's attitude about the case. He can't understand why she still hasn't been approached by Warren's lawyer for a testimony and he can't understand her intentions. Cassandra and Mason are at Julia's hotel room and Warren calls. Mason picks up the phone and they argue. Cassandra grabs it and she tries to stay calm although she is ready to burst in tears. Suzanne and Katrina talk about Cruz and Lionel comes. He tells them that Warren is coming back tonight. Angela comes and he hides it from her to get her nervous. He tries to learn something from her but Angela sees what he is up to. Cassandra takes out her wedding dress and Mason comes. She hides it so that they will have no more bad luck. They start to talk as Cassandra is very nervous and doesn't feel happy at all with the way they'll marry. She always dreamed a big ceremony with family and friends but she can't have it as everybody's opposed to this wedding. Angela has left her sunglasses at the office so Lionel jumps to the opportunity and goes at her place. Angela and David talk as if he is not there about his apparent intentions and David tells him that if he continues to throw unfounded accusations he will sue him. Mason and Cassy ask Julia to check the portrait too and Julia confirms that it looks like Ted. Suzanne calls and leaves a message for Cruz, full of hope. David starts questioning Angela's involvement in the shooting and he blames her of being the killer! Warren is back and Katrina and Suzanne are delighted to see him. Angela comes and they talk. They both need some company so they make love in the paper's office.

Warren and Angela are half-naked in the office and they talk about their no commitment deal. Cassandra and Mason call Suzanne and ask her if by any chance she has painted a portrait of Ted. After she tells them she hasn't, Mason is sure that Eden is the one who's painted it. Warren talks with his lawyer, who is determined to clear him, about the case and they both realise that it's very difficult to prove his innocence. Mason postpones the wedding once more in order to find Ted. Cassandra tries to find a way to get married in spite of that but Mason tells her they'll do it once they find Ted. Julia calls David and tells him that the wedding was postponed and David tells her that Warren has returned. Although their views on Warren and Mason are completely different they somehow seem to connect. Casandra tells Mason that there may be a symbolisation in the portrait as in the background there is a chinese building. Dash tells the Raymonds he won't be working for them anymore and taking a basket full of food he goes to the newspaper's office and eats with Katrina. He tells her that from now on he will be working more hours in the hospital. Julia tells Mason and Cassandra that Warren is back to Santa Barbara and Cassandra is full of questions, supposedly because she is concerned if he will try anything to stop their wedding again. Mason points out to her that as far as everyone else is concerned they already are married so there is no chance that Warren will try anything. Angela returns home and has a fight with David. Warren's lawyer comes and starts questioning her involvment in the case. He goes on and blatantly asks her if she was sleeping with Warren the night of the shooting. David asks for some time to talk with his wife. Angela admits on having an affair with Warren and although David is angry and hurt, he tries to help her by saying that she should be very careful of what she'll say as the lawyer will probably try to make her look as a suspect. Suzanne is let down as she feels there is no hope for her and Cruz. Katrina tells her that it was Eden's wish for them to get together and that's the reason why she used her personality. Cassandra, Mason and Julia find the man who sold the painting and ask him for information about the woman who's painted it. The man doesn't know anything but tells them that the background is not Singapore or any other exotic place but Chinatown. They all leave to look for Ted.

Mason, Cassandra and Julia return to the hotel but Mason leaves to show the seller of the portrait a photo of Eden. Angela and David talk and she wonders why he continues to support her even though he knows the truth. David suggests that she admits the truth in public. Warren's attorney tells her to start talking because she will have to be prepared to face Mason in court. He stages a trial rehearsal to show her how rough it will be. C.C and Santana talk about the redecoration of the study and Rosa comes. She talks to Santana and warns her to stop acting like the queen of the house because Sophia is still around the corner. Still, Santana is ready to live her new position in full. Cassandra and Julia talk and Cassy talks to her about her feelings for Mason. Julia doubts that she will make Mason happy but doesn't show it to her. In the trial rehearsal, Angela admits everything but the whole thing inevitably leads to another fight with David. Rafael asks Rosa out but Rosa plays hard to get. She throws him out of the house as he gets more and more persistant, but once he leaves she smiles showing she finds him very sweet and charming. The dealer identifies Eden and Mason immediately calls C.C to tell him he's on the track of both Eden and Ted. Santana and Suzanne talk and while Suzanne admits being in love with Cruz, Mason calls and tells her that he has a new lead for Eden. Suzanne tells him that she used to live in Chinatown and maybe Eden is living there too. Angela makes a last effort to make David change his mind but David decides to pack his things and move out before the end of the week. Mason and Julia go to the hotel to check if Eden was there, and they find a tube of paint. Cassandra, alone in the hotel room, is drinking and looking at her wedding dress tells to herself to be happy. Julia after David's request asks Mason to stop the investigation for Marilyn's death as a personal favour. Mason tells her he will but only if she is willing to give him another chance. Julia tells him to go to hell and leaves.....

Mason and Cassandra wake up together and start to make love. Mason can't do it so Cassandra tells him it's because of Julia's being in the next room. Ted packs his things as he feels he is in danger and tells his friends that he can't keep on risking their daughter's life. David comes to San Fransisco and asks Julia if her trip to Boston had anything to do with the investigation of Marilyn. Sophia talks to Lionel about her feelings. C.C comes and tells her that Mason is on the way to find Eden and Ted. Sophia is convinced that this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't distanced herself from the family. C.C goes on about how cold she has been and they argue. Sophia throws him out of the house. Cassandra is angry and tries to get rid of Julia but Mason wants her to stay. Santana and Rosa fight as Rosa tells her that she is about to make the same mistakes. Santana blames her that she approved her old affair with Channing and Rosa admits to that. Santana is determined to claim her place among the Capwells. She then goes and talks with C.C about his fight with Sophia. Santana wants to prove to him that he is wrong about her so she decides to talk to Sophia herself. Lionel finds Sophia at the Oasis and she wants him to go as she is tired of all the fights and the feuds. Santana sees them together and believes that C.C was right about her. Mason, Cassandra and Julia find the building in the picture but don't find Ted. He talks to Julia and starts pressuring her again to accept him back but she runs out of the room. She talks to David and he advises her to stop letting herself being manipulated from Mason. Santana tells Rosa that Sophia is back with Lionel. C.C finds Santana caressing his pillows. Mason tries to talk to Julia again and David comes out of the bathroom but soon leaves. Julia softens and Mason kisses her hands....

In Julia's hotel room, Mason questions Julia about David's sudden departure. He confesses to her that jealousy wells up in him every time he sees her with another man. Mason hypothesizes that their apparent feelings towards each other is the real reason David decided not to stay in San Francisco. Mason then asks Julia to at least admit that they still love each other.

In C.C's bedroom, Santana notices C.C observing her and continues her game of seduction. She turns around and acts surprised to see him standing in the doorway.

Warren is asleep in his office and has a nightmare about the trial. Mason is the prosecutor and he accuses Mason of plotting to kill him, trying to stop his wedding to Cassandra and even drags his affair with Cassandra into the list. Angela steps up and says that Warren should have killed Mason when he had the chance. Mason's voice booms in the background "Guilty of Murder!!" as Warren screams for his innocence. He wakes up in a fright and ponders the outcome of his fate.

Julia tries her best to get rid of Mason. He asks her if she thinks that he'll never be truly happy if he marries Cassandra. Julia does not know how to even respond to his question. He rationalizes that Julia wants to see him married just so that he can get a divorce the moment a beautiful woman comes along. Julia retorts that she doesn't know how his mind works and that is the reason their marriage failed. Mason confesses that their marriage ended because he was overwhelmed by their feelings which led him to make stupid mistakes, but he never stopped loving Julia, and that he wanted their marriage vows to last forever. Julia questions his sincerity this time round. Mason vows to make Cassandra happy and that he is truly lucky to have found someone who loves him in spite of all his shortcomings. Julia wishes him well and asks him not to "tempt" her. She confesses that she will always be tempted no matter how angry she is, and that she will always care about him, but not enough for her to marry him. Mason heads for the door, but counters that the reason Julia won't marry him is because she loves him too much. With that, he is out the door with a chuckle, leaving Julia frustrated.

At the Santa Barbara Conscience, Craig visits Katrina to update her on the search for Ted and Eden. He comments on Dash's job interview for the free clinic. Katrina becomes defensive and warns Craig and C.C not to interfere. She boasts that Dash is a wonderful doctor and he will prove it to everyone. Craig is skeptical that Dash's social standing in the community will get him a job. Craig tells Katrina that she had better renew her visa, otherwise she might find herself being deported.

In C.C's bedroom, Santana apologizes for her intrusion. The air between them is filled with sexual tension, which is interrupted by a call from Rosa. Santana is called away to the garden on business, leaving C.C to examine his feelings.

In Mason's room, Cassandra is on edge and snaps at Mason. Julia arrives shortly to inform them that Cruz has mobilized the entire police force to look for Eden. Mason comments that it is so ironic that Eden is trying so desperately to be found, and yet doing her best to stay hidden. Julia tells Mason to carry on with his wedding plans and that he should leave the search to Cruz and herself. Mason disagrees and refuses to abandon the search. He says that Cassie understands how important this is to him and heads out the door, with Julia and Cassie closely behind.

David tells Angela that he will file for divorce only after the trial is over. He tries to warn her about the potential consequences if she is called to testify. Angela is confident that Warren will protect her. Angela reminisces over all the dreams and ambitions they once shared. David counters that he needed some direction after Marylin's death, but not one of them were ever about love or family. David says that Angela always craved the spotlight. He brings up Marylin and Angela cuts him off. She accuses him of divorcing her for one reason: Julia Wainwright.

In Chinatown, a weary Mason, Julia and Cassie are not having any luck finding Ted and Eden, but Mason refuses to give up hope.

David tells Angela to leave Julia out of their argument. Angela lashes out and throws her relationship with Warren in David's face. David confesses that he blames himself for her affair. She would not have turned to Warren if he had been a better husband. David then tells Angela not to mention to Warren that Mason and Cassandra are not married yet. Angela scoffs that the only reason he wants Mason married is so that Julia won't go running back to him. David avoids her vicious attacks and warns her to be careful even more so because of the trial. He advises her to be completely sure before committing to anything. Exhausted, Angela says that he will be walking out with his integrity and the confidence that he will win Julia's heart, while she is left with nothing. She asks him to call before he comes over, so that she will not have to run into him. After David is gone, Angela collapses in tears of devastation.

C.C is changing when Santana comes in. They talk about remodeling the gazebo. Santana helps him with a cuff link. C.C begins to feel uncomfortable and Santana goes off to continue her work, happy that her plan is working.

Angela goes to see Warren at the newspaper office. She lies to Katrina to get past her and heads into the office and sees Warren sleeping and lies down beside him. Angela wakes him up and tries to seduce him, but Warren disappoints her saying that he has an appointment with his lawyer. Angela tells him that David has left her and that she has never been alone before. She informs Warren that his lawyer, Jim Sanford, has contacted her. Warren promises to do what ever it takes to make sure she doesn't have to testify. Angela promises not to let him down. Feeling sympathy, Warren decides to stay with her as they ease back into bed.

Cassandra tries to convince Mason to go ahead with the wedding. Mason refuses to abandon the search when they are so close. Cassie's face expresses worry. Mason questions her on it and she confesses that she is worried that Warren may come and stop the wedding. Mason consoles her that everyone in Santa Barbara thinks that they're married, including Warren, and there is no reason for her to worry.

David calls Julia to tell her about his new living arrangements. Julia is sympathetic towards his situation. He inquires about their progress in finding Ted. C.C asks David to join him for a drink. He expresses his sympathy over David's marriage and blames the problem on the fact that Angela put up the bail money for Warren. David informs C.C that Angela is Warren's alibi. C.C reacts with shock and accuses Warren of using Angela to cover up his crime. He tells David to keep Angela away from Warren, but David says that there is nothing he can do.

Craig reports to C.C about Katrina and Dash. He informs C.C that Katrina's visa is expiring and Dash's job application to the free clinic.

Mason apologizes to Julia for keeping her in San Francisco for so long. She expresses some haste to return to Santa Barbara to talk to Warren about the case. She then begins to question on his hostile behavior towards Warren and his motivation to drive Warren out of town, which goes way beyond the whole Capwell-Lockridge feud. Mason does not give her a straight answer. Cassie comes in and stumbles onto their conversation. She points out that it is getting late and that they should head out. Julia tells Mason that she has not yet finished with him as they resume their search.

Angela celebrates her freedom as Warren enters and tells her about his glum meeting with his attorney. He expresses concern that the jury will not believe her testimony because of her relationship with him. They comfort each other as they warm into a sensual embrace.

C.C goes to see Katrina at the newspaper office. She inquires about Eden and Ted. She hopes that C.C's whole family will come back to him. He questions her on her well being. C.C informs her about her visa requirements and asks her if she needs any help. Katrina expresses her gratitude for his concern as he heads out the door.

C.C arrives home and finds Santana hard at work on the remodeling. She says that working on the house has given her so much energy, something which she has always admired in C.C. Santana offers to make him a light supper, and C.C finds the offer rather appealing.

Angela vows to clear Warren, but he tries to convince her not to get involved. He tries to convince her of the effects her actions will have on her reputation, but she refuses to hear his arguments as she begins to make love to him.

In Chinatown, Mason, Julia and Cassie continue their search for the building in the portrait. All hope is almost lost when Mason looks up and spots the building on top of a shop house. Julia and Cassie confirm it and Mason rushes into the building, excited at their discovery.

Mason has spotted the building in the portrait and has rushed inside with Julia and Cassie following closely behind.

At the Oasis, Lionel meets up with Jim Sanford, Warren's attorney, to discuss his progress on the case. Lionel notices Angela and tries to reinforce his theory that makes Angela the prime suspect who shot Mason.

Craig delivers a letter to C.C. It is an invitation from Gina for him to come see her new nursery she made for the baby. C.C, tired of Gina's advances, asks Craig to keep her occupied for the evening so that there will not be any interruptions.

In the shop house, Mason is pounding on the door to an apartment, but there is no one answering. Julia and Cassie suggest returning later but Mason ignores them and breaks the lock to the door. The three of them enter the apartment and have a look around. Unknown to all of them, a pair of eyes hidden behind a Chinese mask is observing them.

C.C is about to head upstairs when Gina comes in. She asks him about her invitation, but C.C fakes ignorance about receiving the letter. Gina is in the middle of inviting him to the nursery herself when Craig walks in to save C.C. He tells her that he'll be happy to help her with any of her needs. C.C then declines her offer saying that he has dinner plans. Gina submits and lets Craig escort her out. Santana comes in and discusses her plans for dinner with C.C. She thanks him for getting rid of Gina. C.C tells her that there is something important that he has to take care of, but he will see her later tonight.

Julia and Cassie emerge from another room finding nothing. Mason has a distinct feeling that they are being watched. He begins to call out for Ted. He asks for help in locating his brother. Julia and Cassie begin to question his sanity when they see him talking to the walls. Seeing how determined Mason is, Cassie offers to help translate his pleas into Chinese. Just then, a Chinese couple comes in and demands to know why they are in the apartment.

Mason lunges at the Chinese man and demands to know where Ted is. Julia pulls him off and asks if he knows Ted Capwell. Mason calms down and introduces them as Ted's family. The Chinese couple is skeptical over their identity, and does not admit that they know Ted. They refuse to help Mason. Convinced that the Chinese couple is protecting Ted, Mason writes a note and asks the man to deliver it to Ted. Mason tells him that they will return in two hours, and they hope to see Ted.

Santana tells Rosa that she has set her mother up on another date with Rafael. This angers Rosa. Santana tries to convince her mother to go out with Rafael, but suddenly remembers about her dinner preparations and runs into the kitchen.

C.C tracks Sophia down to the Windsurfer. Sophia is very hostile towards C.C. He updates her on the search for Ted and Eden. He once again tries to ask her to come home. She tries to tell him that things will never change. C.C pleads if there is anything that can change her mind about returning. Sophia tells him that she has been trying to make him listen that there is nothing that will change her mind about her decision. C.C, finally giving up, tells her that he will always love her, by the can no longer wait for her and must get on with his life. Sophia is happy with his decision at tells him that she "releases" him. C.C leaves and Sophia tries to maintain control, blinking back the tears.

Santana emerges from the kitchen upset. She tells C.C that the dinner is ruined. C.C offers to buy her dinner and she accepts.

Cassie calls Lionel at the Oasis and tells him that the wedding has been postponed temporarily until they locate Ted Capwell. She begs Lionel to do what ever he can to keep Warren from finding out because she fears that he will ruin her marriage. Lionel reluctantly agrees. Julia and Mason come in and report that the search for Eden is leading them nowhere. Cassie expresses her haste to get married.

Cassie can't help but feel that Mason is stalling to get married and will cook up another excuse not to after this whole fiasco is over. She tells Mason that he is taking her for granted and that she will not stand for it. She reminds him that they are equal partners. Feeling guilty over Cassie's feelings, Mason promises to marry her the minute everything is over.

The Chinese man hands Ted the message. He informs Ted that he is suspicious of Mason's true identity. Ted confirms that it is Mason's handwriting. The couple informs Ted that Mason will be returning in half an hour. Ted is uncertain if he wants to meet his brother in such a long time. Faced with a dilemma, he heads for the door pondering his next move.

Lionel resumes his conversation with Jim Sanford. Angela interrupts them and demands to know if she will be called on as a witness. Jim cannot give her an answer but doubts that her testimony will carry much weight with the jury once they discover that she is romantically involved with Warren. Angela puts on a whole act on how confident and composed she can be when she is on the witness stand. Unfortunately, Sanford is not pleased with the idea of having a witness lie on the stand, even if it is to cover up Angela's affair with Warren. Lionel still holds on to the idea that Angela could be the murderer. Angela manages to turn the tables on Lionel, making him out to look as guilty as her. This impresses Lionel.

At the Windsurfer, Craig and Gina arrive. Craig goes off to make a call and Gina spots Sophia sitting alone. The two exchange insults. Gina accuses Sophia of trying to run C.C's personal life, but instead, is driving him right into Santana's open arms. Sophia scoffs that it is better Santana than the alternative Gina.

Craig calls Cassie to congratulate her on her wedding. Cassie is forced to lie to him to keep the news about her non-wedding from spreading. When Craig hangs up, Cassie lays into Mason over her dislike of having to lie to her friends. Julia comes in and tells them that it's time to go meet Ted.

At the Oasis, Lionel offers Angela a drink and she accepts. C.C and Santana arrive for dinner. She questions him on his down mood. He covers by saying that it is business. She asks him to dance, but C.C refuses. Over at the bar, Lionel notices the new couple and is intrigued. Santana points out Lionel and Angela together as an interesting match. C.C changes his mind and decides to dance with Santana. C.C and Santana hit the dance floor and amaze everyone around them. After the dance, C.C and Santana head home, leaving Lionel and Angela startled at the "new" C.C Capwell.

Mason, Julia and Cassie return to the apartment to find the door unlocked. The room is empty, but they are being observed by Ted through the mask in the wall.

Gina expresses her jealousy over C.C's relationship with Santana. Craig tries to convince her that there is no relationship, but she counters that he refuses to see what is right in front of his nose.

Lionel finds Sophia and questions her down mood. She says that she is fine and that everything is proceeding according to her plan. Lionel scoff that everything is not as rosy as she makes it out to be.

C.C and Santana arrive home. She unhooks the phone. C.C is at a loss for word regarding their hot dance earlier. They give each other mutual compliments. She comments that he revealed a more younger, mischievous side to her. She says that they were good together. The air is filled with sexual tension as they give in to their feelings and begin to kiss passionately.

Mason, Julia and Cassie emerge from the apartment disheartened. Suddenly, the door across the hall swings open and out steps Ted, much to Mason's delight and surprise.

C.C and Santana are kissing passionately when she pulls away suddenly. Both are startled at their actions. He asks her why she had pulled back. She says that he has changed her and they confess to wanting each other. They fall back into a passionate embrace.

At the Windsurfer, Gina cooks up a story about wanting to drink mineral water and is trying her best to find a way back to the house, but Craig foils her plan. Kelly comes in and finds Sophia. They catch up on her business trip. Gina feigns stomach cramps to put on a show for Sophia and Kelly.

Ted walks in and stuns Mason. He rushes to hug Ted and they are happy to be reunited. Mason asks Ted why he stayed away for such a long time.

Ted confesses that he is a little worried as to the family's reaction regarding his return. He adds that he may not be staying for long. Julia asks him if he is in any trouble, but he brushes the question aside. Cassie asks Ted about his travels and he tells her that he's been to China studying seismology. Mason mentions the Chinese couple's over protection. Ted asks Cassie how she managed to survive the cave in in the tunnels all those years before. Mason informs Ted that Cassie is Minx's daughter, to which he reacts with shock. Mason gloats over his fortune of marrying Cassie. Julia explains that she and Mason are divorced.

Sophia and Kelly go over to show concern for Gina. When Kelly suggests the hospital, Gina panics and says that the pains have subsided. Kelly lectures Gina on how she should not take anything too lightly. Gina stands up and says that it was probably something she ate. She asks Craig to call C.C to come pick her up, but Craig insists that he'd be the one to take her home. Gina retreats to the bathroom. Alone, Sophia comments that Gina was desperate to get C.C running to get her. She compliments Craig on the way he handled Gina. She tells Craig that he need not walk on eggshells to protect her feelings and that she knows that C.C is with Santana. Sophia leaves to check on Gina on the off chance that she wasn't faking. Craig and Kelly talk about business. She apologizes for stealing the business trip away from him, and Craig brushes it off, saying that he can't always get what he wants. Katrina comes in and shows the portrait of Ted to Sophia. She points out the initials S.C in the corner. Sophia confirms that Eden painted it. Katrina comments that it is a sign that all her children will be returning, and that she should be there when they come home.

C.C asks Santana if she can put the past behind them. She says that anything is possible. C.C feels guilty for taking Brandon away from her as well as for all the other things he had done to her and her family. Santana says that she accepts the past and looks forward to the future. They kiss and Gina hears them making out. She uses the doorbell to interrupt them, C.C and Santana are not happy to see Gina. She waltzes in and orders Santana to get her a glass of milk as she rambles on about stretch marks. She points out that the phone is off the hook.

Katrina is updating Kelly on Ted's search. Kelly insists on showing the portrait to C.C and goes to get Gina. Katrina goes on about Ted's character. Sophia talks about Ted as an old soul as she beams with pride. Kelly comes back holding a note from Gina saying that she has returned home. Sophia refuses to return home even after Kelly's pleas to celebrate the wonderful news.

Mason explains to Ted that the divorce was his fault. He invites Ted to the wedding, but Ted declines. Ted wonders how they managed to track him down. Mason explains about the portrait Eden had painted. Julia and Mason fill Ted in on Eden's multi personality disorder that plagued her the past few months. Mason begs Ted to come home. Mason tells Ted that C.C and Sophia have separated again.

C.C asks Gina why she isn't out with Ted. She explains about her cramps but forbids C.C to call the doctor. He asks her why Craig allowed her to come home alone if she was not feeling well. At that moment, Craig and the others enter. Craig says that Gina had run out on him. C.C looks up and sees Kelly. She rushes up to him and shows him the portrait of Ted. The phone rings and Mason asks for C.C. Ted is on the other line and he is overjoyed to hear his son's voice. C.C asks Ted when he will be returning and how long will he be staying. Ted can only respond with uncertainty.

Everyone is talking to Ted on the speakerphone. C.C offers him a job at Capwell Enterprises. C.C comments that Sophia must be excited to know that her son will be returning home. He compliments Mason on a job well done. Mason reminds C.C to keep silent about their non-wedding. C.C warns Mason not to ruin their reunion with Ted. Craig offers to take C.C to Sophia's, but Kelly says that it was a private family affair. Craig fells hurt when C.C invites Katrina to share in the moment.

Julia and Ted leave to get food. Mason calls C.C to tell him that he has a warning for C.C.

After the conversation, C.C is upset and they all leave to see Sophia, leaving Gina and Santana alone. Gina gloats that Santana's romantic evening is now ruined. Santana counters that it was everything she'd hope it would be. Craig snaps at Gina and she says that he is insecure since the lost Capwell has finally returned.

Mason tells Ted not to let C.C's controlling nature get to him. Ted says that he'll return to China in a few days. Mason asks if there were ties in China that he could not break, but Ted says that they are ties he'd rather not break. Ted and Mason start to argue. Ted says that nothing has changed and that he will be glad to leave for China the first chance he gets.

Craig brushes off Gina's implications. She offers to help Craig if he would help her as well. Craig comes clean about his motives for taking her out. Gina expresses bitterness over C.C and Santana's relationship. Craig expresses his fondness of Gina and they kiss. Gina pulls away worried that Santana might catch them. Craig walks away, saying that he will be old and alone forever.

Sophia is delighted to talk to Ted. Katrina is introduced to Ted. They make small talk about the portrait. He is anxious to meet her in person. C.C toys with the idea of Ted and Katrina getting together. C.C invites her to their celebration tomorrow night. Outside, Kelly gives C.C a hard time about his earlier plans with Santana. Sophia looks out longingly at C.C.

Back at the house, C.C unwinds. He asks to speak with Craig. He asks Craig to show Ted the ropes at Capwell Enterprises. C.C lets it slip that Mason and Cassie have not been married yet. Craig says that he can count on his discretion. Kelly again gives her father a lecture on Santana.

Cassie asks Mason to marry her. She expresses concern that Warren may cause more troubles for them. Mason promises her that they will be married tomorrow and there is nothing anybody can do to stop them.

Craig calls Warren's office and leaves a message that Mason and Cassie are still not married yet. He walks away, happy with his actions.

Cassie wakes up and tells Mason that she has an uneasy feeling that something terrible will happen to ruin their wedding. Mason calms her down and talks about their plans for the wedding.

Warren tells Angela that he is in a perfect relationship with her; no strings attached. Angela embraces him, but her face shows signs of disappointment.

C.C and Santana exchange good morning kisses. Kelly enters and says that they should contact Ted to find out when he will be returning. Ted tells them that he will be home by the afternoon. He expresses some concern that he may not live up to their expectations. Santana promises to catch up with Ted. Kelly tells Ted that C.C is very vulnerable.

Mason asks Ted to be the best man at the wedding.

Warren and Angela's romantic interlude is interrupted by a call from Katrina. She tries to tell him about the message Craig had left, but Warren is distracted by Angela's advances and hangs up.

Ted asks Mason why the family isn't more supportive of Mason's wedding. Mason tells Ted about the shooting and accuses Warren of the deed.

Kelly is upset that there are so many strangers living in the house, mainly Gina and Santana. Kelly tries to reconcile C.C and Sophia. C.C shows Kelly the divorce papers and that Sophia has returned to Lionel. C.C tells her that he must move on with his life.

Angela decides to redecorate her house and Warren has Santana in mind. Angela brings up Warren's one true love but the topic upsets him.

Angela talks about the wonders of true love and asks Warren why he gave it up. Warren replies that he did not have a choice in the matter. Angela suggests that maybe they can find it themselves.

Katrina gives C.C the framed portrait of Ted. Kelly and Katrina leave to show it to Sophia. Santana suggests that she move out because of Kelly and Ted's disapproval of their relationship. C.C convinces her to stay.

When Cassie leaves the room, Ted bluntly asks Mason why he is marrying Cassie. He thinks that Mason has convinced himself that it is the right thing to do. When Mason asks what is so bad about it, Ted counters that it is not, unless he still loves Julia.

Warren is about to listen to his messages when he is called away on a story.

Santana offers to consult Kelly on the remodeling. Kelly expresses surprise at her decision to stay in Santa Barbara after everything that has happened. Santana says that she has put all that in the past and that she has known no other home than Santa Barbara. She wants to survive and be successful. Kelly warns her that her relationship with C.C will be short term, until he reconciles with Sophia.

Mason tells Ted that there is no future with Julia. Ted decides to return home. Mason gives Ted a hard time about his interests and promises not to add any more pressure about the wedding. Ted wishes Mason well.

Warren comes over to Santana and Kelly. Kelly storms out. Angela walks in and sees Warren and Santana's friendly conversation and feels jealous.

Katrina tells Kelly about the non-wedding. Kelly tries to convince Katrina not to give Warren the message and runs off to prevent Warren from finding it.

Cassie walks alone in the park as she recites her vows, pledging to give herself to Mason.

Warren returns to the office and hears the message left by Craig. Kelly runs in, but realizes that she is too late.

Angela finds Lionel at the Oasis and blames him that Warren's lawyer is following her. Lionel admits it is him that follows her because he believes she shot Mason and killed Amado. Julia is looking at herself at the mirror fantasising she is the one getting married to Mason. Mason rushes into her room looking for Cassandra. He tries to make her admit she is still in love with him and give him another chance while there is still time but Cassandra comes and spoils everything. Warren gets the message in the machine and rushes to leave to stop the wedding. Katrina, Kelly, Craig, Angela and Lionel all try to stop him but he leaves saying he realises that whoever put that message is probably the real killer and asks Katrina to investigate. Craig erases the message from the machine and tries to terrorise Katrina who has meanwhile realised the voice comes through a voice decoder. He tells her that if she gets herself in trouble she will be deported so he suggests she works closer to him. Katrina suspects there's something wrong with that picture. Ted talks to Cassandra and she wins his admiration although he is not entirely sure that this marriage is going to work. He leaves for Santa Barbara. Warren arrives at the place of the ceremony. Kelly and Craig try to get a restraining order for Warren but Craig lies they can't. She tells him she's happy that Ted is coming back and Craig gets very envious. Mason and Julia get very emotional and start to cry. Cassandra comes and understands the reason. She is compationent and after Mason is gone she promises Julia she'll take good care of him. Ted enters the Capwell mansion for the first time in 3 years. Everyone is out except for Rosa who is ecstatic about his arrival. Ted screams in joy and Katrina watches him from a distance. Craig comes and introduces himself as the first member of the family to greet him and C.C.'s right hand. Ted tells him that Rosa was the first person of the family he saw and that he feels sorry for him for being C.C.'s watchdog, considering what happened to everyone else that ever was in that position. Craig is furious and tells him he is very proud to be working so close to C.C. Mason is at the altar waiting for Cassy. Cassandra arrives and is left alone. Angela breaks into Warren's room to find out who is the mystery lady that he loves. Warren sees Cassandra as she approaches the altar.....

Warren waits hidden for the wedding to start. When it starts, he runs to the altar and kidnaps Cassandra! At the Capwell mansion, C.C and Santana finally see Ted. Everybody is happy except Craig. C.C asks Craig to help him make Ted stay in Santa Barbara for good by matching him up with Katrina. Ted gives presents to everyone. C.C introduces him to Katrina and they immediately get along. Gina sees Ted and he is surprised to see her pregnant. He assumes that the baby is Keith's and when C.C tells him the truth, he is so surprised his glass falls of his hand. Warren takes Cassandra to the dock and Mason hunts them with a taxi. Warren blocks the road and he leaves with Cassandra by the boat he has rented, leaving Mason completely outraged in the harbour. C.C mentions to the maid the people that wiil attend the family dinner to welcome Ted and he doesn't mention Craig although he asks him to find Katrina. Santana tells C.C that she doesn't want to come to the dinner because she feels uncomfortable being either half-family like Gina or just the daughter of the maid. C.C assures her that she is only invited because she realy is a member of the family and the most desirable woman he's ever seen. Craig acts according to C.C's orders and threatens Katrina to stay away from her rapist-boyfriend and her murderer-boss if she wants to be liked by C.C and stay in the country. Gina is thinking about the first time she saw Lily and leaves to see her in the guest house. Mason gets back to the hotel room where Julia is walking with a cane as she fell after Mason left her alone to chase Warren and Cassandra. Mason hires a helicopter to search for the boat. The boat runs out of oil and is left in the middle of the river. Warren tells Cassandra they should go to Alcatraz that is near by and ask for help and Cassandra inevitably laughs about the ridiculousness of the whole thing....