A reporter is interviewing Julia on her victory. Mason sees her and barges in. He has a long conversation with Julia over the trial and how it has changed him for the better. He says that he is happy that C.C's bad judge of character is finally out in the open. He asks Julia to start a new beginning with him. Gina runs out of the vet's office with the baby when she hears Lily, Ted, Brandon, Santana, Minx and Lionel enter. They let C.C out from the examination room. Lily distributes some information she researched on post partum depression and they all agree that Gina needs help. At the Oasis, Angela and Warren congratulate each other on their wonderful plan to expose the real killer. Warren questions Angela about the file on Marilyn's death. Santana tells Brandon that she is in a serious relationship with C.C. Brandon asks C.C and Santana not to fight for custody of him. Minx tries to convince Gina to let C.C see the baby. Lily explains the symptoms of post partum depression to her mother. Gina admits that her behavior has been erratic lately. Lily and Brandon finally seem to be making some progress. Mason tells Julia that his wedding to Cassie is off for good. She thanks him for not exposing Warren and Cassie's affair in court. Mason warns Warren to be careful of Angela because she is a good liar. Gina sees C.C at the Oasis and hides from him. She runs into Mason. He tells her that she can return to work when she is ready, but Gina babbles on aimlessly and quits, but gets Mason to hire Lily instead. Mason meets his half brother for the first time. Brandon convinces Gina to let C.C meet his son. Mason tells Julia that he wants her to be his date for the New Year's Eve Party, but he will not harbor any ill feelings if she had other plans. Julia is left to ponder the sincerity of his request.

It's New Year's Eve, Kelly visits Sophia. She tells Kelly that it is becoming easier for her to get through the lonely nights without her family. David drops by to hand her the first settlement payment. Suzanne is nervous about her date with Cruz because she knows that it will mark the beginning of a whole new relationship between them. Rafael has a date with Rosa and promises Cruz to keep the children away so that he can enjoy his romantic date with Suzanne. Lily is working at the Oasis. Ted asks her to the party, but she reluctantly declines saying that she has to work. Kelly gets the notion of fixing David and Sophia up together. Scag, a crooked lawyer with mob connections from Vegas, comes looking for Cruz. Lily recognizes him and tells Ted that he is bad news. David is also well aware of his dirty connections. Scag tells Cruz that he is representing Craig. When he demands that Craig be treated nicely in jail, David threatens to expose all his dirty laundry if he did not back off. Ted asks Lily on how she knows about Scag's bad reputation, but Lily tells him that certain parts of her past are private and off limits for discussion. Sophia asks Ted to help her set up Kelly and David. Kelly finds herself feeling jealous over Cruz and Suzanne's relationship. Cruz and Kelly have a heart to heart talk to smooth things over. Rafael, Rosa, Cruz and Suzanne have a wonderful time at the Oasis party. David joins Sophia and Kelly for New Year's dinner. Rafael and Rosa share a tender goodnight kiss. Ted and Lily share a warm New Year's kiss. Cruz and Suzanne get hot and heavy as they ring in the New Year.

Lily walks in on Ted taking down the Christmas tree and offers her help. Gina, with baby Capwell, enters Lionel's office and sets off the alarm. Lionel, awakened by the alarm, grabs a golf club and heads inside to protect his property. He finds Gina cowering behind a screen. Lionel tells her that she needs to see a doctor because she is not acting rationally. Gina says that she cannot afford to see a shrink, so Lionel offers to pick up the bill. She asks him to choose the doctor because she does not trust her judge of character. Gina says that Lionel is very sweet and decides to move in with him, a thought that horrifies Lionel. Kelly needs a new legal counsel for Capwell Enterprises and Julia recommends David. Sophia strongly endorses the idea in hopes that it would bring David and Kelly closer together. Cruz and Suzanne exchange morning pleasantries. She tells him that she cannot share the house with Eden's memory. She invites him to her place for a romantic dinner. Ted asks Lily about her shady past. She tells him that it is none of his business and points out that there are certain aspects of his past that he keeps guarded as well, so she should have the same option as well. David tells Julia that there are unresolved issues between them. He advises her to give her relationship with mason one more chance because there is a very special bond between them. Julia tells Cruz that putting his life on hold will not bring Eden back. She says that the best thing for him to do is to move on in his relationship with Suzanne. Suzanne is anxious over her dinner date. Katrina tells her to put Eden out of her mind and concentrate on Cruz. Ted and Katrina go out to plant the little tree they decorated in the cabin, making Lily a little jealous. Sophia has a run in with Gina who informs her that she is working for and will soon move in with Lionel. After a night of passion, Suzanne is watching Cruz sleep, but is devastated when he mumbles about Eden in his sleep.

Suzanne is in a rotten mood in the morning. She confides in Katrina that she can't help but feel Eden's presence whenever she is with Cruz. Mason asks Cassie if she had contacted Warren after the trial. She snaps at him to stop throwing Warren's at her every time they have a conversation. Angela buys Warren's rival newspaper, The Santa Barbara Bulletin for him as a victory present. Warren is grateful, but is weary of the underlying commitment within. Lionel is horrified at his busted up security alarm, the handy work of Gina. Lily tells him that Gina has been seeing the doctor and he has prescribed some tranquilizers. Cassie and Warren go over the Lockridge finances. He tells her that he does not want Mason near the family money. Gina is at the Capwell house. Katrina is there cooing over the baby when Gina suddenly blacks out. She has an absurd dream about breast feeding millions of babies. When she comes to, Lily questions her about not taking her medication. She says that she does not want it to affect her baby. When Dash assures Gina that it would not, she insults him by bringing up his past. Angela asks Cassie if she is jealous over her relationship with Warren, but Cassie denies any hostile feelings and wishes them the best. Mason tells Suzanne that she shares a special bond with Cruz and should not give that up. Mason ends by pointing out that Cruz is lucky to have her caring for him because it is so rare to find such affections twice in a lifetime. Mason offers to help Dash out by offering medical supplies to the free clinic. Mason thanks Katrina for bringing about his change in attitude. Mason tells Lionel that he should tell Warren and Cassie the truth, but Lionel fights back saying that it would ruin a lot of lives and he is not willing to risk it just to ease Mason's guilty conscience. Mason counters that he will spill the beans if Lionel does not. Lionel gets on the phone, desperate to track Augusta down. Mason summons Cassie to his office. He asks her what she would do if he told her that there was no reason why she and Warren could not be together.

Santana is showing her designs to Kelly for approval. Kelly tells Santana that she really does not care about the decorations and tells her to take it up with C.C. Cruz track Suzanne down to the Oasis. He asks her what the problem was but she says nothing. Kelly invites David to dinner to discuss business. Sophia sees Cruz and Suzanne talking affectionately and feels uncomfortable. Suzanne invites Cruz over for dinner. Mason tells Cassie that she is not related to Warren. He relates the sordid tale of Augusta's affair to seek revenge on Lionel and Sophia, and that the outcome was Warren. Cassie accuses Mason of concocting the whole story as some twisted mind game, but realizes that he is telling the truth. She asks him when he came upon this bit of information, and he reluctantly tells her that it was way back when they all took the trip to Singapore. Cassie loses it as she realizes that the past months were filled with deceit. She accuses Mason of pulling Augusta's strings and orchestrating the entire mess just to keep them apart. Cassie storms out of Mason's office in tears. Kelly manages to get David and Sophia to dinner and then leaves the two alone. Sophia and Cruz talk about Eden. Kelly asks Cruz if he is not using Suzanne as a substitute for Eden. Santana interrupts them before Cruz can answer Kelly. Cruz asks her how her relationship with C.C is progressing. She tells him that there will always be a part of her that will be guarded. Julia is meeting Mason for dinner. She sees Cassie and expresses her sympathy for her broken engagement. Cassie warns Julia not to get sucked back into Mason's web. Sophia tells Santana that she is happy that C.C is finally moving on with his life. David tells Kelly to stay out of his personal life. Cassie tells Mason not to say anything to Warren because she will tell him in her own way and time. After a passionate night of love making, Cruz reaches out to Suzanne, calling for Eden.

David tells Kelly to stay out of his personal life. He tells her that he let Angela control all aspects of his life and does not intend to make the same mistake again. Cassie is drunk. She tells Mason that she wants to tell Warren the news herself. She adds that she will have to tell Julia what an evil and manipulative man he has been in hopes that Julia will leave him. She says that she will enjoy watching him suffer. Suzanne is devastated when Cruz mumbles Eden's name in his sleep again. Lionel asks Lily for Mason's whereabouts, but she tells him nothing. He finds Gina trailing behind him and snaps at her. Lily yells at Lionel for his insensitive behavior. Lily tells her mother to toughen up and not let men like C.C and Lionel kick her around. She tells Gina to kick back. Gina is worried by the way Lily is talking and says that Lily sounds like a con artist. Mason and Cassie continue their showdown. He tells her that Warren is in a very strong relationship with Angela, but Cassie says that it is nothing compared to the love they shared so long ago. She demands that Mason take her to see Craig. Lionel finally tracks Mason down and tells him not to tell Cassie. Suzanne is upset with Cruz. He questions her on her mood and she says that she cannot play second fiddle to Eden. Cruz insists that she is not second fiddle and credits her for bringing him out of his depression over Eden's departure. She tells him that she cannot commit to a relationship only to have it smashed with Eden's return. She asks him to leave. Mason has an ugly confrontation with Craig. Craig tells him that his plea will be not guilty. Cassie and Craig have a heart to heart. She tells him that she cannot be at his trial. He begs her not to desert him, but in tears, Cassie tells him that he was the one who deserted her. Cruz, devastated, leaves Suzanne's apartment in silence as Suzanne finds her world crumbling around her.

Cassie agonizes over how she will break the news to Warren. Ted and Kelly join Sophia for breakfast. Kelly tells Ted about the embarrassing run in she had with David the night before. Mason shows up at Julia's to take her out for breakfast. Katrina questions Suzanne about her night with Cruz, but she evades the question and buries herself in work. Mason and Julia arrive at the Oasis. Mason goes over to talk to Cassie. She is still hostile towards him. Mason asks her if she has told Warren yet, but she says no. They see Angela and Warren come in, which upsets Cassie more. Mason tells Cassie that Warren's relationship with Angela is strong and he might not want to give her up. Cassie is convinced that it is just a fling and that Warren could never truly love Angela. Katrina tells Ted that she has been assigned an article on earthquakes and needs his help. Warren and Cassie exchange friendly words. He tells her that he and Angela have grown really close since the trial. Kelly runs into Warren while looking for Ted. They talk for a bit and he tells her that she reminds him of Eden. Kelly admits that Cruz has said the same thing, a fact which Suzanne overhears. When Katrina asks Suzanne about Cruz again, Kelly inadvertently stares at Suzanne. Suzanne snaps at Kelly as she heads out the door. Cassie places a personal ad in the Conscience. Sophia asks Ted if he is seeing anyone. Ted mentions Lily and that annoys Sophia. She tells him to be careful. He asks her what she thinks about Katrina, but Sophia tells him to be careful because of her relationship with Dash. Mason shows up at Julia's with lunch to make up for a disastrous breakfast. He asks her out on a dinner date. Suzanne finally tells Katrina that she thought that she could replace Eden on Cruz's life, but realizes now that the price is too high. Cruz calls and Suzanne is unsure of her next move. Angela notices a strange personal ad and tells Warren. It reads "W.L, if you want to know the truth, ask your mother about your 'FATHER'".

C.C invites Santana to a prestigious club for dinner, much to Rosa's strong objections. Lily tracks Lionel down to the club and asks him to talk Gina into taking her medication. Gina arrives shortly and invites them to Channing's christening. Both Lily and Lionel say that they will not accept unless she invites C.C. Rosa expresses her concern over C.C's invitation. She tells Santana that the only way she will get in the door is through the staff entrance serving drinks. Her remarks upset Santana and she says that her mother is old fashioned in her thinking. Suzanne refuses the call from Cruz. But he refuses to give up. Cruz tells Rafael about his dream, which led to the unpleasantness. Rafael tells Cruz to give Suzanne some time to sort out her feelings. Katrina tries to convince Suzanne to talk to Cruz. Suzanne says that she is afraid to talk to Cruz because she does not like what she has to say. Dash has a horrible day at work and snaps at Katrina. Rosa tells C.C that his relationship with Santana will only end up hurting her. Gina holds the christening at the vet's office. She finds herself growing fond of Lionel, which scares her and causes her to take her medication. Rosa asks Rafael if she is old fashioned, but he says that it is one of the qualities that he likes about her. At the club, Santana is denied access because of her pantsuit. C.C takes offence to this and threatens to shut the club down. Cruz finally tracks Suzanne down and they have a face to face confrontation. She tells him that she cannot and will not continue the charade of pretending to be Eden. She says that she wants to be Cruz's lifeline, but realizes that she cannot be that because of his love for Eden. She adds that she cannot be in a one sided relationship. She tells Cruz that it is the end of the road for them. Cruz desperately tries to change her mind, but she remains adamant. Defeated, Cruz leaves the apartment. Cruz and Suzanne are in tears as they find a chapter of their lives coming to a close.

Cassie goes to Warren's office under the pretense of looking for Lionel. Warren is very formal towards her. She asks if there was any tension between him and Lionel, and when she receives a negative answer, she realizes that her message was not as effective as she had hoped. C.C makes a huge scene at the club regarding their treatment of Santana. He storms out, vowing to close the club down. David, Lionel and Sophia have witnessed C.C's whole tirade. Sophia's expression shows signs of hurt feelings, but tries to hide it by being proud of C.C. Julia tells Mason that she has to cancel their date because she has to work late. Mason tries to convince her otherwise when Craig comes in and Mason realizes the nature of her work. Craig tells Julia that she will be hearing from some of his associates from Vegas who are anxious for his release. He warns Julia to watch her step around them. Warren receives another ad reading "W.L, are you sure that L is your last initial, better check." Suspicious, Warren confronts Lionel. Lionel dismisses the notes and reassures that Warren will always be his one and only son. Cassie has a run in with Mason where she says that she will devote her life to ruining his, and she will start by going after the most precious thing in his life, Julia. A man dressed in a black suit barges into Julia's office and says that his boss would like to meet with her. Thinking that he is with the mob as Craig had warned, she goes with him. He brings her to a deserted stable. Alone, Julia frantically tries to find a way out, but finds herself trapped as she fears for her life. Lionel warns Mason to stop sending Warren the notes. Mason says that he had nothing to do with them. Warren finds a copy of his birth certificate and finds that his father's name has been left out. C.C and Sophia receive closure from each other. Hearing the stable door opening, Julia arms herself with a pitchfork. She hits the roof when Mason steps in with flowers in hand. After a period of yelling, Mason asks Julia to marry him, leaving her stunned at the question.

A black tie benefit is being thrown in Cruz's honor at the Oasis and Suzanne is all upset because she has to cover the event and interview Cruz. Katrina offers to trade places, but Suzanne declines siting that it would compromise her professionalism. Rafael asks Cruz about his problem with Suzanne. He tells his son not to give up on her so easily. Ted and Kelly head over to invite Gina to the party, but Lily tells them that Gina is spending quality time with Channing. Ted asks Lily to join them. Mason proposes to Julia in the stable. They get into a heated argument over the extreme tactics he used to lure her there. They shove, scream, throw water and chase each other around the room and finally end up in a passionate kiss. When Mason presses her for an answer, she says that they have to attend Cruz's benefit and heads out the door. Rafael and Rosa continue their playful flirtation. Suzanne tries to avoid Cruz, but they finally meet face to face since the break up. He begs her to give him another chance. They argue and she storms off. Kelly picks up on the bad vibes between them. Cruz fills her in on the break up. Frankie, an old acquaintance of Lily's calls on her and offers her a cut in a scam job. Lily turns him down flat, saying that she has a new life now. Mason keeps pressuring Julia for an answer, but she plays hard to get, and that irritates him, which seems to be her point. Suzanne drops by Cruz's for some closure. He tells her that he does not know how he can convince her that he is living in the present with her instead of the past with Eden. She sheepishly replies that she does not think that he can. Mason corners Julia and demands an answer. She questions his reason for all the haste. Mason replies that he does not want people to influence her decision. He adds that she has not said no, which means that there is a chance, and that is all he needs.