Warren dictates an editorial about the whole Capwell Lockridge feud and how the torch has been passed down from father to son. Cassie is upset with Mason for not consulting her before pressing kidnapping charges against Warren. They have a huge argument and Cassie tells him not to dismiss her feelings. Lionel visits Warren in jail and tells him not to trust Angela because he still suspects her of shooting Mason. Cassie goes to Cruz with a plan to get Warren acquitted of the kidnapping charges. She goes to the judge and tells him that she willingly went with Warren to Alcatraz, and that he had not kidnapped her. She explains that she had cold feet and invited Warren to San Francisco. The judge has no choice but to drop the charges and release Warren. This move angers the Capwells and Mason is very disappointed with Cassie. Katrina and Ted grow closer as she begins interviewing him for the newspaper. Warren tells Cruz about his past affair with Cassie. When Cruz asks if Mason will use that fact against him during the trial, Warren responds that Mason will not because he will want to hold on to Cassie for as long as possible just out of spite. Cruz and Julia talk about their relationships with Eden and Mason. She tells him that he should move on and he asks her if she still has feelings for Mason. Cassie calls off her wedding to Mason. He manages to persuade her to keep the engagement ring as a sign that there may still be hope for them in the future.

David tells Angela that the kidnapping charges against Warren have been dropped. He warns her not to get to involved because Warren might implicate her to save himself. He adds that it is to her advantage if they kept their divorce on hold until after the trial. Santana visits Warren and offers to testify as a character witness. She confides in Warren about the trouble Gina caused between her and C.C. Angela asks Suzanne if she had taken photos of all the guests at the party. Suzanne says yes and Angela hurries off to see Warren. Cruz invites Suzanne over for a family dinner. Warren asks Cruz to bring C.C to see him. Ted and Lily get to know each other and Gina is delighted at their mutual affection. Warren tells C.C that he never had any relationship with Santana and that they were just friends. Lily persuades Gina not to give up hope on C.C. C.C runs into Santana and apologizes for his actions. He begs her for a second chance. Angela tells Warren that Craig was the only one not in the photos. Warren warns her about Craig and tells her not to get involved. They have a huge argument and she storms off. Suzanne enters Cruz's house and has an uneasy feeling. David finds Angela at the Oasis drowning her sorrows. She tells him that she will file for divorce the next day. Craig sees her and offers to call her a cab. She takes his hand in gratitude. As he leaves, she is delighted that he is falling into her plan. Cruz tells Suzanne that he has called off the search for Eden. She tries to sympathize with him as she feels their relationship growing stronger.

Santana moves back into the Capwell House. David tells Julia that Angela will be filing for divorce sooner that expected. He also tells her that he will be resigning from the bench because of the scandal that will come out. Angela and Warren exchange insulting remarks when they pass each other in the Courthouse. Mason is intrigued by their apparent argument. Angela bares her soul to Craig in hopes that she will be able to win his trust. Lionel overhears her venting all her anger out at Warren ad says that he will pay for dumping her. David tells Julia that he would like to help in Warren's defense. Lionel tells Warren about Angela's conversation with Craig. Warren tells him not to over react and to forget what he had heard. Mason and Warren have an ugly confrontation in the cell. C.C and Santana find their relationship compromised when they take opposite sides of the case. The trial begins and Marley gives his opening arguments. He lays down all the facts and evidence against Warren and urges the jury to return a verdict of guilty. He ends by saying that the only punishment fit for the crime would be death, as the entire courtroom gasps in shock.

The trial is recessed as the audience tries to absorb the shock of the prosecution's request. Cruz worries that he may actually hurt Warren's defense. Craig talks to Katrina and tells her that he will help her out if she has any problems with her visa. Warren worries for his life as he feels the noose around his neck tightening. Cassie is upset with Mason for seeking he death penalty. She tells him that she does not like the person he has become and says that he should examine his actions during the past months. Katrina is worried about being called to testify. Angela continues to act all angry and jealous towards Warren, but Cruz does not buy her act. He asks Suzanne to try and capture her true feelings in the courtroom with her sketches. An acquaintance of Craig tracks him down and asks for a job. Craig blows him off. Dash recognizes the guy as the one who started the brawl in the bar. He asks the thug to confess to C.C about his connections to Craig, but the thug refuses, warning Dash not to mess around with a guy like Craig. Cassie visits Warren and offers to tell the truth about their relationship, but Warren advises her that it will only make him look guiltier. Lionel considers coming clean to Warren about everything, but Mason manages to convince that it will prove rather damaging to Warren's case. The trial continues. The defense asks the jury to ignore all the rumors and gossip that has plagued the Capwells and Lockridges and to vote solely on the evidence. Cruz is called to the stand. He damages Warren's case when Marley produces the photo of Warren carrying the rifle. The trial recesses. Angela walks up to Warren and says that he is going to pay for killing Amado.

Katrina sets up an interview with Ted. Angela finds Julia and David talking in the courtroom and interrupts them. She gives David a hard time over his decision to resign his judgeship. Gina tries her best to get back into C.C's good graces, but he will not give her the time of day. She proposes that she and Craig pair up to serve their own best interests. C.C tries to get Ted involved in the family business. Dash tells Katrina about the nasty plot Craig has cooked up to keep them apart and accuses C.C of being the mastermind. Katrina is ready to confront C.C but Dash manages to convince her otherwise. A drunk Angela creates a scene at the Oasis. She rambles on to Julia about how she and David would make a good couple if she still was not so hung up on Mason. She heads over to C.C, Sophia and Craig and lets it slip that David will help defend Warren. This angers C.C and he threatens David. Craig offers to take Angela home so that he can get information about Warren's defense from her. Katrina begins to share her problems with Ted but stops herself. Herb, a thug from Lily's past tracks her down and demands that she return to finish a job. Lily mentions her friendship with Craig and scares the thug, who is obviously well versed with Craig's notorious reputation. Gina asks Lily if she was in any kind of trouble. Lily over reacts and screams at Gina. Angela is in Craig's apartment. He goes off to make her a drink. Out of his sight, a completely sober Angela begins to rummage through his drawers in hopes of finding evidence to help clear Warren.

C.C and Santana begin to rekindle their relationship. He gives her a beautiful pearl necklace and suggests that they take a romantic stroll on the beach. Ted stops by the newspaper and offers to help edit Katrina's article. Angela is rummaging through Craig's stuff unaware that she is being observed by Dash. Craig decides to bring Angela home. Gina is upset at the progress Santana is making with C.C. He points out that it was her meddling that brought them closer together. Gina cooks up a scheme to move to Las Vegas in hopes that C.C will ask her to stay, which would mean that he wants her around. Craig warns her that she could lose everything if her plan backfired. Dash tells Katrina that he believes that Craig acted on his own and C.C had nothing to do with the incident at the bar. He goes off to search Craig's apartment. Angela has lifted a spare key and has let herself into Craig's apartment. Dash arrives and catches her. C.C and Santana talk about their past and their future together. She asks Ted about his feelings towards them. Ted replies that it will take time for the family to adjust to their new relationship. Craig informs C.C about Gina's decision to leave town and C.C convinces her to stay. Lily tries to get closer to Ted. Craig arrives home, trapping Dash and Angela. Dash escapes through the window. Angela decides to pretend to be drunk again and convinces him to let her spend the night because she is too intoxicated to drive. Craig is suspicious that someone has been in his apartment as he leads Angela into the apartment, unaware of her deadly game of lies and deceit.

Gina goes over to Craig's to thank him for his help with C.C. She finds Angela there and gets jealous. Katrina wants to confront Craig about his actions, but Dash warns her not to get involved with such a dangerous person. Ted brings Katrina to inspect some land for C.C as part of her article about his work. Lily does some checking up on Craig's past. Julia tells Warren that David will help in his defense. She realizes that Warren has been moved to a cell that is bugged. Angela continues to publicly display her hatred for Warren to cover up her real motive. She makes a deal with Dash to help each other out in obtaining information on Craig. Lily questions Gina's friendship with Craig. She tries to warn Gina that Craig is dangerous, but Gina refuses to hear a word of it. Angela visits Warren several times in jail, but is unable to spend time alone with him. Julia confronts Marley about the cell change and threatens to have him disbarred if any part of their conversation is used in the trial. Katrina goes over to see Craig and tells him that she will go to C.C if he does not back off. Craig summons the thug and demands that he take care of Dash immediately. Angela tells David that Warren plans to implicate her for the murder and that was the reason for the falling out. She goes to see Warren in the courtroom. Alone at last, she tells him that he is worth any sacrifice on her part. Marley walks in and Angela puts on her act again. She slaps Warren and storms out.

Santana informs C.C that it is her birthday. He insists that they go out to celebrate after the trial. Julia and Mason have an ugly confrontation outside the courtroom where he accuses David of defending Warren just so he can get closer to Julia. The trial begins and Cruz is called to the stand. Marley questions him about the bombing of the newspaper office. He also brings up the incident in Thailand where Cruz helped Warren escape from jail. Cruz worries that he may have done more harm than good for Warren's case. Lionel is called up next. He gets defensive when Marley brings up the Capwell Lockridge feud, but reacts even worse when his past relationship with Sophia is brought up. The defense objects and the line of questioning is dropped. When Julia is on the stand, Marley asks her to describe the contents of a certain article Warren had written about Sophia's shooting. This causes an up roar from the courtroom and the trial is recessed. Cruz and Julia are upset that Mason would stoop so low, but Mason swears that he had nothing to do with it. C.C threatens Marley to drop the article and he does. C.C and Santana find their relationship strained because of their opposing views on the case, but C.C is determined not to let it affect their relationship. Cruz and Suzanne share a tender moment outside the courtroom. David and Mason exchange words about his real motive in defending Warren. C.C expresses his disappointment at David's decision to help Warren. The trial resumes, and the prosecution calls Craig Hunt to the stand.

Ted and Katrina grow closer, but Dash is weary of their close friendship. Lily tries to tell Gina not to get involved with Craig. Gina convinces herself that Craig and Angela are more than friends. Craig is called to testify. He says that he overheard Warren threaten Mason, but Jim Sanford does a good job discrediting him by bringing up his past. Mason and Cassie exchange angry words outside the courtroom. Katrina tells Dash that she had confronted Craig. Dash asks Ted not to let others cloud his opinion of him. He promises to take care of Katrina. Craig orders that Dash be killed by the end of the day. At the courthouse, Katrina confronts C.C about Craig's actions. Craig admits that he acted on his own and that C.C had no knowledge of his actions. C.C gets Craig to back off. Cassie is called to the stand. She stands up for Warren's good character. Lily spots the thug sent to kill Dash and manages to stop him by pushing the Christmas tree on him. She informs Dash that the man was carrying a gun and asks him to keep her name out of it. Angela informs David that he will receive their divorce papers by the week's end. She tells him that he stands to loose everything, and hope that winning Julia's love will be worth it. Mason cautions Marley not to celebrate too soon because the defense is held in high regard now that they have David Raymond in their corner. Angela breaks into Craig's apartment again. She picks up a letter opener and tries to pry open his locked drawer, hoping that it will reveal all his secrets.

Angela breaks into Craig's drawer. Inside she finds detailed files on everyone close to him, including herself. She also finds a gun and a box of bullets. Gina phones and says that she will drop by soon. Angela panics and drops the bullets. She manages to retrieve them all but places one in her purse as she heads out the door. Gina and Sophia exchange insults again. Julia and Cruz talk about their lives after Mason and Eden left them. Lionel and Cassie come in. Julia notices that Cassie is not wearing the ring and asks if the wedding is off. Cassie snaps at Julia and tells her to mind her own business. Lionel tells Julia that Augusta found out about the trial and is very upset. Angela is getting ready to meet Craig when David comes in. He begs her to help Warren but she refuses. At the Oasis, Lionel, Cassie, Kelly and Mason all tear into each other as emotions run high. Cassie approaches Angela and asks her to help Warren. Angela tells Cassie that she knows about their incestuous affair. Angela asks Craig to take her to the apartment where the shooting took place. Julia tells Mason that he has changed and that he has taken his obsession with Warren to a new low. She lays into him and says that he will end up alone if he continues at this rate. Suzanne and Cruz prepare for a date. She says that she cannot fall for him because his heart will always belong to Eden. Kelly, upset with Mason's behavior, interrupts them. Cruz goes to comfort her and tells her that she reminds him of Eden. Cassie returns the engagement ring to Mason. Angela and Craig are at the apartment. She expresses second thoughts about being there when Craig whips out a gun and offers to help illustrate how the shooting was executed.